No Hero V3C2: The Grief of Non-Humans and the Tears of Humans

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 2: The Grief of Non-Humans and the Tears of Humans—translated by Doza

January 29, 2110, Rainy

Today I met the Sun Emperor! He was just as mature and steady as I imagined, while being so arrogant that he treats everyone like dust… He’s not a good man, but he truly is a captivating one!

However, this is really too inconceivable. The little young master is actually the Sun Emperor’s younger brother?!

The solitary Sun Emperor actually has a younger brother. My god, if I sold this piece of news, I probably wouldn’t have to worry about money for the next few hundred years.

However, the Sun Emperor doesn’t want the world to find out about the little young master.

If I dared to sell this piece of news, it wouldn’t just be a few hundred years that I’d have no worries about money. I most likely wouldn’t have to worry for eternity.

Dead men have no use for money… Nor do dead vampires.

Dark Sun ran swiftly as he dodged the bullets. DSII also sped over and helped him block several. After jumping on the motorcycle, Dark Sun paused briefly to glance at the three people from the Church. Then he raced away.

The overgrown boy appeared to want to give chase, but the woman stopped him. “Don’t follow. He’s not the main target. There’s no need to get involved.”

After Dark Sun’s departure, the screen only showed Yue Gang, who was so furious that he was stamping his feet at the three people from the Church. Two of them ignored him completely. Only the overgrown boy donned a smile to speak with him.

After about ten minutes, I felt that Dark Sun would be at a sufficient distance from the crowd. Only then did I take out my cell phone and dial the young master’s number. However, just as I expected, the ringing sounded from the young master’s room… It appears the young master has made a habit of leaving his cell phone behind when he goes out.

Even though I felt very uneasy, there was nothing I could do. On the contrary, I had to resolutely suppress my anxiety and do my daily cleaning to avoid raising Gong Feng Xiang’s suspicions.

As I was wiping a glass cup, Gong Feng Xiang suddenly smiled and said, “You truly are diligent.”

“Pardon?” I was rather unsure what she was referring to.

Gong Feng Xiang smiled as she said, “I said, you are truly a diligent butler. You wiped one glass for ten minutes. If that is not diligence, then what else would it be?”

It is worry. I gave her a superficial smile, but deep down, I heaved a sigh. How is the young master doing, I wonder?

Ring ring…

Could it be the young master? I immediately received the call. “This is Charles. Is this the young master?” I asked.

“No, this is Ji Luo Chu, but Ah Ye is at my studio.”

“The young master is at your studio? How is he?” As I asked, I sighed in relief. Everything is fine as long as the young master is not alone.

Ji Luo Chu’s voice sounded deeply worried. “He looks really miserable. His arms and legs are covered with wounds, which he just bandaged carelessly. After he asked me for pants and a long-sleeved shirt, he said he was leaving. I managed to get him to stay by telling him to look over the photos from the previous shoot… Anyway, come over quickly!”

“I will head over right now,” I said hurriedly.

I got up to leave, but immediately saw Gong Feng Xiang looking at me curiously. It was only then that I remembered her presence. After hesitating briefly, I told her, “Gong Feng Xiang, I will have to trouble you to wait for me here. I will be back in a while.”

“Very well, Young Master,” Gong Feng Xiang replied with a smile.

Despite her smile, I still felt very uneasy. However, the young master’s situation was more important right now, so I could not take the time to bother with her. Still, even with the urgency of the situation, I could not forget the previous incident when Yue Gang had “mistaken” me for a vampire because of my outfit. Therefore, I decided to change into my X-Killer clothes before leaving the apartment.

The moment I walked out the door, I saw Melody. She was standing near the doorway, looking as if she had been waiting for me.

“The young master—”

“Whatever it is,” Melody interrupted, “let’s talk after we find him. I also have to make some inquiries about why those people from the Church have come here. Sunset City is not the Church’s territory!”

I nodded in agreement. However, regarding why the Church had come here, I had an inkling—it was probably related to E.X.

As I rode the elevator down with her, I inquired, “Are we taking a taxi?”

Melody shot me a glance as she answered, “I have a car.”

“When did you buy a car?” I asked, astonished.

“Ten minutes ago.”

Ten minutes?

When we walked outside, an extremely glamorous new violet sports car was parked in front of the building. There was even a man in a suit standing ramrod straight beside the car door. He seemed to be the salesperson.

