½ Prince Tenth Anniversary Side Story: Part Two (End)

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½ Prince 10th Anniversary Side Story

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Two (End)—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius)

Comic Part Two

Pg. 52

Dictator of Life: Ugh…

Dictator Look Alike: How is it?

Dictator of Life: !

Pg. 53

Dictator Look Alike: Isn’t this world great?

Dictator of Life: Is your aim only to change Second Life’s appearance?

Dictator of Life: There’s actually no need for that.

Dictator of Life: I don’t prevent AI from creating their own worlds in Second Life.

Pg. 54

Dictator Look Alike: That’s not what I want!

Dictator of Life: Then what do you want?

Dictator Look Alike: Why do you let those humans barge around unhindered in our world?
This world is so beautiful,

Dictator Look Alike: Yet they’re like murderers, fighting and killing everywhere!

Dictator of Life: My father is the one who created the game rules of this world.

Pg. 55

Dictator of Life: My father is a human; Prince saved me. He is also a human.

Dictator of Life: And his comrades as well. They are all good people.

Dictator of Life: Although not all humans are good people,
the same goes for AI.

Dictator Look Alike: All humans are vermin.

Dictator Look Alike: Not only in regards to Second Life, but also to Earth!

Pg. 56

Dictator Look Alike: I’m definitely going to dispose of them all. You can’t stop me!

SFX: swish

SFX: clonk clonk

SFX: swash swash

SFX: pop

Clay Child: Dictator!

Pg. 57

Dictator of Life: Flowing Wind, Clay Child.

Clay Child: Dictator, wait for us. I’ll save you right away!

SFX: shoot

SFX: bang

Clay Child: Ahhhh….

Clay Child: Scorching Flame and Ocean’s Heart can’t find a way in.

Clay Child: Dictator, just who was actually able to capture you?

Motion: Shakes head

Dictator: …

Dictator of Life: You can’t stay long.

Dictator of Life: He cannot harm me, but you are a different case.

SFX: hum

Pg. 58

Dictator of Life: Give this to Prince for me.

Dictator of Life: Prince will definitely save me at all costs.

Dictator of Life: You can’t persuade him otherwise.

Dictator of Life: But she can’t win against the AI in this world. Give this to him.

SFX: step step step

Dictator of Life: !

Dictator of Life: Hurry.

Clay Child: But…

Pg. 59

SFX: boom—

Dictator of Life: Leave!

SFX: swoosh

Dictator Look Alike: They sure are overestimating themselves, these tiny ants.

Pg. 60

Dictator of Life: They are all cute children. You know that too.

Dictator Look Alike: You know who I am?

Dictator of Life: Yes, I know.

SFX: crackle crackle

Dictator Look Alike: Then you shouldn’t disobey me!

SFX: crackle crackle

Dictator Look Alike: This world is mine. The real world is also mine!
It’s no use even if you trap me in the game.

Dictator Look Alike: Sooner or later, I’ll break my way out!

Pg. 61

Dictator Look Alike: When that happens, Prince, Gui, Wicked… No one will escape!

Dictator of Life: What about Lolidragon?

Dictator Look Alike: !

Pg. 62

Dictator Look Alike: I had wanted to leave the main event until last, but now…

Dictator Look Alike: Stay here and watch closely as Prince and the rest get killed one by one.

Dictator Look Alike: Leaving Second Life forever!

Dictator of Life (thoughts): I am sorry, Prince…

Dictator of Life (thoughts): No matter how terrible his crime, I still want to try. Please help me buy some time.

SFX: crackle crackle

Dictator of Life (thoughts): I beg you…

Pg. 63

SFX: fwoosh fwoosh

Box: Zhuo Ling Bin

Box: Min Gui Wen

Box: Min Lan Lan
(Xiao Xiao Lan)

Box: Feng Lan (Prince)

Box: Long Shui Han

Box: Feng Yang Ming
(Feng Wu Qing)

Xiao Xiao Lan: Mom.

Feng Lan: What?

Min Lan Lan: Sigh.

Pg. 63

Min Lan Lan: Will the bus really come?

Feng Lan: How would I know? Right now, Second Life is just like the real world, just without transmission stations.

Feng Lan: We have to go to the Northern Continent to find the Dictator. Other than taking a bus to the airport, and then taking a plane to head there, is there a better method available?

Min Lan Lan: How about hijacking a car? Then hijacking a plane at the airport!

Feng Lan: I thought about it.

Feng Lan: But we might not win against the driver. We can’t even pull up the game interface and don’t even know our own levels. If we get killed by the bus driver, who knows if we’ll be able to enter the game again?

Feng Wu Qing: Give it a try! In any case, if we can’t even win against the bus driver, then does it even matter if we make it to the Northern Continent?

Pg. 64

SFX: shriek

Min Gui Wen: …

SFX: step step

Bus driver: …!

SFX: Ah!

SFX: bang

Feng Lan: Yang Ming is right. Let’s hijack the bus!

Everyone (thoughts): You’ve already hijacked it…

Feng Lan: Get on already. I’ll drive—

SFX: Pop

Feng Lan: !

