No Hero V5C6: Sincere Request; Willful Demand

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No Hero Volume 5: Fallen Angel

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我(Yu Wo)

The Angel Falls Chapter Six: Sincere Request; Willful Demand—translated by XianBang (proofread by Arcedemius & Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Gē, there’s a pretty girl outside looking for you!”

A pretty girl? Could it be Melody… no, Luo Lun would recognize Melody.

“Ji Luo Chu, you went with Ah Ye to the nightclub, right? You’d better tell me exactly what happened that day, not a single word less, unless you want to be fed to the fishes!”

Turns out it’s Ah Ye’s mistress. Fed to the fishes… you’re not going to open your mouth and eat me, right? Isn’t a merperson still a fish?

“Poseidynne-jiě, don’t be like this!” Briar was grasping at Poseidynne’s hand with all her might to the side.

“TELL. ME. Word. For. Word!”

Word for word? Wouldn’t it be enough to mention only the things relevant to Ah Ye? Ah Ye, take your mistress back to your family’s fish tank! I’m busy with work, and I need to be a hero. I don’t have time to raise fish!


Luo Lun screamed, “Gē! All of the faucets and pipes in our house have exploded!”

…That day, Ah Ye suddenly wanted to go to a nightclub, so we went to a nightclub called Seaside… Oh, right! That shop’s owner seemed to know you.

Poseidynne furiously shouted, “You’re lying! How could Ah Ye want to go to a nightclub?”

He just wanted to go that day! He didn’t do much there. He just danced with Melody, then sang “Vampire.”

“You’re lying! What about that female drummer?”

What female drummer…

“Gē! The bathtub exploded too!”

My god, Ah Ye, take your family’s fish back, now!

The young master was wearing only a pair of shorts while lying on the pure white surgery table. Mr. An Te Qi was setting up many tools while I was standing to one side. I saw a dazzling line of surgical instruments, even a small electric saw and a notebook computer. Although I wanted to help, I really did not know where to start, and could only quietly stand there. Only when I saw Mr. An Te Qi about to start did I hurriedly ask, “Shall I leave?”

Would Dark Sun’s body structure be considered a trade secret?

“Leave?” Mr. An Te Qi stared at me, as if he had heard something inconceivable. “If you leave, then who will I be teaching?”

“Teaching?” I asked in confusion, “Teaching who?”

“Teaching you, of course!” An Te Qi said naturally, “Otherwise, if I croak in the future, who will help Ah Ye maintain his body? Although Ah Ye can take care of most of his own needs, if he’s hurt seriously and both his hands are crippled, he can’t use his feet to go under the knife now, can he?”

Surgery? Shocked, I said, “I have never studied any material on medicine. The most I know is basic healthcare.”

“Hey!” Mr. An Te Qi impatiently waved his hand, saying, “So what if you’ve studied it or not? Do you think Ah Ye’s body can be understood by someone who has read a few years’ worth of medical texts?”

Would it not be even worse not reading a few years’ worth of medical books?

“The important part isn’t reading books, it’s that you will stay by Ah Ye’s side forever, right?”

Hearing this, Ah Ye lifted his body from the table and watched me.

I nodded, saying, “Of course.”

Mr. An Te Qi simply handed down his decision. “Then, it’s completely unimportant whether you’ve studied medicine or not. Either way, you’ll start learning from now on for eighty years. Even if you’re an idiot, you’ll learn enough to become a genius. Ah Ye, get on your stomach.”

After the young master twisted around from lying supine to prone, Mr. An Te Qi beckoned at me, then “opened” the area behind the young master’s left ear. Pointing at a notch which looked like a circuit board, he said, “Look here; this is the only part of his entire body that doesn’t need to be cut open for examination, and is also the main input point. But if you want to connect to the internet or phone lines, Ah Ye’s body has some more connection points like his hair, fingertips, and whatnot.”

I struggled to conceal my surprise, especially when Mr. An Te Qi connected a tangle of wires behind the young master’s ear.

“Good, now sleep, Ah Ye!”

After connecting the wires, Mr. An Te Qi patted the young master’s head, then turned his head to tell me, “While examining him, I’ll conveniently explain some related information to you. Ah Ye’s body isn’t something that can be operated on with a regular scalpel. It’s difficult to cut, so it needs a special scalpel. If major surgery is required, then an electric saw or even an energy scalpel might be needed. But avoid using that as much as possible, since it can create cauterized wounds that aren’t easy to heal.”

