Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C3: Chapter 3

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3 – translated by Doza

At this moment, a cry of alarm was heard. “My god, Baolilong, spit him out quickly. You can’t eat Meatbun! My god, Fire Phoenix, you stop too. Stop breathing fire! Ah, Wife, save me!”

After that, they heard a lot of banging and clanging sounds. Baolilong ran around crying, a white, fat, and round steamed bun in its mouth. Right behind it was a bird that looked like the phoenix of legends, and the phoenix was currently angrily spitting flames all over the place. After several of the flame jets had scorched Baolilong’s little buttocks, Baolilong grabbed the meat bun from its mouth, and its two bulging cheeks showed that Baolilong was truly angry. A dragon roar that made the heavens tremble came from Baolilong’s mouth and simultaneously, a fist-sized lightning ball appeared in front of Baolilong.

Even though Fire Phoenix knew that the lightning ball before its eyes was very dangerous, when it saw Meatbun in Baolilong’s hands, Fire Phoenix did not care and immediately activated its greatest power. It was going to use Blaze against the lightning ball to settle the victor!

At this scene, everyone’s face paled. However, since they could not stop them in time, they could only find their own individual places to hide for their lives. Zhuo Lin Bin hugged Xiao Xiao Lan, and after kicking over the sofa with one leg, the two of them hid in the space underneath. Cold Fox leaped over to the red-haired servant and stood behind him, his posture indicating that he probably intended to use the red-haired servant as his shield. Min Gui Wen, who had followed them out, was pulled back inside by the housewife, and then the housewife ruthlessly slammed the door shut. Everyone’s reaction was incomparably swift, as if they were very used to this sort of a scene.

On the other hand, Liola and Kaiser were at a loss of what to do, and once more they began to miss Meinan… Luckily Liola could still jump up to the second floor with some effort, even though he had lost his Ki. He grabbed hold of Kaiser and half-flew up to the second floor. The two of them quickly threw themselves onto the floor just before the explosion occurred. When the lightning ball and the giant fire pillar crashed into each other, electricity was discharged everywhere. Sparks of fire lit up all around them and the ground trembled incessantly.

After a long while, the electricity and the flames finally died down, and only Baolilong’s wailing could be heard. “It hurts! Papaaaaa!”

Liola frowned and jumped down from the second story. He saw that Baolilong’s clothes were in shreds and its hair was burnt. Since it could still cry so loudly though, it should be alright. Liola lifted Baolilong into his arms, and Baolilong also did its best to burrow into its papa’s embrace. However, it still refused to release that bun from its hands.

Only now did Liola realize that even with such a huge explosion, this house had not taken much damage. Of course, several objects had been burned, but the walls and floor of the house were all unscathed. Even the table and chairs had only been flipped over.

“What the heck is going on?! Creating an explosion the first thing in the morning—I still haven’t slept enough!” A languid voice came from the second floor. Upon looking up, Liola saw a boy with disheveled hair and a lazy expression sprawling on the railings as he complained.

At this time, the housewife also pushed open the door and replied irritably, “It’s not early anymore! I’m already preparing lunch. Long Ming, go wake your parents and tell them to come and eat lunch.”

Feng Long Ming paid no heed to the housewife, and instead his gaze landed on the few strangers. “Why are there three more people? Where did they come from?”

Someone is finally considering this problem… Kaiser and Liola thought gratefully.

“Enough chit-chat, eat first before talking!” With one hand holding the kitchen knife and the other hand holding a frying spatula, the housewife gave off an imposing aura as she commanded them. Then, she turned in Liola’s direction. “Baolilong, this meat bun is not for eating. Can you return it to Fire Phoenix? In just a bit, Jiějie will cook a lot of meat for you to eat.”

Baolilong pouted and looked extremely reluctant. “Papa only said that I cannot eat people. He didn’t say that I cannot eat meat buns. Baolilong has eaten many meat buns before.”

“You’re not allowed to eat my Meatbun!” The moment it heard Baolilong mention Meatbun, Fire Phoenix, who had been lying on the ground in a wretched state, immediately ignited its flames and flew up.

