No Hero V3C1: The Non-Human Clan and the Human Family

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No Hero Volume 3: Non-Human Killer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

Human, Non-Human Killer Chapter 1: The Non-Human Clan and the Human Family—translated by raylight

January 20, 2110, Sunny

I still wasn’t sent to the Sun Emperor’s side. Instead, I was sent to serve a little young master. Although twenty is already not considered young, if you were to say he was twenty years old, no one would truly believe it. He looks just like a fifteen-year-old brat, and when he talks, he seems more like twelve!

But he should be easy to coax.

The little young master is called An Xiang Ye, which seems rather similar to the Sun Emperor’s name.

Ri Xiang Yan and An Xiang Ye. Hmm…

When the second visitor appeared and even called me “Young Master Charles,” the young master refused to go to school anymore. He insisted that even if he were to skip a day of lessons, it would still be fine. In any case, it was going to be vacation in a few more days. Currently, the professors had already stopped teaching classes, and the majority of his classmates were all skipping class.

Dell and May were supposed to go to the rooftop to monitor the surveillance cameras that covered all of Sunset City, but they were unwilling to leave. They only stared at the young master with hopeful eyes. The young master then told Mr. Bramble that it was okay for them to go up a little later.

In the end, even Mr. Bramble remained in the living room.

To that, I could only give a light sigh. I turned around to tell the two visitors, “I will have to trouble the two of you to introduce yourselves first!”

Curtis immediately nodded. He answered in a proper manner, “As you wish, Master Endelis. My name is Curtis Christopher. I was sent by Madam Sadina, and I am the candidate for the next family steward.”

After hearing Curtis’s explanation, everyone’s gaze shifted to the other person. Faced with everyone’s attention, the woman who had an oriental feel put on a sweet smile as she explained, “Young Master Charles, my name is Gong Feng Xiang. I was sent here by Countess Avexila.”

“Avexila?” The young master immediately interrupted curiously.

“How rude!” The ever-smiling Gong Feng Xiang immediately dropped her smile, and she reprimanded agitatedly, “How dare you address the Countess directly by her name!”

The young master froze. This was the second time this morning that he had been scolded, and moreover, both times it was by the people who had come to visit me.

My face darkened and I sternly declared, “This person is the one whom I serve, Young Master An Xiang Ye. I ask the two of you to not be disrespectful to him. Otherwise, regardless of who sent you here, I would ask for you to leave immediately!”

Gong Feng Xiang was only stunned for a moment, and then she immediately showed her beautiful smile again as she explained, “My apologies. I thought that the one Young Master was serving was that Master over there…”

Everyone present followed Gong Feng Xiang’s line of sight to Mr. Bramble. He lifted his head from behind the newspapers and said in a deep voice, “I am the leader of the bodyguards responsible for protecting the young master. The other two people are also the young master’s bodyguards.”

Dell gave a snort and said fiercely, “You guys actually dared to scold the young master! If we didn’t already know that the young master wouldn’t get angry over this, we would have already shot you two blind blockheads dead.”

“Seconded,” said May coldly.

While I agreed with Dell’s words, I felt that we would probably not be able to carry them out. If I was right, Gong Feng Xiang should be of the same race as me, and furthermore, her generation number should not be too far from mine. Perhaps I might not even be able to win against her. After all, vampires untrained in combat were simply on the rare side.

After hearing Dell’s threat, Gong Feng Xiang did not get angry but instead gave the young master a sweet smile. With a pleading expression, she said, “I’m really very sorry! Little Young Master.”

The young master gave a smile and said, “It’s okay. However, who exactly is Countess Avexila?”

Gong Feng Xiang seemed to be trying to make up for her previous mistake, so she scrambled to answer, “Madam is Young Master Charles’s mother.”

The young master immediately turned his head, looking at me as he exclaimed, “Charles, you have a mother?”

“Of course I do,” I replied with a smile.

“Ah… I didn’t mean it like that. I just thought that your mother was dead.” The young master seemed to be at a loss as he said, “Didn’t you say that your father is already dead… had passed away?”

“I did. That is because my honorable father was advanced in his years. However, Countess Avexila is a vampire.”

Once I said that, the young master suddenly looked at me in surprise. He seemed to have something he wanted to say, but was hesitating on whether to bring it up or not. This made me feel a little puzzled. However, on second thought, perhaps it was something that could not be brought up in front of outsiders. Therefore, I did not press the young master about it in further detail.