“Miss Melody…” he greeted with a huge grin.

However, Melody replied discourteously, “Less chatter. I’m in a hurry! The money’s already been sent to the bank account. Give me the keys!”

“Yes ma’am!” The salesperson offered her the car keys deferentially, smiling happily. “Thank you for your patronage. If you are ever in need, you are always welcome to come for a test drive.”

Melody snatched the keys and stepped into the driver’s seat. “Butler, get in!” she shouted to me.

I stepped into the front passenger seat, and before I had even closed the car door properly, Melody hit the gas pedal and zoomed away.

“Where is the young master?” Melody asked abruptly.

I clutched the door handle tightly. “You bought a car without knowing his whereabouts?” I asked with a wry smile.

“In any case, as long as you know, it’s all right,” she answered. “And I foresee that we’ll be using a car frequently in the future. In order to tail the young master, who can fly, I specially bought a sports car with the best performance.” Melody gave me a quick look and teased, “Or would you prefer to ride DSII?”

“This car is not bad,” I praised. Then I instructed, “Turn left up ahead. The young master is at Mr. Ji Luo Chu’s studio.”

“Oh?” Melody’s eyes sparkled as an extreme left turn saw us brushing dangerously against another car as it passed.

“…” I lost the power to reply and could only cling tighter to the door handle.

Just then, my cell phone rang again. Before picking up the call, I glanced at the screen. It was Ji Luo Chu. The moment the call connected, his voice came through. “Charles, Ah Ye has left already. I couldn’t stop him. Are you nearby?”

I gauged my surroundings and replied, “Yes, we will be there after two more streets.”

“Then, be on the lookout along the way. Ah Ye only just left. He’s wearing the clothes from the previous photo shoot for the ‘Tears of an Angel’ advertisement. Dressed in all white, he should be quite conspicuous.”

“Understood. Thank you very much.”

“No problem, just hurry and find him! I’m really worried for him…”

After Ji Luo Chu ended the call with a sigh, I told Melody hastily, “Slow down a bit. Stay in this vicinity. Luo Chu said Ah Ye is on the streets nearby.”

At that very moment, Melody unexpectedly jammed on the brakes. My entire body was thrown forward, pulling the seat belt strapped over my chest so tight that it was somewhat uncomfortable… But it was lucky that I had fastened it. Otherwise, I would probably have broken and flown through the windshield.

After trembling in fear for a moment, I asked in distress, “Melody, why did you suddenly stop?”

“Look over there.” Melody pointed ahead, to the left.

The second I looked over, I saw the young master. As Ji Luo Chu had described, he was wearing a set of clothes in pure white. He was indeed eye-catching. In fact, there were numerous passersby who were looking at him. Most of their expressions showed admiration.

The young master sat on a bench by the sidewalk, looking extremely dejected. His eyes were red, although he was not crying. That aside, he was also not alone. There were three other people around him—the classmates who had come by recently. Leanna and Abner were talking with the young master, but Aren was standing quietly to the side. Despite his silence, he was frowning as he looked at the young master, also seemingly very concerned.

After watching for a while, Melody opened her mouth to ask, “Should we still go over?”

“Let his classmates console the young master first. We will observe the situation before making any further plans.” I was quite delighted. It truly was wonderful that the young master had bumped into his classmates. There would be nothing better than letting them give him comfort.

“Observe the situation, is it?” Melody asked. “Then we can get out of the car soon. It looks like the young master is saying goodbye to his classmates.”

I looked back, and sure enough, the young master had stood up from the bench. It looked like he was waving farewell to his classmates.

I nodded quickly to Melody and got out of the car, shouting, “Ah Ye!”

The attention of the young master and his classmates turned to us immediately. The young master even exclaimed, “Charles… Charles-gē! And Melody-jiě!”

His classmates’ eyes widened and then went blank as they stared at Melody’s car… Oh no! I had forgotten that Melody’s car was entirely too glamorous. One look and they would know it was a high-end luxury vehicle.

On the other hand, these three had visited the young master’s home before. They knew all of its furniture and books were expensive premium goods. Now it was merely adding on an expensive car. There was not much difference.

“Ah Ye, is the new car I bought beautiful?” Melody asked coyly.

The young master carefully examined the car. His depression seemed to have greatly lessened. He smiled and said, “Mm, it’s very beautiful!”

Melody answered happily, “Get in. I’ll drive you back.”

