Update: May 2017

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May Chapters
  1. GOD V1C6: Special Training to Definitely Not Get Killed
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C2: Confused; Confined by Part 1—The First Clash Between Lies and Truth
  3. No Hero V5C5: Friendly Act; Merciless Deception
  4. Dominion’s End V3C1: The Guard Tower

Welcome to May. If you haven’t checked it out, we released Part 1 of the 1/2 Prince 10th Anniversary side story last month! We’re hoping to release Part 2 (final part) next month. Part 2 is all in comic form. Look forward to it!

Our webhosting has not been very stable lately. We are looking into it and hope we’ll return with good news. But for now, rest assured it is not just you. Sometimes, trying again at a different time will help. Making use of Facebook, Twitter, or our RSS feed to follow our updates instead of refreshing our website will help us with server load. If you continue to have problems after waiting, shoot us an email, and we will assist you in troubleshooting. (ETA: Our hosting issues should be solved now! \o/ If you come across anything wonky, let us know. ETA2: We’ve updated our theme. Comments should work better now, as well as visiting the site on a tablet or phone.)

We are running an April Fool’s contest over at our forum. Check it out! Deadline is June 10th. We look forward to your participation.

We have tons of new ebooks!

We have a new PDF of Dominion’s End V2 thanks to ListeningDaisy. Grab it here!

We have new epubs and mobi files of 39 LSK v1, ILT v1, and NH v2-4 thanks to aoinezumi! Grab them at their respective pages.
LSK ebooks
ILT ebooks
NH ebooks

Last month, Prince won the lava hot spring poll! (Poor Prince…) This month’s poll question about mothers and children is thanks to SunnyRia~. Who would be the mom of each pair? Let us know what you think in a comment. :D We are taking poll ideas over here~

13 Responses

  1. seikyo

    And grisia as a mother ? what the heck ? That’s way too unnatural
    And DE is last again this month.. How depressing..

  2. Lulumoon

    Gui and Lesus. Since the post said mother and child, I assume the first name is the mother and Gui is the only mother who would survive since Lesus would be the child and would take care of his mother without a doubt. Sun and Prince, don’t know who would cause the most trouble; Lolidragon and Georgo, no. . . just no. A “free spirited” mother with a player of a son is a danger to the club scene and single people everywhere. Ah Ye and Ecilan would spend their time in the kitchen trying new desserts and meals, more like chef and sous chef than parent and child. Jiang Shuyu does not seem like the kind of parent who would allow his daughter to do nothing all day while pretending to write novels.

  3. Le.

    Hi I didn’t know where to ask my question but I was reading sun knight and when I got to one hfapter it seemed to be missing all of its content. It is volume 3 “King vs king’ please help me address this?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Try again a different time, and it might load better for you. If it still doesn’t work then, you can try emptying your cache. If that still doesn’t work, you can email us and we will try to troubleshoot for you. Alternatively, we also have ebooks of LSK you can grab, linked under the LSK series page.

  4. dollyfishe

    Grisia and prince ? If grisia become the mom, prince will be too rebellius child, although nothing is too much for grisia. While prince being the mom, will be nothing much different. Grisia will be let alone to survive (if only gui to be the father, grisia will be a bit happy, able to taste fatherly love teehee)
    But whatever, i choose yu shu and shuyu !! (Eh, the name was kind of reverse ?) Yu shu being mom is still the best (wahahahhahaha definitely Grisia and charles is not enough! *secret wish for an additional char)

  5. Jasae Bushae

    Tough call…On one hand Grisla and Prince could totally be related. They both have a similar selfishness.
    On the other hand no one is a better mother than Ice and Ah Ye would be a good child so that takes my vote.

  6. dollyfishe

    love the new look ^^ is it done ? or still under renovations ?

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