No Hero V3C3: The Non-Human Werewolf and the Human Dragon Peace

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 3: The Non-Human Werewolf and the Human Dragon Peace – translated by raylight

February 10, 2110, Sunny

The little young master said that he was very bored, so I brought him out to watch a movie, walk along the streets, and eat chocolate sundaes. It seemed he had never done these things before. This was astounding… However, he seemed to be very happy with this. As expected, he is a child who is easy to coax.

While we were eating chocolate sundaes, we talked about many things. The little young master had graduated from combat school over half a year ago, and was currently a bodyguard for the Sun Emperor… Pfftt! What a joke. He himself was a subject to be protected. How could he be considered a bodyguard?

“I’m so bored.”

This seemed to be the little young master’s greatest problem, and his reason for being down in the dumps. His old classmates had all gone off to look for jobs, and everyone was very busy. He was the only one who didn’t have anything to do. Though he was the Sun Emperor’s bodyguard in name, he hadn’t done anything for half a year. So, he was extremely bored.

This was something that I could actually understand… The lifespan of a vampire was so long that I often felt bored, bored to the point of insanity.

The explosion kicked up quite a bit of dust and smoke. Due to that, I was only able to clearly see the situation on the opposite building after a length of time.

Only then did I discover that the people who had shouted were actually the trio from the Church. They seemed to have taken the chance to rush up to the building while Dragon Peace was fighting the werewolf. Then, they broke through the entrance that had been destroyed by the explosion and ran to the rooftop.

Though the werewolf was already dead, they still aimed their weapons at Dragon Peace. The overgrown boy within their group even fiercely demanded that he put down the young master… These Church members really failed to understand the situation. Why do they keep mistaking the heroes for non-humans?

“It’s probably because there are almost no heroes in the places where the Church is based!” Melody sounded as though she was watching a good show as she said, “Although the Sin Elimination Committee does not oversee crimes committed by humans, the Church is a place where they persuade people to do good, after all. So, they would still more or less keep an eye on the crimes of humans. Therefore, in places where they are based, crime rates are comparatively lower. In addition, heroes don’t always seem particularly human, so it’s very easy to catch the Church’s ‘attention.’”

So, that’s how it is. I nodded, but because of this, I became even more concerned for Dragon Peace’s current plight.

Faced with the hindrance of the Church members, Dragon Peace hesitated for a moment. He seemed a little agitated, and his chest rose and fell as he breathed in and out vigorously. I even thought that he would start a fight with the Church. However, in the end, he only threw the young master to one side, and then jumped off the roof in a different direction.

Once Dragon Peace left, the overgrown boy immediately rushed forward and grabbed the young master’s shoulders. His expression seemed to truly be one of worry, and he said a few sentences to the young master. Since he spoke rather softly, I was unable to hear him very clearly. However, the rough contents of his words would be inquiries as to whether the young master was hurt and such.

The young master turned and looked at the overgrown boy. His expression was very calm, and he merely shook his head to show that he was fine.

I believed that in the eyes of those who did not understand the young master, he probably looked like he was scared stiff. Only those who really understood the young master would realize that he did not mind being abducted by a werewolf and being soaked in blood at all. Probably, the only dilemma troubling the young master was, How should I react next?

As though he was coaxing a child, the overgrown boy hugged the young master and even gently patted his back. His whispers reached us intermittently, and we heard, “Don’t be scared! It’s fine… It’s all over now. No one can hurt you again…”

I believed that the young master must have been having mixed feelings at that moment. The Church member who, not too long ago, had said that he was not human was now instead hugging and even comforting him with warm words.

“Seems like the show’s over.” Melody turned to look at me and asked, “Are we going home—?”

In the midst of her question, a ring tone sounded. However, this time, it was Melody’s phone. She picked up the call, and casually pressed the loudspeaker button. Immediately, Dell’s voice came over the receiver. “Melody, the young master asks for you to follow Dragon Peace. He says that Dragon Peace has never appeared in the morning before, but actually did so this time. This is simply too strange. Also, he says that something seems off about Dragon Peace. There’s definitely a problem with him! Go over and see if he needs help. I’m sending the map of the route over to your car right now.”

“Sure, I’ll head over right away.” Melody ended the call and asked, “You coming along, Butler?”

I glanced in the direction of the young master. With members of the Church around, I probably would not be able to appear before him. It also seemed like the young master would be unable to return home within a short period of time. Therefore, I should just follow Melody over to take a look.