Energy scalpels… this is the first time I have heard of them.

“Be extremely careful when using these tools. It’s not easy to cut Ah Ye, but cutting yourself into pieces is only a matter of lightly bumping into them! Wait, didn’t Ah Ye say that you aren’t human? Then what…”

I immediately replied, “I understand. I will be extremely cautious.”

Mr. An Te Qi paused a little. “Oh, that’s good… Where was I?”

“You just finished talking about the surgical tools.”

“Mmm, then let’s talk about dealing with basic wounds. Honestly, if Ah Ye’s skin and flesh are hurt, it’s no big deal. After stopping the bleeding and patching it up with pre-cultivated flesh, then spraying it with muscle-regenerating drugs, it’ll recover in a couple of days. The hardest injuries to deal with are bone injuries. Ah Ye’s bones are mixed with a great deal of metals, so if a problem occurs with his bones, metalworking is needed. You’ll have to learn metalworking as well.”


“Right, metalworking!” Mr. An Te Qi nodded, saying, “And it has to be done masterfully, because all of Dark Sun’s movements are extremely precise. It could be said that no matter how the flesh is injured, there wouldn’t be any effect on his movement. But if a bone is slightly askew, it will have a massive effect on his movements, especially when places like joints are involved. There cannot be a single mistake.”

Precise metalworking…

“And there’s adjustment of the computer chips, so you’ll need to learn computer programming. But I don’t know that well either. I only know how to take care of some basic problems, but the Sun Emperor told me this was not enough. You must learn everything, in case Ah Ye’s chips malfunctions while nobody else is able to fix them. Therefore, he will find other people to teach you more complex computer knowledge.”

Computer programming…

“Why’s your face so pale?” An Te Qi slapped my back hard, saying, “Relax, you have eighty years to learn… if I don’t croak before then, hahaha!”

But every time I see you, most of the time it looks like you’ll die of overwork any minute.

“Next, take a look here, this place is…”

Mr. An Te Qi seemed to not only inspect him, but performed many other actions as well, such as injecting many unknown drugs into the young master’s arm and even vertebrae. The more I watched, the more fearful I became. Only when Mr. An Te Qi went over to his laptop did I take the chance to lightly push the young master awake and quietly tell him.

But the young master did not mind and said, “It’s no problem. Either way, Bàba will only make me stronger. He won’t dare to experiment on my body, because then Gēge would dismember him into ten thousand pieces.”

He halted for a moment, saying in a serious tone, “Really into ten thousand pieces. It’s not a hyperbole!”

I honestly believe you.

“Mr. An Te Qi, may I know the results of the examination?”

Although I knew Mr. An Te Qi would not act recklessly, his current work seemed endless, so I directly spoke and inquired. After all, clarifying whether the young master was under control was the main priority.

I asked several times, but only when the young master called “Bàba” in a low voice did Mr. An Te Qi finally come back to reality, saying, “Oh! Nothing happened to Ah Ye. He’s still as healthy as ever. This body is made by me. Not to brag about it, but you’re too strong to die…”

I coughed.

He returned to the topic. “As for the human-controlling ability, I think it might be a type of hypnotism. According to the situation you described, that person might possess a unique voice, so he could use his voice to hypnotize others. But this is not a serious problem. Even the most powerful hypnotism cannot stay effective for long. After a certain time period, the hypnotism will lose its effect.”

I was comforted greatly upon hearing this. The young master’s current condition was not serious to begin with, and after hearing that the hypnotism would lose effectiveness after a period of time, there was practically nothing to worry about.

The young master asked Mr. An Te Qi with slight confusion, “Bàba, why didn’t Gēge come?”

This made me curious too. The master had always been overly worried about the young master’s affairs, so I thought he would have come along as well.

Mr. An Te Qi shrugged, “Your brother has been under pressure and is working to death, but his secretary is squabbling with him, saying that he’ll go on strike and quit.”

“Mr. Kyle?” I was very, very surprised. Mr. Kyle would argue against his boss?

The young master giggled, “How could Kyle-gē squabble with Gēge? It’s the other secretary, whose surname is Bai. If Kyle-gē is Gēge’s right hand, then Secretary Bai is his left!”

