Update: July 2016

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July Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C29: Part Twenty-nine
  2. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C4: Teacher's... Part 1—True Love
  3. Romance RPG V1C30: Part Thirty
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C5: House Keeper Part 3 – The True and False World
  5. No Hero V4C4: Melody, the Symphony Woven from Joy and Sorrow
  6. Romance RPG V1C31: Part Thirty-one
  7. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1Epilogue: Terminology
  8. Dominion's End V2C3: Red as Blood, Dazzling as Flowers

We wrap up V1 of Illusions, Lies, Truth this month, and we have another three chapters of Romance RPG. Enjoy! Some of you might have already noticed that we’ve added a project page for GOD. Releases of GOD will start sometime after we finish publishing Romance RPG. We hope you’ll enjoy this project, as GOD was very much a starting point for Yu Wo. Many similar themes and ideas from the series can be found in Yu Wo’s later works. GOD is complete at 11 volumes. However, we are translating from the revised, 2014 edition, which currently stands at 3 volumes. The 2014 edition contains many revisions, and the latter part of the series will supposedly contain expanded scenes and development. Get hyped! ;)

Our Legendary Sun Knight Test came to a close, and the top scores went to Cherrychimchim, tsukiyo16, and hazel81. You can look at the results over here! Included is an answer key. The prizes are making their way to their new homes. :) Check out our Twitter or Facebook for pics.

Last month, our poll was about which sword you’d prefer. The Divine Sun Sword won the poll, followed by Black Dao. I guess a lot of us will need to be very careful with that ancient sword. Don’t want to be the one to break it… The rest of the results can be viewed over at the polls archive.

The poll this month is about the power you’d like to have if you were to experience the black fog from Dominion’s End!

10 Responses

  1. Deizrouge

    Of course everyone wants the divine Sun Sword no Sun Knight has ever died while gripping it

    • Acidic

      I don’t.. I’d rather die in pieces than live another day but shouldering a debt as big as a mountain if I’m unlucky enough to break that old sword… T.T

    • dollyfishe

      i cant make up my mind between slay and black dao :p divine sun sword ? nah, it would be best to place in a museum, along with LSK char’s wax sculpture (hahahaha i still wonder where did this idea come from).
      this month pool … i really wish i had the power of water. it’s reeeeeeeeeealy hot here to the point that i feel like me burning ~><~ water water water …. if it's evaporate from the heat, i will just summon another huge pool and soak with it (and i wont die ahahahahha)

  2. Jasae Bushae

    Yay~ With GOD on the horizon, every work of Yu Wo’s is either being translated or will be translated!

  3. Lucras

    Thank you for all the things that you do <3 your the best princerevolution!

  4. diviana

    If I had the Divine Sword I would use it to bribe the Holy Church of the God of Light or to sell it as an antique.

  5. Sharada

    I wonder what there is to learn about Melody…….she’s always been so cool. I can’t see learning anything too horrible about her past. Thanks again for the updates!

  6. Mince

    So just curious, is the power to look drop dead gorgeous an actual power in dominions end? XD

  7. kaname

    will i think is the best ability is ice becuse it give you water, and in winter summer weather it help, in fight too useful in many ways depend in your image hahaha …………but its been long i wait for the new chapter when it will out ??

    • dollyfishe

      soon … in a few more hours … (by the time this approved) i hope ^o^
      just hang in there … i will keep refresh until it out muahahahahhahaha

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