Romance RPG V1C27: Part Twenty-seven

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twenty-seven– translated by Trespasserby (proofread by Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Marisa revealed an excited smile and nodded.

After Duke Biggs finished briefing his daughter, he walked in the direction that the prince and Meng had departed in. And indeed, not too long later, Meng came back first, alone. She appeared to still be somewhat giddy. It wasn’t surprising that she was still a bit dazed after she had danced with a prince among the flowers under the moonlight. It simply was a scene that would only happen in a dream.

“Hey!” Marisa coldly greeted Meng.

Meng abruptly came back to her senses and looked at Marisa oddly. “Is something the matter?”

“Do you want that sword back?” Marisa revealed a malicious smile.

Sword! Meng immediately looked all around for Sword Spirit, but the guard she had entrusted him to had disappeared. Meng was frantic. At that moment, she guessed that this was something Marisa had done. Suppressing her anger, she asked, “Where’s my sword?”

“If you want it back, then come with me.” After Marisa finished speaking, she didn’t cast Meng another glance and her disinterested, bobbing, graceful figure left.

Although Meng knew Marisa did not have good intentions, she had no option but to follow along. Sword Spirit might really be in her hands, but it was possible Marisa might only be issuing empty threats, which Meng secretly hoped was the case. Being verbally threatened was unpleasant, but at least it wouldn’t lead to dire consequences. Also, she didn’t believe the curses from a lady like Marisa would be too horrible. Perhaps they wouldn’t even be half as nasty to listen to as Sword Spirit’s words.

Meng followed Marisa the entire way. Finally, they arrived in the kitchen. Outside the kitchen stood two guards, but it seemed that there was no one inside. Meng couldn’t help feeling a little frightened. However, she was able to make out from the crack of the door that a sword seemed to be lying on the table. Meng clenched a fist. She couldn’t abandon Sword Spirit, no matter what.

She had just walked to the doorway when she heard Sword Spirit roar, “Meng! Don’t come in! Once you enter, we’ll both be dead! Hurry and go! Go find Edward.”

Meng gasped. At that moment, Marisa turned around, her face cold and heartless. Meng made a quick decision. What Sword Spirit said was right. Staying would lead to them both dying. Only Edward could save them. Immediately, Meng turned around to leave, but the two guards were planning to seize her. Meng gave a vicious kick to one guard’s crotch. Taking advantage of him screaming in pain with his knees crossed, Meng broke into a run.

“Quick! Hurry and capture her! Don’t let her find the prince!” Marisa furiously roared. Five or six guards sprang up from the sides and joined the chase.

However, Marisa didn’t join them. She steadied her breathing and walked into the kitchen. Sword Spirit was lying on the table. The strip of cloth that had originally been used to cover his mouth had been bitten through.

“Although you are only a sword, you are quite loyal,” Marisa said softly.

Sword Spirit did not assume this was a compliment. In fact, anyone could tell from Marisa’s twisted features what she truly felt. Sword Spirit could only hope that Meng would be able to find Edward in time. If she was caught by this woman, Sword Spirit really did not dare to think of what fate would befall Meng.

Marisa picked up the sword and walked, step by step, to the brightly burning furnace. Sword Spirit also felt that his back was growing hotter and hotter. With a tremor in his voice, he asked, “What are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” Marisa revealed a smile. She innocently said, “Nothing! My hands only slipped carelessly, that’s all.”

Once she finished speaking, she ruthlessly threw Sword Spirit into the furnace. The blazing flames immediately engulfed Sword Spirit…

Lin Jian Yin struggled to stand up, but his head was still foggy.

“Jian Yin, Jian Yin, are you okay?”

Lin Jian Yin opened his eyes to see that the anxiously shouting person in front of him was Bai Xue Chen. Beside him was Yue Lan. On the table were many large and small packages of delicious-smelling food, seemingly brought along as midnight snacks.

Lin Jian Yin didn’t even greet Bai Xue Chen. He only quickly turned his head to look at the television where a girl character was hiding inside a flower vase, not daring to move. Not far away were people searching all over for her.

It was as if Lin Jian Yin could see that girl’s terrified expression. Even the tears on her face had extraordinary clarity. He shouted over and over again in fear, “Meng. Meng. She’s in danger. I have to hurry and go save her. I have to…”

“Jian Yin, calm down!” Bai Xue Chen was shocked. He looked at the image of the game. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like a regular Nintendo game with a pixelated image and chibi Super Mario Brothers-type characters.

After being shouted at like that, Lin Jian Yin looked somewhat dazedly at Bai Xue Chen for several seconds and finally came to his senses. He smacked his head, and after taking several deep breaths, his breathing was even enough for him to say, “That’s right. What’s wrong with me? It’s just a game. At most, it’ll be GAME OVER. Meng isn’t in any danger.”

“B-But…” Yue Lan still had an expression of lingering fear, and continued saying, “B-but” without being able to say anything more.

Lin Jian Yin looked strangely at Yue Lan and then at Bai Xue Chen, opening his mouth to ask, “What?”

Bai Xue Chen looked at the image on the television. At some unknown time, the girl character had already been found by the people searching for her. Several people dragged her in front of a woman wearing a white dress. At this moment, Bai Xue Chen’s face abruptly paled. He turned his head to say to Lin Jian Yin, “I think Meng Ling might be in danger.”

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  1. Mizzy

    Swords don’t just break in a kitchen furnace, do they?

    Well, if all else fails… I guess, later on, there’s the possibility of Jian meeting the Devil of the “God ‘n Devil” antique ‘shop’?

    [Don’t tell me if the god is God Charity, the counterpart is Devil Greed?]

    • Jasae Bushae

      They don’t even temper in a kitchen furnace. ^^;
      They don’t produce near enough heat to really do anything with metal. You could leave a steak knife in one and pull it out. So long as you don’t do anything stupid with it and just let it cool, it would be fine.

  2. Nocta

    Thank you for giving us 3 chapters this month but please tell me the next one isn’t gonna end in a cliffhanger too…
    Cliffhanger-san, I have faith in yoooouuu

  3. dollyfishe

    aaaah … for some reason I just finished reading this although I already had find it a few mins after released. what happen with me today ? I didnt do any of my routine, forgetting PR! releasing a chapter even after I read a few lines of it. waaagh … is the end of the world comes soon ? if it’s mean I would meet the super handsome brothers, I guess it wont be too bad (crossed fingers, that cannot happen no matter what). oh no, the comment got no relations with the chapter at all
    *getting a bit serious* why sword return to the real word while the game continues ? usually, the game stops right ? is the sword broke ? but that would means it was already game ever then. so … ? could it be that sword was ‘fainted’, so that he return to the real world ?

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