At that point, Abner swallowed, and with his eyes fixed on the car, asked, “Can we hitch a ride?”

The young master immediately lent him a hand. “Melody, can you give my classmates a ride as well?”

“Of course,” Melody acquiesced with sickening sweetness. “Ah Ye’s classmates are my classmates!”

Abner’s gaze moved from the car to Melody. He swallowed several times, until Leanna and Aren elbowed him from the right and left. He cried out in pain.

Seeing this, the young master laughed. With a mischievous expression, he declared, “Everyone else may have a seat, but Abner isn’t allowed to!”

“Why?!” Abner exclaimed.

“Who asked you to look at her with such pervy eyes?!” Leanna retorted. Adding insult to injury, she immediately added, “Melody-jiě would never let a lecher like you into her car!”

Abner promptly refuted, “Aren also looked at the car and Melody-jiě! How come he’s allowed to go? It’s not fair!”

Hearing this, Aren merely narrowed his eyes at him. He did not say a single word, but his expression was one hundred percent full of disdain. There was absolutely no need for him to speak.

“Hey, hey! What kind of expression is that…? If a man doesn’t like cars and isn’t lustful, is he still considered a man?”

Leanna sniffed and said rudely, “Only you would drool over cars and always be horny! Look at Aren, Ah Ye, and Charles-gē: which one of them is as perverted as you?!”

“I—Huh?” Halfway through his words, Abner suddenly froze.

A figure rushed toward the three of them. The young master turned his head to look and also blurted, “Huh?” Then, the figure dashed to his side, picked him up by the waist, and leaped away. After which, it ran off swiftly… The whole course of events lasted only a few seconds.

My mouth dropped open slightly. I was completely unable to make sense of the current situation. It was only when I heard a scream that I snapped back to reality.

Leanna was the one who had screamed. She grabbed onto Abner with one hand and Aren with the other. “Ah Ye! Ah Ye has been snatched away by a werewolf! What do we do?!” she screamed frantically.

That figure just now was indeed a werewolf. I had seen that very clearly. The werewolf who had kidnapped the young master was the one who had just escaped from Dark Sun and the Church’s subordinates… Wait, he actually kidnapped the young master?! I did not know whether to laugh or cry. What exactly is going on?

“Charles-gē!” Leanna and the other two ran to me. Panicking, she babbled, “W-What should we do? Should we chase after them? But they’ve already disappeared… Will the werewolf eat Ah Ye?”

“We…” I was speechless. Should what? We do not need to do anything, do we? If the young master thought nothing of five werewolves, then what is a single werewolf to him?

Melody muttered, “Is this werewolf unlucky or simply stupid?! He just escaped from the hands of the young master, yet now he actually abducted him of his own accord. He better run off somewhere nice and deserted, so it’s convenient for the young master to get rid of the body…”

I nearly laughed out loud. However, with three anxious classmates in front of me, I had to stifle my laughter and appear grave instead. “Let us inform the police before any further discussion!” I told them.

I took out my phone, and after thinking for a moment, dialed Yue Gang’s number.

“What?” Yue Gang’s grumpy voice came through the moment the call connected. “I’m busy right now! Don’t you know there are werewolves running all over the place? If you’ve got nothing, stay at home and lock the doors tight! If there’s something, hurry up and tell me. Got it? Concisely!”

“My brother has been taken by a werewolf.” I wonder, is this concise enough?

“… What?” Yue Gang took five seconds to respond. “Where are you?!” he shouted.

I quickly reported the name of the street and the direction the werewolf was headed.

“I’ll immediately get some men and chase after it… I-I’m sorry for your loss!”

I heard the sound of the call disconnect and in my heart, felt rather exasperated. How can you tell someone you are sorry for their loss before their brother has even died? This Yue Gang really does not know how to communicate.

Ring ring ring!

Before I even had time to put away my phone, the ringtone sounded again. To my surprise, the caller ID was Yue Gang. Why is he calling again when he just hung up? I accepted the call, feeling puzzled. Yue Gang only said tersely, “Charles, watch the television,” and then hung up again.

“What happened? Hurry up and tell us!” Melody’s acting was very realistic. Her panicky cries were almost comparable to Leanna’s.

I hurriedly assumed an expression of anxiety and replied, “The policeman told me to watch the television. Where can we go to watch?”

“Television?” Abner answered promptly, “Evening Sun Plaza is close by. There’s a huge television screen there!”