In the end, the young master still did not direct any questions to me. Instead, he turned to Gong Feng Xiang and asked in curiosity, “Is Charles’s mother looking for him?”

As Gong Feng Xiang explained, she also directed her words to me. “It is like this. Countess Avexila misses Young Master Charles very much. At the same time, she is worried about him living all alone outside. He might encounter many inconveniences, so she wishes for me to come over and serve the young master. Also, Madam wishes for the young master to return and visit the clan if he is free.”

Hearing such an explanation, I looked at Gong Feng Xiang with distrust. However, she continued smiling sweetly, and it seemed as though there was nothing strange. However…

“Is that so?” The young master was rather overjoyed as he said, “Then can I go too? It’s going to be summer vacation soon, and I was still thinking of where I could go to play!”

Gong Feng Xiang looked elated and said, “Of course you can! Countess Avexila will definitely be very happy too!”

The young master smiled too. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, he suddenly frowned and said, “Um… I-I think I had better go to school after all. It’s not good to skip classes!”

Suddenly wanting to go to school? I froze for a moment, after which I immediately understood that an incident must have happened. Therefore, the young master had no choice but to go out, and could only find a random excuse to do so.

However, how did the young master find out about the incident? The three people responsible for overseeing the surveillance cameras—Mr. Bramble, Dell, and May—are all here… Right! There is still Melody. Perhaps she is currently in the opposite room working hard at watching the surveillance cameras.

The young master told me, “Charles, keep them company! I’ll be heading to school now.”

“Very well.” I quickly picked up the young master’s school bag and assisted him in putting it on his back.

The situation seemed to be very pressing. The moment the school bag was on the young master’s back, he dashed to the door anxiously. I actually had to utilize the vampire’s unique slide stepping in order to make it in time to open the door for the young master.

At this point, Mr. Bramble put down his newspaper and told Dell and May, “We should begin work.”

“Yes.” The two replied a little nervously.

Thus, after they called to me that they were leaving, they too left the living room.

Before leaving, Mr. Bramble even glanced at Gong Feng Xiang, and then gave me a glare… It appeared that Mr. Bramble had also discovered the fact that she was a non-human. He was probably feeling very dissatisfied with the fact that I had brought a non-human into the apartment.

After everyone had left, we were the only ones remaining—two vampires and one human. This made me feel that the situation was a little laughable. As the only human here, Curtis really ought to worry about his predicament.

I looked at Curtis, who stared back at me. He completely did not dare to look at Gong Feng Xiang, who was beside him. However, Gong Feng Xiang was looking at him with much curiosity.

Curtis was still maintaining the highly-trained expressionless face of a butler. However, as a butler, if he were to receive the gaze of the master’s visitor, he ought to be polite and ask the visitor if they needed anything. Yet he had not said a single word, and only continued to look at me… Could it be that he truly feels a little uneasy?

I looked at Curtis, and then looked back at Gong Feng Xiang. The latter still continued to smile, and she appeared like she was not going to take action and attack him. Therefore, in the end, I decided to switch on the television first. Finding out what was happening was more important.

When I turned on the television, it was still broadcasting its scheduled programs. I scrolled through the channels continuously, but even news channels that only reported the news did not have an emergency news report.

It seemed that the reporters had yet to find out that an incident had occurred.

I looked at the wall clock. Though the time seemed a little early, as it was roughly only nine o’clock, I ought to quickly go and buy groceries now, while the young master was not around, if I was going to prepare lunch.

However, I could not leave these two people here. If it were only Curtis, then it would have been fine. Although there were numerous valuable objects in the young master’s home, with Curtis having been sent by Sadina and even being the candidate for the next family steward, I did not think that he would steal anything from the apartment.

The one that I could not trust was Gong Feng Xiang. She was a vampire, and vampires have always been dangerous.

Other than the presence of Gong Feng Xiang that prevented me from going out, another reason that made me want to stay was that I simply wanted to remain in front of the television. That was because in a few moments, they may broadcast news regarding Dark Sun, and I did not wish to miss any news concerning Dark Sun.

I pondered for a moment, and then called out, “Curtis.”

“Yes,” was his immediate reply.

I instructed in detail, “Could I please trouble you to go to the market two streets away to buy some groceries? Please buy two heads of cabbage, ten catties of top-quality Angus beef, and also some…”

I recited a long list of things to purchase, but I had no intention of writing it down on paper and passing it to Curtis. A good butler could not possibly request for their master to write down the things that they needed. Instead, they had to remember all the instructions given to them.

