Big and Little Sun Go Go 49: Happy Mother’s Day

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 49: Happy Mothers’ Day—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by lucathia)

“You have to find the King of Aberrants?” Ri Xiang Ye searched through the experimental data. After the assessment was complete, he said, “The strongest monster in the dataset should be number 042.”

042? Elaro suddenly remembered the number they had previously received as a hint: 013.

“It’s not 042, it’s 013!”

Just as he finished speaking, he heard the sounds of gunfire from the room he had been planning to go to. Elaro immediately stopped trying to figure out which number it was, and rushed forward in a mad frenzy. He wasn’t expecting that Ri Xiang Ye would be even faster than he was and pass him in an instant.

Upon seeing that, Elaro felt both respect for Ah Ye and happiness that they had summoned help like him. He quickened his own pace to follow suit.

As they rounded the last turn, Elaro saw the scarlet cloak with a glance. Hungri was turned sideways, using his entire body to shield the child he was holding on to. On the other hand, Liola was brandishing a silver rod and facing off against ten soldiers holding guns. Thanks to his extraordinary speed, he darted among the crowd of people, not giving them the opportunity to open fire.

The two unconscious soldiers already lying on the ground were clearly Liola’s work.

Without hesitation, Ri Xiang Ye rushed forward to join in the fray.

Facing a new enemy, the soldiers instantly began shooting. Alarm shot through Elaro. He wanted to place a Shield of Earth to block the bullets, but it was clearly already too late.

But then he saw Ri Xiang Ye step directly onto the wall and dodge all of the bullets. With several large sprinting strides, Ri Xiang Ye arrived at the soldiers’ location. He twisted his body, stepping on the ceiling. Then as the soldiers raised their guns toward the ceiling, he fell like a cannonball to the ground, sweeping his legs out and kicking two of the soldiers down.

Once they had fallen prone, Liola struck them on the back of their necks with his silver rod. They immediately fell unconscious.

Ri Xiang Ye lifted the guns off those two people. Following that, he fired at each of the soldiers’ right hands. After he finished nullifying their combat capability, Liola stepped in to knock each person out. The tacit understanding between the two of them was as though they had already been comrades in arms together.

“Use a concealable weapon to defeat enemies armed with guns: three enemies, four enemies, five enemies… Quest complete. Reward: fifty points.”

In reality, Elaro had actually only knocked down one person. The other people being counted were from him slipping in a knife in the time Ri Xiang Ye and Liola took to knock down enemies, just so that the quest would be completed.

Elaro felt a little apologetic. He didn’t want to give these people an additional knife wound, but the best he could do was find somewhere that wouldn’t hinder them too much to stab into.

The ten enemies were completely dispatched in moments.

After the battle finished, Ri Xiang Ye stood where he was, unmoving. He said, puzzled, “Based on the research notes, 013 doesn’t seem to be strong.”

Liola stood to the side. Hearing Ri Xiang Ye speak, he looked over but then saw Ri Xiang Ye’s black irises flash with numerous glimmers of light. It looked very strange, but he still remained unperturbed.

Elaro hurried over to Hungri’s side. Upon seeing that Hungri seemed to be unharmed, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Hungri asked with concern, “The sounds from just now were so loud, but they still didn’t wake your teacher up. What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s just tired.”

After hearing that, Hungri shifted his gaze to Ri Xiang Ye.

Elaro promptly gave an introduction, “This is Little Ah… This is Ri Xiang Ye! He came to help us.”

Hungri chuckled “hehe” twice. One person left, two came back. But in any case, his Sun Knight seemed to run into everything. Whether it was having a demon king as a teacher, being covered in injuries ever since he was little, or being kidnapped to a strange world to complete missions!

Will: “It has been detected that the readers are currently celebrating Mothers’ Day. Initiating special activity: They’re absolutely my mother!”

  • Mommy Pink: Negate a mortal wound once. However, the time remaining in that world will be in the form of a death knight
  • Mommy Scarlet: Turn into the Demon King for twenty-four hours. Side effect: mental state will be highly unstable.
  • Stephen counts as a mommy too: Can forcibly bind an NPC from that world and compel them to work for you. If the NPC declines, they can be sealed as punishment.


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  1. Jasae Bushae

    Im not really sure what the first one means…Would they have turned into Death Knights?
    Though GOSH Scarlet would have been a scary option.

  2. Kamui

    Although protective, I am going to argue that they are all terrible mothers… and Yu Wo is maybe better.

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