Big and Little Sun Go Go 50: Experimental Subject

Big and Little Sun Go Go

Original novel in Chinese by 御我 (Yu Wo)

Part 50: Experimental Subject—translated by Trespasserby (C/E edited by lucathia)

Will: “Readers selected: Stephen counts as a mommy too: Can forcibly bind an NPC from that world and compel them to work for you. If the NPC declines, they can be sealed as punishment.”

Elaro was a little unsettled by the words: “forcibly,” “compel,” and “sealed as punishment.” He didn’t particularly want to use this item. But after thinking it over, he didn’t worry about it anymore. In any case, his teacher would find a suitable use for it!

“What about that professor?” Hungri frowned and said, “Didn’t I ask you to bring him here?”

Elaro looked at Ri Xiang Ye and explained, “Ah Ye said we didn’t need to. He knows more information than the professor.”

Hungri muttered, “He still could have been a hostage.”

But he didn’t continue to insist on it. With the strength Ri Xiang Ye and Liola displayed, along with Elaro’s strength, their traveling troupe was clearly highly capable. Having a hostage wasn’t very necessary.

“We’re looking for 013. Let’s go this way.”

Ri Xiang Ye took point since this place looked similar to his world. Hungri felt like he had been summoned here to carry the kid, and he was free enough that he could even chat with Elaro.

“Why were you dragged into doing such a strange mission?”

Elaro helplessly said, “I have no idea what’s going on. But once I finish the mission, I can go back without even a second of time having passed. By the time you go back to our world and knock on the door next to you, I’ll be there.”

That’s if you manage to come back without any issues! Hungri had an ugly expression on his face as he said, “Elaro, promise me that you’ll come back!”

“Mhm. I’ll definitely be back,” Elaro swore as he nodded seriously.

Hungri let out a deep sigh. “Good thing Teacher Grisia is here too. You two shouldn’t have any problems.”

If it were Elaro by himself, Hungri would have been so infuriated that he would have gone straight to see the God of Light. But with Teacher Grisia here, everything should be fine?

As soon as he got back, he was going to knock on Elaro’s door!

Ri Xiang Ye stopped walking and said, “Hide inside this room.”

He pulled open a door to the side and everyone went in. As soon as the door shut, they heard the sound of hurried footsteps from outside. A large number of people passed by intermittently.

Ri Xiang Ye explained, “Because I activated the fire alarm, they think that a fire broke out and are rushing to evacuate. After all, this is an underground laboratory. There aren’t even any windows facing outside. After they all leave, there won’t be anyone left in the upcoming area. We’ll have a small window of time to find 013’s location.”

Elaro felt that maybe they really would be able to finish the main quest within an hour…

Hungri couldn’t help expressing his admiration, “You knew about those people heading here. Your sensing has to be even better than that of Teacher Grisia’s!”

Ri Xiang Ye didn’t understand and asked in response, “What is ‘sensing’? All I did was hack into their surveillance system.”

“Hack into their surveillance system?” Hungri understood each individual word, but together they made no sense. But anyway, it’s probably an ability like sensing. Different worlds must have different names for it.

Ri Xiang Ye asked curiously, “I don’t think I met you when I was little.”

“He’s Angel Hunni.” Elaro gravely introduced. “My coworker.”

“… What’d you call me? Want to say that again?”

Ri Xiang Ye burst out laughing.

Hungri shot Elaro a glare and introduced himself, “I’m Hungri.”

“I’m Elaro.” Elaro couldn’t forget that child from the day before who had clearly not wanted to leave but still remained strong when he had to go.

He pointed at the child in Hungri’s arms and said, “This is Grisia. He’s the Angel Sia from when you were little.”

Ri Xiang Ye nodded. Although his age was different, his features were still the same. He had already determined that this was the Angel Sia from back then.

The Angel Sia from when you were little? Astonished, Hungri thought, Elaro can’t have been here for years already, right? But that doesn’t seem like the case. He’s clearly the same Elaro I said good night to yesterday!

“What about you?” Ri Xiang Ye looked at Liola. The interest in his eyes was greater than when he had looked at Hungri. We worked together extremely well in battle just now!

Liola was silent for a moment before saying, “I’m not an angel.”

Ri Xiang Ye let out a “pfft” of laughter before saying, “Elaro, your friends are really interesting!”

Elaro smiled dryly. He had only known Liola for less than half an hour more than Ah Ye.

“O.K. We can go now.” Ri Xiang Ye pushed open the door and said, “We don’t have a lot of time. They’ll quickly realize something isn’t right.”

Ri Xiang Ye led the group to a long corridor. On both sides were huge, clear glass panels that stretched all the way to the ground, where individual glass cylinders stood. The air had an unfamiliar and strange odor.

Inside those cylinders were human figures, but with strange mutations.

Some of the people had bodies that were half translucent, where their blood vessels and internal organs were clearly visible. Their hearts were even faintly throbbing…

There was a girl whose face was twisted in pain. But on her neck was another face that was wildly laughing. Her whole body was covered with growing, incomplete facial features. However, they were gradually forming into faces…

For the most part, the people in the cylinders were silent and still. But there were some that twitched and writhed in their tubes…

“What even is this?”

Everyone’s expressions had changed. Although all of them were people who had experienced many things before, seeing the things inside the tubes still left them feeling unable to breathe.

Hungri thought, If I were this world’s Judgment Knight, then there are a lot of people who need to be interrogated!


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