I gave her a nod, and we then returned to the car.

Once we got in, Melody started complaining non-stop. “Really, last time we went to save First Wind, but I’ll overlook that. First Wind is someone we should save anyway, because he’s a good man! But to stick his nose in even when Dragon Peace is acting strangely, the young master is being way too meddlesome! No way! No way! I have to tell the young master beforehand, that if he wants to save Solitary Butterfly, I’m not going to help!”

I was unable to stifle my laughter, and could not help saying, “That might be too unfair.”

Melody said with dissatisfaction, “Hmph! Blame the people who always pair Solitary Butterfly and First Wind together.”

“Is there such a thing?” I had never heard the news say so.

“Of course there is!” Melody shot a glance at me and, as if it were obvious, said, “The tabloids all say so.”

“You actually believe what the tabloids say?” I shook my head, and simply could not approve of it.

However, Melody did not answer. Instead, she started talking about other matters. “I once saw an article in the tabloids. In the article, it said that Dark Sun’s first appearance was not five or six years ago like everyone believes. It was even earlier than that. Seven years ago, there was a large incident, that time when the uncrowned emperor—the Sun Emperor—was abducted. In the article, it said that the person who came to the Sun Emperor’s rescue was actually Dark Sun.”

The incident of the Sun Emperor being abducted had shaken the world. However, I remembered that the Sun Alliance had told everyone that it was their tactical force that had dealt with the culprits. They had not mentioned a single thing about Dark Sun.

“The content of the tabloid came from interviewing a busboy from a restaurant. In addition, that article was published even before Dark Sun rescued Solitary Butterfly. In the article, the busboy recalled that Dark Sun had a pair of metal wings. Also, Dark Sun even claimed that he was not an angel but a devil.”

“It really was the young master?” I could not help but exclaim in shock.

“Probably! But seeing how it’s related to the Sun Emperor, I don’t dare to ask around casually.” Melody looked at me with a challenging gaze and made a cutting remark, saying, “What do you think? Do you still dare to look down on tabloids?”

“I do not dare to,” I admitted, smiling wryly.

Melody gave a snort and parked the car at the roadside. Then, she rolled down the car window and pointed at a small alley outside. She said, “The map that Dell gave me only leads up to this alley. He said that after Dragon Peace went in, he hasn’t come out. The place where he disappeared coincidentally happens to be a blind spot where surveillance cameras don’t cover, and thus, we have no idea where he has gone. So at this point, it’s up to us to search for him. Get out of the car!”

After I nodded, I got out of the car and entered the small alley together with Melody.

The alley was slightly on the narrow side. If a car were to drive in, the driver would probably even have to fold in the side mirrors. There was nothing in there other than a garbage truck… Wait a moment! There is actually a huge dent on top of the metal garbage truck?

Could Dragon Peace have left this mark behind? I felt there was a high probability. Dragon Peace’s physique was rather large. With the garbage truck obstructing him, he probably would be unable to go through this alley easily. The simplest method would be to directly step onto the garbage truck, and then jump to the other side.

However, regardless of how Dragon Peace had entered the alley, the fact remained that he was currently not here.

Melody exclaimed, “This is a dead end! Then, there’s only one way he could go, and that is climbing up!”

I looked upwards. The walls of the two buildings did not seem too slippery. With Dragon Peace’s strength, it was possible that he could climb up there. I nodded at that.

“Let’s go! We’ll go up there first to take a look and then discuss again.”

“Certainly—” I was halfway through my reply when I noticed that the manhole cover close by, which led to the sewers, seemed to be closed improperly. I walked over to take a closer look, and as expected, it was as such. The cover only blocked roughly three quarters of the hole.

“What’s wrong?” Melody also walked over and said, “You couldn’t possibly think that Dragon Peace has gone into the sewers, right? Don’t be silly. This entrance is too narrow for even one of his thighs!”

Indeed, that was true. However, the young master had once said that it was impossible for someone with Dragon Peace’s physique to remain hidden within the city. In his day-to-day life, he definitely would not have that kind of large body. If that is the case, is it possible for Dragon Peace to return to his original body shape, and then go into the sewers?

I informed Melody of my theory, but she instead said, “I’m not going to go down into those ridiculously filthy sewers to find someone, just because of a butler’s theory!”

I gave a wry smile as I said, “If that is the case, then let us head up to look for him.”

