The Legend of Sun Knight V3C9: “Bring the Princess Back to the Castle”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Ninth Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “Bring the Princess Back to the Castle” – translated by Nausicaä

That person fell silent for a while, but did not deny the name I had shouted or the words I had spoken. Then, softly, she said, “Sun, release that girl. I was the one who killed Leaf. You should come at me instead.”

I coldly replied, “The weapon that killed Leaf was the rapier of a dark knight.”

“I told him to do it,” she admitted frankly, and further explained, “If we hadn’t killed him, we wouldn’t have been able to escape your pursuit.”

Upon hearing that, I said, through gritted teeth, “I thought you understood me.”

Pink let out a peal of laughter that tinkled like silver bells, and responded, “It’s because I understand you so well that I killed Leaf. Even if you had known that Resurrection could’ve been used within eight hours of death, during which you could have probably healed the Son of the God of War and company, brought them with you to defeat us, and then resurrect Leaf, you definitely wouldn’t have done so. In your eyes, there is nothing more important than your fellow holy knights, not even a princess.”

“Then you should know,” I burst out furiously, “that anyone who kills my holy knights must die!”


The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 2: “Truth in Disguise”

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Story: Truth in Disguise

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Truth in Disguise Part 1 – translated by Lucathia

Inside the basement, Chikus kicked at the four walls surrounding him with all his might. The walls were made of stone. With his current strength, it was completely impossible for him to rattle the walls.

Even though he knew that his actions were entirely pointless, he still couldn’t stop and do nothing, since all he could see before him was a shroud of darkness. At all times, this darkness invaded his senses. Whenever he stopped moving, he would feel as if he were about to be swallowed by the darkness…

Suddenly, the only door to the basement opened.

The sudden light caused Chikus to squint. He raised his head and saw, next to the basement’s door, a head of golden-blonde hair that glinted under the sunlight. Because of the backlight, even though the person’s face and upper body were visible, everything was still fairly blurry. There was a ring of light around the person, almost as if the entire body were giving off light.

The person who had arrived extended his hand out to him and said with a smile, “I’ve found you.”

½ Prince V7C4: Celestial’s Fury

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Celestial’s Fury – translated by ErodingPersona

“Scorching Flame?”

I had no idea how long I was just standing there staring when an anxious voice suddenly echoed out. I tentatively looked to where the voice had come from, and my eyes fell upon Celestial… Celestial? I half-crawled, half-rushed to him, hugging him as I asked, “Gui, you’re not dead?”

“Gui?” Celestial answered, bewildered, “What are you saying? Scorching Flame?”

I stiffened. This wasn’t Gui. This was the real Celestial. Hoarsely, I asked, “Are you really Celestial?”

Celestial blanked out for quite some time, and replied with a strange tone, “Of course I’m Celestial.”

Gui really has disappeared. I squatted on the floor again, and said bitterly, “I am not Scorching Flame. I am Prince.”


½ Prince V7C3: Gui’s Kindness

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Gui’s Kindness – translated by Nausicaä

I didn’t know how long I had been kneeling in that same spot, with nothing but a feeling of absolute emptiness in my heart. I should have known. What sort of ultimate technique could Wicked possibly have to defend with, alone, when facing Scorching Flame of the Four Heavenly Kings? There had to have been some trick for him to have made such a decision!

It was simply too late when I finally realized this. Wicked had already disappeared from Second Life, along with Scorching Flame. The only thing I could do now was to take revenge for him by killing the real instigator behind all of this: the Dictator of Life!

I wiped away my tears and stood up. What I had to do right now was to go to Mount HuaLian and meet up with the others. But… I looked to my left and right, and then back again. Why does this forest look all the same to me? Which way am I supposed to go? This… even more than Wicked’s self-destruction, this was the one thing that made me feel weak in the legs… I really hope that I can get to Mount HuaLian by myself!

I had no choice but to consult with Lolidragon first. I opened the PM channel and asked, “Lolidragon?”

“What? What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you guys have already reached Flower City, you can’t be that fast?” Lolidragon asked dubiously.


½ Prince V7C2: The Disappearance of Wicked

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: The Disappearance of Wicked – translated by Lucathia

“This is AnRui,” I introduced to everyone in Infinite City. After seeing their dumbstruck expressions and increasing breathing difficulties, I added another fatal blow. “Is everyone ready? If so, take a seat. It’s time to depart.”

Everyone was speechless. After a lot of struggling, Nan Gong Zui finally managed to squeeze out a single question, one that he obviously already knew the answer to. “What are we sitting on?”

Naturally, I gestured toward AnRui. “You know, AnRui.”

“Where are we going to sit? On the shell?” Neurotic widened his eyes.

Silently, I walked up to AnRui’s side and patted its shell. At that, AnRui opened its shell and rolled me up with its tongue (don’t ask me if clams really have tongues. I don’t know either. I’ve never encountered tongues when I ate clams in the past. AnRui somehow just had one). I then lay on top of the soft clam meat, as comfortable as if I were lying on top of a water bed from Simmons. It was hard to suppress my continual feeling of drowsiness.