I asked with slight confusion, “The Sun Emperor’s left hand? I do not think I have heard of that before.”

Mr. An Te Qi explained, “It’s because the affairs dealt with by the Sun Emperor’s left hand cannot be revealed to the public. It’s a complete mess of things. Even the Sun Emperor doesn’t know everything about some ventures. That’s why the Sun Emperor got a headache when his left hand went on strike. Recently, his complexion has been as terrible as a pile of shit.”

The young master nodded, “No wonder Gēge never called even after I was being controlled. He didn’t see the news, right?”

“I never heard him mention it. He probably didn’t see it since he’s been busy for quite a while.”

“Why is Secretary Bai squabbling with Gēge?”

Mr. An Te Qi scratched his head and uncertainly said, “I think your brother ditched a dinner invitation again, or forgot about a birthday present despite promising one. I’m not sure about the details. Either way, the left hand was furious. Even when the Sun Emperor threatened to fire the left hand, he was yelled at with, ‘Kill or maim, do whatever you want.’”

This does not sound like how secretaries and their bosses are supposed to interact. Could Secretary Bai be female, and the relationship with the Sun Emperor is not merely an employer-employee one?

The young master relaxed, saying, “Thankfully Gēge didn’t see the news, so he won’t call me and tell me to stop being a hero.”

Hearing this, Mr. An Te Qi gave the young master a strange look, saying, “Ah Ye, you really are acting strange.”

The young master was shocked, quickly asking, “How am I strange?”

“Usually, when you hear that your brother is unhappy, wouldn’t you say ‘Oh no, should I head over to be with my gēge’ or something like that? But this time you actually said ‘Thankfully…’ your brother might cry if he heard that.”

Hearing this, the young master frowned, seemingly recognizing himself being somewhat off, then worriedly asking, “Bàba, you just said that I will recover after a period of time. Is that true?”

“Of course, of course. How could I mess around with your business? Your brother would want to kill me again.” Mr. An Te Qi thought a little, then added, “In any case, if something goes wrong, you can just call me! Relax, relax!”

Mr. An Te Qi, there really is nothing about you that allows anyone to relax.

“If there’s nothing else, I’m leaving. There are still some corpses under experimentation at home. If I don’t keep records for too long, the experiment will be rendered useless.”

After the young master nodded in agreement, I immediately told Mr. An Te Qi, “I will escort you.”

After escorting Mr. An Te Qi, I tried to call Yue Gang. The connection was successful, but it was immediately cut off. Sigh!

Walking back home, I was surprised to see that the young master was making a phone call, too. But he did not say anything, only calling over and over again. It seemed like no one was picking up.

“Young Master, are you not working today?”

“No, I’m going to go find Ding Ding soon.”

Hearing this, I hesitated a little, but still did not persuade the young master not to go, inquiring, “Young Master, shall I get you some milk?”

“No thanks,” the young master unhappily said. After that, he neither modified guns nor planned to go out. He just turned on the TV, switched to the movie channel, and started watching a rerun of an ancient movie.

”Young Master, then I will go and clean your room…”

Surprisingly, the young master reacted violently, saying, “No! Stay here with me.”

“… As you wish.”

Standing right next to the young master with nothing to do, I started watching the movie with him—an old romance movie. Although it was not as old as me, it was probably as old as Mr. Bramble.

The young master seemed bored. I thought he would rather watch the news, but I did not understand why he refused to switch channels.

“Young Master, may I ask you what went on this year?” I tried to make small talk with the young master. He immediately nodded. Clearly he did not want to watch the movie.

“Yesterday, I heard Poseidynne say that she will wait until you are single again, and that you gave her a promise. May I ask what you promised her?”

The young master nodded, saying, “Poseidynne said she likes me, but I already have Briar. Then, she said she could live for a long time anyways, that she doesn’t mind waiting for the end of my marriage with Briar, so I promised her that I will marry her after that time.”

So it is like that. As a healthy, long-lived non-human in her prime, Poseidynne does have a long time she can wait. But, Young Master, you are only twenty-three years old, yet you have already decided your second wife a century ahead of time?

Suddenly, I remembered something more important, hurriedly asking, “How did Poseidynne know that you could live for a very long time? Did you tell her?”

