Romance RPG V1C29: Part Twenty-nine

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twenty-nine – translated by Minna (proofread by Trespasserby & Arcedemius; C/E edited by lucathia)

“Jian Yin! Wait for me.”

By the time Bai Xue Chen had turned his head, the person in the driver’s seat had left the car and was ten meters away already. Bai Xue Chen followed him hurriedly. Seeing the worry plastered all over Lin Jian Yin’s face, Bai Xue Chen actually revealed a smile and started to plot what kind of excuse to make to escape after they saved Ye Meng Ling, to give them both some alone time together. Right, the best one would be to take away Lin Jian Yin’s car keys altogether. That way he would have an excuse to stay.

Lin Jian Yin didn’t even notice that his good friend was busily scheming. He only had to think about how that peacock woman might hurt Meng for his heart to tighten so much that it was difficult to bear, as if someone were firmly holding his heart in their palm right now.

Ye Meng Ling’s residence was like many other people’s. It was a place with an apartment manager, where you needed to use a card to get into the complex. The two men, who didn’t live there, naturally wouldn’t be able to get in. Lin Jian Yin was left with no alternative other than to try and ring the doorbell as though his life depended on it, hoping that it would wake Meng up, and that it might even let her escape from the game. But after he rang it for about ten minutes, and there was still no one answering him, Lin Jian Yin anxiously smashed the doorbell, ferocious, and even kicked the metal door a few times.

About that time, Bai Xue Chen led the manager over while talking to him, “…My cousin said she would eat dinner with us, but even after the time we agreed to meet, she didn’t come, and her cell phone is unreachable. She has asthma as well. We’re just so worried about her…”

The old manager nodded his head, said that he understood, took one key from a big chain of keys, and opened the door. He led the two youngsters to Ye Meng Ling’s residence.

As soon as the manager opened the door to Ye Meng Ling’s residence, Lin Jian Yin impatiently rushed inside. The apartment wasn’t very big, and the living room appeared to be pretty small, though very clean and tidy. It had some simple and stylish decorations as well and looked very refreshing. The only messy aspect was the Nintendo placed on the floor, where no one could be seen in front of it.

Lin Jian Yin rushed to the television. His eyes stared intently at the screen, where Meng was still being held inside the jail. Lin Jian Yin looked down toward the Nintendo. The cartridge inside was pink. He reached out to pull out the cartridge, but the cartridge seemed to be stuck in the Nintendo. No matter how hard he pulled, he wasn’t able to pull it out.

Lin Jian Yin felt very annoyed. Without regard to anything anymore, he just wanted to smash the whole Nintendo, but Bai Xue Chen hurriedly prevented him from doing so. He told Lin Jian Yin, “Look!”

Following the direction the finger pointed at, Lin Jian Yin looked down at the Nintendo uncomprehendingly. At first, he didn’t feel that anything was strange. But when Bai Xue Chen pointed it out, he unexpectedly spotted a faint black fog surrounding the Nintendo. Lin Jian Yin had never noticed this particular phenomenon on his Nintendo before.

“What’s happening?” he asked, a little scared. That black air gave off a bad vibe.

Bai Xue Chen’s lips formed a hard line, and he asked, “You found the antique shop above your company, right?”

“Yeah…” After he answered, he also added, “But the fifty-first floor the antique shop is on doesn’t exist.”

Bai Xue Chen took a deep breath and said, “Let’s hope the fifty-first floor will be there later. Let’s go.”

Looking both relaxed and content, God Charity flipped through a book, occasionally sipping black tea, which filled the room with its fragrance.

“You did it on purpose!”

A deep growl dripping with anger destroyed this moment of leisure. Following that, a handsome male with black hair and red eyes, who was brimming with malevolence, stepped into the living room in a rage. Inside the living room, the walls turned gray and the furniture, such as the cupboard filled with various things, the sofa, and the television, turned into a deep black like the night sky. Only the small, round table God Charity was sitting at remained white.

God Charity replied in a calm and unruffled manner, “Do you want a cup of black tea?”

Devil Chaos knocked over the teapot with one swipe, coldly saying, “I do my business, you do yours. We agreed not to interfere with each other.”

“I didn’t interfere with you, did I?” God Charity revealed an innocent and honest smile. If it were a normal person, he or she would’ve believed him as soon as they saw him smile like that, but the man brimming with malevolence in front of him wasn’t a normal person.

“Why did you sell the other game cartridge to another person? You knew that I had already sold a cartridge shortly before that,” Devil Chaos inquired.

God Charity’s eyes shone brightly. “The customer chose the Nintendo himself. I couldn’t not give him a cartridge, could I? Moreover, if you’re allowed to sell cartridges, obviously, I’m also allowed to sell them.”

It was true that the customer had chosen it himself. Devil Chaos wasn’t able to refute that point, but he still retorted rudely, “What’s up with that agreement? The contract between you and him isn’t reasonable at all. Your benefits are way less than what you’re investing.”

“My benefit and my investment are equal. The cartridge is a trial version,” God Charity explained indifferently.

“You!” Devil Chaos wanted to stomp his feet in anger. It was true that God Charity hadn’t violated any regulations, but he was using loopholes.

At that moment, the door bell rang clearly. God Charity revealed his innocent look again and said, “I have customers.”

Devil Chaos narrowed his eyes and looked to the entrance, as if he could see through that door. After taking a look, he snorted and left the living room, leaving only his words echoing through the air, “Don’t be too cheeky! Don’t forget, I’m much better at using loopholes and such than you are.”

God Charity revealed a rare worried expression on his face, but the moment the door was pushed open, he regained his original smile. He had a smile on as he looked at the two male customers: one an old customer, the other his current one.

As soon as he saw God Charity, Bai Xue Chen’s eyes lit up. He looked to his left and right immediately. His surroundings were a mass of white, the walls were white, and the furniture was white. When he saw this scene, Bai Xue Chen visibly relaxed, but still asked to be sure, “He… isn’t in?”

Lin Jian Yin was completely confused. He didn’t understand who Bai Xue Chen was talking about.

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    Yay first to comment! Thank you PR! for the translation~ Ohohoho is God Charity trying to play match maker? XD Or is he trying to save Meng? Hahaha idk.

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