No Hero V2C8: Voice by Voice, the Hero Hears the Prayers

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No Hero Volume 2: The Hero Grim Reaper

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Legend of a Hero Chapter 8: Voice by Voice, the Hero Hears the Prayers – translated by Raylight

Gēge, today I remembered something from the past, something upsetting.

However, I also suddenly discovered that compared to the past, I now have Gēge, Bàba, Charles, Bramble-shū, Briar, Dell… and many, many more!

I suddenly realized that, compared to the past, the current me has so much, so very much!

The young master looked shocked as he exclaimed, “The kidnapper is your friend who requested your help in finding someone?”

“Yes. His name is E.X. He is also a vampire like me. We have known each other for close to a hundred years. At one point in time, he was my father’s employer.”

I told the young master in full detail about X. After all, I was completely in the dark as to what had happened to X, and was even more unsure as to where to begin helping him. If the young master was available to help ponder over things, I believed it would be much more efficient.

The young master frowned and asked, “Then, according to your understanding of him, is he a vampire that would randomly hurt humans?”

“Definitely not.” I was extremely firm with my answer. “X dislikes killing people even more than I do. Though he would always say that he does not care whether humans live or die, I have yet to see him kill any humans.”

“No matter what’s happening, we still better go over and take a look.” The young master said with concern, “I’m a bit worried about Luo Chu-gē. The person who is out hunting heroes seems to be targeting him. I’m going to fly straight over immediately. Charles, take DSII and meet me there!”

After I gave a nod of my head, the young master dashed out of the studio with quick movements. As for me, I walked to the other side of the studio. There was a long clothing rack there, with an entire row of clothes hung on it. The clothes were probably meant for the models to change into. I promptly picked out a black coat and a black opera mask. Only after putting them on did I head downstairs to look for DSII.

I had a premonition that I might be forced to get involved. However, I definitely did not wish for my interference to be spread throughout the media, for the whole world to see… If that happened, then I was afraid I would never be able to go to the market to buy groceries ever again.

When I jumped onboard DSII, I told him, “DSII, full speed ahead!”

“… Charles, are you broken? Do you want me to call Daddy An Te Qi to help you fix yourself?”

“I am not broken. Please go full speed ahead.”

“My full speed exceeds five hundred kilometers an hour, though?”

“My apologies, then please go at half speed ahead…”

While DSII was advancing forward at half speed, the mobile phone I had on me started ringing. With some difficulty, I received the call. Immediately, I heard Melody’s stern voice. “Charles! You told the young master that the vampire’s name is called E.X… Is it truly him?”

“Indeed it is.”

Melody’s voice was laden with disbelief as she said, “E.X? I really didn’t think that you, as a meek and obedient vampire, would actually know that kind of dangerous fellow… E.X is the mortal enemy of the ‘Church’! The Church has pursued him for at least a thousand years!”

“I know. That is why X has no reason to cause such a big incident, since the Church might go and capture him at any moment. He must have gotten into some trouble…”

“Even if he did, it’s not anything that you would be able to handle!” Melody roared. “Go and bring the young master back, and don’t get involved with this kind of business. E.X is a famous vampire that is at least a thousand years old. This is not something that you can get involved in, and don’t let the young master get involved in it, either. If something were to happen to the young master, then what would we do? The master would definitely grind all our bones to dust!”

I felt a little at a loss as to what to do. Thus, I only stated, “I am afraid the young master will not be coming home, for the captured hostages are his classmates…”

“Damn it!” Melody cursed, and then hung up.

I stared at the phone, and felt even more worried in my heart. I knew that E.X was the mortal enemy of the Church.

Initially, it was for the sake of avoiding the Church that he had hurriedly left by himself. He had not even had time to fire the servants in his ancient castle. In the end, it was my honorable father who saw that the master probably would not be returning, and thus he decided to take matters into his own hands. He sold some of the unimportant antiques around the place, and then gave out dismissal payments to all of the servants. He then locked up the entire castle and hired a trustworthy person to look after the place. He would then regularly hire a cleaning company to tidy up the place once a year.

