Romance RPG V1C7: Part Seven

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Seven—translated by Doza

Strange, why isn’t he moving anymore? Did he actually get angry? Miss A Hundred Points, who was also Meng, suddenly felt that the sword in her hand was no longer moving. She couldn’t help but frown as she pondered over it.

Feeling embarrassed, Meng lifted the sword out of the river. She was only a bit angry that the sword had come online, but hadn’t told her. Also, she was feeling a little self-conscious. Her worries had been overheard by a guy… sword, so she had pushed the sword into the water, merely thinking of reducing her discomfort.

“Sigh! Why am I getting embarrassed by a sword? I’m such an idiot.”

Meng sighed as she glanced at the sword. However, the sword’s pair of eyes that grew beneath the hilt was closed tightly, and his pair of lips even further down appeared purple. Meng started panicking and yelled desperately, “Sword? Sword, what’s wrong with you? Don’t joke around anymore. If you dare to scare me on purpose, you’re doomed.”

Meng shook the sword left and right. However, the sword didn’t open his eyes. On the contrary, a lot of foam seeped out of his mouth. Meng had a flash of realization and thought, Don’t tell me he was drowning?

Drowning, drowning. Meng frantically placed the sword on the ground and tried hard to recall the treatment for drowning, which she had previously been taught in a military course from either middle school or high school, she wasn’t sure which one. First, open his mouth. Meng looked at the pair of lips on the sword. When she reached out to pull them apart, she was even a little self-conscious. In any case, the one in front of her was still a guy… sword.

However, the lips really were soft. Meng couldn’t help but blush… Goodness! What was she thinking? Meng slapped her cheeks hard, and then looked at the sword. There was a lot of water flowing out from the corner of the latter’s mouth.

Meng tried hard to remember that distant military course. It seemed like the next thing to do was to lightly press on the stomach and allow the water accumulated inside to flow out. As she supported the sword, she stretched out her hand to press on his stomach… Wait a minute!

There isn’t any stomach! As she looked at the sharp and hard sword blade, Meng wanted to cry but no tears came out. Is there any use in pressing this?

“Ah! I don’t care anymore.”

Meng promptly picked up the sword and turned it upside-down. Then she shook it forcefully, as if she was shaking pearl milk tea. Sure enough, a stream of water gushed forth ceaselessly from the sword’s mouth, and at the end, there was even a faint sour odor. Whether or not he had even vomited out his gastric juices, she didn’t know.

After shaking for a while, Meng stopped as she panted. She placed the sword on the ground and observed him. His eyes were still closed tightly, and Meng started worrying. She murmured in her heart, Next is to measure his breathing, and measure his heart rate, but… there isn’t a nose, nor a heart and certainly not a pulse, then… I’ll leave out this step.

Next is, artificial respiration… Flustered, Meng lowered her body. Just when she was about to perform artificial respiration, she remembered that artificial respiration was mouth-to-mouth. Her lips paused a few centimeters above the sword. She hesitated, but when she looked down and saw the sword’s tightly shut eyes, Meng didn’t hesitate anymore and inhaled deeply. Then, she bent her head and glued her lips onto the sword’s lips, slowly passing air into his mouth.

Over and over again, Meng inhaled air into her lungs, then blew this life-saving air into the sword’s mouth. At this moment, the two of them seemed to be sharing life.

Consciousness gradually returned to Lin Jian Yin’s mind. The first thing he felt was a soft touch on his lips. His eyelids fluttered, and when he opened his eyes, he just happened to see Meng with her eyes closed as she passed the air in her mouth to him. Meng’s long eyelashes were right in front of him, and when her eyelids occasionally quivered, they would even brush against Lin Jian Yin’s eyelashes.

Logically speaking, he should make a sound to tell her that she did not need to continue. He had already regained consciousness. However, Lin Jian Yin was dumbstruck as he looked at Meng’s long eyelashes, and even unthinkingly blinked so as to let both their eyelashes touch.

After she finished blowing, Meng left Lin Jian Yin’s lips again. However, the latter was a bit unused to his lips becoming cold. She inhaled a few breaths of air again, and just when she was about to lower her head and blow, her slightly opened eyes swept across a pair of large eyes on the sword.

Meng’s lips paused a few centimeters above Lin Jian Yin’s lips. Her eyes stared frozen at Lin Jian Yin.

This awkward atmosphere continued for a while, until Lin Jian Yin reluctantly broke the impasse. “This– I just woke up… It’s true!”

Meng slowly spat out, “Go to hell!”


A sword glowing with a white radiance streaked across the horizon.

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  1. adrimiz7

    well, from one problem to another. I wonder if the slap hurt meng more than him.

  2. dinoj

    @adrimiz7 hahaahaha yeah Meng threw him XD

    Thanks for the update PR!

  3. Vyrka

    Am I really cruel?? I really enjoyed when Meng was doing cruel things to The World’s Number One Bastard XD They’re so funny! I look forward to see how their relationship evolves :3

    • Luna

      When I read your comment I couldn’t help but think poor Grisia someone stole your bastard title LOL.

    • Luna

      Not that I think of him that way but he has been called that or something like that by a number of characters :P

    • Fate

      Well actually… didn’t yu wo wrote this first b4 LSK? So isn’t it technically Grisia who stole it?

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