However, Melody then said, “No way! If Dragon Peace really was down there, then that would mean I failed to follow the young master’s orders! So, let’s split up. I’ll go up, and you’ll go down!”


This was really the best example of “A loose tongue brings trouble,” “Asking for trouble,” or “You reap what you sow.”

Melody said that, since it was my theory, it was of course up to me to prove it. Therefore, I had to go down there no matter what. Since I was already going into the sewers, then there was no need for her to go.

In short, I was currently in the sewers. I was also thoroughly experiencing the true meaning of the old idiom, “You reap what you sow.” The smell of the sewer made me feel extremely uncomfortable, and the wet and sticky surface of the ground made every step torture. The black water flowing through the center of the sewer was something that I did not dare to touch at all costs. However, black water droplets dripped from above non-stop, and it was quite difficult to avoid them…

I should look around a little faster. If there are no traces of Dragon Peace, then I can return to ground level.

Argh, uggh, urgh!

I froze. This sounded like someone groaning, and furthermore, they sounded like they were in severe pain. I paid close attention to the source of the sound, and then slowly found my way over. Not too long after, I saw a body squirming on the ground a distance away. This put me on alert, and I moved even more slowly and carefully.

Once I had advanced a few steps further, I could already clearly see that it was a person, and it looked like a man. He lay sprawled on the ground, continuously groaning in pain. His arms and legs were even twitching non-stop, and he pounded the ground violently from time to time, as though that was the only way to relieve his pain.

Is that Dragon Peace?

However, he looked very thin and small. Perhaps I am mistaken, and that is only a tramp living in the sewers?

At this moment, that person abruptly raised his head up. However, the mud in the sewers had obscured his face, turning it into a jet-black mess. I was simply unable to see his looks clearly.

“C-Charles-gē?” That person was muttering, but I had indeed heard him clearly. He was calling my name, and he was even addressing me as “gēge!”

It is someone I know? I hurriedly moved closer, and after I clearly saw his appearance, I was stupefied. How could this be? No matter how hard I thought, I never would have guessed… that it would actually be him!


The classmate who was always silent, Aren, lay on the ground. He put all his strength into using his arms to support his body, but it looked like he was barely managing to do so. In this damp, gloomy, and cold sewer, he was completely nude except for a cloth which covered the lower half of his body. It looks like… a giant pair of shorts?

I quickly ran over and wiped the mud off his face. Then, I helped support him and asked in concern, “Are you okay?”

“Ah Ye, i-is he okay?” Aren asked in a very hoarse voice instead.

I instantly replied, “He is very well, and no harm has come to him.”

“That’s good… Argh!”

He stopped in the middle of his words, and his face was all scrunched up. It seemed like he was under tremendous pain, causing him to scream out loud to relieve it. The entire sewer was filled with the echo of his pained shriek.

“Aren? Aren? What’s wrong, do you need me to take you to the hospital? Or…” I was completely at a loss as to what to do. Just what exactly is happening to him?

All of a sudden, his hand swelled to twice its size, and then shrunk a little afterwards. My eyes turned wide, a little suspicious as to whether I had been seeing things or not. However, this was only the opening act. Following that, Aren’s entire body became like a balloon. Some parts would abruptly swell up, and then deflate…

C-Could I take him to hospital in this kind of condition? After taking him to the hospital, would I instead cause Aren to be treated like a rare animal, to be unwillingly experimented on?

It is better if I take him to the young master’s place! After making my decision, I picked Aren up and carried him.

“Aren! Aren! Where are you?”

Suddenly, a shout came from further down the sewer, and I immediately recognized it as Abner’s voice. I quickly yelled, “Over here!”

A series of hurried footsteps rang out. I stood still waiting, making noise from time to time so they could better grasp my location.


Abner and Leanna appeared in front of me. However, before they came close, they stopped in their tracks from shock, and looked at Aren and me in alarm.

Abner put on a smile with difficulty and said, “Dàgē, why are you here?”

This… I really did not know what to say, so I could only randomly weave a lie and explain, “I was on my way to find Ah Ye when I suddenly saw Aren’s figure. He seemed to have fallen down the sewer even before I could call out to him. This made me feel very concerned, and so I came down to take a look.”

“Is that so?” Abner seemed like he did not want to delve further into my story, and only anxiously said, “Then, you can just hand Aren over to us.”