Following that, I met with E.X several times. After he heard of what my honorable father had done, he was extremely satisfied. In the end, he even gave the entire castle with all of its contents to me.

Therefore, he must have gotten into big trouble to display such strange behavior. How can I not go see him?

“Charles, we’ll be at our destination once we go down this street! Do you want me to take you straight to the bottom of the building, or do you want to sneak over?”

“Getting off here will be fine.”

DSII stopped, and I got off the bike. I looked at the target building. Though the ominous feeling in my heart grew stronger, I had no choice but to advance forward…

From behind me, I heard DSII shout, “Charles!”

Can it be that the young master has sent news? I paused in my tracks, and turned around with a heavy feeling. I asked, “Yes?”

“If Dragon Peace is there, remember to help me get an autograph!”

“… I will do my best.”

After leaping onto the wall, I tried to let myself blend into the night. I jumped across the buildings without a sound, and after finding the target building, I dashed and leaped to the rooftop. Afterwards, I stood on the edge of the building without moving. I knew very clearly that this was the limit. If I were to close in by even a step, I would definitely be discovered by X. If that was so, he might perhaps kill Ingrid and Judy without caring, and then go and capture new hostages.

On the roof, the two girls lay on the floor, unconscious. The kidnapper was standing on the edge of the building that was the farthest away from me. The cape that he wore on his body whipped about wildly in the night wind. However, even though the cape covered most of his figure, I could still recognize him.

I gave a light sigh, and said, “It truly is you, X.”

He froze and turned around. At the same time, his long nails pressed against the neck of one of the girls, Ingrid.

Seeing that, I instantly removed my mask so that he could clearly see my face.

X looked relieved, and he released his long nails. He said, “So it is you, Endelis.”

“X … Why are you doing such a thing?”

He fell silent for a long time before he answered. “I am looking for Cornell.”

“I know.” I felt a little puzzled. What relation does that have with capturing the two girls?

“Someone knows the whereabouts of Cornell, but wants me to do him a small favor before he is willing to reveal it to me.”

“What exactly does he want your help with?” I felt a bit bewildered as I asked, “He wants you to seize two girls?”

X indifferently replied, “No, he asked me to kill First Wind.”

The young master has gotten it right again. The recent hunts are targeted at First Wind! I was a little stunned as I asked, “Then, you are truly going to kill First Wind?”

X’s expression suddenly became ferocious. With a crazed expression, he roared at me, “I am truly going to kill Cornell! I don’t care anymore about whoever dies in the process. Endelis, you can help me, or you can silently walk away. However, if you wish to hinder me, I will kill you along with him!”

“X?!” I exclaimed with some disbelief.

X was the first vampire that I had come into contact with. The usage of my blood ability was practically all taught to me by him, and he was simply like my second father or a brother… And someone like that would actually want to kill me?

Hearing my shout, X’s expression gradually calmed down. He gave a straightforward apology. “I’m sorry, did I scare you? I really am feeling a bit impatient. I have been searching for Cornell for so long already…”

Seeing how he was not as agitated anymore, I too quickly calmed down. I continued to ask questions. “You are looking for Cornell, but it is so that you can kill him? He is your enemy?”

X nodded his head, and then added, “I have a deep-seated grudge for him!”

I had a multitude of questions, but it was probably not the best time for asking questions at the moment. I vaguely heard the shouts of people yelling “First Wind” from below. The voices sounded extremely excited, so perhaps First Wind had finally arrived.

I could only pick the most crucial question to ask. “Except for First Wind, you would not kill any others, right?”

X probably had also heard the commotion coming from below. He furrowed his brows, and quickly said, “If they don’t hinder me.”

Hearing such a reply, I too furrowed my brows. I could only request, “Please do not kill Dark Sun. No matter what, please do not kill him.”

