GOD V1C7: The Sword of Sacred White

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GOD—Divine Beginning of the End—Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: The Sword of Sacred White—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & EvlNabiki)

Time flew. Three months passed by in the blink of an eye. Although Shooting Star felt it would be safer to wait another month or two, even if he tried to stall to the best of his ability, Mannen had already lost all patience. If they didn’t hurry and return his son, he would likely burn down the entire forest.

Shooting Star was still a little worried, but all he could do now was silently eat his food. After this, it would all be up to Bai Saya. He turned his head to look at the guy next to him.

Said guy was covered in filth. Although his hair was pulled up into a ponytail, it stuck out here and there. Whether it was his face, his hands, or his feet, all was covered with a thick layer of grime, practically obscuring the color of his skin. As for the clothes he wore, using them as rags to wipe the floor might even dirty the floor!

The strangest thing was, heavy cloth bags hung from his hands, his feet, and even his back. He was clearly eating, yet he hadn’t removed those cloth bags. He really looked out of place. Even a beggar wouldn’t be as bedraggled as he was.

“Hurry and eat! You’re gonna have to fight Mannen soon.” Shooting Star, who burped after eating his fill, patted that guy’s back.


This voice was rather familiar. Who else could it be but Bai Saya?

“Nervous?” Shooting Star teased.

“No…” Although he reflexively answered that way, Bai Saya paused momentarily. He took in a deep breath and instead said, “Yes, very nervous.”

Shooting Star patted Bai Saya’s shoulder and brashly said, “What’s there to be nervous about? You’re a guy who underwent this Shooting Star’s special training for three months without dying! How could you lose?”

Indeed, I haven’t died. Bai Saya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Ever since Shooting Star illuminated him on the principle of flexible thinking, his strength had greatly increased. However, the difficulty of the special training had also jumped by three levels. Memories resurfaced.

—Reminiscing VCR—

“Since you’ve become stronger, then let’s increase the difficulty of the special training a bit!” Shooting Star smiled super innocently.

Bai Saya merely waited quietly for his instructions.

“Starting now, I’m going to take a bath every night by nine. Of course, you already know where the water and firewood should come from, right?”

Bai Saya nodded.

“Also, I’ll be eating breakfast before eight tomorrow. This time, I don’t want metalligator liver and eggs. I’m tired of them. Now, I want fish! In the northeastern direction of the Metalligator Swamp lies a forest. Chill Lake is in the middle of that forest. I want to eat fish from that lake. So, you have to go to Chill Lake to catch fish. But be careful! The temperature of that lake doesn’t even reach ten degrees, and there are all sorts of beasts in that lake, just none with frames smaller than yours!”

After hearing that, Bai Saya’s face paled a bit.

Shooting Star continued and said, “Eggs are very nutritious, so we still can’t go without them. Since there are plenty of beasts in the forest, no matter whether they’re eggs from a flying beast or a crawling beast, I’ll eat them. The only exception is chicken eggs!”

Bai Saya’s gaze looked lost. He didn’t know if he would have a future.

“However, the beasts in this forest are all very ferocious! Remember to bring some more swords with you. I’m afraid that your sword would be broken in one hit by the beasts there. With you empty-handed, not only would you be unable to bring me back my breakfast, you would probably even turn into theirs.”

These words were pretty much the final blow. All color drained out of Bai Saya’s face, but he didn’t try to bargain at all. He only quietly nodded at Shooting Star, and then went to carry out the mission—while swaying on his feet.

In the following days, he braved the chill of the early morning every day and jumped into Chill Lake to find those fish, which were each larger than him by several fold, perhaps even tenfold, in order to battle with them.

Then, he would run into the forest and battle with fire-spitting flame beasts, lightning hounds that could zap him into confusion, and who-knows-what birds that had claws that could destroy gold and break jade. All for the sake of stealing their eggs for breakfast.