In the middle of my words, Aren suddenly started screaming again. He was struggling so hard that I simply could not keep hold of him. He then fell to the ground, but he did not yell in pain. Instead, he twisted around frantically, and a few portions of his body started swelling and shrinking again.

As he writhed, he frequently used his swollen limbs to bang on the ground. It did not take long before the ground surrounding him was full of holes.

“Aren…” Leanna’s expression looked as though she was on the verge of tears. She walked toward Aren step by step.

“Be careful.”

“Be careful!”

Abner and I voiced out together, but Leanna seemed as though she had heard none of it. She continued to walk toward Aren. At this moment, Aren shakily stood up. Seeing that, I originally thought that he had returned to normal. However, one look at his expression told me otherwise. He looked extremely vicious, his face so ferocious that he did not seem human.

“Aren!” Leanna called out to him again and again, and pleaded, “Have you forgotten who I am? I’m Anna! Aren, hurry and wake up…”

Aren’s reply instead was a completely inhuman roar. Then, he leaped forward, and sent his hand crashing toward Leanna… I quickly did a slide step and stood in front of Leanna. I had only just gotten into position when a giant fist came swinging at me. Under the situation where I could not dodge in time, the fist dealt my face a heavy blow, sending me flying. I crashed into the wall, and practically the entire wall broke from the force.

I lay in a pile of crushed stone bricks. My head was hurting so badly, it felt as though it was about to split apart, and I was actually momentarily unable to get up. Strength of this level was simply too terrifying. If this fist had landed on Leanna’s face, she would probably be an icy corpse by now.

In the midst of the splitting headache, I heard Abner’s loud cry, “Charles-dàgē! Aren, Aren, hurry and wake up! Y-You’ve killed Charles-dàgē!”

I forced myself back up with much difficulty and shook my head. After I finally managed to shake off a little dizziness, I lifted my head to check on the situation and nearly shouted out of shock.

Aren had jumped and was in mid-air. Furthermore, his landing position was directly aimed at Abner and Leanna, who had fallen onto the floor… With Aren’s strength, if he were to land on the two of them, it would definitely take away two lives!

I moved to their side with a speed that I had never achieved before, and kicked Aren aside just as he was inches away from landing on them.

However, the strength of my kick was evidently insufficient. Aren merely banged into the wall and then regained his footing, not falling down at all.

At this point, all his attention was diverted to me. He showed his canines, and roared at me loudly. This appearance was just like—just like a werewolf!

Even the way he attacked by leaping toward me was also very much like a werewolf. I immediately started moving around, occasionally walking on the walls, and sometimes walking on the ceiling. This was because a vampire’s movements were not affected by gravity.

If he was a true werewolf, he would definitely be extremely familiar with the way vampires moved. Though Aren possessed several traits of a werewolf, he was clearly still human. He looked left and right non-stop, but rarely raised his head to look at the ceiling.

I stood on the ceiling, observing Aren’s every movement closely. From time to time, I moved left and right, and was very cautious not to let him spot me.

In the end, he became fed up from trying to look for me and decided to ignore me. Instead, he switched his attention back to Abner and Leanna. I then took the chance to soundlessly drop behind him and strike the back of his neck. He fell to the ground without even being able to utter a single sound and lay there motionlessly…

I quickly checked his heartbeat and breathing. Good, he’s still alive.

After heaving a sigh of relief, I suddenly remembered the other two who were there. I rapidly turned to look at them. Abner and Leanna were both staring at me, completely dumbfounded. Thankfully, they seemed to be uninjured.

I regarded the unconscious Aren and the two stunned people. I could only sigh in resignation.

“For now, just come back with me first!”

I gave Melody a call so that she could come over, pick us up, and take us back. Once she saw Aren, who was utterly dirty from head to toe and even only had a cloth covering the lower half of his body, she raised an eyebrow but did not say anything.

“Is it really okay for us to dirty your new car?” I looked at the brand new seats with some concern. The four of us were extremely filthy, especially Aren, who had been rolling around in the sewers. He was practically caked in mud, and moreover, it was extremely foul-smelling mud.

Melody seemed not to mind in the least as she said, “That’s okay. Anyway, all I have to do is pay the cleaning company some cash, and they’ll find a way to make a car clean again even if a corpse had rotted inside.”

I nodded. At the moment, Aren indeed smelled like a rotting corpse.

Only after putting Aren into the car and calling the other two to board did I have the time to ask, “How is the situation over at the young master’s side?”