“Get in!” Melody ordered everyone immediately.

After everyone got into the car, Melody drove with the speed of a hurricane to the nearby plaza. The entire way there, everyone in the car was screaming madly. When she stopped the car, she even narrowly missed a few people standing at the edge of the crowd in the plaza. However, those people did not react at all… They were all staring blankly at the plaza’s giant television screen.

On the huge screen was an image taken from a high vantage point. Given the noise that accompanied it, I inferred that it was taken from a helicopter.

In the video, the werewolf was just jumping over a rooftop. The young master was slung over his shoulders, facing downward. His expression could not be seen, and he did not seem to be moving much.

Seeing that image, I really could not help but feel respect for the reporters again. Their ability to investigate danger was even better than that of the heroes. Their perseverance in following the bad guys was even more formidable than that of the police! The young master had only been kidnapped a few minutes ago, yet they were already able to broadcast the news.

Finally, the werewolf stopped on a rooftop. He casually dropped the young master, who landed at his feet. Then, he turned his head back and roared at the cameras, “Those three bastards from the Church, if you have the guts, then come! If not, I will slaughter this runt and then find more!”


A shout in close proximity caught my attention. I turned back just in time to see Aren opening the car door and dashing out. Leanna got out hurriedly and went after him, while Abner turned to glance at me, looking alarmed. However, he left to run after the other two without saying anything.

I was rather perplexed by their actions, but Melody’s words pulled my attention back. “Butler, what do we do now? Go find the young master or stay here and watch the TV?”

Even though Melody spoke in this manner, she did not appear nervous. Actually, I was not nervous either.

That werewolf is completely incapable of harming the young master… No, that was not quite right. For the sake of hiding his identity, the young master might not dodge the werewolf’s attack, deliberately taking a beating. But no matter what, he would not allow himself to be killed. Therefore, there was absolutely no need to worry over the young master’s life.

I pondered for a while. Even if his life is not in any danger, for the sake of protecting his secret identity, the young master is probably unable to retaliate easily. “Let us go over and take a look. Maybe we can help the young master hide his identity as a hero.”

Melody nodded, then stomped on the gas pedal. As she dodged screaming pedestrians, she ordered, “Call Bramble. Get them to transmit a map to the satellite navigation system in my car.”

As I shot apologetic looks to the pedestrians who had been startled, I dialed Bramble’s number.

After driving for a while, Melody suddenly asked, “Is X still in the city?”

“No,” I shook my head as I spoke. “He left after teaching me how to use my blood ability for a few days. Recently, the Church seems to be in hot pursuit of him. He stirred up such a huge commotion that he could not continue to stay.”

Melody nodded and said, “He’s really very troublesome. It’s good that he left.”

I smiled wryly.

“However, after one nuisance left, another two appeared!” Melody complained. “Those two… The human aside, what’s up with that female vampire? When Bramble was talking about her, he seemed annoyed.”

“I will request that she leave.” I said quietly, “I do not welcome her either.”

“Which generation is she?”

“Sixth generation.”

“…” Melody was speechless for a while. Then she said, “If Bramble finds out, you should be prepared to be scolded to death! Also, how will you, a useless fifth generation vampire, get a sixth generation to leave? You can’t even beat me, an eighth generation, in a fight!”

On the receiving end of Melody’s criticism, I smiled mirthlessly and explained, “She would not want to fight with me. Even though my fighting capabilities are not on par with hers, I am not only a vampire, I am also half human. On the human side, I have some influence. I belong to a family of butlers.”

“The influence of a butler family?” Melody asked curiously. “Is your family very powerful?”

I chuckled and said, “Maybe it cannot be considered powerful, but we have butlers in every influential family in the world, even among the economic alliances.”

“That’s very powerful!” Melody shot a sideways glance at me and asked, “You’re the head of your family?”

“Yes,” I nodded, but explained further. “However, I have already handed the family over to my cousin, who is acting as the steward. Unless the family is facing difficulties, I rarely return.”

“A human family chose a vampire as the family head?” Melody guessed mockingly, “Because they favored your strength?”

“That is not it. My honorable father was the previous head. He gave the position to me as an inheritance.”

“No human objected?” Melody particularly emphasized the word “human,” and her tone was full of disbelief.

“Of course there were some who objected.” I smiled faintly and continued, “But my family is very traditional. Our original system is through inheritance, and I am also my honorable father’s only child. After several of our peers gave their support, they finally allowed me to take over the position. I was in charge of the family for about ten years before passing the position to my cousin.”