Kaiser scratched his head and snatched the meat bun from Baolilong’s hands, mumbling, “It’s only a bun. Why do so much for a meat bun? It’s as if your life depends on it! Don’t tell me meat buns are very expensive in this world?”

“Don’t eat Meat-bunbun!”

Two large, bright blue eyes appeared on the meat bun in Kaiser’s hand, and there were even two streaks of tears flowing from them. When one added in the teeth marks from Baolilong’s bite on its white and chubby cheeks, the meat bun could be said to be extremely pitiful-looking.

“Ahhhhhhh, the ghost of a meat bun!”

Kaiser quickly tossed the meat bun away. It was neatly caught by the housewife, who then offhandedly threw it to Fire Phoenix. Looking furious, the housewife roared at everyone in the living room, “Clean this place up, lay out the bowls and chopsticks, and then sit down quietly to wait for the food. Otherwise, none of you will get anything to eat!”

The moment the command was given, everyone instantly and meekly went to set up the table, lay out the bowls and chopsticks, and sweep the floor. Finally, the room was returned to its original state. Everyone also sat down at their places obediently, and even Liola and Kaiser sat down unconsciously to wait for lunch.

A short while later, Min Gui Wen smiled as he came out from the kitchen, serving dish after dish, making their fingers twitch with anticipation. However, everyone only looked at the dishes and swallowed their saliva; not a single person dared to take action. Even Cold Fox, who had the title of this world’s number one assassin, only stared blankly at the dishes. Liola too could only hug Baolilong tightly, in case Baolilong climbed up onto the table and ate all the food.

Eventually, the housewife walked out, carrying the final dish, which was a bowl of soup. After setting the soup on the table, the housewife sat at the head of the table, with Min Gui Wen sitting on her right and Xiao Xiao Lan sitting on her left. The housewife put her hands together and said, “All right, let’s say grace!”

Everyone copied the housewife and put their palms together. Then, they uttered in unison, “May the Dictator of Life bless us.”

After they finished speaking, everyone got the action started. That’s right: the action involved fighting over the food. Xiao Xiao Lan was the first to move, and the chopsticks in her hand unhesitatingly stabbed toward the roasted chicken on the table.

“Hmph! That piece of chicken is mine!” Long Ming did not take it lying down, and the chopsticks in his hands danced swiftly with Xiao Xiao Lan’s until one could only see flashes of light. No one could touch the roasted chicken on the table.

As Xiao Xiao Lan and Long Ming fought over the chicken, Zhuo Ling Bin and Min Gui Wen had chosen the same silk thread roll. There was clearly a lot still left in the dish, but the two of them stubbornly fought over the same one. Even Cold Fox’s eyes shone as he stared closely at Liola. Kenshin did not need to eat, and no one at the table could snatch anything from him. This made Cold Fox feel extremely bored. Now that someone had appeared who also had the title of number one assassin, how could Cold Fox be willing to let go of this opportunity? However, Liola did not move a muscle.

With no one paying attention to Kaiser and no one having the heart to fight with an adorable child, Baolilong and Kaiser ate very happily and kept shouting that it was too delicious, and that they had never eaten such tasty food before. These words obviously made the housewife so happy that she beamed with joy.

However, Liola was frowning as he thought privately. Even the assassin organization would forget their training when it came to mealtimes. But surprisingly, these people before him were all agile and quick, and at the same time had taken his and Kaiser’s arrival in stride. Just who… were these people?

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  1. Xuan

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      I feel like more interaction between the top two assassins would be very uninteresting! With Liola’s personality, he probably wouldn’t respond to anything Cold Fox tries to do to him. Cold Fox would be more likely to get a cool stare than a battle…

    • [PR]raylight

      Maybe Long Ming learnt from Kenshin. And also, I guess when there’s a bunch of irresponsible people, someone has to stand up and take charge….

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      O.O oh ya, I forgot to take inti account Liola’s and Cold Fox’s personalities!!! It would be very cold indeed!! :D

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