Update: April 2015

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April Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C7: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates” (April Fools' Version)
  2. No Hero V3Prologue: Prologue (April Fools' Version)
  3. Romance RPG V1C4: Part Four
  4. The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories 17: “Knife Blade Part Two”
  5. Dominion's End V1C3: Aberrants
  6. No Hero V3Prologue: Prologue
  7. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C7: “The Demon King VS The Church of the God of Light—Battle Between Subordinates”

We’re so happy to be able to bring you this update post at the start of the month, just like last month! The stars must be aligning just right for this to happen a 2nd time in a row, but hopefully that’s not a sign of an impending red meteor shower. Not only do we have the update post ready for you, we even have a double release of LSK and NH today! It’s only one chapter each, but at least they’re super early! Enjoy, and have fun!

Check back later in the month for your usual chapter releases, and we’ll likely be back to edit this post with another chapter or two once we figure out what else we’re able to finish this month! We have also added all the chapter titles (subject to change) for V3 of No Hero. Yu Wo has a really cool naming system for these No Hero chapters~.

Last month, we restarted our monthly polls with the question “Whose cooking would you like to try?”

Here were the end results!

Whose cooking would you like to try?
Feng Lan’s
(8.9%, 60 Votes)
Ecilan Ice’s
(67.66%, 456 Votes)
Charles Endelis’s
(23.44%, 158 Votes)
Total Voters: 674

Seems like many of you like desserts! Ice is super happy!

The new poll this month is, “Who would you like to listen to sing?”

Last of all, we will be restarting the public forums in the near future. (Third time’s the charm?) If you have anything you would like to save from the forums, please do so as soon as you can. We will be nuking the forums soon! (Do you think sending in Grisia or Ah Ye would be more effective?)

ETA: You can now grab a PDF version of No Hero v2 over here thanks to ListeningDaisy!

44 Responses

  1. It’s must be april fool joke…

  2. YoungMind

    After, this release, I’m sure a lot of people want to hear Grisia sing :D !

  3. I haven’t read yet but I won’t be fool! I know what date it is after all :p !

  4. Lol
    Not only desserts are made by Ice hands…..I’d love to go camping with him… ^^

    I really loved to hear Wicked sing or Adair….. but I must vote for Illu.
    Imagine Illu(-Snow White like) sing : Is it you my beautiful monarch???? Lol

  5. Truthfully i can’t remember who is Lin Jian Yin..(im bad at remembering names) so i decide to search for the name and then vote, but i just can’t wait to vote so before the seatch page even finish loading i alreafy vote.. of coures to our part-time demon king, sun knight! From the moment i read about the hymn of light i always wanted to hear him sing it! Its unfortunate i can’t join the previous vote though..

    • @s_mocha
      Lin Jian Yin is from Romance RPG! He’s a singer. XD; The only actual singer! But so many of Yu Wo’s main characters end up singing in their series, so being a singer isn’t anything special, I guess, haha.

    • s_mocha

      Yes hehe so many singer maybe someday there will be a song collection book, or an album? Hehe ..
      who do u vote? And a question: “since youre adair fans will u vote for him if he’s included in the vote?”
      keke im adair fans myself but, i because there’s no information about him singing, im not really interaested, maybe see how adair and sun knight platoon ganging up someone ahem i mean teaching the kindness of god of light?
      btw i judgement singing is also a good choice..

    • @s_mocha
      I voted for Silvester. |D;;

      If Adair was included in this, I wouldn’t vote for him. Sorry, Adair, but you’re not known for your singing! I imagine that the Sun Knight Platoon probably aren’t bad singers though, if they want to gain followers, haha.

      Huh, all of the singers in the poll have high voices, I think? Judgment would take care of the other end~~

    • s_mocha

      Hmm for silvester i would rather see him dancing because he have good footwork..
      hmm sun knight platoon –> gossiping platoon –>singing platoon (?)
      Humm, there will be another poll of singing?

      …when i write my previous comment, i noticed typo.. so i tried to make the next comment better.. now i read my previous comment…

  6. I fully expected something, but… really?
    I simply can’t let this go. 8D

  7. I was expecting GLORIOUSNESS, but this is nowhere near the ones with the wuxia novels and binary code :P

    But then, I opened the LSK ‘update’ at work with speaker on….. fortunately the volume wasn’t loud…. so here’s a ”F*** YOU” for that.

  8. Why don’t you guys filter out the ”Ohoho , it’s April’s Fool!” comments? At least the newcomers would be confused then. We regular customers won’ t even bat an eyelash at this.

  9. April’s fool ???
    Anyway.I missed the last poll but I’d surely tasted Ecilian cooking!!!

  10. Glad to see that Ecilan’s our most popular cook XD I’d personally kidnap him just to have him make me sweets, haha

    If Silvie starts singing, we’ll be sitting here for hours… -.-;;

    • @asdf
      You’re right, we would be sitting around for hours. But we would get to learn about about the history of the land and the people! Imagine all the epic ballads~~~

  11. karencita

    Guys, in the last years, i have been able to learn to never trust you in april’s fools :)
    But anyway, good work as always :D

  12. bakura514

    I think last year’s April fools was better but I still look forward to it every year

  13. I think my disconnecting Internet has been eating up half of my comments. *sighs*

    But you should all definitely vote for Ah Ye! Whatever singer is your favorite, he can mimic them exactly. So Ah Ye is equivalent to any other singer you might want to vote for instead. \o\

    • Crimson

      Oh my gosh you’re right! *changes vote on another computer*

    • elisan

      And now my wild imagination draws me a scene where Ah Ya with his steel wings sings the Hymn of the God of Light…. An Angel!!!! Ive just seen an damn ANGEL!!!!!!

