Romance RPG V1C31: Part Thirty-one

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Thirty-one—translated by purplezero (proofread by Trespasserby & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

Lin Jian Yin fiercely jumped up. He rushed out so quickly that Bai Xue Chen didn’t think he could catch up to his good friend, so he needed to catch a cab home by himself. Bai Xue Chen lifted his head up and was shocked to see a frightening scene—a black shadow rapidly crawled and filled the living room, as if it were alive. Darkness immediately engulfed more than half of the originally plentiful white space. In the blink of an eye, that black shadow was already near the round table.

Just when Bai Xue Chen thought that he would be swallowed by that black shadow, the black shadow was instead held off behind God Charity. By that time, with the exception of the little round table, everything else in the living room had become black.

It was as if God Charity didn’t notice the situation. He only kindly reminded Bai Xue Chen, “Mr. Bai, it’s getting late. Please go home earlier and rest.”

Bai Xue Chen didn’t want to stay a moment longer in the first place. He turned around and immediately rushed out the door. He could hear Devil Chaos’s laughter behind his back.

“Do you think it will be that easy? You think you can destroy my business? When would humans ever be willing to give up perfection to choose imperfection?”

“Meng! Wait for me.”

Lin Jian Yin rushed home and practically busted down the door, startling Yue Lan, who was inside. Not yet fully recovered from the shock, Yue Lan held her chest as she comforted Lin Jian Yin.

“It’s okay. The prince saved Meng.”

Just a moment ago, Lin Jian Yin would certainly have been happy to hear this news, yet now, his heart was sinking. He had associated with Edward for a period of time. Edward looked exactly like him, but he was a prince. Every woman dreams of a prince. Furthermore, Edward also had qualities he didn’t possess: a good temper, the air of a nobleman, gentleness and consideration… Damn! He’s such a perfect man.

Lin Jian Yin looked toward the TV screen. With a glance, his heart almost stopped beating. Edward, the prince, was currently proposing to the woman Lin Jian Yin loved.

The current scene was different from before. It was skipping forward like a spinning film.

“It’s very weird. It became like that around twenty minutes ago. The plot is progressing very fast.”

Yue Lan knitted her eyebrows.

“Just now, the prince inside the game realized that Meng was gone. He was extremely worried and led a search with his guards. One of the guards who once held you said Marisa took you away. The prince rushed to question her. Only then did he find out the truth and was able to rescue Meng.”

Twenty minutes ago? That’s around the time I left the antique shop…That man wearing black! Lin Jian Yin had the gut feeling that he was the one behind it.

Just as Lin Jian Yin gritted his teeth, Yue Lan mumbled, “The characters are too small to make out clearly. Just earlier, Meng appeared to have waited a long time near the furnace that almost melted you…”

Yue Lan’s eyes moved toward the screen. She gasped, “Oh no! Meng… Meng… She accepted the prince’s marriage proposal.”

Lin Jian Yin looked toward the screen where the scene still showed the kitchen. Meng just so happened to take the ring offered by the prince, who held it up while on one knee. Her face appeared to be calm. However, she looked sad when she occasionally glanced at the furnace.

Lin Jian Yin didn’t hesitate anymore. He inserted the cartridge into the Nintendo and waited for the two vortexes to roll him into the game, to roll him to his love’s side. He no longer foolishly denied that he cared about this woman who was always very common. He liked this woman whom he had changed. He loved this woman who never got scared off by his nasty mouth even up to the end.

Sword Spirit opened his eyes again, but the situation wasn’t like what God Charity had said with nothing to worry about. He was still inside the furnace with a blazing fire burning him. The fear of melting away assailed his heart. He yelled dreadfully, hoping that Meng would hear him, or that anyone would hear him and take him away from this place.

But this place no longer had anyone else. Sword Spirit didn’t know how much time he had spent here either after entering the game. It was possible that Meng had already gone off to marry the prince. The pain in his heart was far worse than the blazing fire outside.

Don’t be scared. Endure this period of time and you will be able to go find her.

A breeze of a whisper floated through Sword Spirit’s mind. Sword Spirit froze for a moment but gratefully calmed down. Even though he still feared melting, his real fear was of the fact that if he melted away and died, then he would not be able to search for Meng. However, that gentle voice told him that as long as he endured this, he would be able to go find Meng. Therefore, there was nothing to fear anymore.

Once the sword melted away into a piece of metal, no longer retaining the shape of a sword, a half transparent human form stepped out of the furnace. He didn’t hesitate in choosing a direction, taking off in quick strides.

A handsome man dressed in a black priest gown was standing at the wedding altar to witness the wedding of the kingdom’s prince and soon-to-be princess. He looked weird. This handsome man didn’t really look one bit like a clergyman or a priest. Down to his very bones, he gave off an evil aura and wore a smile that made it seem like he was mocking the commoners.

But the marriage sermons he read weren’t the least bit negligent. He didn’t use much effort to speedily read through the long marriage sermons. After that, he asked the most important question.

“Edward, do you take Meng to be your wedded wife, in…”

Edward, without hesitation, answered, “I do.”

The man’s sneering smile became even more apparent. He then proceeded to turn and ask the bride, Meng, who was still wearing the pink formal dress. That was what she had requested of Edward. She had only wanted to wear the first formal dress that she had bought from working a job with Sword Spirit, even if the sword was no longer on her back.

“Meng, do you take Edward to be your wedded husband, in sickness and in health, and pledge yourself only to him until death do you part?”

Meng slowly lifted her head and felt that the priest in front of her was rather familiar. However, that wasn’t important. Edward was waiting for her response. She turned away. Edward wasn’t aggravated by her delayed response, but rather wore an encouraging smile.

This man was simply too perfect. At times, he would make you feel as if… you were faced with the blazing, bright sun and couldn’t keep your eyes open. Meng shook her head. What was she thinking? The man in front of her would soon be her husband.

Meng forced herself not to think much about it anymore. She turned and answered the priest, “I do…”

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