X appeared to be a little surprised. Looking at me, his expression seemed to soften without him knowing it. He inquired, “He is your employer?”

“Yes.” As things had already reached this stage, I had no other option but to admit it.

X smiled, and continued his questioning, “Then, is he a good master?”

Finally seeing a familiar smile, I too followed suit and smiled. I answered, “Yes, he is a good master.”

“Congratulations.” X gave a faint smile as he said, “Originally, I didn’t have any kind of hope for your butler career. To think that you really managed to find a good master.”

“I know, you have always advised me to switch careers,” I replied with a smile. Calling it by the word ”advise” was really too tame. Basically, X had used methods like hitting me while scolding, “Being a vampire who idles about is still stronger than being a butler” to ”advise” me not to be a butler.

Abruptly, X said, “But perhaps if I killed him, it would be beneficial for you. If the only good master you’ve ever had died, you would probably give up on the butler profession.”

Hearing that, I felt shocked, and stared at him. However, I could not tell whether he was merely joking, or possibly speaking the truth… Perhaps he meant it! X had never been too fond of joking, and no matter if it were words or actions, he had always been upfront.

“Please do not kill him,” I tried to protest.

However, he did not react at all, and merely continued to look at me with a smile. This made me feel even more apprehensive. He may truly raise his hand against the young master!

I extended my nails, and slightly showed my white fangs. With a low growl like that of a warning, I stated, “E.X. I warn you, you are definitely not allowed to kill the young master!”

However, an even bigger smile appeared on his face. Following that, he actually used a tone of praise to commend, “This is more like it.”

Hearing that, I truly felt a little helpless. X had all along felt that I was too weak, and would always try to think of some way to try and enrage me. Every time I was angered enough to raise my hand against him, he would instead be very happy.

At this moment, he suddenly tilted his head slightly to pay attention to the situation below. Then, he told me, “Endelis, put on your mask and silently stand to one side. No matter what, do not interfere… I will try not to hurt Dark Sun as much as possible.”

After receiving his promise, I then heaved a sigh of relief. X had always kept his promises. Since he had said so, then he would not kill the young master.

I put on my mask, and walked to the base of a water tower. I wrapped the black coat around me even tighter and made the best use of the darkness to hide my own figure. Right after I hid myself, the door to the rooftop was pushed open. The rusted metal door made an awful sound of resistance, and then banged against the wall.

A shadow walked into my field of vision. He was also wearing an old-fashioned suit, but it was instead white in color. By chance, he happened to contrast with X who stood opposite him. Even with similar attire, and even similar body shapes, the two of them emitted entirely different auras. It was like seeing day and night.

Though he had his back facing me, and I was unable to see his face, I simply did not know who else other than First Wind would come to this sort of place at this exact moment in a white suit.

First Wind walked to a distance approximately five meters away from X, and X too took a few steps back, to the side of the two unconscious females. Seeing the situation, First Wind immediately paused in his tracks, and merely shouted loudly, “I am here, let them go.”

X glanced indifferently at him several times, as though he was confirming whether he was First Wind in the flesh. Finally, once he sensed nothing amiss, he said, “Once you are dead, I will let them go.”

Hearing that, First Wind seemed to hesitate for a moment before he said, “If you attack me, I will retaliate, no matter whether or not you threaten me with the lives of these two girls.”

“Then retaliate. I do not mind. They are only here to lure you out as well as to ensure that you will not escape,” X said frankly. “Unless you escape, the two of them will definitely not be killed.”

Hearing that, First Wind seemed to be stunned for a moment once again. He questioned, “Are you unrelated to the previous batch of people?”

“I guess I am somewhat connected. After all, I can be considered someone they hired.” X advanced forward a few steps, seemingly impatient with the pointless questions. His tone turned cold as he stated, “Do not ask any more questions. I am going to attack you. If you do not resist, I will give you a painless death. If you resist…”

“What if I resist?” First Wind icily interrupted his words.

