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February Chapters
  1. No Hero V2C8: Voice by Voice, the Hero Hears the Prayers
  2. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C4: “The Betrayer of the God of Light—The Black General”
  3. No Hero V2C9: Conflict Arises, the Selfish Hero
  4. Kill No More VS ½ Prince V1C1: Chapter 1
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C5: “The Battle Declaration from the Light—The Alarm that the Demon King Set Forth”

Happy February, and happy Chinese New Year! :) Here’s our tentative schedule for the month. We’ve only listed our main series, Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero (2 chapters each~~~), but you never know when you might see a random chapter pop up for one of our other series, haha. Don’t hold your breath though, because February is quite a short month, so we’ll just be promising our main series. We’ll probably see more of our other series next month! We’ll edit this post if any new chapters suddenly decide to grace us with their presence.

Each chapter of LSK brings us closer to the end, ahhhh! (But never fear, there’s 39 LSK after that). Still, quite a lonely thought. :’) (PS. Any guesses about the Black General’s identity?)

No Hero reaches the climax of V2 in these chapters. Enjoy the ride!

ETA: We’ve added a character page for Kill No More to introduce readers who don’t know Kill No More to the series. You’ll be seeing some of these characters in the Kill No More x 1/2 Prince crossover we are translating. The crossover is set early during Kill No More and post-series for 1/2 Prince. If you read over the character page, it will be a suitable crash course for the short story. ;) This crash course is written by Lucathia, so if you see that there are similarities between what is written here and what is written in her livejournal, don’t be alarmed. :’D;;

ETA: A message from EvlNabiki looking for some help with Papermoon scans! Click the read more to find out more.

ETA: We’ll be releasing chapter 1 of the Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince crossover this month!

Hello everyone!! Nabs (evlnabiki) here, currently proofreader here at PR and admin of Papermoon scans~ Papermoon scans is basically the home of abandoned projects, and right now we’re recruiting for all of the positions! Listing in a rough order of necessity, we need:

Translators: we have chinese and japanese raws, so translators for them are preferred. However, if you have raws in your language (e.g. Thai, Vietnamese) for the necessary projects which you can translate for us, please go ahead and apply as a translator for that language~
qcers/proofreaders (applicants must be able to do the job of both)

We are very lenient and willing to offer help, so please don’t be scared even if you’re a beginner! (We’ll even accept negative experience~~ As long as you have the will, everything else can be managed ^u^) Everyone here is also studying and/or working, so schedules are quite flexible~

To apply, please head to papermoonwosagashite.tumblr.com (our site right now), head to the askbox/submission page, and simply state your preferred name, a reachable email, your availability, the project you’re interested in, and any past experience (if applicable) ^u^. Alternately, you can email these details to volchitsaizh@gmail.com .

Our projects right now are:

hoozuki no reitetsu (ongoing)
akatoki no yami (complete at 5 vol)
the prince in his dark days (complete at 4 vol)
kirakira soda chocolate (complete at 2 vol)
hoshizora no karasu (ongoing at 5 vol, scans only in chinese)
dansui (2 vol, ongoing)
toukyou lastochika (complete at 2 vol)
pen to chocolate (complete at 2 vol)

That said, Hoozuki No Reitetsu has the highest priority, and apart from that nothing else is set in stone. Thus, juggling the priority of the series can be managed, and if you find yourself interested in another series, we are open to suggestions. However, you must be able to help out for HnR. You must also be 10000% positive that the project you are interested in is definitely abandoned or has yet to be picked up. The last thing we want is to enroach upon manga which has already been claimed.

We look forward to hearing from you!!

24 Responses

  1. LennyThynn

    Two LSK chapters. Ooooh I love you guys~

    At a random, not really thought through guess at all – Black General could be Judgement. But also Ilu. Maybe even Grisia. Still going with Judgement, though.

    Just… oooh, every step closer to the end means one more step until I can binge read through the whole series as often as I like, without cliffhangers. And 39 SK! I am so curious. Only good things ahead, I think.

  2. my God, I really really love you guys, 2 Chapter for this month feels like an amazing gift of Chinese New year! but still, the closer LSK come to end, I feel sad cz grisia & others will be gone, it’s too lonely without them. and for black general, the title said the Betrayer of the God of Light, so Who is going to be Betrayer?arrgghhh I can’t guess it

  3. Hehe early post about updates, nkw I’m excited! For the black general I’m guessing it might be Adair :3 His commander has gone to the evil side so there’s a possibility it might be him! Afterall they always said that Adair is very loyal to his captain★

    • Puja Chan

      Adair? never cross in my mind that Adair will be the betrayer, or even the Black General. I mean, Look, Adair is a Holy Knight who’s full of holy light, so how could he be the Black General who’s BLACK?? but, nothing impossible if the writer is Yu Wo,

    • @Puja Chan
      Well there’s always possibility, after all the one filled with the most holy light(might be the strongest pope in history) has gone to the other team, as a leader no less!

  4. One vote for the Black General being Roland.

  5. I agree that it could be Judgement or Adair, Roland not so much. I still really support the idea of Lesus being the betrayer though. The clues that I can see are:

    – Can’t be Illu simply cause he was never affiliated with the God Of Light

    2. The BLACK General
    -This eliminates Adair since he shines so bright like a sun. After all, he has to wear white uniforms and be all sun-knightly due to his captain

    3. The Black GENERAL
    -Well, Roland could still be the betrayer but, not so sure. He can’t be blacker than that triple black fellow right there, is a general and affiliated with the God Of Light can he?