The young master tilted his head, saying, “I didn’t tell her. Maybe she guessed it? Everyone probably guessed it somewhat already. Aren already looks several years older than me.“

I was a bit worried and quickly reminded him, “Young Master, let’s hide it as best as we can! Humans have been longing for immortality for a very long time, so if they know someone can actually escape death, I’m afraid that it might bring you a great deal of trouble.”

“Actually, even if they know the method, they wouldn’t dare to try.” The young master shook his head, saying, “The possibility of a successful complete alteration like me is only 1%. Since the result of failure is death, do they dare?”

One percent? But the master can put in a lot of manpower for production, right? Imagining the master with ten, or even dozens of Dark Suns under his control… is enough to make people shudder.

The young master said curiously, “Charles, the space between your eyebrows decreased by 0.5 centimeters! Are you thinking about some serious matter?”

It was impossible to fool the young master. Though I still had some misgivings, I spoke out loud what I was worrying about. Yet after hearing what I said, the young master laughed and explained, “The possibility of success is 1%, but it also costs a lot! Just the manufacturing cost is unimaginable, and the maintenance costs are even more so. If I weren’t the Sun Emperor’s dìdi, throwing me away would save more money than fixing me. Gēge’s adjudication squad is like that. Anyone damaged by 30% or more is thrown away, because repairs are seriously too expensive.”

I asked a little about the approximate costs and immediately felt that I had worried too much. There were likely very few people who had the ability to manufacture anything with these national defense-level sounding production costs. No wonder there were so few in the Sun Emperor’s adjudication squad, and only one like the young master. The cost was really unimaginably expensive.

The young master thought for a moment, and said, “But the truth should still be concealed. When I really can’t hide it, I’ll just pretend I’m a vampire too. Otherwise it would be very troublesome.”

True. Before the people in pursuit of immortality realize the one-percent survival rate and tremendous manufacturing costs, they will not give up.

Pretending to be a vampire is a fairly good idea. The young master is an expert in slide stepping and can drink a person’s blood unfazed, so acting as a vampire would not be a difficult matter.

“Young Master, then do you truly like Poseidynne?”

This question was far too rude for a butler to ask his master, but because of the young master’s situation, I felt that I had to ask. I only hoped that the young master was not of the predisposition of promising a place in line just because someone wanted to get married with him.

I thought that the young master would hesitate and say “I don’t know either” or “I quite like her” or something equally ambiguous, but I never imagined that he would unhesitatingly nod and say, “Yeah! Poseidynne is really strong and interesting.”

Strong? I somewhat hesitatingly asked, “Then Briar…”

“I like her even more of course!”

I said, puzzled, “But Briar is not strong.”

“She is strong!” The young master mumbled, “Briar knows everything. She knows how to do everything right. She’s much stronger than me, at least.”

So it is like that. If it is based on other abilities rather than combat skills, Briar is definitely strong. Despite her young age, she is mature in handling affairs, and one can already see she will become a very capable woman. Going by that… could it be that the young master likes strong women?

“Why did Poseidynne suddenly become angry?” The young master rested his chin on both hands and worriedly said, “Bri is also ignoring me. Is she angry too?”

“Young Master, do you like Lin Ding?” I was a little worried, since Lin Ding seemed to be the “strong woman” type as well. Could it be that the young master has already decided on his third wife already?

“Ah?” The young master widened his eyes, saying, “I’ve only known Ding Ding for two days!”

Young Master, you only met Briar for half an hour when you already made a wedding contract with her.

“I really don’t like Ding Ding like that. Does Briar think that I like her too?” The young master was visibly distressed.

I smiled wryly, saying, “Briar is probably skeptical, but I am afraid Poseidynne is absolutely certain.”

The young master shook his head, saying, “It’s okay with Poseidynne since I can clear it up by talking with her, but Briar is scary! The situation with Poseidynne already made her angry once. No matter what I said then, she wouldn’t reply or give me a hug, wouldn’t take calls, and would even look at me tearfully. I felt terrible.”

The first wife is more powerful after all. No wonder Mr. Bramble is not worried at all.

At this point, the young master grabbed his cell phone and called a couple more times, but apparently nobody answered still. He frowned, sighing, “Ah…”

Upon seeing this, I thought of the call that had been hung up on me earlier, and I silently sighed as well.

“Whoa! No wonder you’re a servant and master pair! Why do you both look so gloomy?”

