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June Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C1: Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu
  2. Romance RPG V1C5: Part Five
  3. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C4: Chapter 4
  4. Dominion's End V1C4: I am Guan Weijun
  5. Romance RPG V1C6: Part Six
  6. No Hero V3C2: The Grief of Non-Humans and the Tears of Humans
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C9: “The Extinguished Light; the Spreading Darkness—Despair”

Our proofreader recruitment was very successful, and thanks to our new proofreaders, we’re able to release at least one chapter from each of our series this month. Enjoy the releases!

Don’t forget to visit our new forums! There is also a contest that is currently being held over there, with the deadline being July 7th. The theme is New Beginnings. We hope to see your entry. Come chat~.

Here are the results of May’s poll!

If you were lost in a forest, who would you want to be lost with out of the following?
(39.12%, 426 Votes)
Neo Sun
(25.99%, 283 Votes)
(34.89%, 380 Votes)
Total Voters: 1089

Prince won with 426 votes! Carol was winning in the beginning, and then Prince tied it, until finally, Prince pulled ahead and stayed ahead. Neo never stood a chance. After all, he is known for stealing clothes.

June’s poll is, “Who would you want as your father?”

39 Responses

  1. Miau Miau Yeen

    Wheee~~ 1 chapter from each novel. Thanks so much PR~~ much appreciated <3

  2. Yana King

    Oh, thank you! Thank you! It chipped my heart last month when Dominion’s End didn’t update! This is the best birthday present ever!

    The poll seems tricky…Xiao Lan would make me happy since I’ll get to eat her cooking every single day! Meatbun would be the cutest Papa on earth. Neo…well…he’s very handsome. But…my stamina is little better than Grisia so that probably isn’t a good idea…also, he’s such a troublesome person that it would make me feel as if I’m the parent.

    Please don’t let him see this. I would like to live. And my preferred method of death is old age…nice and relatively painless.

    Chasel would be a safe, responsible Daddy. And he’s handsome, too! <3 It feels like you can talk to him about anything. Bramble would be a nice, normal Dad. The kind that supports his family while being a calm, slightly strict Dad.

    I don't have much of an opinion on Charles' Father…though he must be a kind person for Charles to grow into the kind of person…vampire…okay, CITIZEN he is.

    Liola is super handsome as well…though he's clueless about child raising. He'd probably come off as a strict and cold Papa…

    I think…Liola would be the best. Strict and cold Papas are a little awkward to get along with but you just have to keep at them. You have to annoy them regularly and poke jokes at them even when they don't laugh -eventually they'll warm up! Of course, it won't be very warm…but a little smile and a small laugh from a cold and strict Papa is a very wonderful and precious thing. :) I like Liola best because he's exactly the same type as my Papa! Of course, my Papa isn't super handsome. He's only 'very handsome'. He probably could be called 'super handsome' back when he was younger but he's only a 'very handsome' geezer now…but that's okay! Even when he doesn't understand why his only daughter keeps on squealing about 2D characters who don't even move (we really need an LSK anime.), he still supports me.

    He even gave up on his football to let me surf the net on his phone! <3

  3. AkaiiRia

    O.O OMG ! Two Romance RPG chapters ! That makes me so happy ^ ^ !!!!!
    Thank you so much ! PR! is awesome as always :D

    Haha, seems like Chasel is the popular type of father. I voted for him too. I was tempted by Liola, but I think that if Kaiser had been among the choices I would definitely have voted for him! He would make quite the funny dad…

  4. asdf

    Ahaha, that poll’s way too easy. Who /wouldn’t/ want a gentlemanly, kind, understanding, handsome father like Chasel? xP

  5. 15B

    *runs off crying* I want Papa Avery to be my daddy!~ (I feel like he would be very upset to gain yet another child, though.)

    (But I started laughing at an alarming volume when I saw “Meatbun” as an option. What would I have turned out looking like if I was a meat bun/ phoenix combination? A baked char siew bun instead of a white fluffy one?)

    The three fathers I’m currently debating on are former Knight-Captain Chasel Judgment, Charles’s honorable father, and Bramble-shu.

    I think the criterion I’m using to judge these “fathers” is basically the same criterion I would use for a pet: how much trouble they could cause. Out of that list of seven, those three are the ones least likely to cause trouble. In fact, they probably would help me solve my problems!

    Ah… I’d have to pick Chasel as well. I wouldn’t be able to do nearly as good a job as Briar in taking care of her father, and wouldn’t be able to manage a household as well as Charles can. I would have to compete with Lesus’s standard, but I think it’s pretty clear that he’s unique enough that few could really follow his example!

