Update: August 2016

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August Chapters
  1. Romance RPG V1C32: Part Thirty-two
  2. No Hero V4C5: N/H, the Farce of Rejecting Humans Yet Acting Human
  3. Romance RPG V1C33: Part Thirty-three
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 1: The Children that Can't be Touched
  5. No Hero V4C6: Heroes, Believing and Being Believed
  6. Romance RPG V1C34: Part Thirty-four (End)
  7. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V1C4: Teacher's... Part 2—Student
  8. Dominion's End V2C4: The Jin Family

We’re here. We’re finishing yet another project! Join us in the conclusion of Sword Spirit and Meng’s adventure. This month, we’re also releasing the first of the Illusion, Lies, Truth side stories. This one is best read between volume 1 and volume 2. When Yu Wo first asked readers if they would like to see a side story about Jiang Ziya, Lu Yang, or Yu Shu, the responses were dominated by demands for Yu Shu, and so “Book Writer” resulted.

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have a PDF of Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1! Grab it here~

Wonder what the carrion-bloom bird looks like? This artist drew Shuyu fighting against it.

Last month, our poll was about what power you’d wish for if you experienced the black fog from Dominion’s End. First place went to The power of electricity (25%, 269 Votes)! Electricity is very useful and powerful indeed. The rest of the results were The power of healing (22%, 239 Votes), The power of ice (16%, 170 Votes), The power of looking drop dead gorgeous (11%, 123 Votes), The power of wind (10%, 108 Votes), The power of water (7%, 71 Votes), The power of fire (5%, 58 Votes), The power of detection (4%, 34 Votes). Looks like 11% of you would like to be drop dead gorgeous. ;)

This month, because of the Olympics, we have a question about sports! It’s synchronized swimming time!

22 Responses

  1. erenu

    ou yeahhhhhhhh 2 chapties of No hero this month! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    about the poll, I vote for the Twelve Holy Knights, as knights, they are used to march in formations so it would be easier for then to coordinate movements ( and we´d have 12 bishies to look at in swimming trunks………muahahhahahaha ^^)

  2. 15B

    If I were watching this competition, I’d be cheering for the Four Great Heroes to win, but honestly speaking… I’d expect the Jiang Dominion Troop to win. Out of the four groups, they’ve worked together the most.
    The Four Great Heroes probably have worked together the least, since they’re usually working in their own separate spheres of influence. In addition, Ah Ye, Aren, and Ji Luo Chu have only become acquainted recently. Solitary Butterfly’s identity is even still a mystery!
    The Twelve Holy Knights don’t seem to fight as a group that often, even if they’re very close. But they do have the most people, so it’d be pretty impressive to watch anyway.
    Odd Squad’s worked together a lot, so I’d expect them to be second place… If not for the fact that some crazy thing would probably happen during the competition, like fangirls diving into the pool to swarm Prince or alligators being found in the water…
    The Jiang Dominion Troop seems to be the most cohesive unit, and I feel like their timing is probably pretty good.

    • Luna

      My line of thinking was similar to yours. I also voted for Jiang Dominion Troop seeing as they are a group that implicitly trusts each other, physically skilled, has a lot of experience together, and they are quick to obey their leader. A lot of those qualities could be said of the 12 Holy Knights except its actually got to be a serious matter for everyone to cooperate otherwise you’d probably see Earth and Sun arguing, Cloud would disappear, Blaze would be rushing ahead on his own, and so and so forth. On the other hand if Shutian were to seriously want to do synchronized swimming it is going to happen, plus I think his group would want to just for the fun of showing off or messing with people’s heads by doing something so out of character.

    • ~RenTheWitch~

      Same, more over, can Grisia even swim all the way being the indoors type lol?

  3. Puja Chan

    2 chapters of NH??? YAYYYYYYYYY……….. u don’t know how happy I am. I’ve been dying to wait it last month, PR!, u guys are really really really good people, thank you ^_^

  4. Jasae Bushae

    Honestly between those choices the four great heroes have the best chance since it does not have a weak link anywhere in its line-up. However, im going to pick the twelve holy knights because reasons.

  5. dollyfishe

    why … how come you all so easily answer the pool ? i’m still confuse between LSK and JDT. four heroes is out (coz it’s only four people, and girls compete with boys ? but usually on a synchronized swimming, it’s only between four, right ?) ugh … it seems like JDT is out coz shutian wont be one of the one swimmer there T_T now ….. left with LSK !! but since LSK will win the vote (again?), i voluntarily choose HP ^o^

  6. Andi

    Okay, this was a tough poll. At first glance I thought “The twelve holy knights, duh!” but then paused when I reached the Jiang Dominion group. The Jiang Dominion group would be flawless with their athletic skills, and their team work/coordination. Plus they are all super handsome or beautiful! (By the way, some picture of hell would somehow definitely occur just after Odd Squad got into the water, and I don’t think the 4 great heroes would actually be that coordinated… specifically, I think Aren would have a terrible time remembering the sequence while Ah Ye would be terrifyingly perfect with everyone else struggling to match him.)

