Yu Wo’s Birthday Song – Update

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One of our readers, Chronicole, has submitted some modified lyrics to the Poem of Light song, making it now rhyme. We tweaked it slightly to improve the rhythm and here’s the final product. If you’re interested in singing the song and haven’t done so already, please try using this version.

Thanks again, Chronicole!

Birds flying high and CLOUD drifting past
The golden SUN illuminates the path
Up in the trees a LEAF rustles gently
A butterfly flutters past me Continued

Yu Wo’s Birthday Present – Video

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Just wanted to know how you people felt about making a video to go with the e-card for Yu Wo’s birthday. Should we hold a competition? Anyone wants to submit their fanart (Pics of all Twelve Holy Knights needed)? Does anybody want to volunteer to make the video?

There’s a song, it’s called 光明诗 (Poem of Light). The LSK version lyrics were written by 絮靈 (Xu Ling), and the music is “Namida no Monogatari”. You can listen to the Chinese version here, and “Namida no Monogatari” here.

I’ve written some English lyrics to the song, and sang it. You can hear the normal version, and the fast forwarded one (personally I prefer it fast forwarded). Please forgive my singing, I’m no Yuri Chika OTL. I’ve also added an instrumental version which you can download, if you want to sing it yourself. As an extra note, some of the PR staff may sing a mixed chinese/english version together.

The lyrics may sound a bit weird since they are directly translated from Chinese, but here it is:

Poem of Light

Birds flying high and CLOUD floating past
The golden SUN illuminates the path
Up in the trees a LEAF rustles gently
A butterfly passes me by Continued

February Poll Discussion – Move Aside, Cloud Knight, We Want Your Position!

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At the time I’m writing this, 1376 people voted in February’s poll, “If you were to become one of the Twelve Holy Knights, whose position would you want?”

I was very, very amused by the results.

Cloud Knight wins by a huge margin, with 405 votes, 29.48% of the votes. That’s more than double the next two knights, those being Sun with 167 votes at 12.15% and Hell with 160 votes at 11.63%.

The positions people wanted the least went to Stone Knight with 16 votes at 1.16%, followed by Metal Knight with 25 votes at 1.82%. Poor Stone and Metal. No one wants their positions? I assume it’s only because we don’t know much about them yet, including what they do and what they’re like. I mean, why would you choose to be Storm over being Stone or Metal? XD; That’s resigning yourself to slaving over endless paperwork, and then dying from hair dye! (Okay, okay, maybe you’ll be smarter than Storm and not get roped into doing paperwork for your entire life… Maybe you’ll actually get to flirt for real if that’s how you roll).

Sun, Hell, and Ice’s votes were fairly close. I wonder why people chose Sun… do you all feel up to the task of appearing graceful? XD; If so, props to you. It sounds like a majorly hard feat!

Ranked from most to least, these were the results of February’s poll.

• Cloud Knight (29.48%, 405 Votes)
• Sun Knight (12.15%, 167 Votes)
• Hell Knight (11.63%, 160 Votes)
• Ice Knight (10.92%, 150 Votes)
• Judgment Knight (9.68%, 133 Votes)
• Leaf Knight (7.28%, 100 Votes)
• Earth Knight (4.59%, 63 Votes)
• Blaze Knight (4%, 55 Votes)
• Moon Knight (3.93%, 54 Votes)
• Storm Knight (3.42%, 47 Votes)
• Metal Knight (1.82%, 25 Votes)
• Stone Knight (1.16%, 16 Votes)
Total Voters: 1376

(The actual end results can be seen in the poll on the side if you want to take a look.)

I’m very curious about why everyone chose the knight that they did, so I’m posing that question here! Why did you choose whichever knight you ended up choosing?

For myself, I was one of those 405 people who chose Cloud’s position. XD;; I certainly wouldn’t mind hiding away in cabinets or closets to read books, and I would get to mind my own business (and disappear when I feel like it). Even Sun wouldn’t pay me too much attention, so I would be mostly free from the worst of his plans. Sounds pretty ideal to me! (And I get to scare people!)

So, how about you? :) Who did you choose, and why? Leave us a comment!

(Our new February LSK chapters, v3c3 and v3c4 are up now, so drop by, take a read, and share your thoughts~).

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