The young master and I were both distracted as Melody walked into the living room with the crisp sound of her high heels. She truly appeared radiant, as if she were about to go to a dance party.

The young master miserably said, “Poseidynne and Bri are both ignoring me. They aren’t taking my calls.”

Melody covered her smile, then turned and asked me, “What about you, Butler?”

I wryly smiled while saying, “Yue Gang found out that I am a vampire and came over to punch me.”

The young master cried out in surprise, then worriedly turned to look at me.

“Hahaha!” However, Melody suddenly laughed.

The young master dissatisfiedly yet curiously asked, “Melody, what are you laughing at? Is it really that funny?”

Melody laughed while saying, “I was laughing at how similar the master and butler are. You’re undoubtedly the most influential pair in this world, and clearly people should avoid irritating you guys. Yet contrarily, you two have been hard pressed due to a couple of nobodies, and the master and servant are both sitting here sighing. How is this not funny?”

Confused, the young master earnestly replied, “But it isn’t funny, and who are these nobodies?”

Hearing the young master’s reply, Melody could laugh no longer.

At that moment, the young master’s gaze suddenly turned from Melody to the window. I involuntarily followed his gaze. A person jumped onto the balcony, wearing a skintight red shirt and a silver visor… It was Dark Sun!

But the young master is clearly here! When I compared the young master and Dark Sun, I did not know how to react. The young master took no action either, and even Melody did not show a hint of surprise.

That “Dark Sun” pushed open the French windows and walked in, saying, “Ah Ye, let me tell you, NC and Solitary Butterfly got into an argument!”

The young master frowned, asking, “What are they arguing about?”

It is DSII! I suddenly realized.

“NC wants Solitary Butterfly to turn the criminal over, but Solitary Butterfly refused.”

DSII took off his visor. The face underneath was exactly the same as the young master’s, but the overall feeling he gave was completely different. It was impossible to mistake one for the other. He happily said, “According to my analysis, it’s possible that P29 pressured SCIP, and SCIP could only go and pressure NC, making them give up the criminal.”

Hearing this pile of English acronyms was really confusing. So the P29 psychiatric hospital pressured the Special Crime Department of International Police Organization, but the Special Criminal Department failed completely against Dark Sun, so they had to pressure the Sunset City NC squad that specifically deals with non-humans?

The young master frowned while pondering, then took his phone and called, immediately saying, “Kyle-gē, tell P29 to stop being noisy!” Done speaking, he pressed the speaker button, allowing us to hear the reply.

“P29? Is it a Sun Alliance organization?”


After the sound of a burst of keystrokes came through the phone, Secretary Kyle said, “Secretary Bai is probably responsible for that group. There is no organization called P29 from my side. Secretary Bai has currently run away from home, so I probably will not be able to get into contact right away. If it is a secret organization, it will take a while for me to gain contact.”

“Ran away from home?” The young master paused. “How did it end up like that?”

The phone transmitted the sound of Secretary Kyle’s helpless voice. “The Sun Emperor refused to admit his mistake, but Secretary Bai would die to make him admit it, so the situation became like this. Thankfully, Secretary Bai is mostly responsible for the secret organizations, so a temporary suspension of activity is unlikely to affect the Sun Alliance. Only a long-term suspension would create a large issue.”

The young master frowned, saying, “Anyways, contact P29 and stop them from messing around in Sunset City!”

The phone was silent for about three seconds, then came the reply, “Yes, Young Master.”

The young master hung up, still appearing fairly unhappy.

“Ah Ye, you’re a little weird,” DSII said. To think, he noticed… Is DSII really a robot?

“I know I’m weird!” When the young master somewhat angrily finished saying that and faced DSII’s widened eyes, he too froze. Then, using a somewhat unhappy tone, he grumbled, “Either way, Bàba said that I’ll be fine after a while.”

DSII straightforwardly countered, “Can Daddy’s words be trusted?”

Mr. An Te Qi, even robots do not believe in you.

The young master’s face crumpled. He looked distressed.

“Ah Ye, aren’t you going to look for Solitary Butterfly? She and NC are arguing!” DSII asked in surprise.

The young master hesitated, saying, “I’ve already told Kyle-gē to warn P29, so it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. I need to find Ding Ding now. Turn into a motorcycle, DSII, a regular one, not the one that Dark Sun uses.”