X instead broke into a smile as he answered, “I will give you the respect you deserve, and let you die like a hero. On top of that, I will release the two girls.”

“Very well,” First Wind growled, and then said, “Then, I too promise that I definitely will give you a fair judgment.”

X began to laugh quietly, and as he laughed, his laughter increased in volume. In the end, it turned into roaring laughter. As he laughed, he said, “How interesting. I haven’t heard a human talk to me in such an arrogant tone for a very long time. Seeing how you are roughly a thousand years or so younger than me, I will not bully you. So, I’ll let you draw your weapon first!”

First Wind pulled out something that looked like a sword hilt. With a flick of his hand, a line of blue light appeared beside him and nimbly moved in the air, like a snake of blue light that had been brought to life and was currently joyful at being able to come out to play again.

“An energy whip? That is a pretty rare sight,” commented X lightly.

It appeared that X was underestimating the weapon. This made me feel a little uneasy, worrying that he might suffer a bit due to that… However, perhaps this might turn out for the better. Even though energy whips were very disadvantageous to vampires, as a thousand-year-old vampire, X probably would still not lose.

However, his belittling of the weapon should be able to allow First Wind to live a little longer, and following that… I abruptly felt uneasy. Following that, what should be done?

The young master should be arriving soon. He had flown over, so he should theoretically be faster than me. However, why have I not seen him yet? And even if the young master comes, what can he do? Even the young master would stand no chance of beating X.

First Wind would definitely die, and as for the girls or the young master who would be arriving shortly, they would not be sacrificed. That was what X had promised, and he would definitely keep his word.

Therefore, the scenario of only First Wind dying would be today’s only conclusion, and the one with the least harm.

However, why does the best conclusion make one feel so awful?

Young Master, do you have any better solutions? No matter whether you have them or not, please come over quickly! Otherwise, things will come to an end soon… First Wind is going to die!

At that moment, X moved. With his speed, even I as a vampire could only catch a blurred shadow. He launched a very direct attack from the front. It seemed that he was intending to use direct attacks to fulfill his promise to ”let First Wind die like a hero.”

First Wind stepped back, and following that, he raised his modified left limb, starting to swing the energy whip at lightning speed. It was as though a web of blue light shrouded him around his body. By this point, X had already sprinted straight in front of him. Not only did the web of blue light envelop First Wind, at the same time it also protected him.

X’s figure slowed for a moment, and then with a stamp of his foot, he glided back to his original position in a flash. He had only just stabilized his footing when his cape was blown by the wind and then started to break into pieces. Upon closer inspection, I then realized that the borders around those pieces were all burnt.

X shot a glance at the scattered flying pieces, and his gaze returned to First Wind. He smiled as he said, “So it turns out, I seem to have underestimated you too much.”

Though the first clash resulted in the total annihilation of X’s cape, First Wind looked very rigid and was completely void of the joy of having the upper hand. Moreover, he did not seize the opportunity to launch an attack.

I believed that he most likely understood that he would not be able to keep his advantage in the face of such speed.

X sized up First Wind in silence… In a split second, he abruptly disappeared.

First Wind was also very fast. In almost the same moment that X vanished, he raised his energy whip and used his light web to cover himself.

X forcibly stopped himself at the edge of the light web, perhaps only mere centimeters away from it. Then, with a large leap backwards, he stepped onto the water tower above me. After I heard a sound of metal being struck, he made use of the force to leap in a different direction. The direction that he headed toward was directly at First Wind’s back!

Though First Wind’s whip web was dense, I could see very clearly from my perspective that the web had a thinner defense at his back. Perhaps even I would be able to break through it, let alone X.

X extended his nails and turned his fingers into the shape of awls. He stabbed straight toward First Wind’s back. If this stab were to succeed, I was afraid it would pierce all the way through First Wind’s chest and create a gaping hole.