Following that, he would have to carry a one hundred kilogram sack on his back while doing martial-arts squats, running, and practicing his sword. In any case, Shooting Star required him to never drop the sack.

In the afternoon, he would have to fight with Shooting Star as well. Often, Bai Saya got pummeled so many times that he would nearly forget his own name.

Afterwards, he would have to sit and meditate under the pounding waterfall while blindfolded. According to Shooting Star, doing so would help develop his ability to sense and endure his surroundings. Finally, at night, he would have to run this way and that to help Shooting Star heat up his water for his bath. Before sleeping, Bai Saya would read various books that detailed fighting techniques.

Truly, he couldn’t lose!

After reminiscing about the arduous training of the past three months, Bai Saya’s confidence grew. He placed his bowl and chopsticks down. “Let’s go, Shooting Star. I’m ready.”

Shooting Star looked at Bai Saya, whose gaze was filled with vigor, and knew that he felt complete confidence. However, in the present, there was something even more important than the duel! He abruptly stood up and yelled, “No! There’s something that must be done before the duel.”

“What is it?” Bai Saya turned serious as well. What is even more important than the duel? Is there some other important thing that must be done?

“Taking a bath!”

I can’t stand it any longer! Shooting Star could no longer stand the fact that Bai Saya was so dirty that even beggars by the roadside would be cleaner than he was. What nonsense! I put in so much effort to help him for the sake of collecting pretty things as pets. Yet now, is there any part of Bai Saya that could be considered pretty? If he continues to be stinky and dirty, I’d rather abandon him by the side of the road.

“…Oh, okay.”

Bai Saya smiled wryly. After associating with Shooting Star for three months, even the most oblivious person would have some understanding of his personality.

All in all, other than Shooting Star loving beautiful people and things, being lazy to the extreme, liking good food, having an outrageous appetite, enjoying pretending to be innocent and cute, having no sympathy, and lacking all seriousness, he really didn’t have any huge shortcomings that Bai Saya couldn’t stand.

After Shooting Star saw Bai Saya finish taking his bath, change his clothes, and return to his original appearance, he couldn’t help looking him over again and again. He was very, very satisfied.

“My, my, you’re looking even better than you did three months ago! It really makes a difference after you train up your presence. Not bad, not bad. As expected, I found the best pet…” Ah! Shoot. How could I just blurt that out? He hurriedly corrected himself, “I mean, the best servant! I misspoke! Don’t mind me.”

Bai Saya could only smile wryly in response to seeing Shooting Star plaster on yet another innocent smile. It would be his fault if he fell for it. The truth was, he had already heard Shooting Star mumble many times to himself that he was his pet.

Sigh! Just now, I forgot to mention another one of his shortcomings. He calls people pets.

“Let’s go, Shooting Star,” Bai Saya urged him. Right now, it was still more important to take care of business.

Shooting Star nodded, but before departing, he couldn’t help looking at Bai Saya again.

A body with a good tall-slim ratio, light-colored and billowy Eastern attire, pitch black yet soft and shiny long hair neatly tied behind his head, and a face that was already handsome and was now also brimming with a steady confidence, made him someone who could not be underestimated. However, his pair of gentle, amber eyes made him feel approachable.

Shooting Star tilted his head and mumbled, “Not bad, but I feel like there’s something missing to make it perfect.”

Bai Saya looked at Shooting Star confusedly. The latter frowned for a long time and kept occasionally appraising Bai Saya.


All of a sudden, Shooting Star yelled and hit his hand. “I know!”

“Know what?” Bai Saya jumped in shock.

“A beautiful sword is missing from the picture!” Shooting Star gestured at the steel sword hanging by Bai Saya’s waist. He said, frustrated, “This piece of junk practically destroys the entire picturesque tableau! It’s vile beyond redemption!”

How did I turn from a pet into a tableau? Bai Saya scratched his face. Other than smiling wryly, there was nothing he could do in response to Shooting Star.

