Kill No More VS ½ Prince V1C1: Chapter 1

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This story is set during volume 5 of Kill No More and post-series for ½ Prince. Expect spoilers for both series up to that point for each. Translations of Kill No More can be read at Japtem’s website. We have chosen to follow Japtem’s translation terms for Kill No More as much as possible, but there could be some differences.

Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee: The Legendary Gods

Original story in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1 – translated by Doza

Legend has it that in this world, there is the God of Creation, the God of War, the God of the Arts, and the God of Prosperity, as well as many other gods. However, with the passing of time, the legend of the gods has slowly faded from the people’s memory…

“O God of Creation, O God of War, O God of the Arts… O God of Prosperity, please give me lots of money, few troubles, and let me be forever close to my bed!”

… At the very least, in Kaiser’s routine prayers, the gods were still present.

It was said that after Barbalis had been stripped of his title as the Number One Principal in the Academy Ranking Match, his mood had begun to constantly fluctuate. At unspecific times, he would perform some unspecified actions, and these unspecified actions were usually disapproved of by everyone, and thus nicknamed the Intermittent Mental Disorder.

“Students, today we will be conducting a school-wide activity!”

Barbalis gave his first normal smile in days, but the students from the three schools that had gathered below shuddered upon seeing that smile. However, the teachers from the School of Knights and School of Mecha Fighters had yet to show up to stop him. The three schools could not help but begin suspect that the two blood-curdling shrieks that had echoed throughout the campus grounds just now must have been…

“Hey, old geezer, what are you thinking of doing?” Kaiser brashly sat down cross-legged on the ground and used the operation booklet he held that had just been passed out as a fan.

Beside him, Liola was seriously reading the operation booklet. He flipped open the thin booklet and saw that there were only a few lines of text inside. The few large words written at the top were, “Four Steps to Assassination.” Below that was written:

Step One: Think of a way to get to Violet Academy (PS: No money given for transport costs)
Step Two: Infiltrate Violet Academy
Step Three: Assassinate all the students in Violet Academy
Step Four: Return to Aklan Academy (PS: Still no money given for transport costs)

Liola stared at his booklet speechlessly and wondered if he should be like Kaiser and use it as a fan.

At this moment, in twos and threes, everyone else started reading through the booklets that Barbalis had handed out. Everyone’s faces suddenly had very interesting expressions. Green, white, red, black, all colors were present, all mouths were wide open, all hands were trembling as if suffering from strokes, and all eyes were full of disbelief.

Among them, the ones whose behavior appeared the most normal were the students from the School of Sorcery, who had been terrorized by Barbalis since the moment they had stepped through the school gates. They only had on sour expressions.

Kaiser’s face was dark as he said, “We’ll have you go up first, Daylight.”

“Principal, knights cannot perform actions like assassination.” Daylight said solemnly. At the same time, the expressions of the students from the School of Knights behind him were filled with awe and gratefulness for him being the only one who dared to go against the principal.

Barbalis seemed to have already prepared for this argument. Facing Daylight, who was full of righteousness, he calmly and slowly said, “Knights cannot assassinate, but protecting their companions and helping them finish the mission is one of the responsibilities of a knight. You knights can protect the other two schools while infiltrating the place, then let the School of Sorcery and the School of Mecha Fighters do the rest.”

This argument made Daylight’s brow wrinkle. In his heart, he could not stop thinking about it. Knights cannot assassinate, but they have a duty to protect their companions. However, if their companions are going to assassinate people, then… Even Daylight could not help but frown. Is protecting companions who are going to assassinate others going against the Knight’s Code?

Daylight vs. Barbalis; Daylight loses.

“Damn it!” Facing Barbalis’s smug look, Kaiser cursed inwardly and then shouted, “The second one is you, Meinan! Go!”

“Principal, if you send me to assassinate, my father will not leave it be.” Seeing that he himself was soon going to be dispatched as an assassin, Meinan could only listen to Kaiser and step out to use his own father to threaten the principal.

Barbalis’s face darkened as he looked at Meinan and slowly spat out, “Your father has gone out on official business.”

This sentence struck Meinan like five thunderbolts zapping his body. He covered his face in agony, slowly shaking his head. “Why? Why? Father, why did you choose right now to go on a business trip?”

Second round, Meinan vs. Barbalis; Meinan loses.

Barbalis looked at Kaiser warily, “Are you coming up for the third round?”

Kaiser jumped in fright. Then, he actually chuckled at Barbalis. The more he laughed, the louder it became, and this laughter sent goose bumps down Barbalis’s back. He cautiously scrutinized Kaiser. “Brat, what are you laughing for?”

Kaiser’s supposed hearty laughter was full of malice that definitely belonged to a descendent of the Devil Gle. After Kaiser finished laughing, with a disdainful look that only the Devil possessed, he faced the Hero (?) in front of him and called out, “It’s decided. Next is you, the ultimate secret weapon! Magical girl Purity, come on out!”

