Update: March 2015

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March Chapters
  1. Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince V1C2: Chapter 2
  2. Dominion's End V1C2: The Black Fog Unveils
  3. Romance RPG V1C3: Part Three
  4. No Hero V2C10: Flowers of Blood Bloom, the Unheroic Hero Grim Reaper
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C6: “The Bright and Brilliant Smile—The Calm Before the Storm”
  6. No Hero V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

Hi all, here’s the March update and our tentative release schedule. We’ll be wrapping up No Hero V2 this month! We’ll also be releasing one chapter each of LSK, DE, and KNMvsHP. If we end up finishing any more chapters, we’ll edit this post to let you know, but as always, don’t get your hopes up. =P

EvlNabiki is looking for some help with Papermoon scans! Click the read more to find out more.

Hello everyone!! Nabs (evlnabiki) here, currently proofreader here at PR and admin of Papermoon scans~ Papermoon scans is basically the home of abandoned projects, and right now we’re recruiting for all of the positions! Listing in a rough order of necessity, we need:

Translators: we have chinese and japanese raws, so translators for them are preferred. However, if you have raws in your language (e.g. Thai, Vietnamese) for the necessary projects which you can translate for us, please go ahead and apply as a translator for that language~
qcers/proofreaders (applicants must be able to do the job of both)

We are very lenient and willing to offer help, so please don’t be scared even if you’re a beginner! (We’ll even accept negative experience~~ As long as you have the will, everything else can be managed ^u^) Everyone here is also studying and/or working, so schedules are quite flexible~

To apply, please head to papermoonwosagashite.tumblr.com (our site right now), head to the askbox/submission page, and simply state your preferred name, a reachable email, your availability, the project you’re interested in, and any past experience (if applicable) ^u^. Alternately, you can email these details to volchitsaizh@gmail.com .

Our projects right now are:

hoozuki no reitetsu (ongoing)
the prince in his dark days (complete at 4 vol)
kirakira soda chocolate (complete at 2 vol)
hoshizora no karasu (ongoing at 5 vol, scans only in chinese)
dansui (2 vol, ongoing)
toukyou lastochika (complete at 2 vol)
pen to chocolate (complete at 2 vol)

That said, Hoozuki No Reitetsu has the highest priority, and apart from that nothing else is set in stone. Thus, juggling the priority of the series can be managed, and if you find yourself interested in another series, we are open to suggestions. However, you must be able to help out for HnR. You must also be 10000% positive that the project you are interested in is definitely abandoned or has yet to be picked up. The last thing we want is to enroach upon manga which has already been claimed.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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  1. Miau Miau Yeen

    Oh yay for another DE~~!! Thank you so much!! ^^

  2. Whoa… so fast!
    #hoping LSK moreeee#
    Thanks for your hard work

  3. ………..It’s still the start of the month right? I didn’t unknowingly fell into a coma for two weeks right? Are you guys high? Everything okay in real life? Abandoning it and comitting your life to translation isn’t good you know?

    Oh, what am I saying.. It IS good! Fantabuloulicious even. Keep going guys.

  4. Uwaahhh, thanks for the hard work…!!!! I am so looking froward to the next No Hero chapter…!!! And *sniff*sniff* The end of the LSK. PR staff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. By the way, why is the app not updated yet??? I really really like reading there. Anytime, anywhere.

  5. *guiltily, very guiltily*
    I voted that I wanted to eat Ice’s cooking the most. I’m sorry Charles. I want to eat your cooking too, but the allure of sweets is too strong.

    (<.< Eating dinner at Xiao Lan's house is too hectic. Forget having an after-dinner walk, I would be running out of the house after dinner from fear.)

  6. nekoasato

    can someone die from impatient? because i can’t wait to know what happen in the new chapter of Dominion’s End! and of course LSK too!

  7. I want to suggest ”Jadou” .I think I can help as cleaner but I am a begineer.

  8. *suddenly realizes something* It’s almost the end of March… And after March, it is April. And at the beginning of April is the first day of the month. And the first day of April is April Fools’ Day!

    And because it is the end of March, that means April Fools’ Day is soon.

    … Time flies so fast…

    • Don’t reveal us before it’s even April!!! =P (How are we to surprise anyone like this. But I guess it’s not all that feasible anymore. We’ve cried wolf so many times already XDDD)

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