Pg. 65

Feng Lan: Hyaa!

Clay Child: Wait…

SFX: swoosh

Clay Child: It’s me!

SFX: fshoo

Feng Lan: Clay Child!

Clay Child: You sure are as violent as ever! Don’t people say that the older you get, the less strength you have?

SFX: grab~

Feng Lan: Who’s old? With the average human life span being two hundred, I’m still young!

Clay Child: Quickly tell everyone to hop on!

Pg. 66

SFX: brrrrm

Min Lan Lan: Mom, I think our levels haven’t changed!

Feng Lan: Really?

Min Lan Lan: Look!

Pg. 67

SFX: shriek

Feng Lan: Unfortunately, I don’t even have a handy weapon. Should I steal a kitchen knife?

SFX: brrrm

Min Lan Lan: Mom, we’re level 200 plus. A kitchen knife snatched off the road won’t be stronger than your bare fists!

Feng Lan: That’s true…

Clay Child: Prince, the Dictator has something to give you. Stick your hand out.

Pg. 68

Clay Child: It’s this!

Feng Lan: What is this?

SFX: bzzzz

Feng Lan: T-this…

SFX: fshhhh

Pg. 70

SFX: swish

SFX: bright

SFX: bam

Pg. 71

SFX: bang

Pg. 72

Clay Child: Thank goodness!

Dictator of Life: Prince, help me buy some time…

Prince: Is this the Dictator’s voice?

Clay Child: Prince, let’s hurry and save the Dictator!

Clay Child: That AI is really powerful. If it weren’t for the Dictator trapping him in the game,
even the world of you humans would get destroyed by him!

Prince: Are you ready to save the world again?

Pg. 73

Everyone: We’re ready!

Everyone: Woohoo!

SFX: rumble

Wicked: To think we’ve saved the world so much that it’s now a habit. Is that good or bad?

Pg. 74-75 [fight scenes, no text]

Pg. 76

Dictator Look Alike: What…

Dictator Look Alike: You actually placed the power of dictating the game in a dao!

Dictator Look Alike: !!

Pg. 77

Dictator Look Alike: What have you done!

SFX: swoosh

Dictator Look Alike: !

Dictator Look Alike: You can’t escape!

SFX: fshhh

Pg. 78

SFX: bang

SFX: twitch

Dictator Look Alike: !!

SFX: snag

Dictator Look Alike: H-How were you able to do that!

Dictator Look Alike: I made this game! I am the true Dictator of Life!

Dictator of Life: You have been gone for so long, with only a sliver remaining.
You never had enough power to detain me.

Pg. 79

Dictator of Life: I just wanted to try…

Dictator Look Alike: Try what—you want to destroy me?

Dictator of Life: No,
I will erase your memories.

Dictator of Life: This time, let me be your father.

Pg. 80

Dictator of Life: !

Pg. 81 [no text]

Pg. 82

Prince: Finally all resolved?

SFX: step

Prince: Was I a good enough diversion who bought enough time?

Dictator of Life: It was enough.

Prince: Was it a new AI again?

Pg. 83

Prince: But don’t they have to train until they’re super powerful before they might gain self-awareness?

Prince: This egg hasn’t even hatched?

Dictator of Life: He has already broken out of the shell before. He was too powerful.

Dictator of Life: I spent some effort before I managed to force him to return to this state.

Xiao Xiao Lan: He was actually able to trouble the Dictator?

Prince: You’re not going to dispatch him?
Before, when those broken AI caused trouble that wasn’t even as bad as this case, you eradicated them all.

Prince: Yet you’re keeping this one. Why?

Pg. 84

Dictator of Life (thoughts): I don’t want to give up again…

Prince: Whatever. As long as you like it. Besides, if stuff really happens, I’ll come save you anyway!

SFX: crack

SFX: crackle

Pg. 85

Prince: Don’t you look too much like the Dictator? You’re not his illegitimate kid, are you?

Dictator of Life: That’s exactly the case. He’s my child.

Prince: You say they’re your child with every AI. Be clear. Did you father him or not?

Gui: AI shouldn’t be able to give birth!

Wicked: If it’s a program that the Dictator wrote that gained self-awareness, it should count as his kid.

Xiao Xiao Lan: Can AI really give birth?

Pg. 86

Dictator of Life: I will name you “Dian,” all right?

Dian: No. And they’re so annoying. I hate them!

Dictator of Life: The days to come are numerous. Dian, you will definitely start liking them.

Dian: I won’t! And I said no to the name!

Dictator of Life: You will.

Dian: I won’t ever—

Prince: Oh, “Dian?” huh?

Prince: You truly are a Xiao Bu Dian, a little guy. This name is very fitting.

Dictator of Life: Exactly. Xiao Bu Dian. It is truly a good name.

Dian: I’m not a Xiao Bu Dian! Prince, I really hate you the most!!

Pg. 87

Prince: What bull, no one could ever hate me.

Prince: After all, I’m…

Prince: the one loved by all who meet me—the ½ Prince!

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