Melody was silent for a while, then she suddenly said, “Your cousin’s definitely in love with you! The support of your peers that you mentioned… She’s one of those peers right?”


“You’re actually not denying it?” Melody turned her head to look at me curiously and asked, “She’s really in love with you?”

“That is a thing of the past… Could you please look ahead when you are driving?”

She abruptly slammed on the brakes, giving me the uncomfortable feeling of the seatbelt constricting my chest again. From now on, when I ride in Melody’s car, I must never forget to wear a seatbelt… No! If possible, I should still buy a car myself!

“We’ll arrive after one more street.” Probably because she caught my puzzled expression, Melody chuckled and explained, “That werewolf caused such a mess that everything is in chaos. There’s an eighty percent chance that the neighboring street has been cordoned off, so let’s walk over!”

I nodded. As long as I could get out of the car, regardless of the reason, I would be overjoyed.

After getting out of the car, Melody passed me a handkerchief. It was black with a lace border. She said, “You don’t have a mask, so just use the handkerchief to cover your face. That is, if you need to.”

I accepted the handkerchief and asked concernedly, “Then, what about you?”

Melody shrugged and casually tore a strip of cloth from her skirt. Then, she told me, “Fortunately, today’s skirt is long enough!”

I looked at the remaining length of her torn skirt… and decided not to comment any further.

“Let’s go! If we keep hanging around, the incident will probably be over before we get there.”

I nodded and followed Melody as she hopped onto the wall and ran straight up to the rooftop.

The moment I jumped onto the rooftop, my heart almost stopped. I hastily grabbed Melody and ducked into the shadows beneath the water tower.

“That was close!” Melody whispered. “It’s lucky we didn’t choose the next building.”

I nodded. That was because there were currently three people standing on the rooftop of the next building. All of them were wearing black priest robes with a giant symbol of the cross over their chests. Two were male, and the other was female. They were clearly the group that had previously appeared and used overwhelming firepower to bombard the werewolves and Dark Sun.

“Has the Sin Elimination Committee ever tried to cause trouble for you before?” When Melody spoke the three words “Sin Elimination Committee,” she snorted. Evidently, she loathed those three words.

Even though the Sin Elimination Committee was the organization within the Church that specialized in handling non-humans, I actually had not seen them before. After shaking my head, I replied, “I have not met them, but they called on my father once to gather news about X. However, he did not tell them anything and even rejected their request to meet me. Because of my family’s protection, they did not have any other choice and left.”

“And you say your family is not considered powerful?” Melody glanced at me and said incredulously, “They can even obstruct the Church!”

I chuckled and changed the subject, “The young master is on the opposite rooftop. What do you think he will do?”

Melody turned to look at the rooftop in front of us. The werewolf had chosen a large building that was some distance from the others. Moreover, he had damaged the sole door that led to the roof so that it was buckled inward. He and the young master were positioned at the edge of the building with the young master sitting on the railing, probably forced to do so by the werewolf. It appeared dangerous, like he was on the verge of falling.

To people who did not know he could fly, it certainly looked very dangerous.

Without much concern, Melody wondered, “Is this werewolf really foolish? Does he believe that a hostage will be useful?”

“The people from the Church do not care about hostages?” I was rather astonished.

“Not necessarily. There are many teams in the Sin Elimination Committee and each one has a different style. There are some teams whose members are even crueler than werewolves, and there are some who are quite reasonable. However, they all usually have a certain level of cruelty and ruthlessness. At times when there’s nothing else they can do, it wouldn’t be odd if they killed the hostages along with the non-humans.”

At this point, Melody turned around and said humorlessly, “They’ve already killed so many non-humans. Don’t tell me they’re really unable to kill humans? How much difference is there between non-humans and humans? Hm?”

“Then would they do something destructive?” I said rather worriedly, “It may affect the young master…”

“They wouldn’t!” Melody added nonchalantly, “They also wouldn’t blow up the entire building. Even if they don’t have the humanity to care about the young master’s life, they still have to consider whether the Church is willing to pay the compensation fee for the building!”

The thing stopping humans from killing other humans is not empathy, but money? I felt it quite absurd. I shook my head, then looked up to see the opposite building and suddenly remembered something… I laughed and said, “I do not think that werewolf is foolish. Melody, do you still remember the previous time we were up on a rooftop watching the commotion? That time, I said we had better leave, because that rooftop was a space belonging to a very powerful non-human. But then you told me it did not matter because you knew him.”

