Update: June 2016

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June Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C26: Part Twenty-six
  2. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C3: Secret... Part 3—The Demon King is... Shh!
  3. Romance RPG V1C27: Part Twenty-seven
  4. No Hero V4C3: Sadina, the Love between an Immortal and Mortal
  5. Romance RPG V1C28: Part Twenty-eight
  6. Illusions, Lies, Truth V1C5: House Keeper Part 2 – Barrier Dimension
  7. Dominion's End V2C2: The Bitterness and Sweetness of Coffee and Chocolate

We have three Romance RPG chapters scheduled this month, and three more to come each month. We’re heading into the climax of this story, and we’ll see the conclusion in August! Come celebrate the end with us~. We’re also translating a few extras that fall under “Magical Exchange,” which is related to the Romance RPG story. Romance RPG was the bulk of the Magical Exchange story, with two short side stories about other people visiting the antique shop. We’ll post these extras as part of Romance RPG. As for 39 Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, Illusions-Lies-Truth, and Dominion’s End, we’re publishing one chapter from each project this month. In the meantime, have fun with the chapter titles as you wait for chapter releases. Do comment lots as you read!

Did you know that The Legend of Sun Knight is now officially published in Vietnamese? It’s being published by Amak Books, with the new covers by J.U. Check them out! Congratulations to Yu Wo for getting published in yet another language~. Since LSK is now officially published in Vietnamese, we are taking down our Vietnamese translations.

In May, Yu Wo was interviewed by Elle. You can see the interview at their website, along with pictures of Yu Wo jogging.

Our Legendary Sun Knight Test is just about to wrap up. We’ll get back to everyone with the results as soon as we can. We were astounded by the amount of submissions, so you’ll have to give us some time to finish grading all of them. It’s great to see so much love for LSK! :D

Last month, our site poll was about which teacher you’d like to learn from. In the end, we shockingly had our first tie (ever?). Jiang Shuyu and Grisia tied for first place with 384 votes each, 33% of the votes. The rest of the results were Cold Fox (1/2 Prince) (17%, 205 Votes), Neo (LSK) (6%, 70 Votes), Gle (Kill No More) (4%, 53 Votes), An Te Qi (EH/NH) (3%, 37 Votes), X (No Hero) (2%, 29 Votes), Sword Spirit (RRPG) (2%, 19 Votes).

The poll this month is all about blades and swords!

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  1. dollyfishe

    hehehe … the chapters this month is promising …
    who goes for sadina and charles being in love years before ? but I think they’re not marrying, right ? and I guess that’s where madam avexilia put her hands.
    coffee and chocolate ? that would be another story of the confusing shuyu to choose between his brother and sister. hehe that could be a lot of laugh there

  2. Jasae Bushae

    WOOO! This is wonderful news! ^^
    Im so squee that so much Romance RPG is coming our way! ^^

    As for the poll, I will have to pick Sword Spirit. The others are fine and all, but how many swords give me beauty tips?

  3. Moony

    Wait, what, LSK is being published in Vietnamese?! I know what I’m going to buy next! My parents are going to be so happy that I finally start to read books in Vietnamese! xD
    Also next week, my roommate is going to return to Taiwan for one week and she’ll bring me 39 :3
    In the end I ended up being so busy that I didn’t notice that May was ending ;A; I totally forgot the test … ah well, next time!

  4. Nocta

    When I see this month poll and that people are already choosing The Divine Sun Sword, I want to yell : “Bu-but what about the repairs costs ?!!!”
    Everyone, you are too bold.

    • asdf

      @Nocta It’s because we’re all about as bad as Sun when it comes to wielding blades, so might as well pick the one that he uses XD (But hey, at least we’ve got an excuse, since in the modern age we’ve no need for experience with combative blades)

  5. NanoLaughing

    Ayeee it’s in the language of my people now! Aha, Now I can get my distant cousins to read it now xD

  6. Andi

    I looked at the Elle interview (I think the link is a little funky, I had to copy and paste it and cut out the part that was just the link to the PR homepage >.<;;; ) and I'm a little confused. Are those pictures in the Elle article really of Yu Wo? I google searched her and maybe I'm just bad with faces, but in that article she really doesn't look anything like the other images that come up of her at book signings or events? Additionally, all the pictures of her online have short hair, but the girl in the interview has long hair… So confused @[email protected];;

    • [PR]lucathia

      Thanks for letting us know about the link! It’s fixed now.

      That’s Yu Wo! Hair can grow. Maybe this is a more recent picture?

  7. Karen

    Wait. So it’s in Vietnamese? Will it ever be published in English? I’m kinda surprised (I don’t know why since a lot of Chinese stuff seemed to be translated into Vietnamese but still…). Kinda don’t want to buy it in Vietnamese just to find out it’ll come out in English.

  8. someone

    Gahhhhh, just hurry up already and give us an official English version of LSK, Yu Wo~~~~ I’d buy all eight volumes in a heartbeat… Dx

  9. Jasae Bushae

    Is it just me or has comments kinda dropped off for Princerevolution in recent months?
    I confess I myself have kinda been less involved in conversations here ever since the comment thing changed so that im not logged in all the time able to just type something without including my name and email, but its still pretty odd.

    I suppose the forums might be partially to blame, but do they get alot of activity?

  10. 15B

    Death Scythe.~ Ignoring the fact I wouldn’t even be to lift the real Death Scythe, it would be amazing to hold it. Although these weapons are all deadly if used properly, there’s just this additional gravity to a weapon meant to be held by Death itself. Death doesn’t care that giant scythes have serious practicality issues. Death will get you in the end anyway, so what does it matter if it’s not efficient about it?

    ? Wait a moment. Papa Avery must actually be pretty strong if he could have dragged the Death Scythe’s case around to deliver it to Dar those times he did in Eclipse Hunter.

  11. Jasae Bushae

    Question, I was using the mobile app and I could not help but notice that a new series has been added to the list. Is PR going to be translating GOD?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Yes, we’re translating it. :) Releases will start sometime after we finish publishing Romance RPG.

  12. Vilkuss

    Haven’t read for a while and ended up re-reading and catching up to things!

    Have to say that am impatiently awaiting more of Jiang Shuyu. The story is too addicting… //reread it 3 times already

  13. Rias

    Fortunately dominions end happens after my exam, so i wont be stressed by the fact i’m procrastinating study as i read it XD Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!

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