Melody looked in the rearview mirror to see the three people at the back. She then told me, emphasizing, “Directly calling him Young Master, not Ah Ye-dìdi? Huh, Charles-gēge?”

I tactfully said, “I believe it does not matter anymore.”

I believed that Abner and Leanna probably did not think that I was human anymore. If that was so, I naturally could not be the young master’s “Gēge” any longer. Otherwise, they would probably treat the young master as a non-human too.

Melody gave an “Hm” sound, and then answered, “The young master has already returned home.”

When we returned home, the young master was already there and was in the midst of having a meal at the dining table. Mr. Bramble, Dell, and May were also eating with him. Curtis stood at one side, serving the young master as he dined. Gong Feng Xiang sat opposite the young master and watched him eat with a smile.

When the young master raised his head to look at me, he became completely stunned. However, his gaze was not on me, but on Aren, whom I was carrying in my arms. When Abner and Leanna walked in as well, the young master blinked, looking thoroughly confused.

Though the young master seemed to very much want an answer, it was currently mealtime. I believed the most important thing now was… “Young Master, may I ask if I should first bring them in to clean themselves?”

The young master hesitated for a moment, but still agreed. “Okay,” he said.

“What did these people do? Did they just tour a cesspit?”

I could hear Dell muttering this as I walked past the dining table. Following that, he was immediately crippled by May.

After I arranged a private bathroom for Leanna, I brought Abner and the unconscious Aren into my room’s bathroom. Then, Abner and I started battling the dirt and grime on Aren’s body. We used soap, scented shower gel, and even had to use a scrub… Halfway through the cleaning, someone knocked on the door. Following that, I heard the young master’s voice as he said, “Charles, Aren’s figure is closer to mine. Your clothes might be too big for him, so let him wear my clothes!”

“Certainly. Young Master, you have my gratitude.”

After I replied to him, I turned around and saw Abner’s hesitant expression. His expression looked as though he was full of questions, but in the end, he did not question me. He only continued to scrub away the dirt and grime on Aren and his body.

After I had found a place for Aren to rest and taken the other two to the living room, only the young master remained there. He was sitting on the sofa, waiting for us to come.

The young master looked at me and said, “I have sent Curtis and Gong Feng Xiang to the next room to wait. Bramble-shū, Dell, and May have also returned to the rooftop. Melody says that she’s returning to her room next door to drink…to eat a late-night snack.”

It is currently noon, so it should be lunch, Young Master. Though to a vampire, it certainly is a late-night snack.

“Abner, Anna, come over and take a seat!” The young master said as he waved to his classmates.

Abner and Leanna evidently seemed to be wincing a little. However, Abner still took a seat. Seeing his action, Leanna naturally also sat down too. The young master looked at them and seemed to be at a loss as to how to begin. He merely turned to look at me and questioned, “Charles, what do they know?”

I pondered for a moment and then replied, “They know that I am not human, and we are not brothers. Roughly, all they know are these two things.”

“You really aren’t human?” Abner blurted, “Y-You, what exactly are you?”

“I am a vampire,” I admitted with full honesty.

Once I said that, Abner and Leanna were dumbfounded for a long time before they came back to their senses. However, they kept shooting glances at the corners of my mouth, as though fangs would suddenly emerge from there.

“T-Then…” Abner turned around and looked at the young master, seemingly a little bewildered. However, no words came out even after a long time.

“The young master is human,” I instantly clarified.

“Young Master?” Abner could not help but ask, “I’ve wanted to ask this since earlier. Charles-gē, why do you call Ah Ye ‘Young Master?’”

“That’s because Charles is my butler,” the young master explained. “I’m sorry. Last time, I didn’t want you guys to think that I’m strange, so I intentionally said that Charles was my brother. Actually, he is my butler, and those people just now are my bodyguards.”

“You’re the young master of a rich family.” Leanna spoke up, “Last time, we’d already guessed that your family is very wealthy. It’s just that we expected the rich ones to be Charles-gē and you, not you alone.”

“Actually, the one who is rich isn’t me, but my brother…” Halfway through his speech, the young master noticed their strange expressions and quickly explained, “I truly do have a brother. It’s just that he’s not here. Also, I can’t tell you who he is either. That’s why I made Charles pretend to be my brother last time.”