“Shooting Star, we should quickly go to the duel.” Bai Saya pleaded, “After the duel, you can dress me up however you want, okay?”

Shooting Star rolled his eyes and snapped, “Hey, did you really think that I brought up a sword only for the sake of appearances?”

“Didn’t you?” Bai Saya was very shocked.

“Is this teacher of yours so unserious in your eyes?” Shooting Star pouted as he complained. Even his golden eyes flashed with poor, innocent tears.

Have you ever been serious? Although Bai Saya really wanted to ask that, he still outwardly shook his head furiously.

“This junk of a sword can’t possibly last the entire fight!” Shooting Star furrowed his brows and said, “You know, you’re going up against a guy with battle aura. You at least need to have a passable sword. Otherwise, if it breaks in the middle of the fight, your fighting ability would drop greatly.”

When he heard Shooting Star’s explanation, Bai Saya finally understood the seriousness of the matter. He hurriedly asked, “Then, what should I do? There isn’t much time left before the duel.”

Shooting Star crossed his arms across his chest. He said in frustration, “I had already thought about it earlier, but we really don’t have any money on hand to buy a good sword. I think we can only go and find the terrible old man.”

“Terrible old man?” Although he was already familiar with the many ways Shooting Star made people feel helpless, Bai Saya still couldn’t help feeling stumped. What does desperately needing a good sword have to do with a terrible old man?

For the sake of time, Shooting Star dashed through Stella City, and when he saw that there were too many people about on the streets, he jumped straight onto the rooftops with a leap.

Seeing that, Bai Saya, who was following closely behind him, also immediately jumped onto the rooftops. After they ran for a good long while across the roofs, Shooting Star jumped down into an alley. Of course, Bai Saya followed suit and jumped down into the alley after him.

“Xiao Bai!” Shooting Star turned and said to Bai Saya, “The old man we’re meeting is a huge pain. No matter what, don’t open your mouth before me. Let me speak first.”

Bai Saya nodded his head seriously to indicate that he understood.

After he finished instructing his pet, Shooting Star looked at the sun and the shadows it cast, calculating that there were only around two hours left until the duel. They really had to hurry with their business. He knocked on the only metal door in the side alley. Not long after, the door was lightly pushed open a crack, but no matter how gentle the force, the poor, rusted door still emitted an ear-piercing creak.

“Who is it?”

An aged voice spookily sounded from behind the door.

“Old man White Beard, Shooting Star has come to visit you!” Shooting Star blinked his large eyes, his voice full of endearment. When asking a favor of someone, he’d crank up the cuteness factor to the highest it could go!

“Hmph! Visit me? I bet you’re here because you want something, right?”

The originally aged voice suddenly became full of vigor. The metal door was pushed open, and out walked a hunched over old man. He had a head of white hair, and the white beard on his face was so long that it reached his waist. At first sight, you might be tricked by this old person’s face full of wrinkles and his hunched posture and think that he really was an old guy who was so old that he could barely move. However, his eyes were sharp and bright at that moment, a brightness that could only be found on someone with an astute and clear mind.

“Sigh! Old man White Beard, you know that Shooting Star is busy!”

“Busy? What a huge joke, Mr. Creator of the Law of Laziness. Shooting Star, busy? Are you busy playing chess with the Duke of Zhou, the God of Dreams?” The old man was merciless in revealing Shooting Star’s true nature.

Two of the veins on Shooting Star’s forehead throbbed, forming an x shape. His face changed like the turning of a page. His previously endearing expression completely vanished, taken over by a frown and a glare, but it was still a very cute expression.

“Hmph! Stupid Beard. I gave you some courtesy, and you’re using it to paint me black. Hurry and bring out the merchandise, or else I’m gonna tear down your forge.”

Shooting Star pulled out his Crimson Snake Whip, and then “softly” snapped it against the metal door twice. The poor, rusted door didn’t know whom it had angered. With a “bang,” it announced its death.


