Update: January 2015

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January Chapters
  1. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C3: “The Game of the Demon King—Role Play, Part One”
  2. Romance RPG V1C2: Part Two
  3. No Hero V2C7: In the City, the Hidden Hero
  4. Dominion's End V1C1: The Red Meteor Shower
  5. The Legend of Sun Knight V8C3: “The Game of the Demon King—Role Play, Part Two”

Welcome to January, to 2015! Here’s to another year of novel translations! Our main projects at the moment are Legend of Sun Knight and No Hero, which means regular releases for these two series every month. Our other projects are side projects. We’ll release chapters for these series a bit more sporadically, so you might see them one month but not the next month. For example, no ILT this month!

We’re splitting LSK V8C3 into two halves because the chapter was quite a monster. Here we thought NH chapters were long! Anyway, we’ll be releasing Part One in a few hours. Enjoy~.

We have a new epub for LSK v7 thanks to Aoinezumi! You can grab it over here.

Any New Year’s resolutions? Yu Wo hopes to publish seven books!

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  1. Jasae Bushae

    When both halves of this Sun Knight chapter are translated, will they be posted up as one whole thing?

  2. Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes! *chewing on No Hero chapters* I-I went back to being an addict again. *heart breaking* Eclipse Hunter and No Hero or Finals Week…? *screaming from this impossible situation*

    I’m glad it’s End of Dominion and Romance RPG up this month! I can wait a little longer for Illusions, Lies, and Truths because we still haven’t met the main character yet. (*blinks* What if Guan Weijun actually isn’t the main character? What if that’s because she dies early on, after drinking too much sweet water, and explodes like a goldfish? Would this be too anticlimactic?)

    *clap clap* What’s the word count on the LSK chapter?

    M-my New Year’s Resolution is to stop procrastinating! (Eh?! Don’t tell me to get off this site and study for finals! I need to wait for the next release to come out! Ah… I don’t want to look at my low grades…)

    • @15B
      The climax of No Hero v2~~ We’re almost there! (But study first!)

      The chapter came out to be around 11k. Very difficult to edit chapters of that length without going cross-eyed. XD

  3. No New Year’s Resolution for me haha ! Thanks for your hard work as always !

    So Yu Wo wants to publish seven books this year ? I wonder if Female Warrior is going to be amongst them ?!

    What about PR!’s Team ? Any New Year’s Resolutions ? :D

    • @AkaiiRia
      So far, it seems like Yu Wo’s plans for 2015 are:

      Illusions, Lies, Truth V3: In the Name of God (about to be released early next month)
      Dominion’s End V3 (announced release date is May)
      No Hero V9: The End, The Beginning, Part Three (no announced release date yet but very likely we should get this volume this year. However, it’s the last volume and seems to be giving her trouble.)

      Her other plans are the following, but I doubt we’ll get all of them!
      39 Legend of Sun Knight V2
      Xiang Yan x Yue Er book (an actual pairing story for these two????)
      39 Legend of Sun Knight V3
      Some new love story (not sure what it will be about yet, other than romance)
      Dominion’s End V4

      Ambitious plans. XD;; But no Female Warrior, sadly. She is also having GOD re-released, and it looks like V3 is on the horizon.

      I don’t know about everyone else, but my resolution is to write lots. Hopefully finish some stories. (but I will never be as prolific as Yu Wo XDDDD)

    • @[PR]lucathia
      She wants to release THREE books for Dominion’s End? I feel like this might be Muse abuse. (Whether the Yu Wo is being abused by the Muse or the Muse is abusing Yu Wo, I can’t tell.)

      *shoves Kyle out of the room to go on a sudden business trip, shoves Ah Yan and Yuer into an empty room* Go, go. Come on! You can do it, Yuer-dasao! You can’t always let the Solaris Emperor make the first move! Take that kiss! *quickly checks to make sure today’s not the day that Ah Ye decides to visit his Gege*

      *stares blankly* Wasn’t Yu Wo only intending to write three volumes for the 39th gen? W-why would she want to finish it up so fast?! What if someone dies of cuteness overload?

      *catapults plotbunnies over PR!* Someone adopt one before it freezes to death! *irresponsible invasive species culprit flees from the scene*

    • @15B
      Oh wait, she did already release V2 (and I even read it, so I wonder what I was thinking when I typed V2~~) XD; That was December 2014! Sorry~~ *takes V2 off the list* The title of V3 has to do with the Ice Emperor.

      She’s planning two new volumes of Dominion’s End for 2015. V3 in May! (Not V2. Lucathia should not be typing while correcting papers, ahaha~~) So maybe V4 by December? Still, she is releasing Dominion’s End at a really fast pace!

      Yeah, so I’m guessing she is hoping she can finish 39 LSK this year? But aw, I don’t want it to end yet! But I do want V2. XD

      That story about Ah Yan and Yue Er should be very interesting… I think she has mentioned that it will be self published. Which means, limited stock!! And probably convention-only! DDD:

    • Miau Miau Yeen

      Is Xiang Yan x Yue Er from NH/EH? ><
      And I can't wait for more DE!! <3333
      Anyway did Yu Wo mention how many Volumes did she plan for DE? :O

    • @Miau Miau Yeen
      Yes, from NH/EH~~

      For DE, she has only said that it will be long. I don’t think she even knows herself how long it will end up!

    • Jennifer

      Of course only Yu Wo can even hope to accomplish something like this. I’m beginning to feel like she is an omnipotent god.
      As for the story about Xiang Yan and Yu Er, I wonder if this was the BL inspiration she mentioned in one of her plurks? How long ago was that? Then again, it’s questionable whether Yu Er will remain male after Papa Anthony’s experiments.

    • @Jennifer
      The BL story is a different story, I believe~. She has plurked a bit of the BL story, which involves a prince who has been forced to live in isolation, if I’m remembering correctly.

  4. Wow I waited so long for LSK n I must say it was worth it :) keep up the good work this year as well cheers

  5. um.. why is there 2 LSK V8C3’s???

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