Barbalis’s expression changed. Only at that moment did he realize that the magical energy in the air felt abnormal. With Purity’s rubbish level of magic, the only thing that could create such a large-scale abnormality in the magical energy level would be that spell! Barbalis turned his head back and saw Purity’s black hair flying wildly as the magic around her formed a black area that whirled beside her. He saw Purity’s mouth chanting, “%$&@^… Black hole, the tomorrow of darkness awaits you!”


Barbalis’s face turned white. When Purity’s black hole appeared, not even he was sure if he could return to Aklan during his living years to be the principal. Just when he was thinking of using instant teleportation to escape, the dark and sinister hole, as though it had been starved for eternity, swallowed some people in one gulp. It even burped, and then apparently feeling satisfied, disappeared once more.

Everyone watched blankly as the black hole faded away. After a long time, someone finally opened his mouth to speak.

“Even though we’ve lost a few people, this will not affect our assassination operation. Everyone should hurry up and read the booklet until you’re familiar with it. Remember! If you don’t wipe out every single student in Violet Academy, you will all be expelled!” Barbalis threatened his students. Being too used to threatening the School of Sorcery, Barbalis forgot that the students from all three schools were in front of him. If all three schools were expelled, it would equate to the end of Aklan Academy.

“Liola-dàgē, Kaiser, Baolilong!” Purity was so shocked that her face turned pale. The b-black hole has swallowed the three of them? Purity quickly rushed to Meinan and frantically shook his hand, “Meinan, what do we do? Liola-dàgē and the rest are gone.”

How could Meinan, who could only use protective shields, know what to do? However, seeing Barbalis’s unchanged behavior as he danced for joy while yelling “Assassinate! Assassinate!”, Meinan suddenly wondered why he had not followed Liola just now and gotten swallowed up as well. Maybe he would have had a better end compared to this?

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  1. Xuan

    Hahahaha! so Kaiser, Liola and Baolilong got sent to the ½ Prince world? Can’t wait to see what happens~~

  2. Jennifer

    Oh Barbalis… I really want to see you, Gle, and Neo come together to compare “teaching methods”. Then again, maybe not…
    I can’t wait to see Baolilong in action again. Thank you for translating this. :)

  3. 15B

    *places face in hands* They sent over the worst three troublemakers with no one to keep them in check… No Meinan, no Daylight, no voice of reason… Just an almost-devil, a bottomless stomach, and a clueless assassin. One can swindle people out of their money, the other can eat up all that money with food expenses, and the third can beat off all the angry swindled people. At least they won’t be hungry.

    Or we could just get the trio to start a random forest fire to roast enough meat. Does grilled unknown-monster sound tasty?

  4. Blaquestarr

    So glad i finally finished reading Kill No More! So worth it for this crossover.

  5. CKuran

    This…Is ….Going to be…EPIC!! CAN’T WAIT, CAN’T WAIT!! Thank you so much!!

  6. Minchin

    My stomach hurts.

    I can’t stop imagining what kind of havoc those three as well as Prince & Odd Squad gonna create… Troublemakers meets Troublemakes.


  7. Andi

    Hrmm….. I wonder if they will end up in the real world of half prince or the virtual world? O.o;; Honestly, they will fit right in to the virtual one. I wonder if respawnable monsters are edible? I can’t wait to see if Cold Fox meets Liola! XD Then again, if they both just stood coldly near each other maybe they would never actually meet because neither would say anything and everyone else would be too frozen to do introductions..?

  8. Ella

    I laughed so much with this chapter XDDDDD
    Assassination of one entire school (divided in 3 section) seems so simple~
    Everyone should have jumped on the black hole or tried to push Barbalis there
    Poor mecha and knight school, seems like the sorcerie school be the ones giving orders since they are so used to doing crazy things XD


    Thank you PR =D
    Woah, I really like how this is going!
    I haven’t read Kill No More, but now I am interested in it.
    Should I read the novel or manga first?
    I can’t wait to see Lan and Odd Squad again!

    • Monica

      Novel, read them first. The comic isn’t look like a comic because too many explanation.
      Try searching all of Yu Wo works in English is hard, but it’s worth to read.
      It’s so sad that Giraffe translate Gong Hua very slowly.. I wanna see how Yu Wo works on tragedy genre so badly ._.
      All hail Yu Wo!! XD

    • [PR]lucathia

      The manhua seems like it might be discontinued given the rate it is being published in Taiwan. I haven’t heard anything about a third volume. I hope they’ll continue to publish it.

      The LSK manhua also seems to be in the same state at the moment. The artist said it is on hiatus. This makes me really sad!

    • [PR]lucathia

      Which part? KNM or LSK? I’m just guessing about the KNM manhua, but the LSK one is on hiatus. =x I wonder if there will be a more official announcement. I only saw Neko Kreuz say on Facebook that the LSK manhua is on hiatus, and she doesn’t know when it will restart.

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