Romance RPG V1C33: Part Thirty-three

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part Thirty-three – translated by Minna (proofread by Trespasserby & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

It took Lin Jian Yin a moment before he recovered his breath and could speak once more. “I know that I’m not perfect.

“I have many flaws. I have a sharp tongue, and I never say anything good. But I’ll change half of it. If there’s something bad, I’ll still say it’s bad, but if there’s something good, I won’t forget to compliment you on it.

“I can’t do any housework, and I can’t even tell Chinese cabbage apart from other cabbages, but we can buy groceries together. I can certainly take you by car to buy groceries and then help you carry the shopping basket.

“I’m not gentle nor am I considerate enough, but I will learn to respect you more. I know that you like to wear very comfortable clothes. If it’s not a formal occasion, you can even wear Pikachu or Minnie Mouse for all I care, even though I think that Hello Kitty is cuter…

“We didn’t have any romantic moments, either. The first time, I thought you were a female ghost, and the second time, we were buying groceries at the supermarket…”

Meng still didn’t move and only lowered her head.

Lin Jian Yin, whose face was as red as a tomato, finally asked after much hesitation, “You, are you willing to give up the perfect prince behind you and a thrilling romance with lots of excitement, to choose me, who is full of faults—a guy you officially met at a supermarket?”

“Full of faults…” Two streaks of tears rolled down Meng’s cheeks. She said, choking with sobs, “Aren’t I full of faults, too?”

She turned around and faced Lin Jian Yin. This time, she didn’t swipe the tears away. “I’m a coward, I don’t like to change, and I won’t ever be able to follow current trends.

“I’m discouraged easily. I’ve only been rejected once and had already given up on myself, letting myself be like an auntie all day.”

“You, you weren’t that terrible.” Noticing her tears, Lin Jian Yin clumsily rushed to cheer her up, but seeing Meng looking straight at him, he unintentionally spoke the truth. “In the beginning, you really were very terrible! Even Ru Hua1 on television was better than you by far, but now you’re much better! Ah!” Lin Jian Yin stopped, realizing he’d put his foot in his mouth again. How could I take Meng and compare her to Ru Hua? God!

“Pfft,” Meng let laughter escape at Lin Jian Yin’s horrified, gaping expression. She then wiped her tears and with a grin, added, “You don’t have a sharp tongue. It’s simply stupid through and through, you stupid man.”

“You stinking woman! If I’m stupid, you aren’t any better. One stupid, the other plain, aren’t we just the right pair, then?” Lin Jian Yin was a little angry at the beginning, but by the end, he suddenly grew a bit giddy.

“I don’t care if you call yourself stupid, but why did you have to call me plain? Don’t you know that calling a woman plain is actually a very severe blow to a woman’s confidence? It’s no surprise that even though you’re as handsome as Edward, you’ve chased away so many women,” Meng retorted without mercy.

“What’s this about me looking as handsome as Edward? He’s the one who looks as handsome as me, OK!” Lin Jian Yin declared earnestly. He’d had this face for twenty-eight years now. No matter how you looked at it, he had lived longer than a game character, right?

Lin Jian Yin! You only have three minutes left to propose!

This voice sure sounds like Bai Xue Chen’s! Lin Jian Yin couldn’t help looking right and left, checking to see if Bai Xue Chen was nearby.

“What’s wrong?” Meng couldn’t refrain from asking, seeing him like that.

“It’s nothing. I thought I heard Xue Chen’s voice.” Lin Jian Yin looked perplexed. He’s not here.

“What did he say?”

“He said I only have three minutes left to propose.” Only after answering truthfully did Lin Jian Yin realize this sentence’s meaning. Are there only three minutes left of the trial version now? Lin Jian Yin was in such hurry that he didn’t know what to do. I have to propose to a woman within three minutes? He… he hadn’t mentally prepared himself…

Lin Jian Yin was so distressed that he tousled his hair. In his mind, however, he suddenly felt a couple of numbers counting down right at that moment. Two minutes and thirty seconds, two minutes and twenty-nine seconds…

Sensing his time running out, Lin Jian Yin was so frightened that he blurted out, “This, this… I don’t care anymore! Meng, marry me.”

Meng stared right at him. Lin Jian Yin had a head of tousled hair, his body was even transparent, he didn’t even think of kneeling down, and even his tone was rushed. You call that a proposal?

Meng pursed her lips. “You’re so unromantic.”

“Who cares about being romantic or not at this time?” Lin Jian Yin glared. “Fine, what do you want me to do?”

Meng began to smile sweetly, coughed two times, took her wedding bouquet, walked in front Lin Jian Yin, who was unable to move, and offered her bouquet with both hands. Her tone was both gentle and sweet when she said, “This imperfect man, are you willing to accept me, this imperfect woman, forming a possibly not very perfect, but tolerable marriage?”


1 “Ru Hua”: 如花 (Rú Hua) was a normal female name, but it also belonged to a very ugly girl, who appeared in the movie “Hail the Judge” (九品芝麻官) directed by Zhou Xing Chi (周星馳). Due to that movie, this term is used as a synonym for an ugly girl (醜女) nowadays.

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  1. Kamui

    Surely not first twice in a row, right? Either way, I am waiting for more interference from devil guy, ’cause this is just way too simple and straightforward for both yu wo and the story itself so far.

  2. Nocta

    “If it’s not a formal occasion, you can even wear Pikachu or Minnie Mouse for all I care, even though I think that Hello Kitty is cuter…”
    He is being really frank, isn’t he?

    Thanks for the chapter! I can wait for the end!

  3. lee

    love everything written, but for some reason it said its completed…. wheres the last chapter?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      It’ll be out soon! Where did you see that it said the series was complete? We might have meant that Yu Wo has finished writing the series, even if our translations haven’t caught up yet.

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