  6. Pfft, the only reason I’d see Adair joining Grisia now is to keep an eye on him and make sure Judgment doesn’t kill his captain. XD

  7. I think Judgement is the black general so my vote is for him……no one in their right mind would put a dead monarch leading an army against the demon king……and he is the one who killed the Sun Knight….but here comes our belowed author to surprise us all…..so I’m soooo excited!!!!!

    Thank you PR!

  8. I actually don’t think it’s Judgment, simply because it seems like he’d be the best one for the job. Yu Wo almost never goes with the obvious (hence why I love her writing!). So while I actually haven’t given it much thought, at the moment I’m leaning towards Adair… he is, after all, incredibly devoted to Grisia. Plus, who’s to say that he couldn’t get corrupted? Back when Leaf dies Grisia stated that holy knights could be corrupted by the dark element. Maybe when that happens, he could become darker? Or start wearing black clothing. Or even dye his hair black to match his captain. Who knows?

  9. Well defining “black general” in my opinion doesn’t just mean their clothes etc but rather a “black heart”, I mean just guessing from the title of the chapter which hints betrayal, then it must be someone with a reason deep enough to turn to the dark side.

    And hey Adair can be a general too >_< He's the one doing all the leader stuff in Sun's place whenever he goes missing lol!

  10. Ooh, 2 chapters each of No Hero and Sunknight, I’m pretty excited to read them. ^^

  11. obviously, wont be judgement. coz it is totally his idea to march against demon king. but then again, adair and roland wont give too much surprise too. i was thinking bout leaf or other name without particular reason. but who can really guess what’s inside yu wo head anyway. nevet give it much thought since it will turn out as things least expected :D

  12. Ooohhh.. youre also doing kill no more crossover!! so glad :D
    Japtem said that they wont be doing the crossover, only the side chapters.
    Thank you very much PR.
    Kill no more was a good novel only that it seemed to me that it abruptly ended. im thinking that LSK and KNM crossover would be good, but ive got no spare time right now to make a fanfiction. Maybe later.
    And also thank you for those 2 LSK chapters, looking forward on the identity of the black general!

  13. Wait wait, I missed something D:
    Everyones talking about it but I’m completely lost….
    Where was Black General mentioned in the story?

    • @MiR
      No worries! You didn’t miss anything. We’re talking about the chapter title :)

  14. Oh, the chapter title… ^ ^;

  15. Thank you so much for this.


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    P.S. I am also doing this PSA because recent attack on Jn from solitarytranslation.

  16. *pointing at evlnabiki’s post* o.o? Are all of those manga up on some of the large manga sites, or are they like translated scans to download, or something else entirely?

    *pens them down on the slowly growing ever larger list-of-things-I-need-to-read…-eventually*

    *claps evlnabiki on the back and hands her a bag of chocolates to share with the burgeoning team* Good luck with your projects, especially Hoozuki no Reitetsu!

    (Hm… Found up to chapter 20 of Hoozuki no Reitetsu…)

  17. >>Hoozuki No Reitetsu has the highest priority,<<
    You, I love you.

  18. Ohh! Kill No More is one of Yu Wo’s earlier series! No wonder it felt like 1/2 Prince! It had the beginnings of some of that exploration with emotions that seems more prominent in Legend of the Sun Knight and Eclipse Hunter/ No Hero (With all the hatred for heroes in No Hero, I’m sure it will end up breaking my heart at least once.) but Kill No More was kind of haphazard at times. (The beginning and ending felt a little sloppy, but I liked the worlds in Kill No More. And I liked Kaiser’s character. Kaiser.~) 1/2 Prince’s trademark was that anything and everything could and would happen, so the randomness worked out O.K.

    *puzzled* Aside from fighting to the death, eating, and Baolilong and Meatbun bonding together as the bottomless stomach and portable meat maker, is there a lot else for the two groups to do together? *turns pale* Right, right. Kaiser and Lolidragon can go on a who-can-rip-off-the-most-businesses contest. Then Meinan can have fun protecting the two of them from angry shopkeepers. I want Liola to crossdress again, but I have a feeling that was a once in a lifetime experience. (It’s a waste of a beautiful face!)

    • @15B
      GOD kind of gives the same feeling too~. Messy beginnings, haha, and a lot of randomness. Shooting Star somewhat resembles Kaiser. That series was written around the same time as Kill No More too. But after rereading GOD, I feel that Yu Wo didn’t have to purposely challenge herself with writing tragedies. GOD has plenty of tragedies too. D’:

      The crossover is really short, so not too much happens. But expect a lot of randomness. XD

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      GOD is quite depressing to read at some parts, but the characters are so lovable~~ Xiao Bai and Liu Xing and Ya Lan <3
      The tragedies just made my heart break into pieces and I really hated the end of GOD. The part before the last but good chapter was like a long list of tragedies… OTZ

  19. Lots of awesome theories about the Black General! The identity will be revealed in today’s chapter, LSKv8c4. :D

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