Old man White Beard looked at the door with a pained expression. He wailed endlessly, “My door, my poor door.”

His voice was laced with so much anguish that it was as if what was on the ground wasn’t a door but a son he had raised for many years.

“Y-You killed my door. You’re no better than a beast. You’re a mongrel whose hands are dripping with blood.” He was so angry that he pointed his index finger at Shooting Star’s nose.

Shooting Star looked at the distressed old man in front of him. He momentarily felt powerless. He said helplessly, “Glen, I don’t have any time to fool around with you right now. I’m in a hurry to battle someone. Save the fooling around for next time!”

The pained expression on Glen, the old man who had acted like his entire family had died, disappeared in the blink of an eye when he heard Shooting Star call his name so seriously. However, he still couldn’t let things go and muttered, “How boring. No fun at all… Sigh, fine! I’ll stop fooling around. Don’t use that kind of disdainful expression to look at me. Say it, Shooting Star. What business do you have with me?”

As he spoke, Glen actually straightened up. His hunched posture suddenly became a straight and tall one, and his height didn’t lose to that of Bai Saya, who stood to the side.

Shooting Star shook his head. Sigh! No matter who saw the merry old man before him, probably no one would believe that he was actually “Glen Melos,” the most famous weapon smith of the Western Continent. Many divine weapons had resulted from his crafting.

How had he come to know such a famous person?

He recalled how his encounter with Glen had gone. It was an earth-shattering, heart-stopping, tear-inducing, troublesome and complicated story… Bleh! I used the wrong description. Who wants to have a complicated story with this kind of old man?

Anyway, one day, the old man Glen was in the middle of a bath when he suddenly heard a sound from his forge. When he hurried out to investigate, he discovered a hole in his window, and all the shadow silver, the precious material that had been sitting on the counter of his workshop, was gone!

Glen was in such a hurry that he rushed to the Adventurers’ Guild without caring that he was only wearing a pair of underwear. He put down a “hefty reward”—ten copper ducats to capture the thief.

Of course, every adventurer has standards. Who would help an indecent old man who only wore a pair of underwear? Especially with as “hefty” a reward as ten copper ducats, no one would give a damn.

But then, Glen’s savior appeared. Hehe! Of course, it was him, Shooting Star!

He could not stand how Glen was begging in the Adventurers’ Guild while only wearing underwear! Truthfully, it was because the sight was too damaging to his eyes, and he couldn’t bear to watch it any longer. Therefore, he graciously took on the mission. Then, he unhurriedly walked out of the Adventurers’ Guild, strolled to the nearby thieves’ den, and used his cute little feet to ruthlessly break three ribs on each person who was inside. After that, he victoriously returned with the shadow silver.

The damn old man was incomparably grateful to him and, outside of presenting ten copper ducats to him with both hands, he also revealed that he was Glen Melos.

Glen happily took his shadow silver home, and Shooting Star also happily took his ten copper ducats to the nearby noodle stall to eat two small bowls of noodles. It was only afterwards that he found out that one bowl cost six copper ducats, forcing him to squeeze out some tears with great effort before the noodle stall owner was willing to deduct two copper ducats from his bill.

Since he had helped the old man before, of course he was going to take advantage of it as much as possible! Therefore, Shooting Star extended his hand boldly, as if it were his right to do so, and said, “Old man! Lend me a sword. I’m in a hurry to make it to a duel, so hand it over!”

“You sure are polite!” Glen rolled his eyes and said, “All right! Wait here.”

After awhile, Glen finally returned, and he held a long sword that was pure black in his hands. He said gleefully, “This is the Dark Demon Blade. It’s tremendously bloody aura doesn’t lose to your weapon, the Crimson Snake Whip. It is definitely an amazing, essential weapon for slaughtering demonic beasts and cutting down enemies!”