At this point, everyone fell silent. The young master looked at his classmates, and he seemed to be a little at a loss as to what to do. However, he was not anxious and merely waited for Abner and Leanna to finish exchanging looks.

Abner asked a little hesitantly, “Ah Ye, is your family the type that is really wealthy?”

The young master tilted his head to one side, and seemed unsure as he said, “I guess so. It’s probably considered the type that is really wealthy? Is that so, Charles?”

“Yes, that is indeed so,” I answered promptly. If the young master’s family was not considered to be extremely wealthy, then the rest of the world probably would be considered to be as poor as beggars.

At this moment, Leanna stood up and abruptly knelt down. In the next second, Abner actually followed her and also knelt down. The two of them were practically kowtowing as they pleaded, “Ah Ye, I beg of you, please save Aren!”

The young master seemed to have received a great shock at this, and quickly asked, “Aren? What happened to him? Could it be that he’s about to die soon? Why didn’t you say so earlier, Charles?!”

The young master looked at me, and I shook my head, saying, “There is no immediate danger to Aren’s life. He has merely been knocked unconscious. I believe what they are referring to is a separate issue.”

At this point, I turned around and faced the two kneeling figures. With a gentle tone, I said, “I am going to tell the young master about the incident in the sewers, okay?”

The two of them hesitated for a moment, but still nodded in agreement.

Before I could speak up, the young master resolutely told his classmates, “The two of you, stand up first and sit down on the sofa together with me. Otherwise, I won’t want to hear anything, and definitely won’t agree to anything!”

Hearing that, the two obediently stood up and sat on the sofa. However, they still seemed very reserved. Abner was especially so, for he did not dare to casually put his arm around the young master as he used to.

The young master remained calm, but I could tell he was disappointed from the look in his eyes.

However, I did not have any methods to deal with this, and could only start narrating the incident in the sewers. Of course, I still used the excuse that “I saw Aren fall down the sewers” as an opening. After I said this lie, I saw the young master frown. However, he did not interrupt me, so I continued speaking.

While I was speaking the truth of the incident, I also added in a few lies in order to avoid the two’s suspicions. For example, words like I saw Aren resemble Dragon Peace when he transformed and the like. If I did so, it would not seem overly peculiar if the young master were to later say that Aren is Dragon Peace.

After all, just now, Aren only had a few portions of his body swell and shrink, and had also raised his hand against his friends. If the young master was able to deduce that he was related to Dragon Peace from this, it might be stretching it a little.

Everything that had happened so far was actually very simple. I had only spoken for roughly five minutes when I finished narrating the entire story.

Once the young master had heard my tale, he interrogated Abner and Leanna with a tone of certainty, “Is Aren Dragon Peace?”

The two froze. In the end, they still nodded their heads at that question.

The young master thought for a moment, and then asked them, “Do you want to talk about what happened? If you don’t want to say it, that’s fine too. Then, just tell me what it is that you wanted to ask me to do.”

Leanna and Abner looked at each other in dismay. After the two exchanged many glances, Leanna said, with a tone somewhat close to begging, “Let’s just ask Ah Ye for a favor, okay?”

“Let’s tell Ah Ye about it!” Abner replied persistently. Then, in a helpless tone, he said, “Anna! Think about it, we haven’t been able to resolve this problem for a very long time! If another person knows about it, then there’s another person who can help think of ideas about what to do. I believe that Ah Ye won’t harm Aren!”

Though Leanna still appeared to be reluctant, under Abner’s insistence, she still started talking. “We happened to get samples of werewolf blood by chance, and ran many experiments with it. We researched especially how to unleash a human’s full potential and strengthen muscle tissue… In the end, we developed a kind of medicine.”

Hearing this, the young master’s facial expression changed. He shouted in a low voice, “You used the medicine on Aren?”

Leanna lowered her head and looked extremely remorseful. In the end, it was Abner who nodded and admitted, “Yes. After using it, it’s just as you have seen… He will become Dragon Peace, but it is limited only to nighttime.”

“Nighttime?” Once I thought about it, I immediately understood.

It was probably because what they had used for their experiments was werewolf blood. Although werewolves could transform in the daytime, they were strongest at night, especially on the night of a full moon. However, when Dragon Peace went to save the young master today, it was daytime…

“Normally, it is limited to nighttime, so Dragon Peace only appears at night.” Leanna clarified, “However, as long as we use medicine to trigger it, he can also transform during the day. Still, we don’t usually do so. That is because the medicine is very harmful to Aren, and could even make him lose his senses and go crazy.”