    • kitsunespirit

      Haha, I was going to pick Liola, but reading your cpmment I remember his tendency to pick trouble.. Okay, Chasel it is!

    • 15B

      … At first they looked really creepy, but after I look a little more…
      Maybe it’s cute after all?

      But definitely not ideal pet material. They don’t have any feet (Even though they should have Phoenix Talons, since that’s actually a dim sum dish!) so they can’t really perch on anything. And if they directly sat down on my desk or furniture, the house would catch on fire!

      Was the type of meat Meatbun spits out ever mentioned? Or is it just mysterious meat bun meat?

    • [PR]raylight

      Hehe, when Luka first asked who should be on the poll, the first thing that came to mind was actually Papa Avery LOL. Not that he would be a good father. But for some reason he pops out.

    • [PR]lucathia

      I suppose he’s not too high maintenance. Just make sure you keep an eye out for your friends to make sure they don’t become experiment material. After all, he only needs to be fed instant noodles~~

  6. Jennifer

    I started laughing when I saw Meatbun on the poll. However, the sad thing is that Meatbun is currently beating Neo…

    For me, it was a hard decision between Liola and Chasel. In the end, the temptation of having Baolilong as a little brother made me choose Liola. Despite how much of an ice cube he is, Liola really cares about Baolilong and makes a pretty good papa. If Liola was my father, even if Neo came after me, I would be able to escape without a scratch. On the other hand, I may end up in another dimension if Liola got Purity to help…

  7. EclipseK

    Probably Chasel. I would like a father like him. You’re basically doomed if you’re dad is Neo Sun. Oh, but if I was a dragon, I think Liola would do, seeing as he’s the xxxx. I’ll never get hungry!

  8. MaplePanda

    At the rate the poll votings are going, it will no longer be a question of who will be first, but more of who will be last X’D I wonder if Neo ever stood a chance in this month’s poll too!

  9. EliSan

    A hard poll indeed. Chasel is a perfect dad but Bramble looks like a good dad as well. Though he might be to stuck at work. Charles father… it’s not like we know much about him, but from what I’ve read so far he seems to be so good to actually woo a vampire lady and bare a child XD
    I would have chosen all of them but since there must be only one “chosen one” I’ll go for Chasel

  10. Jasae Bushae

    A solid no to Neo. Ive read how he treats Grisla, I wouldn’t want to think how he would act as a father. Especially if I walked in while he was pooping.
    Bramble seems like a nice enough father, but I wouldn’t want him shooting at me every time a hot guy was rescuing me!
    Xiao Lan seems like she would be a great father, though her skill with a knife makes me a bit to terrified to actually choose her in case I made her angry. ^^;
    Charle’s father seems like a nice enough man, though everything I know about him is butlering and training his son in butlering, and since I don’t want to be a butler, that doesn’t sound appealing to me…
    Liola would be an interesting choice. Especially given spoilery things that happen in his story. But he keeps things so close to the vest that I doubt id ever know what in the world he was thinking.
    And then there is Meatbun…Who might turn out to be a good father, but I fear I may try to eat him. >_>
    And finally Chasel. Who I don’t think would work because all Judgment Knights are the mothers of the knights, meaning he just isn’t father material.

    I guess if I had to choose….I would pick Xiao Lan, the manliest of fathers!

  11. chay

    wow..someone’s winning via landslide votes.. but i would definitely standup for liola! he’s the best father to choose if i want to be spoiled.. then again all the trouble he attracts which actually doubles/triples whenever kaiser is present..(==”)

  12. someone

    I think that unless the poll question involved something about being good-looking or about swordsmanship, Neo would never stand a chance in any of them. XD

    • MaplePanda

      There should be a poll on who is the most OP character, or some “last man standing” kind of tournament xD (Screams “Give Neo a chance too~!”)

    • 15B

      =’D They tried an LSK VS HP tournament a few years ago, when those were their only two series being translated.

      It was pretty chaotic. Too many “what if” situations, especially when 1/2 Prince characters are involved. The nature of 1/2 Prince is that if you throw a rock at a character, the rock will somehow find a way to create a trajectory that defies all laws of typical matter. For example, if you threw a rock at Feng Lan, it would probably do its best to dodge her.

      I remember we had a discussion about this at one of Romance RPG’s chapter comments, and it really looked like Grisia or Liola would have the best chances if it was just a straight fight between Yu Wo’s characters.

    • MaplePanda

      That’s true… I think I remember some sort of discussion like that. (Nuuuuu, Neo! You really don’t stand a single chance at winning!!)