Though the fact that Sadina had suddenly thrown a butler over and that she still treated me as the true family successor was a little perplexing, helping to test whether Curtis was a qualified butler was not something difficult. Therefore, I believed that I had to do this at least.

After all, that year, I had thrown the entire family into her care.

After I finished reciting my instructions, Curtis gave a bow and replied, “Master, please wait for a moment. I will go and purchase these immediately.”

Then he turned around and left the room. Though his posture was still perfect, his footsteps seemed somewhat too anxious and hurried. However, I could not blame him for this, because for any human who had to share the room with two vampires, feeling a little nervous was unavoidable.

At this point, I glanced at the television, and after making sure that there was still no news of Dark Sun, I turned to the last visitor in the living room. I courteously said, “Miss Gong Feng Xiang…”

“Why so polite?” Gong Feng Xiang said with her sweet smile, “Young Master can just call me Feng Xiang.”

I smiled back at her and told her, “I do not know why Countess Avexila would suddenly miss me, but I do not need anyone to serve me. As you have seen, I myself am a butler who serves others.”

“Does a butler not usually have servants under him too?” Evidently, Gong Feng Xiang was already prepared for this. She continued, “I could be a kitchen maid, or a living room attendant.”

“How could I ask that of you? I believe that you, madam, must at least be a vampire of the eighth generation number?” I asked with the intention of probing. “Being a servant would simply humble the madam too much.”

“Sixth generation, actually,” Gong Feng Xiang answered back sweetly.

I felt a little shocked. Sixth generation… Within the clan, only Countess Avexila was a fifth generation vampire. That would mean that Gong Feng Xiang was someone upon whom she had personally bestowed her “First Kiss.” In other words, it was Countess Avexila who had personally bit and turned Gong Feng Xiang into a vampire. We usually call those vampires to whom we have given their First Kiss “childes.”

In comparison, those “childe” vampires call those who have given them their First Kiss “sires.” As for their own sire, vampires appear to have an inclination to obey them. Because of this inclination, the childe would always receive great trust from the sire.

However, this was only hearsay to me, and I was unable to understand it. That is because I am a pureborn vampire. No vampire had ever bestowed upon me my First Kiss, and Madam Avexila had no sort of control over me either.

Madam Avexila actually sent her own childe?

If I remembered correctly, the Countess only had two childes, one male and one female. Furthermore, they never left the Countess’s side easily. However, at the moment, Gong Feng Xiang actually said that she wants to serve me? She is going to be away from the Countess’s side for a long period of time?

I was even more at a loss as I asked, “What exactly does the Countess want to do? There is no one else here anymore. Why not tell me directly, instead of beating around the bush?”

Gong Feng Xiang shook her head, her expression sorrowful as she said, “Young Master, you are thinking too much. The Countess truly cares for you, and hopes for you to return to the clan.”

She hopes for me to return to the clan? How is this possible? She was the one who initially…

News report: Many unknown terrorists have appeared and are now attacking people along the streets, causing many injuries and deaths. The police are now pursuing them in full swing.

I immediately turned my head toward the television. I was just in time to see the “unknown terrorists” that the anchor mentioned. Not only were they “unknown,” they were simply unbelievable!

On the television, an unknown terrorist passed by in a flash. His body resembled that of a human, but was covered in blackish-brown fur. His height looked like it was over two meters, and both of his hands were like beast claws. Moreover, his head was clearly the head of a wolf… Other than the werewolf race among the non-humans, there was simply no other race that could fit these kinds of distinctive characteristics.

However, how could this be? Why would a werewolf appear in broad daylight, and moreover, in public in front of a large crowd?

At this time, Gong Feng Xiang too walked to the front of the television and said, “I heard that the gathering spot of the werewolves in Sunset City was destroyed, and many werewolves died. Even their leader was killed. The remaining werewolves are in a state of panic and confusion!”

Their leader would have been Cornell, right? As expected, X killed him.

It is just that he engaged in a face-off with the entire clan of werewolves in Sunset City, and actually did not even ask me to provide support… But it is fine this way!

I gave a sigh. Now that I was not a solitary vampire anymore, if I wanted to step away, I had to apply for leave from the young master first. However, if the young master knew that I was going to help X, he would definitely want to follow and help out. Even if the young master willingly followed me, how could I allow him to take part in a battle between non-humans?