    The Twelve Holy Knights are also extremely good looking. They must always have a perfect act in public… which makes me think that is where this could go awry. Storm is all about Freedom. He HAS to be. I think it very much might be in his character to either not show up or be at the side lines winking at women while everyone else is trying to do the routine. The other wild card would be Blaze. He just flat out does what he feels like. He might storm off and say he thinks it is stupid. Lastly…. Grisia’s physical ability is abysmal. I am not actually sure he would have the physical stamina to finish the routine… Although I wouldn’t put it past him to secretly cheat with magic, so perhaps it would be a non-issue? (For example, I can see him using wind to prop him up or breathe leisurely under water… He might even move the water itself to propel himself with a current… and shoot a current to try to drag down Earth to make him look bad while he was at it >.>;;)

    Conclusion: I want to see all of them swim XD But I think the Jiang Dominion Troop would actually win.

  7. shay

    Omg two real no hero chapters!!!!!
    Love ya :3

    Dreams of a month full of NH and LSK chapters. Not that I don’t like the other series. I just stopped reading them at the first chapters because I know that I will be tortured waiting for it like what is currently happening with me with all the other things I read.

    As for my poll answer, no hero would win if the sun emperor knows it, if not then the twelve holy knights.

    The twelve holy knights. Although I very much doubt their coordinations, I mean! Just by standing and being together, the could win any competetion just by smilling/threatening at the judges. Skills don’t matter, abilities dont matter, coordination…who cares about that.

    BUT no hero has ah ye… The brother would be like: my lil bro will be swimming you say? Bribes everyone and get skilled photographer to photograph this event. Bribes grisha and the pope.

    Like I said, it doesnt really matter how good they are… I mean i would be personally rooting for the twelve holy knights. But this groups in the contests… if they really want to win their syncronize swimming ability doesnt really matter.

    Im over think it… just got a bit happy with 2 nh chapters. I dont even know what I just wrote. Meh… posts it without editin

    • Luna

      I totally didn’t think of it this way but I think you got a point there, overwhelming hotness could possibly be an ability in of itself LOL.

  8. Moony

    Oh, the end of Romance RPG is in sight! I’ve always waited for it to end, since you weren’t that far off anymore, so I might start reading it next! Thanks for you hard wor
    And two chapters of No Hero this month, that’s awesome, thank you!

  9. vanang28

    If there is a prize LSK will definitely win. Grisia will do anything to get that prize. If none, well everyone will be too lazy to join ?

  10. Vilkuss

    For a moment i was sad that will have to wait for 39-LSK and Domminion’s end till the end of the month. But then i noticed…
    2 no Hero chapters!
    My mood is lifted =w=~

    As of poll – it’s hard to decide. LSK’s knigt’s would ake a performance to droll for… But Jiang Dominion’s troop is very athletic as well and mght even work together better! Although, if we look at overall image and age…

  11. Droll

    I had to choose Jiang Dominion troop cause I thought of Dage and i would give up the world to see him in a swimsuit lol.

  12. Lucras

    Wait wait guys it would be jdt because they have water element users and wind users, the 12 holy knights may have stamina but they don’t have natural attributes. Besides Shutian would merely freeze them so they win anyway haha.

  13. Eclipsek

    Okay, so we all are trying to find out who would win in synchronized swimming. Let’s just use logic and reasoning.

    I don’t know much about the Odd Squad, however, I’d like to say that I can FULLY justify why they wouldn’t win anyways.

    Onto the Four heroes. Now, not all of them know each other that well and really, some of them have only recently met. Other than Ah Ye’s guaranteed perfect performance, I’m not so sure about the others.

    I personally think that the Jiang Dominion Troop (One of my favourites) would win with their flawless coordination. Still, sadly they definitely would not win. That’s because of the Twelve Holy Knights lead by Grisia. They have a 100% chance of winning, even if they all just flail around in the water like a magikarp. Why?…

    Cuz who can guarantee that the other teams won’t suddenly “disappear” or end up in “unfortunate accidents” since you can’t win if you don’t show up…

    • Sweet

      I think like that too >< when I first read the list (odd squad) I began to think of some scenarios, but when I reach the twelve holy knight, I just stop thinking and vote for them.. Actually I think every team lead by Grisia would win -,-
      hmm, to make my vote look more reasonable, I'll say they have worked together as a team long enough, I think any kind of teamwork competition would be won by them.

  14. sakhyu

    Ah, Romance RPG is ending? If that’s the case, would you be replacing it with GOD? Or would we get more updates for the novels currently translated?

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  15. Monica

    If the following groups participated in a synchronized swimming competition, who would win?
    – Odd Squad (1/2 Prince)
    – The Twelve Holy Knights (LSK)
    – The Four Great Heroes (No Hero)
    – The Jiang Dominion Troop (Dominion’s End)
    Behind the screen..
    Ri Xiang Ye: “Kyle, bribe any Didi opponents so they can concede quietly without my Di consent!!”
    Lots of luxury bag for Lolidragon, Bunch of Gold for Grisia, a suitcase full of Evolution Crystals for Shuyu (who knows where he got them)
    OK, so No Hero team win XD

  16. rose

    Hmmm….I’m surprised you didn’t do a ” All disqualified due to their hotness which is absolutely illegal” or a “all Win due to their swag” option… but since it’s not there…. Go The Dominion Troop!

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