Melody did not reply. She merely looked at me and waited for me to continue.

I gestured to the rooftop where the three-person Sin Elimination team was and said, “They are standing on that rooftop.”

Melody went “ah” and said, “Oh I see, the werewolf isn’t stupid! That guy really despises the Church, especially the Sin Elimination Committee. Since those three dared to set foot in his territory, there’ll definitely be a huge battle.”

Even though I did not enjoy fights much, this was one of the rare times I felt that there was no harm in fighting. Those three people had actually opened fire on the young master, and even said he was not human, making him so despondent… Indeed, they should be taught a lesson.

“Wait a moment! Are they leaving?” Astounded, I watched the three of them turn around and prepare to descend from the rooftop.

Melody sniffed and said, “Looks like the team is wise enough this time… No! I think they had no choice but to be sensible. Look at the rooftops nearby.”

I took a moment to survey the surroundings. Even though it was daytime, the rooftops were filled with shadows. Most of those shadows also had blood-red eyes like those of non-humans, and all of their gazes were focused on the Sin Elimination team.

Sounding baffled, Melody said, “Sunset City was originally one of the non-humans’ base cities. The entire time, the Church has avoided coming to this city, but this team actually came! However, even if they dared to come, they probably wouldn’t dare go head-on with the non-humans in Sunset City! Even if they immediately died here, an end like that wouldn’t be too unexpected!”

I nodded. I knew this. Even though I had not seen the Sin Elimination Committee before, I had heard of their deeds. A large part of the reason I chose to look for an employer in Sunset City was that I knew the Church would not come here. That way, my vampire race would not bring inconvenience to my employer.

“Hold it!”

At that moment, the werewolf’s flustered roar came from nearby, “Do you not care about the hostage? He’s only a kid! A kid that’s even like an angel!”

I finally understood why he specifically chose to kidnap the young master at a public place with numerous bystanders, instead of snatching a random hostage from some narrow alley. The young master was dressed in pure white from head to toe, and he looked delicate as well. Indeed, somewhat like an angel. The werewolf probably thought that people from the Church are less likely to leave such a hostage behind, right?

When the werewolf roared, it was the overgrown boy who turned around out of the three people there. It was unusual for him not to be smiling. Rather, he glared fiercely at the werewolf. Then, his line of sight shifted slightly to the side, evidently looking at the young master. At this moment, his expression softened and was even filled with deep sadness.

This made my impression of him improve a bit. At least he did not look like the type of person to casually decide to abandon the hostage.

The young master also returned his gaze. He paused for a moment, and then started to display a terrified and tearful expression. I think, even though the young master is one of the people involved, he is probably like me and Melody… just watching the commotion, right?

Luckily, the overgrown boy did not notice anything abnormal. After seeing the young master’s expression, he even walked a few steps back, until the woman grabbed his shoulder and spoke a few words to him. She did not raise her voice, so I could not hear her words clearly.

The longer the overgrown boy listened to her, the more his face darkened. However, he did not open his mouth to say anything. He only shook off the woman’s hand and then walked toward the door that led down the building…

At this point, the werewolf suddenly howled, recapturing the attention of all three. They turned back to look at him. Then, the werewolf raised his giant claws and turned to look at the young master, apparently intending to shatter his head with one swipe. The young master also turned his head to look at him… This scene truly has a unique sense of beauty.

The young master was dressed in pure white, and with the blue sky and white clouds behind him, looked just like an angel. On the other hand, the werewolf beside him was violent and frightening. The contrast was similar to a picture from a movie, like…

“It’s practically like Beauty and the Beast.” Melody mumbled, but then laughed aloud and said sarcastically, “Too bad the young master is not Beauty, and facing the young master, the Beast… might as well be a little lamb!”

For some reason, even though the werewolf had raised his claws, he did not attack the young master right away.

“There are too many people watching. The young master is probably unable to dodge or fight back.” Even though I knew that the young master’s life was not in jeopardy, I still did not have any desire to watch him get beaten up.

Still unperturbed, Melody said, “It should still be all right to dodge. No matter how you put it, the young master does have a combat background. We can still pass it off as his knowing a bit of martial arts.”