However, just as X was about to succeed, First Wind also took action. With a backward spin that could not be any more perfect, the place with the weakest defense momentarily became the place with the strongest defense. Though this motion of twisting to the back was extremely simple, I could not help but gasp in admiration in my heart due to First Wind’s timing.

If he had been an instant later, he would have lost his life. If he had been any quicker, X would have been able to dodge in time.

However, First Wind had grasped the timing perfectly. X had just rushed within the range of the web of blue light, and then he turned around, forcing X to have no other choice but to instantly cover his face with both hands, and then fall back again.

At this moment, the positions that X and First Wind were standing in were exactly opposite to the start of the battle. X stood right in front of me, with his back toward me while First Wind stood further away, facing my direction. Even though First Wind wore a mask covering half of his face, I could tell that he was extremely tense.

X hugged his hands and roared several times. Only then did I notice that both of his sleeves had already been slashed to pieces. Though no blood flowed out, I did definitely smell the stench of blood. Moreover, it was the kind that only vampires had, blood with an especially strong smell of rust.

First Wind actually managed to injure X. He is a thousand-year-old vampire!

Seeing the situation, I suddenly felt a bit glad. I too had fought with First Wind before. Although my combat ability was a lot lower than X’s, I had not been injured much. This was really all thanks to the special report that the young master wrote on energy weapons… No! When it all comes down to it, the one that I should truly thank is the young master’s professor. After all, he was the one who had assigned this homework.

Thank you, honorable professor. I will definitely diligently read through all of the young master’s written reports in the future.

Seeing the battle up to this point, I could tell that First Wind’s strength was, as expected, really astonishing. Though he had an advantage due to his type of weapon… No, I should not put it like that. To be able to use this kind of weapon so freely, it is likely that the amount of hard work that First Wind has put in is something that ordinary people would be unable to imagine?

At this moment, I suddenly saw X’s body freeze up. Simultaneously, I noticed the reason why he had frozen.

Behind First Wind’s back, at the edge of the building, a large set of wings suddenly covered half of the sky. That was…

Dark Sun!

He has finally arrived!

He did not land, but merely flew past the building. However, I noticed that after flying past the building, he had picked up two additional passengers in his hands, Ingrid and Judy!

I silently gave a cheer. The young master had probably already long since arrived on the scene, but had stayed hidden all along. He must have waited until X and First Wind had exchanged blows and coincidentally switched positions, and after deeming X to be far enough from the two girls to be unable to harm them, he then took the opportunity to rescue them.

X froze and could not help but let his thoughts slip, “Why are there wings?”

… Looks like X must not watch the news very often. Ever since the last time when the young master had rescued Briar and Solitary Butterfly, perhaps the entire world knew that Dark Sun was a winged hero who could fly.

However, why did the young master not rescue First Wind as well?

After I gave it some thought, I vaguely guessed that it was probably because the weight would be too heavy? Last time, after he had saved Solitary Butterfly and Briar, he had gone off to save the two policemen. At that time, it seemed that he was already pushing his limits, and when he landed, the sound of his impact was actually very loud.

Moreover, First Wind’s left arm had been modified. He was probably even heavier than an ordinary man several times over.

At this moment, X indifferently told First Wind, “I was originally going to let you die like a hero. Looks like this promise is going to be curtailed.”

Curtailed? X’s words made me feel extremely uneasy. Can it be that he is going to use his blood ability? It cannot be! First Wind’s weapon was exactly the type that would cause a huge waste of blood ability. With X’s strength, he should not need to use his blood ability to be able to defeat First Wind. It was only a matter of time before he won the fight.

Before I could finish thinking it through, X had already given me the answer. All over his body, traces of his blood appeared. As expected, he was going to use his blood ability. Moreover, his blood was… so thick that it was almost black!

First Wind was so shocked that his mouth fell slightly open. However, I believed that my expression should be pretty similar to his. Blood ability this thick is something I have never seen!

