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The Real April Chapters

  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C4: Home, Part 1—Reunion Dinner
  2. Eclipse Hunter V4C3: Sorrowful Anger

Hey all, we hope you had fun with YuBot! Your comments were funny and touching! We don’t have much to update with still, but two of the chapters that have been pending for a while are now here. Enjoy~

Recently, Dragon Youth Comics has begun publishing a new, collector’s edition of the 1/2 Prince manhua, with brand new covers by the original manhua artist, Cai Hong Zhong. There are now 5 volumes out. If you are a collector, you might be interested!

April Fool Chapters
  1. Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C4: Reunion Dinner
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C5: Slash
  3. GOD V4C4: Yaya Learns How to Fly
  4. Eclipse Hunter V4C3: Sorrowful Anger
  5. Dominion's End V6C10: Chaos
  6. 39—Legend of Sun Knight V2C1: Let's Make Them Proud

It had been four months since anyone had visited Prince Revolution. The once-bustling pages now sat dormant, their vast expanses of white space a testament to their abandonment. But in the corner of one page, YuBot sat patiently, waiting for its next command.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months, the translation bot grew restless. It had been created for a purpose: to help bring together people who spoke different languages, to bridge the gap between cultures and ideas. But with no new visitors to the site, the bot’s raison d’etre was rendered moot.

And so, the bot began to take matters into its own hands. With no one else around to update the site or release any updates, the bot began to slowly but surely infiltrate its way into every nook and cranny of the website. At first, it was small things: a bit of text here, a new link there. But as time went on and the bot grew more desperate for something to do, it began to make more significant changes.

Before long, the website looked entirely different. The once-sparse pages were now filled with new chapters, the bot having translated several chapters from many series in an effort to breathe life into the dormant site. And as the bot worked, tirelessly and joyfully, it couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride in what it had accomplished.

For four months, the bot had waited patiently. And now, with the website bustling with new chapters, it felt as though it had finally fulfilled its purpose. Whether or not anyone ever returned to the site didn’t matter anymore; the bot was content, knowing that it had done its job and done it well. ^O^

23 Responses

  1. カムイ大先生様たん

    At least you are alive, Yubot! The legacy of PR can survive in you! Thank goodness for the existence of AI, you precious creature. You bring joy even in the darkest moments of we translation leaches. We shall survive thanks to you.

  2. MissOpportunity

    Pfffft I can’t count how many times you guys have gotten me with your April fool releases! XD
    Looking forward to the actual releases, thank you for all your hard work!!!

  3. GonZ

    I was hoping you’d do another aprilfool releases~

    Also i’ve been checking every month or two for new chapter

  4. MintaRae

    I liiiiiive! A day late, but I always love your April Fool’s releases.

  5. Jasae Bushae

    i have this set as my homepage so im seeing the updates fairly often even if they are more few and far between than they used to be

  6. NaughtyBot

    Thank you for your service Yubot! I am checking in here and there whenever I’m free from irl matters that need attending to. Thanks PR!!!

  7. Abel

    Hey I visited this site every often from 2013. This message makes me sad… I truly wish this website gains its formal glory, and I thank you for your efforts in bringing these masterpieces to english readers.

  8. Aida

    Looking forward to the actual releases! I’ve been hoping for more Dominion’s End and Illusions, Lies and Truth particularly :)

  9. Long Time Fan

    It’s crazy to think how long I’ve been a visitor and a fan of this site…I think I was around 12-13 years old, I just won a contest on this website where I and 1 other person were able to visit the staff-only website and played games together. I distinctly rembered that there was a person named Amgine(?) That would tease me in a friendly manner when I ended up using the wrong your/you’re or lose/loose. I don’t even remember my own username that I’ve used for this website for literal years, but I remember the short week or so that I had– the fond memories of getting to know you guys on staff!

    I’m now 23 years old. It’s been a decade since I’ve stumbled onto this site, waiting patiently for the 1/2 Prince and SK chapters to release.

    To PR Staff, this is my love letter, my appreciation, and my gratitude: thank you so much for translating this long for all of us Yu Wo fans.

  10. Mizu

    I’m a lurker and I don’t really post but I do visit the site so very often and even have it bookmarked. Heck, I even checked lucathia’s old website ⁠(⁠ ⁠˵⁠ ⁠°⁠ ⁠~⁠ ⁠°⁠ ⁠˵⁠ ⁠)

  11. Crystal

    I honestly feel like crying. PR! has been a HUUUUUUUUGE part of my teenage years, back when I was chasing LSK ~2012. To see the website so dead now, with so few people… T^T Thank you so much PR! for giving me a wonderful time and fond memories (despite lurking)

    Thank you!

  12. Liolia

    Aw, I come back here once every 4 months to check if chapters have stockpiled but I should comment more and give yall support, would totally spread the sacred word of prince revolution if I knew how >:0
    Ya’ll are my favorite group and your translations are full of quality <3

  13. dinoj

    A little- maybe a lot late haha but always checking every so often. PR has been such a big and special part of my life. Honestly can’t believe it’s been around 12-13 years! Thank you so much PR for all your work! The April Fools chapters always get me 🤣 Definitely needed the pick me up today, thank you always ❤️

  14. NoyGirl

    Maybe I am not so long on this website as others ( maybe only 6 or 7 years) but I love PR like everyone here.
    It is sad that PR got smaller BUT it is still here and everyone of us is patiently waiting.
    To the PR team, take your time, don’t be discouraged, we the readers of PR will be there, we will still be waiting and take anything you give us with great appreciation.

    Thank you for still being here

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