Update: June 2017

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June Chapters
  1. GOD V1C7: The Sword of Sacred White
  2. No Hero V5C6: Sincere Request; Willful Demand
  3. Dominion’s End V3C2: The Sudden Attack
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C2: Confused; Confined by Part 2—The Ancient Pathway
  5. ½ Prince Tenth Anniversary Side Story: Part Two (End)

Here are our June chapters~

We’ve changed webhosts last month and are pleased to say that the website should be loading a lot more smoothly now. We’ve also updated our site theme. The site should look much better on mobile now than before! If you come across anything strange, let us know so we can make adjustments.

The April Fool’s contest is ending on June 10th! You have a few more days left. We look forward to seeing all the pranks you can think of. The submissions so far are all hilarious. Go and take a look~

Last month, Grisia Sun & Prince pulled ahead in the end, winning the poll with 151 votes while Ah Ye & Ecilan Ice ended with 150 votes. What a close result! This month’s poll, brought to us by Falcon Knee, is about doors. We’re taking poll ideas over here!

10 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    happy dancing !!! DE is not the last ^o^
    and by the way, is it really ended ? HP 10th anniversary ? oh well, and i thought it will be a longer story to enjoy. me missed prince and the gang more now *sob*
    and what’s more ? just kick the door open. knocking will be too polite, and you wont find “anything” behind the closed door ! (hahahaha)

    • [PR]lucathia

      What if the last three chapters are all posted on the last day?

      Yeah, the 1/2 Prince 10th Anniversary story is just a short story. More like a oneshot. :3

    • dollyfishe

      wagh … dont jinx it ! it’s not like i didnt think of that possibility, but at least my wish comes true. it’s another matter if you release all three on last day (hehehehe)
      and by the way, i cant comment using phone ? it said comment disable for spam possibility ? (or something like that). me using pc now.

    • dollyfishe

      i did tried to reply yesterday, but i got that cookies and java script error again. so i send a message on fb page, no one reply but i did see the change hehehe so thanx for the fix. i havent checked my phone yet, so i didnt know if there’s anything strange, but i guess this should work :D

  2. Seikyo

    Yaay DE isn’t last !
    .. I think Ï’ll knock in case the 37th Sun knight is doing his business behïnd the door

  3. asdf

    Where is the “open the door like a normal person” option? Or do we all just come across as /that/ insane XD

    • Falcon Knee

      Actually… It hadn’t even occurred to me to put that as an option. Sorry. Just make do with the rocket launcher, then.

    • seikyo

      Don’t. Grisia did and he had to train “how to fall of the stairs gracefully” for a month because of that

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