Gong Feng Xiang seemed to think it was a huge pity as she said, “These werewolves are fleeing all over the place. If they were to be captured and killed, it would be a pity. If we could pull them into our clan, it would be a huge boost to our strength.”

I turned to face her and suggested, “You could take the chance now to solicit them, so as to prevent them from getting killed.”

Gong Feng Xiang gave a faint smile as she replied, “That would not do. The mission the Countess has given to me is to take good care of Young Master, not to solicit werewolves. Moreover, it seems that they are not few in number. Humans would not find it easy to capture and kill them. They would probably have to pay a huge price before they would be able to deal with this group of werewolves.”

That may not be the case.

The corners of my mouth rose faintly as I stated, “In the area near the clan’s residence, there are no heroes, right? However, heroes exist in Sunset City. They will definitely not let the werewolves’ rampage go unhindered.”

“Heroes?” Gong Feng Xiang murmured, seemingly a little puzzled.

The sound of a motorcycle’s engine came from the television. I looked at the screen, but still did not see any signs of Dark Sun. I quickly switched the television to the multi-screen mode, and then set every frame to a different news station. This way, I would be able to observe the current situation from various different angles.

It was also thanks to the reporters, who simply did not fear death in order to gather news! They were shooting from various places. Some images looked like they were shot from somewhere close behind the police; some looked like they were from a window of a high-rise building; some were shot on helicopters; some even looked like they were footage from surveillance cameras and not the news reporters’ cameras. It was truly unclear what kind of methods they used to be able to access the live feed from the surveillance cameras this quickly.

However, regardless of the means, the reporters’ hard work made the entire scene plainly visible.

There were no longer any pedestrians on the streets. All that was left was collapsed electric poles and the road filled with holes. The glass of the stores on both sides had all shattered, and the mannequins in the shop display windows were lying on the sidewalks. The expensive display clothes that they wore now looked like a bunch of rags.

Countless policemen raised their giant shields into a blockade. From the back, they strafed the place with various kinds of firearms. However, the werewolves were very vigilant. They wove in and out of the buildings, and made use of various covers to block the rain of bullets. Every time they appeared, it was to pounce toward the wall of police shields. There were several times when they almost broke through the blockade. It was all thanks to the police, who were shooting non-stop as well as doing their best to use their physical bodies to hold the shields, that they managed to force the werewolves back into the blockaded area once again.

However, due to the line of fire coming too close to their own people, many policemen were caught in the wave of bullets. They fell to the ground, injured, and then were dragged back from the blockade line in a hurry. They lay on the road like that for a while, until the paramedics confirmed that the werewolves were not going to try breaking through the front line again, and quickly moved forward to take the injured policemen away.

Although there was a large police force on the scene, as the number of policemen who were injured and carried off increased, the numbers behind the shields also decreased. Moreover, the policemen’s expressions were turning paler and paler as time passed.

Even I, who was in front of a screen, could tell that they were extremely afraid. They practically had expressions of despair, expecting to meet death at any moment.

At this point, other than gunshots and sirens of ambulances, the sudden sound of a motorcycle engine rang out, and it was getting closer. Regardless of whether they were reporters or policemen, all of them directed their camera lenses and lines of sight to the back.

Behind them, a heavy-duty motorcycle was approaching. It was extremely fast. Within a blink of an eye, it had already turned from a tiny dot to a size where one could clearly tell who was riding on it… It was Dark Sun with DSII.

On DSII, Dark Sun sped past the paramedics, the policemen lying on the ground, and then the policemen holding guns. Lastly, he even jumped straight over the policemen’s wall of shields on the motorcycle, dashing into the area within the blockade. Once he touched the ground, he made an emergency stop, halting right in the center of the street.

From their expressions, I could clearly see that many policemen felt relieved.

Dark Sun stepped off the motorcycle and quickly did a few actions: he pulled out the blade of the scythe, fitted two rods together to form a longer rod, and finally merged the blade and the rod into the giant Death Scythe. Then, carrying the Death Scythe, he stood squarely in his original position. He merely kept turning and lifting his head, as though he was trying to find any trace of the werewolves.

However, the werewolves took no action. Instead, they continued to hide within the buildings and refused to show themselves even after some time.