DSII forcefully nodded with an ecstatic face. He walked into the workshop, humming tunelessly. “I can turn into a motorcycle~~ I love motorcycles. Motorcycles are so fast~~”

The young master followed him into the workshop, but suddenly stopped midway, turning to command me, “Charles, if Briar and Poseidynne ask where I went, remember to tell them I turned into Dark Sun to handle a situation, not to find Ding Ding!”

I paused, then quickly replied, “Yes.”

Melody faintly smiled, saying, “Young Master, you’re not even married yet! And you’ve already started thinking of ways to fool your wife?”

Hearing her, the young master frowned, but walked into the workshop without a word. I followed, then helped the young master put on Dark Sun’s uniform.

“Charles, go find Yue Gang!” The young master told me, “Tell him everything.”

I hesitated and asked in confusion, “Everything?”

The young master countered, “Do you trust Yue Gang?”

I pondered for a moment, replying, “Young Master, I trust him, so it is no problem if I tell him about my affairs, but your business should not be told so lightly to others.”

The young master tilted his head, saying, “Oh, I don’t mind if you tell him, so whatever you say is fine. I really like Yue Gang. Don’t stop being friends with him!”

I see. I smiled, saying, “Yes, Young Master.”

After sending off the young master, I returned to the living room, where Melody was sitting on the couch, admiring her nails. I wryly smiled, telling her, “If it continues like this for the young master, I really do not know how many wives he will end up with.”

“How so? The young master pledged to Briar before that there wouldn’t be anyone else, and Poseidynne is just in line. As long as Briar is around, there’s no way she’ll become any closer to the young master. That’s the only reason Briar finally cooled her temper!”

Melody carelessly examined the nail polish on her hand, saying, “You know as well that the young master is a man of his word. If he says he won’t look for anyone else, he won’t look. But it certainly is unfortunate. I was thinking of playing around with the young master later.”

I nodded, but it was not completely in approval. Even if Poseidynne will not have a relationship with the young master for now, for Briar, Poseidynne is likely still an interloper… Even though she and Poseidynne seem to get along well?

Melody looked at me with a faint smile while saying, “You’re only half as old as me, but your personality doubles my age. Nowadays, a kid of the rich and powerful like the young master having only two wives is inconceivably little. Besides, his only brother has so many women, if one were to randomly throw a brick into the fashion industry, it could hit three women who’ve slept with him before. See, didn’t Secretary Bai even get angry this time too?”

“Wasn’t it because he missed an appointment?”

Melody rolled her eyes at me, saying, “Missing an appointment? Secretary Bai works right next to the Sun Emperor every day. How could he miss an appointment?”

He certainly could not.

“I bet that the young master is definitely going to be a henpecked male! He doesn’t dare to offend his wife even when he’s hypnotized, and he even has to lie to her… Haha, this little girl Briar sure has a talent. You really can’t judge a book by its cover…” She paused, laughing while saying, “No, it’s can’t judge a person by their ‘age.’”

I smiled. Although Briar was certainly mature and intelligent, it was still mostly due to the young master’s good nature.

“I need to go out for a moment to find Yue Gang.”

Melody looked up, saying, “To the church? Then could you help me ask Father Yue if we could borrow the church to record an MV? The producers want to go to a church to use it as the backdrop. You know that the only church in Sunset City that isn’t run down is that one.”

I was somewhat surprised. “Are you recording for real?”

“The young master said he wanted to be a singer. Why wouldn’t it be real?”

“With the young master acting strangely now, he might change his mind in a few days.”

“Even if he’s off his rocker now, we still have to obey his command.” Melody lowered her tone, “Remember the situation you’re in! We’re the young master’s subordinates. Even if he wants us to die, then we’d have to die… Oh right, you’re not his subordinate.”

She glanced at me, saying, “I don’t know about the duties of a butler, but us underlings have to obey his every command.”

Hearing her, I was worried and said, “That mind-controlling criminal is still in Sunset City. If he manages to control the young master again…”

Melody grumpily said, “Relax! The young master already has his guard up. He won’t be so easily controlled. I wonder why you’re always so worried about the young master? He even fought X, the thousand-year old vampire, to a standstill. He’s several times stronger than you and me. You’re worrying about him when you should be worrying about yourself. How’s your blood ability training going?”

I coughed, quickly saying, “I’m heading out to find Yue Gang.”


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