The young master’s face was very calm, and I could not tell what he thought about this. Once again, he merely questioned, “Then, what do you mean by you want me to save Aren?”

Leanna and Abner exchanged glances with each other. Their gazes looked very nervous. Abner spoke falteringly, “Ever since the experiment, Aren would go crazy just like he did in the sewers every once in a while. Only one kind of medicine can suppress him and stop him from going crazy, but that medicine is very expensive… We have already spent all our money.”

Abner could not continue speaking anymore. His head was lowered, and even his ears were red. It looked like, although he was naturally carefree, he still felt extremely awkward talking about money matters. Perhaps it was due to his youth.

The young master looked at Leanna and Abner. His expression was absolutely still, and I could not read his emotions at all…

Slap! Slap!

My eyes widened slightly, and the two people who were slapped were completely unable to react.

The young master actually slapped two people?

I stared at the young master. Though his face still appeared calm, only at this point did I notice just how much rage was hidden under his cool façade! He was trying very hard to keep his tone normal, but his voice still shook as he said, “You should not use people in experiments, let alone your own friend! Aren is not your guinea pig. He is human! He is your friend!”

Only then were there reactions from Abner and Leanna. Leanna choked back a sob, and then used both of her hands to cover her face. Her shoulders were shaking non-stop, and it looked like she was crying, though she did not let out a single sob.

However, Abner’s reaction was very different. He seemed to have something that he wanted to say, but ultimately he still remained silent.

Leanna raised her head, and as expected, her face was covered in tears. She stood up from the sofa and knelt down in front of the young master again, begging as though her life depended on it. “We know that we have made a mistake already. Please, Ah Ye, please! Aren… h-he already knew that he didn’t have any more medicine that could stop him from rampaging, but for the sake of rescuing you, he still forced himself to transform… For this at least, please save him!”

Hearing that, the young master was, as expected, visibly moved. He muttered, “Is that so? Aren, he… No wonder. When I saw Dragon Peace, even I was shocked. Dragon Peace has never appeared during the daytime before.”

Afterwards, he turned to me and instructed, “Charles, call An Te Qi-bàba and ask him to bring all of his apparatus over. Then, find an apartment room next door to house Aren and the others. Over the next few days, stay there and take care of An Te Qi-bàba and Aren. Do not come back home for the time being, because the three members of the Church said that they want to come over to my place to take a look.”

Hearing that last line, I felt my heart beat faster. I definitely cannot meet the members of the Church face-to-face!

The young master paused for a moment and then inquired, “I believe it’s probably best that you not meet them at all, right?”

“That is true…” But the fact remains that I am unable to fulfill my duties as a butler, due to me being a vampire! I felt extremely upset and bowed as I said, “That is so. Please accept my sincerest apologies for bringing you trouble, Young Master.”

“No such matter. Charles has helped a lot.” The young master instead shook his head as he said, “Actually, I should be the one saying sorry, making you battle so many times. I completely didn’t follow through with my promise…” As he spoke, his words became softer, and his face was full of self-reproach.

Hearing that, I was so shocked that I even forgot the principle that butlers should not refute their employers. I blurted, “There is definitely nothing of the sort. The young master has never ordered me to fight. You have always kept your promise!”

The young master sighed and said, “Last time, I let you fight with Melody, and this time I let you fight with Aren.”

“That is…”

“I will pay closer attention to this in the future,” said the young master resolutely. He turned to look at Leanna and said, “Anna, please get up quickly! Aren is also my friend, and I will not abandon him. In the future, please don’t kneel to me anymore… I am merely your classmate, that’s all.”

Although Leanna nodded and then got back up, I could see that Abner’s and her expressions were already not like what they used to be. I was afraid that it would be a little difficult for them to socialize with the young master naturally like before. This was a huge pity, for the young master badly needed friends who were on equal standing with him.

“Charles, take them next door and find a room for Aren!”

“Certainly.” I nodded, but then said concernedly, “However, in these few days, there will be no one who can take care of your daily needs…”

The young master pondered for a while and asked, “Would your butler, Curtis, mind looking after me temporarily?”

That is right. The butler Curtis is indeed still here. Coming from an influential butler family, he should be able to take good care of the young master. I nodded in agreement and said, “I do not think so. I will request for him to temporarily take care of your daily needs.”

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