This was not really strange. That world-shaking battle between Dark Sun and X was probably well known even to non-humans. Even among the non-humans, there were probably few who would dare to claim that they could defeat Dark Sun.

In the sea of silence that continued, a loud shout suddenly came from within the group of policemen.

“Don’t move! Dark Sun, you are under arrest for suspicion of murder!”

Dark Sun turned his head. As he laid eyes on the guy, I saw him too… It was Yue Gang!

He stood a few steps in front of the wall of shields. He was wearing a full bulletproof suit and holding up his shield with one hand. In his other hand, he had a handgun raised, and the muzzle was aimed right at Dark Sun. Behind Yue Gang, an entire line of policemen looked as though they did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Even I could not help but laugh.

Yue Gang actually wants to arrest Dark Sun? Even if there were a hundred of him, he would still probably be unable to do so.

Because of the visor covering his face, it was impossible to see Dark Sun’s expression. However, Yue Gang’s expression was plainly visible. He seemed extremely nervous, and sweat dotted his face. Even when he spoke, he stuttered. “D-Dark Sun, last time you killed a man in public. There are video clips and a whole bunch of witnesses, and they are absolutely conclusive evidence of your crime. Therefore—Therefore that… Turn yourself in and you’ll receive a lighter sentence, resist and you’ll be punished severely!”

No matter what, this would not count as turning himself in, right? Generally speaking, turning oneself in is when the offender goes to the police station to admit to their crimes before they have been discovered. However, every single soul knew about the previous incident where Dark Sun had killed someone. Even if he were to discard his weapons and surrender now, it would not count as turning himself in.

Though Yue Gang had finished speaking, there was a lack of response from Dark Sun… If I were him, I probably would not know how to react either.

Yue Gang used his hand holding the gun to wave behind him, and shouted, “Everyone, quick, arrest him… Where did my handcuffs go? Anyone! Quickly pass me a pair of handcuffs!”

However, no reply came no matter how long he waited. He could only turn his head to check if anyone was responding to his words. He shouted, “What are you guys doing? Why aren’t you arresting him yet?!”

“You might be in a hurry to die, but I still want to live.” A policeman unhappily commented, “Why don’t you look for yourself. Once Dark Sun arrived, even the werewolves are so afraid that they don’t dare to come out! It’s best if we dare to go and arrest him! But think about it—we can’t even handle the werewolves.”

By the time he said that last line, the policeman’s tone seemed a little sarcastic. Even the other policemen nodded their heads with wry smiles. It seemed that none of them had any intention of moving forward to apprehend Dark Sun.

“He killed a man, so he is a criminal! As policemen, we should arrest him!” Yue Gang was so angry that he stamped his foot, and actually turned around with his back facing Dark Sun. Then, he started roaring at his own colleagues.

At this moment, a policeman suddenly gave a cry, “Yue Gang! Watch out…”

Yue Gang turned to look, only to see Dark Sun actually leaping in his direction with his Death Scythe raised. Forget about counterattacking, he was simply so scared that he collapsed onto the ground. The blade of the scythe scraped past his cheeks, and then a sound of impact came from the blade.

It was a werewolf’s claws that struck the blade of the scythe. If the scythe blade had not blocked the claws, the claws would probably have pierced a hole in Yue Gang’s body by now.

Then, Dark Sun jumped up, and with a side kick that landed viciously on the werewolf’s face, sent the werewolf flying into the ground. The werewolf shook his head violently, but was unable to get back up.

Following that, Dark Sun grabbed Yue Gang and threw him out of the area, making him crash right into the line of police. The impact even caused the policemen’s wall of shields to buckle. However, they reacted extremely swiftly and promptly hauled Yue Gang behind the wall of shields. Then, they neatly built up their wall of defense again.

While the policemen were doing that, Dark Sun had been surrounded. Around him were five werewolves, all of them with their claws raised. They eyed him with hostility, like the glare of tigers watching prey.

Though the werewolves had reappeared, due to the presence of Dark Sun, the police force did not continue as they had before, shooting the moment they saw the werewolves. Instead, they merely cautiously maintained the blockade and made sure that their firearms were accessible at all times.

Actually, this is preferable. That was what I suddenly thought.

The policemen could build blockades and not let the numerous werewolves scatter and hurt the civilians. Also, it would help prevent a situation where Dark Sun would be overwhelmed and unable to chase down so many werewolves.