Shooting Star’s eyebrows creased as he took measure of the sword. Then, with a resolute tone that could not be challenged, he said, “Change it to something else.”

“Why? Is my sword not good enough for you?” Glen was extremely dissatisfied. That Shooting Star was looking down on a sword he had made was the same as looking down on him!

Shooting Star gave no reply but sent Bai Saya a command, “Come and stand here.”

Bai Saya obediently walked to the location Shooting Star indicated and even curiously studied the Dark Demon Blade that Glen held in his hands.

Shooting Star turned his head to face Glen, but his hand gestured at Bai Saya as he said, “Look at him. Look at how pure white and immaculate he is, full of a righteous air. He is entirely a chivalrous character, yet you want to give him a demon sword? I bet he won’t have to fight any enemies because he’ll get defeated by his own sword way before that.”

After looking at Bai Saya, even Glen couldn’t help inwardly appraising him. It had been a long time since he had laid eyes upon such an idiotic youngster brimming with righteousness from every pore of his body! He could do nothing but nod and say, “You’re right, you’re right. A man chooses his sword, and a sword chooses its master as well. A demon sword would never be able to accept him.”

Glen paused for a moment and thought it over. Since it had been a long time since he’d seen such an inexperienced youngster, he really couldn’t bear watching such a rare, idio… righteous young man fall too soon. In addition, he owed Shooting Star a favor, so it would not hurt to gift him a sword for protection.

He magnanimously said, “How about this? Let’s have the sword choose him. I have many swords that have sword spirits in my collection. If any of those swords choose him, I will give the sword to him unconditionally. Even if no sword chooses him, I will still let him choose an ordinary one.”

Shooting Star nodded his head ecstatically to show his agreement. A sword with a sword spirit! To have a sword with a sword spirit recognize you as its master was the dream of every blade user. He never thought that old man Glen would be so generous. I hope Bai Saya will get chosen by a sword. That will definitely help him a lot in the duel!

In order to prevent the old man from going back on his word, Shooting Star hurriedly pulled his idiotic pet along, whose eyes had begun sparkling the moment he heard about the precious swords. They followed Glen into his sword room.

As expected of a sword room belonging to a weapon smith, many precious swords that gave off various auras hung on the walls. Every blade appeared sharp and extraordinary—there definitely wasn’t anything ordinary there!

Glen said rather freely to Bai Saya, who was filled with excitement, “Young man, try any sword that catches your fancy, and give it a few swings. If any of them react, then it is yours.”

“Yes, thank you very much!” When he heard that, Bai Saya’s eyes shone even more, and he immediately began to touch and hold this sword and that.

Thus, he held one precious sword after another. After who knows how long, Glen ran off to make tea, while Shooting Star nodded off, on his way to meet with the Duke of Zhou in dreamland.

After trying out several dozen precious swords, Bai Saya lowered a pale purple sword, discouraged, as it had not reacted either. Am I so terrible that no sword is willing to leave with me?

Spirits dashed and exhaustion taking over, he leaned against the wall to rest, but unexpectedly…


What he had thought to be a wall was actually just a curtain, making the normally graceful Bai Saya fall clumsily. After he finally managed to crawl back up, he discovered that a small room was actually behind the curtain, and there was only one sword placed in the room—a sword that was as white as snow.

Even if it is the color of snow, it shouldn’t be this white, right? Bai Saya couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the pure white of the sword. With respect and admiration in his demeanor, he moved to the side of the sword, yet he did not carelessly reach out to hold it. The sword felt like a pure, flawless virgin, one that could not be so thoughtlessly touched.

Bai Saya only used his warm, amber eyes to look at the sword. He sighed, “You are truly beautiful!”

Am I… beautiful?


Bai Saya looked around, but other than Shooting Star, who was so deep in slumber that he was drooling, he saw no one else.


