Update: December 2022/January 2023

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December/January Chapters

  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C3: Home, Part 1—Reunion Dinner
  2. No Hero V9Extra2: That Age
  3. No Hero V9Epilogue: Character Introductions
  4. Eclipse Hunter V4C3: Sorrowful Anger
  5. Big and Little Sun Go Go 49: Happy Mother's Day
  6. Big and Little Sun Go Go 50: Experimental Subject

Hey all, happy end of 2022, and welcome to 2023! We’re excited to bring you the very final chapter of No Hero, an extra included at the end of volume 9. And so, we officially wrap up another of our series. It took a long time, but we’ve made it!

Yu Wo has recently been posting a bit more on Facebook again, so perhaps we might see new releases in the future. She did bring some bad news that one of her publishers is closing, so books from that publisher will no longer be purchasable. Those series include Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, Eclipse Hunter, and Gong Hua. However, it does sound like she may have plans to take LSK and NH to a new publisher to release, while EH and Gong Hua probably won’t be rereleased. She seems to especially want to release LSK again since 39 LSK is still ongoing.

We are no longer able to access our old poll idea form, so we now have a new one! We’ve missed your poll ideas! Please help us with some new ideas here.

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  1. Moony

    Happy New Year to you, PR team!
    May you have a good, healthy and happy one! Thank you for all your work as always!

  2. MissOpportunity

    Thank you for the updates! Happy to hear Yu Wo is posting more! I hope LSK gets published again! I’m not certain if the novels were ever released in English but I’ve contemplated purchasing the series many times in the past but I’ve never been able to find the English novels for sale T.T

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