The policemen confined the werewolves to an area, and then let Dark Sun go defeat the werewolves. Though they did not have the intention of cooperating with each other, the end result appeared like a seamless collaboration. Dark Sun did not need to go around the entire area hunting down the werewolves, and the police did not need to clash face-to-face with the werewolves and suffer severe casualties.

When my thoughts reached this point, on screen, Dark Sun made his move and started fighting the five werewolves. Although he was heavily outnumbered, he did not seem to be at a disadvantage in the slightest bit. The Death Scythe danced at lightning speed, and the werewolves could only try to find an opening to attack Dark Sun, as they did not have the courage to meet with the scythe head-on.

The current battle had turned into a dogfight. Though the werewolves were unable to defeat Dark Sun, it seemed that they did not wish to risk their lives, and only continued their strategy of dodging the scythe non-stop while trying to find an opportunity to attack Dark Sun. Therefore, Dark Sun was also unable to end the battle quickly.

This began to make me feel a little worried. I wonder how Dark Sun’s stamina is, and how long he can continue fighting? The stamina of the werewolf race is extremely good…

All of a sudden, a chain of wild gunfire rang out non-stop. One of the werewolves who was jumping in midair trying to pounce on Dark Sun was shot until he was as holey as honeycomb, and then fell onto the ground. However, the person firing still did not let him off, and continued shooting several bullets into his body. It was only until that werewolf was practically a lump of bloody meat that the bullets stopped.

Although that werewolf had already turned into a bloody mess, the gunfire did not cease. Instead, it continued at the other werewolves. Such heavy firing naturally would not only hit the werewolves—even Dark Sun was within the firing range.

He stopped bothering to attack the werewolves, and instead quickly turned around, using the blade of the scythe to block the majority of the bullets. At the same time, he promptly fled from the werewolves’ side. However, the shooter still refused to let him go. Even though he was not in the vicinity of the werewolves, there were still bullets flying his way…

I felt a burst of anger.

How could the policemen do this? Dark Sun is fighting for them, yet they do not care for his life and are firing at random. This method of firing is practically aiming to kill the werewolves together with Dark Sun!

“Who fired? Stop it quickly!” Yue Gang’s loud voice rang out, “Bastard! You hit Dark Sun! Who is so blind? Hurry up and stop it!”

Hearing that, a state of chaos and confusion spread in the police force. Everyone looked to their left and right, and then there was a clamor of voices.

“Who opened fire?”

“I didn’t!”

“My gun doesn’t have such large firepower!”

“Nobody opened fire…”

Yue Gang suddenly shouted, “Look at the other side!”

The policemen quieted down, and at the scene, only the sounds of gunfire continued to ring out. At this point, three shadows slowly appeared on the other side. All three figures appeared to be holding firearms in their hands, and they were all large guns. As they walked closer, their appearances also became more visible.

There were two men and a woman, and their manner of dressing was very unique. They were dressed in black priestly robes, including the woman. At the center of their black robes was a giant golden cross. What was extremely incongruous was that right in front of the cross were the giant guns that they held in their hands.

As they walked closer, their faces could be clearly seen. In the center was a young woman whose appearance looked delicate and pretty, but whose face was icy cold. She looked to be about twenty years old. To her left was a smiling man. He seemed to be pretty young, and could practically be considered an overgrown boy. The last person was a man who looked extremely ordinary. He seemed to be over forty years old, and there were no distinctive features about him. He practically looked like one of those middle-aged office workers that could be seen everywhere in the streets.

The three of them held large firearms and were continuously firing at the werewolves… They were firing at the werewolves and Dark Sun! This made me feel a little indignant and baffled. Why would they fire at Dark Sun? They are obviously…

“The Church!” At my side, I suddenly heard the hollow roar of a vampire.

I turned to look. In complete opposition to her previous smile, Gong Feng Xiang was currently narrowing her eyes dangerously and glaring at the Church members on the television. Even the canines at the edges of her mouth seemed to have extended.

However, her reaction was nothing strange. Vampires naturally do not like members of the Church, as the Church could be said to be the largest and only “law-enforcer” of the non-humans. Once a non-human has killed humans, as long as the Church finds out about it, they would become the target of pursuit by the Church. Moreover, among all of the non-humans, the Church particularly hates vampires. As soon as they meet a vampire, it is common for them to kill without question.

I have always felt suspicious of the reason for the Church’s particular hatred toward vampires. Does it have something to do with X? After all, they have been hunting X for over a thousand years. A small grudge probably could not have resulted in this kind of perseverance.

