Update: July 2017

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July Chapters
  1. GOD V1C8: Shifu's Legacy
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C2: Confused; Confined by Part 3—The Lotus Dimension
  3. No Hero V5C7: Shouldering Responsibility; Turning Around and Leaving
  4. Dominion’s End V3C3: MORC

Great news for all of us, Yu Wo finished writing Dominion’s End v5. It will be on sale starting July 10th. You can preorder the book starting July 3rd. There’s a special edition that comes with a dog tag, character cards, and buttons. More information over here. You can watch an intro video to V5 over here. Book intro page over here.

As for 39 LSK v2, Yu Wo’s answer is “soon.”

Congrats to our winners of the April Fool’s contest, hazel81 and moonlightray! You can check out the different pranks submitted to the contest over here.

It looks like most of us will knock on the door before opening, just in case. Though some say they will bring rocket launchers… Hm. Scary. XD Poll question this month is about Sun in Second Life, submitted by anonymous! We’re taking poll ideas over here~.

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  1. seikyo

    Grisia can’t become number 1 assassin or knight. I first imagined him being number 1 healer then I imagined him in Wolf-dage’s place. Nah Grisia’s too cocky for that. Then I imagined him as a leecher asking people to do him small favor, but if he hated so much doing work then he’d just have to not get any important post nor even play second life in the first place. I think as an ex-demon king who had a lot of fun doing so overlord would suit him.
    And Dominion’s end is last again.. I’m not disapointed.. Not at all..

    • dollyfishe

      interesting thought
      i had another opinion tho.
      grisia lazy nature of being a leecher wont get him anywhere, and surely, he will realize that after playing around a bit. so even if he still be a leecher, that’s just an after effect (LOL)
      number 1 assassin … he might be able. but he wont choose that intentionally. after all, holy knight number one rule is not to kill (why i suddenly remember daylight? LOL).
      number 1 knight … oh c’mon. he’s a holy knight, not a knight !
      number 1 healer … if he’s a healer in his own world, he wont choose being a healer in a game world, right ? after all, he want to be a holy knight, not a healer.
      we’re left with overlord, but then again, how can it be impossible ? it’s grisia we’re talking about. and sure, a leecher overlord ! totally fit !

  2. Mizuhino

    I was thinking about it. For Grisia, I don’t think there’s a huge difference between leecher and overlord.

    I think he’d try for knight (“At least in a game I can be a proper knight!”) but his lack of practical skill would be insurmountable even in the game (the game would do its best to compensate as he levels, but we know just how bad he is with a sword from his time in a weapon’s shop with Igor and when he has great trouble staying on a horse…I think the poor game just wouldn’t be able to cope). I could see him dabbling in each instead.

  3. shay

    How could he forever make other people do favors if he is not an overlord?

  4. Icyheart

    Sob….it is already the end of the month *cough* almost the end of the month
    Where are the chapters!?!?!?!!!!??!!!!

    • dollyfishe

      just accept your fate …. sometimes PR could be cruel, but it’s good enough that they always released the promised chapter in time (on the last possible end of the month, that is!)
      i’m getting used to that, by the way :p

  5. Jackie

    They did translate it. It’s just the links aren’t working on this page yet. You can get the new chapters of No Hero and Dominion’s End when you click the series tab, then the title of the novel (No Hero or Dominion’s End), then click Most Recent Chapter.

    Thanks for the chapters!

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