“However, in a situation where he is supposedly unarmed, and with a body that has not undergone any modifications at all, he cannot defeat a werewolf,” I objected anxiously. “The young master’s hair color is too unusual. If he makes a move, it is very possible that it will raise suspicions. How about we head over and defeat the werewolf? Our reason being that it is our rooftop and others are not allowed to infringe. What do you say?”

Melody stared at me and said, “Do you think we’re not eye-catching? Everyone’s already seen us in the previous incident with X! Even though our images aren’t left on video footage or negatives, and there’s no way comparisons can be made, we’re still left in people’s memories! Regardless of whether it was at the scene or on TV, the people who saw us before won’t have forgotten what we look like or our connection with Dark Sun. So we definitely can’t go!”

I carefully pondered Melody’s explanation. Indeed, our appearance could possibly be even worse than the young master taking action himself. Since I really did not know what I should do, I could only watch the situation continue to unfold before making any further suggestions.

At this point, having withheld the blow for quite some time, the werewolf grabbed the young master by the waist and held his entire body over the edge of the building, with only empty air beneath his feet… The young master was late by a full beat before he started screaming.

When he heard the screams, the overgrown boy immediately rushed back and even yelled, “Stop! This has nothing to do with him!”

Just when the werewolf was about to open his mouth to speak, my attention was diverted. A huge humanoid figure suddenly jumped onto the rooftop. By the time I recognized him as the muscular Dragon Peace, he had already sprinted forward. The werewolf did not have time to make any threats before Dragon Peace threw a heavy punch, sending him flying. Then, Dragon Peace spun around and grabbed the young master, who had been thrown into the air, coincidentally using the exact same method as the werewolf, with one hand holding the young master’s waist.

The young master was evidently a bit stunned. Until the moment that Dragon Peace caught him, he had forgotten to scream.

Dragon Peace placed the young master on the ground. The young master sat down on his knees and raised his head to look at Dragon Peace. His expression appeared quite astonished… But at a time like this, should it be astonished? Should it not be terrified?

If the young master is not acting, then what is he shocked about?

I felt somewhat puzzled, but the subsequent fight between the werewolf and Dragon Peace pulled away my attention. This was simply a battle of brute force. Both the werewolf and Dragon Peace were quite large. If it were just the two of them by themselves, perhaps I would not be able to tell how huge they were. However, the young master was kneeling at the side, and at the moment, he looked just like a child compared to the other two. Furthermore, with the young master’s clothes, it was even more like a contrasting image of an angel and two devils.

The two of them did not have many fighting techniques. One could practically say it was only a contest of strength. Shoving, punching, and kicking—it was not much different from street fights among youth. If I really had to say what was different, it would be that normal youths would not be able to damage the concrete floor with a single step to the point that a web of cracks is formed around a large hole.

At the start, the werewolf was at a disadvantage, being limited to frantic dodging. It would have only been a matter of minutes before Dragon Peace defeated him. However, he quickly seemed to realize that Dragon Peace was always mindful of the young master and was very careful to avoid injuring him. Accordingly, the werewolf deliberately moved closer to the young master.

Seeing this, Dragon Peace appeared to become enraged. However, he could not move an inch, only standing protectively in front of the young master, taking all the blows for him.

The werewolf, who had no one else to worry about, and Dragon Peace, who had to be conscious of the young master’s safety, suddenly became equal adversaries. With the werewolf attacking madly, Dragon Peace could only go on the defensive. It looked like the battle would continue for a while.

Meanwhile, as those two fought, the young master continued to kneel motionlessly in his original position, merely watching the other two fight it out. Even when the two fighters sprayed blood on him, he did not avert his eyes. Since the young master had been wearing pure white, the traces of blood on his body truly looked horrifying.

At that moment, the werewolf suddenly made a mistake. He seemed to have stumbled due to the numerous potholes in the ground. Dragon Peace immediately seized the opportunity to land a powerful uppercut to his chin. The werewolf fell on his back, and his head hit the ground with a loud crash. Dragon Peace did not give the werewolf a chance to crawl to his feet, but stamped down heavily on his head…

With the sickening sound of something crunching, everything came to an end.

Seeing this, I finally heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like the young master would not need to step in. I truly had to thank Dragon Peace.

After panting for a bit, Dragon Peace turned around and picked up the young master, then placed him on his shoulders. The young master also turned his head to look at him, seemingly wanting to say something to him. However, he was interrupted by a sudden exclamation.

“Put him down!”

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