Bai Saya was flummoxed and confusion showed in his gaze. He felt that a very delicate and quiet voice was speaking by his ear. It was as close as could be, but there was only a sword by his side. He could not help but look at the sword and ask, “Is it you?”

Of course, a sword could not speak, but Bai Saya happened to see the snow white sword glow, as if answering him. After a moment of hesitation, he finally took hold of the sword, his movements as gentle as could be, as if he were embracing a dainty woman who might fall to tears.

A dazzling ray of white light abruptly burst from the sword!

From a distance, Shooting Star’s eyes abruptly shot open, and he jumped up. At the same time, Glen also rushed in. The two of them burst out in unison, “Were you chosen? Which sword is it?”

Their answer came in the form of Bai Saya walking out from behind the curtain, and he held a snow white sword that was even giving off a gentle white glow in his hands.

Glen immediately wailed, “Ah! How could it be the Sword of Sacred White? It’s my most precious and perfect sword!”

The heartbroken weapon smith shook his head furiously, but he had no tears. He could barely believe what had happened.

Shooting Star looked at the Sword of Sacred White and was convinced that it was a precious sword that suited Bai Saya very well. Even the name fit him. Xiao Bai1 with a white sword; they could be white together. How fitting!

He patted Glen on the back and said coolly, like watching a good show, “Give it up, damn old man. The sword has already chosen its master. It’s not like you can force it to stay. Hehehe!”

Good, good! Seeing how heartbroken Glen is, the sword that was chosen must be great. That means it would be very hard for Xiao Bai to lose!

“Come on, we got the sword, so it’s time to decide the victor.”

Shooting Star looked at Bai Saya, and the latter answered with a determined expression.

“Old man Tang Tang.”

The moment Shooting Star stepped foot into the Adventurers’ Guild, he exchanged greetings with Tang Wulie, who was behind the counter. Of course, Shooting Star turned on his innocent smile and clear, childlike voice that could trick anyone into death. In addition, he had Bai Saya standing next to him. Although Bai Saya was young in years, his temperament was a calm one, and his expression gentle. However, his gaze sometimes held a sharpness that spoke of how he should not be underestimated. Having two such persons stand in the great hall of the Adventurers’ Guild attracted much attention.

Unexpectedly, Tang Wulie’s face did not darken like how it always did when he heard Shooting Star call him “old man.” Instead, he enthusiastically greeted them and even waved his hand for Shooting Star to come closer.

Shooting Star was filled with suspicion. What’s going on with Old man Tang Tang? He walked over slowly.

However, Tang Wulie rushed over and pulled Shooting Star to the side to whisper, “Oh my god! You actually came.”

“Today is the duel! How could I miss it?” Shooting Star said as if it were a matter of fact.

Tang Wulie shook his head and said, “You actually dared to kidnap Mannen’s son, forcing him to sign the agreement to battle, with the duel being held under the witness of the Adventurers’ Guild. This matter has been the talk of the city. If it weren’t because no one knows where you live, Mannen wouldn’t have waited until now. He would have already brought his men straight to your door.”

Shooting Star lifted his chin proudly and said, “Hmph! I, Shooting Star, have great foresight. I knew that this would happen, so I purposefully chose to live in that place where no birds would lay eggs (but metalligators would) and no chickens would poop (there’s only metalligator poop)!”

I bet you just knew that you would eventually run into major trouble, right? I guess that counts as knowing yourself well, Tang Wulie thought to himself in exasperation.

At this time, Tang Wulie suddenly plastered on the face of a solicitor and said in an extremely gentle voice, “Dearest Shooting Star.”

Shooting Star immediately felt goose bumps rise all over his skin. He was used to manipulating others to his will but rarely had other people turn the tables on him, especially an old uncle. Do you have to challenge my fortitude so much?

“How strong is your Bai Saya? What’s his chance of winning?”

When he heard that, Shooting Star immediately understood that the adventurers must be placing bets over the duel!

