Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C6: Chapter 6

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6 – translated by Dahlys

“Just put it on.” Feng Long Ming, who was also holding a helmet in his hands, put his on right after he had finished talking. Then, he lay down on the sofa in a comfortable position and did not move or speak any further.

Liola did not ponder over it too much. He felt that although these people in front of him were no threat to him in a one-on-one situation, as long as they worked together, they could easily subdue Kaiser and him. Therefore, there was absolutely no need for these people to conspire against the two of them. Once he was certain that there was no danger, Liola put on the helmet. I should take back the Dragon Cross Necklace before doing anything else.

Liola slowly opened his eyes—only to discover that his surroundings had completely changed. Just a moment ago, he had been in a rather ordinary-looking living room, but now, he was standing on a round stage with white fog all around him.

“It’s been a long time since someone new has come here.”

Liola heard someone giggling. He looked up and saw a ravishing beauty spreading her wings and circling around his head. She fluttered her long and thick eyelashes with a hungry expression in her eyes, like a wolf that had gone without prey for too long and had suddenly seen a fat sheep.

“Who are you? Where is this?” asked Liola calmly.

The beauty chuckled. “This is the entrance to Second Life, and I’m here to help you create a character. Our dear Dictator already informed us that some people would be coming, so you don’t need to answer any questions and can just enter the game.”

Liola furrowed his brows. “I… don’t understand.”

The beauty flapped her wings and flew up to Liola. She was just a few finger-lengths short of plastering herself onto him. She cajoled, “Never mind, it’s even better if you don’t know. Let Jiějie help you create your character, okay?”

Facing a beauty who was about to pounce on him, Liola quietly took several steps back as he nodded.

When she saw Liola nodding, the beauty couldn’t stop giggling happily. Beating her wings, she flew all around Liola, inspecting him closely. She even muttered, “Oh, this ‘ingredient’ is just too amazing. I think the race should be… As for the looks, I should use…”

As the beauty mumbled to herself, Liola discovered that his body was continually emitting a strange light. However, he did not sense anything wrong happening to his body, so he only frowned and let the lady who called herself “Jiějie” do as she pleased. Many minutes and seconds ticked by, but Liola was very patient and quietly stood there as he waited.

“Still not finished? Everyone else is already tired of waiting.” A familiar voice rang out, which Liola recognized as the Dictator of Life’s.

When she heard the Dictator’s question, the beauty stuck her tongue out and answered, “Okay, okay, I’ll send him down now.

“Right, I’m done. You’re just too cute, as expected of a pretty Mèimei.”

“…Mèimei?” Before Liola could finish his question, the ground below him suddenly vanished and he began to fall. Logically speaking, at this point in time, he should be most worried about whether he would fall to his death. But instead, Liola, who was plummeting downwards head-first, furrowed his brows as he stared at his waist-length hair flapping about wildly… Was my hair this long?

Because his falling orientation wasn’t quite right, when Liola finally hit the ground, he wound up flat on his back. He looked up at the glittering, starry sky, the fluffy white clouds, and then to the many wooden houses around him. He was currently lying on a stone slab, and there was a well right next to him. It had absolutely no similarities to the living room made of metal and other various unknown materials he had just been in. It was almost as if…he was in another world!

Liola silently sat up and started to wonder whether he had been sent to yet another parallel universe. However, he had been to so many parallel universes that it was not an unfamiliar occurrence anymore. Truth be told, before 0.1 seconds had even passed, Liola had already stopped thinking about it and had become distracted by his waist-length black hair. He gently picked up a lock of hair and pulled it. It was indeed growing from his scalp.

Liola was lost in thought for a long while, staring blankly at his long hair. Then, he discovered something else that was strange. Has my waist always been this narrow?

He had never been stout and muscular, but this kind of slender waist that was narrow enough to be grabbed by one arm could not possibly belong to a man, could it?

As he continued to stare at his waist, Liola finally discovered another decisive change. When he lowered his head to look at his waist, his line of sight was obstructed… His chest that had originally been as flat as a washboard now had two little mountains!

Liola frowned. Aren’t breasts things that only a woman would have? Long hair, a narrow waist, and breasts… A spark of understanding flashed through the assassin’s brain. “Could I have been turned into a woman?”

In order to verify this thought, Liola slowly pulled the hem of his skirt up. However, when he had only pulled it up halfway, he abruptly stopped to consider, I’m wearing a woman’s skirt?

“M-Miss, when you wear a skirt in public, please be wary of lechers!”

Liola paused midway through lifting his skirt. He raised his head and saw a man squatting very close by. Although the man was giving him some words of warning, his eyes were shining and the drool coming out from the corner of his mouth was sparkling. Liola reflexively swung his right fist in a punch that hit the man’s left eye dead on!

“Ahhhh! I’m going blind!”

The man covered his eye and rolled around on the ground in an exaggerated manner, howling in pain.

Liola stood up slowly. As an assassin, he instinctively felt that the man in front of him was faking his pain. That punch just now… Liola furrowed his brows and looked at his right hand. His original large palm of a man had now been transformed into the soft and pale-skinned tiny hand of a girl. With one glance, Liola understood that a hand like this would face big problems even trying to squeeze a mouse to death.

As Liola wondered what in the world had happened to him, the man on the ground seemed to have grown tired of rolling about and spread himself out lazily. Out of the corner of his eye, he peeped at the girl, only to be disappointed at the girl’s utter lack of compassion.

“People of this generation have no compassion for others, unlike in the past, shit! Why are girls these days so difficult to cheat…” The man stood up, sighing regretfully.

“I am not a girl,” said Liola calmly.

When he heard this, the man gave Liola a strange look and scrutinized him. His eyes lingered on Liola’s face, breasts, and butt the longest. After he swallowed his saliva, the man nodded in agreement. “That’s right, you aren’t a girl…”

Liola did not expect to convince this person so easily. Perhaps people in this world change sexes very often?

“…You’re a woman,” finished the man, cackling.

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