On the television, Yue Gang’s angry shout abruptly came, “Quick, stop! You’re hitting Dark Sun!”

My attention was once again focused back on the television screen. On the screen, the werewolves had no leisure to attack Dark Sun anymore, and all of them had scattered and fled in different directions, trying to avoid the heavy firepower.

Dark Sun, on the other hand, was making use of DSII and the Death Scythe to block the heavy firepower from those three people.

At this point, Yue Gang actually dashed out between the shields. He raised his shield and loudly cursed, “Are you guys deaf? Don’t shoot at Dark Sun anymore!”

Among the three, two of them completely ignored him. Only the man who was like an overgrown boy turned his head and asked with a smile, “Dark Sun? Which one is it?”

“Not ‘it!’ He’s human!” Yue Gang angrily shouted, “Don’t you see that there’s a human there?”

“Human?” The overgrown boy smiled as he said, “I don’t see any. I only see six non-humans.”

“Non what?” Yue Gang evidently did not quite understand his words.

The overgrown boy paid him no further attention and merely took out an unidentifiable object from his pocket, all the while looking laid-back. He then whistled and threw that thing toward Dark Sun and the werewolves… The spot that he threw it to is actually closest to Dark Sun!

Yue Gang managed to see that object clearly, and he yelled, “Hand grenade! Dark Sun!”

Dark Sun hesitated for a moment. At the same time, DSII who was blocking him actually rode off by itself. Then, Dark Sun jumped backwards and covered himself with the scythe.


After the explosion, three werewolves lay on the ground, unable to get up. The other two werewolves were so terrified that they promptly scurried off.

At this moment, Dark Sun once again drew his scythe to the side. His body was already a tragic sight, especially his four limbs where the scythe failed to cover. His clothing had practically become rags, and there were numerous scrapes and injuries on his arms and legs.

However, he ignored his wounds and instead spun around. He swung the Death Scythe powerfully, and the blade of the scythe left the rod. It circled and flew out, hitting one of the werewolves who was escaping. The werewolf was sent flying onto a wall by the blade, securely pinned to the building’s wall, with only his four limbs swaying about and about…

Once the limbs of the werewolf stopped moving, the blade started to move instead. It drew itself out from the werewolf’s body, and following that, flew back to Dark Sun’s location. With a “clang” sound, it hooked itself back onto the rod automatically, becoming a complete Death Scythe again.

Dark Sun turned to look toward the other escaping werewolf. Probably the werewolf had already gone too far for Dark Sun to be able to cut him down with his scythe, so he did not detach the blade of the scythe again. Instead, he turned to look at the three church members. He seemed to have no intention of finding out why they had attacked him, and instead turned to run after the escaping werewolf.

At this moment, the overgrown boy grinned broadly as he told the other two, “This non-human seems really strong! Do you want to call for back-up?”

The woman seemed in deep thought as she muttered, “I don’t know what race it is. There doesn’t seem to be any information on it in the files.”

Just then, Dark Sun stopped in his footsteps. He turned to face the three, and displayed a rare moment of verbalization. “I am human.”

“Human?” The overgrown boy burst into laughter and mocked, “Haven’t you looked in a mirror before, or is the mirror unable to reflect your image? Which part of you looks like a human?”

Dark Sun fell silent for a moment, and once again he affirmed, “I am human.”

However, the three church members clearly still did not believe him.

“Dark Sun is human of course. He is a hero!” At this point, it was instead Yue Gang who spoke up for him. However, once he finished speaking, he quickly turned to face Dark Sun and further clarified, “But even so, we still have to arrest you for murder!”

“So you have killed humans before.”

The look in the overgrown boy’s eyes changed. With a cold laugh, he said, “Non-humans who kill humans are, without exception, guilty!”

The moment he finished speaking, all three of them immediately raised their weapons, and they were all pointed at Dark Sun.

“Wait a moment!” Yue Gang exclaimed, “What are you guys doing? Don’t mess around. We want to arrest him and bring him to court, not kill him! There’s a high possibility that he will be judged as killing in self-defense and declared innocent!”

“That is if he is human.” The overgrown boy bluntly said, “Non-humans have no right to receive a trial! If they have killed a human, they should die!”

Suddenly at this moment, Dark Sun’s body trembled. Once again, he stated, “I am human.”

However, the answer the church members gave him was a series of gunshots.

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