    • chi

      Between all of fer creations I think that the most overpowered is Gle (Kaiser great grandfather) who mastered magic and ki =o

    • asdf

      How about a drinking competition? But then again, even Neo had admitted that his student can drink more than him…

    • MaplePanda

      Not drinking competition either huh… (tries to think of Neo’s strengths) Haphazard teaching methods? … … (suddenly remembers a previous post) Stealing clothes? e.e he might actually win that? (Although that’s not good!!)

      O.O oh my, did Neo just overtake Meatbun?! (Cheers wildly) Although first seems like a distant dream for Neo, maybe second place isn’t impossible? X’D

    • dollyfishe

      haphazard teaching methods, Glee would win the match, and Neo will be next …
      stealing clothes … liola would win that, based on speed (not base on character hahahhaha)
      i think neo would win a “ignoring other opinion and do whatever he likes” competition (even the stubborn stone knight lose to it)

    • Luna

      He could also when in terms of what he can’t do like completely lacking self-supporting skills, poor letter detailing (when he had to write to Chasel about his activities), or being the worst navigator LOL. Maybe he can also win in scandalous love affairs (was either with a cradle robbing princess, or was cradle robbing the other princess, either of which would also be the sisters of his childhood friend and the daughters of his adoptive mom).

    • Luna

      Correction on my first comment, Neo was either romancing the fat king’s (at the time) 50ish sister or his 15 year old daughter.

    • 15B

      I’m pretty sure the 15 year old daughter was the princess who later married Elijah. So it’s more likely that Neo was the one being cradle-robbed… But then again, I wouldn’t have expected Neo’s tastes to swing that way… Of course, unless he was sleeping with the fat pig of a king’s sister to get information and some more political clout. Lanbi must have been jealous at the gossip Neo was hearing, then.

  13. Luna

    I went with Chasel, since common, the guy’s got a bucket load of good father material. He seems like a gentle dad and the kind who’d have a special soft spot for his kid. I mean look at how well he deals with/has taken care of Neo, who would far outdo most children in terms of troublesomeness (now that I think about it, I pity Neo’s teacher, or maybe he is the reason Neo is what he is…?). Speaking of Neo, perhaps I would consider him for a father just to have the connection to Grisia and some excuses to spend time with him hehehe. Meatbun…yea I do think there’s a risk of cannibalism in that family, too much delicious meat.

  14. Dilia

    To those living in Malaysia, good news! Yu Wo is coming to KLCC this July. Just found out yesterday.

    • Passing by

      Oh wow, do you have more info? I tried Googling but can’t really find the exact info. Is it the popular bookfest? And are entry tickets required? I really want to go…

    • [PR]raylight

      @Passing by
      Hi! I’m not too sure about all the details either, but I posted a pic of the banner in the Prince Revolution facebook group! Maybe it will help your search a little easier?

    • Passing By

      Thanks Raylight! Thanks for the info. I hope the bookfest will post a schedule soon so I know which day to go :| By any chance would you know if there would be a chance to get her autograph?

    • [PR]raylight

      @Passing By
      Sorry, I tried looking for the details but I can’t seem to find the details of the event anywhere @[email protected]
      So I’m not sure whether there will be an autograph session.

      I promise that I’ll inform people by facebook and here also if I find anything in the future, but you should probably try and look for the info in a little later. (Seems like they haven’t published any news yet)

    • [PR]raylight

      @Passing By
      I still haven’t found much info, but someone on facebook kindly informed me that she is going on 13th July (She replied on her plurk)

      Hopefully that helps.

    • [PR]raylight

      @Passing By

      Hi! The details are out! You can check the facebook page for more details, but here it is in short:

      Kulala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC), Hall 1, Main Stage
      Date: 13th July 2015
      12.00pm – 12.45 pm – Autograph session.
      7.00 pm – 9.00 pm – Talk + Autograph session

    • Passing By

      (Can’t reply to your reply, so replying to this reply instead lol)
      Thank you so much for the details! I actually tried looking at schedule that the bookfest released and was quite shocked and terrified that I couldn’t find her name on the list – or maybe I just didn’t look closely enough. So really have to thank you for helping to translate her blog post and finding the exact timings. I’ve already decided on my travel plans to KL for that day :D – quite a long ride from sg. I’m so excited!

  15. EclipseK

    Oh god I just finished rereading the translated chapters of No Hero, Eclipse Hunter, and Dominions End for the billionth time (I love pdfs and epubs! Read on the go everywhere, even five minute before my final exams! *cries*). When you read something by Yu Wo, you end up on a mental rollercoaster. What’s Shuyu’s power? Why doesn’t Eclipse Hunter have an after story? Why the hell is the church still alive when Devon should have murdered them last month? Why don’t I just go of into my little corner and think while I reread LSK and lament over why Japtem doesn’t have the epub for the last volume of KNM.

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