Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C4: Chapter 4

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4—translated by Doza

Everyone was almost done snatching up the food. Just then, the housewife swallowed the last wonton in chili sauce and contentedly set down her chopsticks. The housewife slowly turned to Liola and said, “You! You didn’t eat anything! Do you have a complaint with the food I cooked?”

Liola froze, and then replied honestly, “I didn’t want to fight with anyone over the food.”

The moment the housewife heard that, she gave Cold Fox a glare. Then she said, “Okay, I’ll consider it Cold Fox’s fault. Oh right, I’m called Feng Lan. What are your names?”




Baolilong loudly proclaimed its name. Feng Lan chuckled, saying at the same time, “I know you’re called Baolilong. In the future, don’t eat my Meatbun. It’s made out of metal. You will get indigestion if you eat it.”

After hearing that, Baolilong pouted and muttered, “Baolilong has eaten such a white-white thing before. It’s very good.”

Feng Lan tilted her head and smiled foolishly. “About that… My Meatbun is a bit different.”

“You mean it’s very different! Since when do meat buns have eyes? It scared me to death!” Kaiser clicked his tongue and said, “If you want to make a maxun with artificial intelligence, don’t make it in the form of a meat bun! It doesn’t have hands or legs. It’s not useful in the slightest!”

“Don’t speak that way about my Meatbun. Even though it truly is useless, since it only knows how to cry all day long, and when it’s bored, it likes to hit the pillars of the house… Oh my. Why does it sound like it really is useless?” After she finished speaking, Feng Lan herself started to worry about whether Meatbun had any merits.

“That’s not important.” Zhuo Lin Bin coldly looked at the uninvited guests before him and asked, “Who are you? Why did you suddenly appear here?”

Kaiser could not help but feel moved. Someone finally remembered this most important and basic problem! Kaiser hurriedly explained the sequence of events clearly. All those present and listening were stunned. However, not one of them challenged what he had said. Feng Lan, who was clearly the leader of the group, finished listening and said in a perfectly contented manner, “I just knew that a day would come where I would meet aliens!”

“What is an alien?” Liola turned to ask Kaiser.

Shoot! Why does it seem like the explanation I gave just now was for nothing? No matter how you put it, we come from even farther away than aliens, right? Kaiser replied to Liola in an annoyed tone, “It’s you!”

“That’s wrong!” Zhuo Lin Bin and Min Gui Wen shouted at the same time.

Everyone turned to look at them, and all of their eyes held the question of “which part of it is wrong?”

Zhuo Lin Bin and Min Gui Wen exchanged glances. Min Gui Wen muttered, “Language, you speak the same language as us!”

Kaiser also suddenly remembered. That’s right! At the start, when Liola had come to his world, there had been a language barrier. He had used a maxun to install the language in him. Why was there no problem with language when they came to this world?

Feng Lan scratched her face. “It doesn’t look like they are lying to us. Is it possible that our languages are coincidentally the same?”

Min Gui Wen frowned and rapidly calculated the odds that the language of two different worlds could be coincidentally the same… It was definitely close to zero.

Kaiser suddenly had a flash of inspiration. He stared fixatedly at Feng Lan, and his mouth kept muttering, “Feng Lan? The God of War Feng Lan? It’s probably impossible…”

“What? God of War?” Feng Lan sat up straighter, full of curiosity.

After thinking for a while, and then sizing Feng Lan from head to toe, Kaiser heaved a sigh of relief and said offhandedly, “It’s nothing. I suddenly remembered that in our universe, there is a legend. And in that legend, there is a God of War called Feng Lan. However, it can’t be you. There’s too much of a difference…”

“God of War, that sounds very powerful.” Feng Lan entered her fantasy about the good looks of the legendary God of War.

“A legend?” As usual, Liola raised a question.

“That’s right, in the legends, the God of War Feng Lan wielded a five foot dao, and the body of the dao was black.”

A black-colored dao… Everyone frowned slightly.

“Hair as white as snow, eyes as red as blood…”

White hair and red eyes… Everyone stared blankly at a certain someone.

“Feng Lan had a snow-white sacred beast, and the sacred beast could spit out holy light to purify the enemies. Also, once it performed its ultimate technique, not a single soul could escape it for thousands of kilometers around it.”

Snow-white… Everyone looked at Meatbun, and yup, it was very white. Spitting out holy light to purify enemies was not possible, but spitting out uncooked meat to pollute them was. Once it performed its ultimate technique, not a single soul could escape it for thousands of kilometers… Once it used Fermentation, all those within several thousand meters of it would get crushed. Did that count?

“Is there only one god?” Liola, who had never touched on the topic of gods before, asked studiously.

“Of course not. There’s also the God of Arts, who holds a guqin in his hands, the Magic Goddess who has a soft and smiling face, the God of Priests who is big and gentle, and the Dark God who is petite but possesses monstrous strength.”

Why does this team sound so familiar…?

“Oh that’s right, there’s also the most powerful God of Creation. In the legends, the God of Creation has red wings, red hair, and gray eyes. According to the rumors among the people, there’s also a magic mark underneath his left eye,” Kaiser explained excitedly. Even though he did not believe in gods, it was very interesting to treat them as stories and listen to them.

“Are you talking about me?”

The originally stunned audience looked toward the source of the voice. Isn’t the God of Creation that Kaiser spoke of standing right there on the second story, looking down? However, everyone also clearly knew that it was a virtual image of the Dictator of Life, something that they could not be more familiar with. The Dictator of Life merely frowned slightly and took careful measure of Liola and company. The Dictator of Life had heard every single one of Kaiser’s words, and at the same time, according to Kaiser’s heart beat and brainwaves, had determined that Kaiser was not lying. What… is going on?

“The Dragon Cross Necklace!?”

The assassin, who had been quiet all this while, suddenly shouted furiously. At this moment, Kaiser also realized that the Dictator of Life was holding a cross-shaped necklace with dragon wings in the middle of it in his hands.

In a daze, Kaiser said, “What the devil…? No, more like, oh my god! What’s going on?!”

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