    • Monica

      yeah, i did vote him too for that and also wanna hear his original voice though XD

  14. G-Gui isn’t an option?! lol, does he even sing? or did he just play music? I can’t even remember XD
    And back to work before I actually start reading things and getting even more distracted~ *cries*

  15. Is it ok for me to translate “Facing the darkness” comic into my own language?

    • @elisan
      It’s locked because I don’t want the comic spreading around or associated as an official PR scanlation (it’s not). I assume that if you’re translating it to your own language, it would involve sharing it!

      (If you’re sharing among friends, that’s fine. But if you’re sharing publicly, maybe ask again if we ever unlock the post)

  16. AkaiiRia

    Thank you guys for your hard work ! :P
    This year’s april fools’ sure were funny. Yay ! Another RRPG chapter ! :D But when are you guys going to update Illusion Lies Truth?
    Seems like Sun is popular in the “Who would you like to listen to sing?” poll ! I bet your april fools’ has got something to do with it ! ;) By the way, why didn’t you add Silvester Uriah Nate to the “Whose cooking would you like to try?” poll ? I would definitely have voted for him !

    • @AkaiiRia
      We’ve hit a snag with proofreading for ILT, but I’m hopeful we’ll have something late this month or sometime next month. We’ll see. It’s not on the list until we can be absolutely sure. In the meantime, I’ve updated the synopses page for ILT, so it’s up to date with all three of the current volumes and side stories. :D

      Poor Lin Jian Yin is losing to all these non singers!!!

      Do you consider Silvester a cook? XD; If we’re choosing to adventure in the wild, he would be a good pick. But only if Ohmygod is with him.

    • AkaiiRia


      Of course I consider him a cook ! It’s been said a few times in Female Warrior that Sylvester’s cooking was divine ! Beside, that cheese thing he made for Half-Leaf looked so tasty that it actually made me drool thinking about it :P

  17. Sorry for the random question, but I was on Yu Wo’s blog and I was wondering what she was posting about on the 13th and the 28th of February? Who is that character? I’d draw the Chinese character’s into my Pleco app but my iPad died so…
    p.s. sorry if this character is in recent chapters or new novels you’re translating, I am a few months behind XP

    • @Crimson
      That’s a character from Illusions-Lies-Truth! He shows up more in the first side story of ILT, some in volume 2, and not much in volume 3, but he is on the cover of V3.

      If you read the prologue of ILT that we’ve posted, he’s the golden-haired man mentioned there.

    • [PR]raylight

      LOL Luka we posted at the same time XD

    • @[PR]raylight
      You must be just as bored as me right now, ray. =P

    • [PR]raylight

      Oh, she was posting for Illusion, Lies, Truth’s third volume, In the Name of God. On the 18th, she made a discussion thread for readers to post their comments after reading, and on the 28th, she posted her pictures and thoughts on the autograph session for it. She also posted a side story involving Luyang, one of the characters in the book on the 28th. Does this answer your question?

      The character is the golden-haired man in that series XP

    • Crimson

      Oh my gosh thanks for replying so fast XD
      And I should probably go read the ILT prologue… “-_-
      So is that blonde guy the one from Magical Exchange or whatever it’s called?
      Like the “alternate Grisia”? And there is a Charles too…
      Ugh, sorry, my brain can’t even function right now *sobs over LSK books*

    • @Crimson
      I believe the blond guy from Magical Exchange is someone different. I haven’t read Magical Exchange before though.

  18. Can someone tell me where I can find the side story 16? I only see up to #15 on the sun knight page.

  19. Found it. It doesn’t show up on the mobile site, but it does on desktop

    • There’s a bug with the mobile site. It’ll only display up to chapter 15 for all volumes. At the moment, we haven’t found a solution yet. It was okay when chapters didn’t go past 12, but now we have some series that have more than 15 chapters/parts per volume.

  20. Congratz everyone! We made it past 1000 votes on the poll. (Much love to PR!. <3)

    And now I'm wondering which two singers would make the best duet… Or should we just have an entire chorus?

  21. Young IL Song

    I’d luv to hear grisia sing hym of the light. Also I think grisia would be better to nuke cause he has better aoe then ah


    Why is the website in a different layout? Am I missing a plugin? I can’t figure out which one in that case…
    I’m using Safari.

    • The layout should still be the same. We only have two versions, a mobile version and a desktop version. Maybe you got switched to the other version that’s not the version you usually use? You should be able to switch between the two. If you’re on the mobile version and want to switch to the desktop version, you can do that at the bottom of the mobile site. If you want to switch from the desktop version to the mobile version, the link is to the right in the sidebar. If that’s not what’s wrong, let us know in more detail so we can figure out what’s going on.

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