If that was the case, hehehe, then he had next month’s living expenses in the bag. Shooting Star said with great difficulty, “Well, see, it’s hard to tell. If you ask me like that, I really can’t say!” He purposefully gave a hint. If you ask me like that, it’s no use, hehe!

Tang Wulie laughed dryly and lightly leaned against Shooting Star’s ear to say, “I’ll take ninety percent. You can have ten.”

The moment Shooting Star heard that, his expression changed on the spot. He strode forward to leave, not forgetting to call out to his pet, “Let’s go, Xiao Bai,” and turned to walk in the direction of the battle arena. Bai Saya, who didn’t understand what was going on, could only follow him.

“Wait!” Tang Wulie immediately grabbed Shooting Star, his expression pained, like bits of his heart were being chipped off, and he gritted his teeth to say, “Seventy and thirty.”

“Sixty and forty, or no deal,” Shooting Star said lightly, his eyes gleaming like a dishonest businessman’s.

“Seventy and thirty, or else spit out all the money you owe me from the past.”

As expected of an experienced adventurer. He’s even more cutthroat than I am! Shooting Star inwardly cursed Tang Wulie countless times. He pouted unhappily and said, “Fine, seventy-thirty it is!”

A victorious smile that really deserved a beating appeared on Tang Wulie’s face. He immediately asked in a great hurry, “What’s his chance of winning?”

“Two hundred percent,” said Shooting Star with great confidence. He was completely confident in his pet, as he had personally trained him!

Tang Wulie’s expression was like he had won the jackpot. He grinned and said, “Good, good.”

While Shooting Star and Tang Wulie were making their deal, the other party had also arrived. Mannen and his men walked imposingly into the guild hall. The way they looked down on everyone disgusted the adventurers who usually thought highly of themselves. They began frowning one after another.

“To think you actually dared to show up. I’m sure you’re already prepared to get chopped into mincemeat by my father.”

A thin, biting voice, a body decked in jewelry, a pasty white constitution, and a face that appeared frivolous no matter how you looked at it, Bipsha’s appearance had evidently made great improvements—improvements toward being a prodigal son.

Behind the prodigal son was the father, who was also Bai Saya’s nemesis, Mannen. Behind them was an entire crowd of guards filled with killing intent.

Shooting Star coldly glared at Bipsha, and his hand rested upon the whip at his waist. Perhaps the memories were too clear, for Bipsha immediately lost all of his grandeur and hid behind his father while shaking.

“Mannen,” Bai Saya bit out, his eyes filled with a blood red as he stared at the murderer of his shifu.

”You actually dared to use the master’s name. Do you wish to die?”

A guard with a tough and stocky build yelled, and the guards next to him immediately followed suit, violence abruptly seizing the scene.

Seeing what was happening, Tang Wulie stepped forward to play mediator. He counseled, “Calm down, everyone. Mr. Mannen, please head to the battle arena. The duel can start immediately.”

“Hmph!” Mannen snorted coldly. He didn’t even give Bai Saya or Shooting Star a single glance and made his own way toward the battle arena.

On the other hand, Shooting Star shot his pet a look, his gaze telling him to calm down.

Bai Saya tightly gripped the hilt of the Sword of Sacred White that hung by his waist. He closed both eyes and took several deep breaths. He forcefully squashed the fury in his heart. When he opened his eyes again after a long pause, his blood red eyes had returned to their serene amber.

Seeing that Bai Saya’s emotions had stabilized, Shooting Star nonchalantly said, “Time to go?”

“Let’s go,” Bai Saya replied resolutely.


1 “Xiao Bai”: Bai Saya (白薩亞) has Bai (白) in his name, which means “white.” Xiao Bai (小白), Shooting Star’s nickname for Bai Saya, is the same nickname given to a certain unicorn in The Legend of Sun Knight. There, we translated the nickname as “Whitey,” given the setting. Xiao Bai is a common name for dogs.

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