Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C8: Chapter 8

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Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 8—translated by Doza

As expected, calling Baolilong in this place did not work. Liola helplessly climbed on board the clam. Even though he initially felt rather anxious, after a while, he found that there was actually no need for this worry. That was because… Right at the start, he was tossed up into the ceiling, and after he fell back down, he was completely knocked out.

Only when XiMen Feng shook him awake did Liola reopen his eyes. But with this one look, he felt that everything in front of his eyes was spinning. XiMen Feng looked as if he knew the art of cloning; one person had become several people. Liola painfully groaned, “I feel really dizzy.”

“That’s normal. It’s a miracle that you didn’t die.”

XiMen Feng chuckled evilly. He already knew that after riding in An Rui, there was practically no one who could walk out normally. Of course at these times, it was an excellent opportunity to take advantage of them, and it could even be done openly and look honorable. He lifted Liola onto his shoulder, and then stepped out of the clam with a swagger. He was just short of gleefully singing aloud.

“Do you see that tower? That’s where the Dictator lives… Eh? It looks like there are others here already.” A strange expression appeared on XiMen Feng’s face. He squinted and scrutinized those figures. Could it be Prince’s group? There also seems to be some new faces.

XiMen Feng was full of suspicions and bursting with questions. He walked toward the people leisurely drinking afternoon tea in front of the tower. As he approached, he shouted, “The heck? You didn’t look for yer daddy to drink tea with. That’s too inconsiderate.”

The Dictator, who had a head of red hair and a magical mark under his left eye, calmly got up and smiled as he welcomed the new guests.

“Hold on a minute!” XiMen Feng acted as if a major threat had appeared. He counted the people present: Prince, Xiao Xiao Lan, Gui, Feng Wu Qing, Wicked, Lolidragon, Ugly Wolf, Yu Lian-săozi… My God! They’re actually all present. Th-This must be a conspiracy. Maybe they are plotting on how to destroy the world?

“What are you ladies—that’s right, you ‘ladies’– planning on doing by gathering here?” XiMen Feng stood still in a spot several tens of meters away from them, and did not dare to take another step closer. He even wondered if perhaps these tens of meters weren’t far enough to be safe.

“Could it be that you’re planning… to save the world or something like that?” XiMen Feng narrowed his eyes dangerously. However, everyone’s gaze did not seem to be directed at him. He felt a bit puzzled and followed everyone’s line of sight. Finally, his gaze landed on his shoulder… No, it should be on that woman on his shoulder.


He promptly discarded that woman. Who knew if she was some sort of ultimate human biological weapon?

“Save the world?” The handsome elf with white hair and red eyes, Prince, immediately stood up. With a bearing that said “who else can solve the problems of this world but me,” Prince said, “A catastrophe is going to befall the world again? XiMen Feng, explain it more clearly. Otherwise, how am I supposed to go save the world?”

“How would yer daddy know if the world is in danger?” XiMen Feng said unhappily, “Every single time we’ve run into some strange event and you ladies gathered in one place, when did it not end up with a declaration of the end of the world? And it always results in you getting us men to go resolve a whole mess of nonsensical matters.”

Prince frowned, “Since when? Every time I go out to put a stop to the end of the world, don’t I always tell the men to stay at home and watch over the kids?”

“Those are the nonsensical matters!” XiMen Feng looked as though he was about to go berserk. “The last time, you called me and told me to bring dog food to your house and feed the dog!”

“It’s only feeding the dog. Do you have to be so upset?” Prince wore an innocent expression.

XiMeng Feng angrily shouted a response, “Bullshit! Do you know that there is a huge ocean between your house and yer daddy’s?”

“It couldn’t be helped. Everyone I knew was busy saving the world at that time. They didn’t even have time to feed the doggie. I couldn’t very well let the doggie starve to death, could I?” Prince put on an expression of being wronged.

“You!” XiMen Feng was so mad that he could not say another word. What’s more, Prince obstinately maintained an air of fake innocence, making XiMen Feng so furious that he nearly had apoplexy.

Liola, who had just been thrown onto the ground, was finally able to crawl to his feet. He forcefully shook his spinning head, and then raised it. With one glance, he saw that familiar red-haired man. He was the one who had the Dragon Cross Necklace in his possession. Without caring that he was still unsteady on his feet, Liola used all of his strength to dash forward. In the end, it took all of his willpower to run up to the red-haired man. Once he arrived in front of him, it only took a moment’s relaxation for his legs to turn to jelly. Luckily, the person facing him reached out and supported him in time.

This body is really weak… Liola panted as he asked, “Where’s my Dragon Cross Necklace?”

Before the Dictator of Life could reply, he heard two other voices first.

“Liola?” An extremely bewildered voice rang out.


Liola turned his head around to look. Those two people… Or at least, one of them was human. Moreover, he could vaguely recognize Kaiser’s facial features. It was just that his height seemed to have increased by around twenty centimeters and his original baby face had now become handsomer and sharper. He looked a lot more mature. Also, the two pectoral muscles on his chest had become rather inflated.

Liola frowned. The expression on his face revealed the indescribably strange feeling he was having. He stared at Kaiser.

“What are you looking at? Can’t I make myself look a bit more manly?” Kaiser’s face turned red. He retorted, “You should look at yourself instead. I was completely unaware that you had an interest in cross-dressing. Looking so cute, I nearly didn’t recognize you.”

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