Perhaps, X really did not mind wasting his blood at all. After all, his blood ability was s-simply too shocking. Compared to his blood, any other vampire’s blood ability would simply seem diluted.

The blood ability enveloped First Wind in an instant!

X really did not mind wasting his blood ability. Energy weapons were weapons that could completely evaporate one’s blood. However, to use his blood ability to directly cover the energy whip’s blue light was a horrifying waste of blood for vampires. For vampires whose generation numbers were a bit distant, they might even faint due to the sudden loss of blood.

First Wind let out a painful growl, and he tried even harder to swing his energy whip around. He even ran to and fro trying to get rid of the blood. However, the blood ability followed him relentlessly.

Hearing his growls and seeing how he painfully struggled, I could not help but remember that this person was Ji Luo Chu, the photographer who had just taken the young master’s photographs with a smile, and was also Luo Lun’s brother…

On the other hand, the energy whip continued to evaporate large amounts of blood, and an awful burning smell was circulating. Even if it was X, he could not possibly be completely unaffected.

At this moment, X had his back facing me, and was only a few steps away. He was currently fully focused on using his blood ability to attack First Wind, and also in stopping First Wind from approaching too closely… If I used all my strength to attack his neck, he might faint from the blow and all of this would end momentarily.

This thought was so tempting. I could not help but move my foot forward…

“Don’t move, Endelis.” The person in front of me coldly gave a warning. “If you take another step, I will attack you as well.”

I could not help but hesitate.

At this point, First Wind had collapsed on the ground, in a terrible shape. He painfully groaned again and again, but he seemed to have no more strength to continue his struggle. Though a large amount of blood ability surrounded him, I could still faintly smell blood belonging to a human. I feared that he had already lost a great amount of blood, and was not far from death… Young Master, why do you still not come?

Young Master!

I shut my eyes, unable to bear seeing what would happen to First Wind. However, once I closed them, I heard the sound of wind, just like… the sound of Dark Sun’s wings flying through the skies!

I opened my eyes. Upon opening them, I was greeted with the sight of Dark Sun rushing in. He paused in the air for a moment, and after lowering his head to glance downwards, he immediately swooped down. His direction was precisely toward where X was standing.

Could the young master be trying to…


X fell backwards on his back. Due to the strength of the force, the roof cracked. Dark Sun raised a hand and dealt blows right and left. The punches landed on X’s face, and I could even feel the impact of the fists striking his face.

Making use of the force of the dive to knock down X, and then once he was knocked dizzy, seizing the opportunity to keep striking his head with fists. This was indeed a relatively wise way of fighting, but…

The way Dark Sun looked while sitting on X’s stomach and forcibly throwing punches, simply looked very much like two hooligans brawling…

Young Master! Could you fight a little more like a ‘hero?’

Though this thought went through my mind, I discovered that I could not stop the corners of my lips from lifting… Ah! Now was not the time to laugh. Though Dark Sun had come to the rescue, First Wind still had a high possibility of bleeding to death.

I quickly rushed out from under the water tower to First Wind’s side, and helped him up. Upon closer observation, his injuries were as expected, very severe. In his chest was a giant hole. However, he did not have any other wounds other than that.

X had still kept his promise to let First Wind die like a hero, and not as a pile of body parts.

However, with such a large wound, even if I wrapped it with a piece of cloth, it would probably be of no use… Suddenly, I was covered by a shadow. As I turned to look, I blurted out, “Young Master!”

Dark Sun did not answer me, but merely cut a large gash on his arm. Under my shocked gaze, he raised his arm to First Wind’s chest and let a large amount of his blood drip into the hole.

Only after doing so did he explain to me, “My blood has very strong clotting effects and can help stop the bleeding.”

“Then do use a little more!”

As the cold voice rang out, I saw the person at Dark Sun’s back and exclaimed, “X!”

At the same time as a sound of impact rang out, Dark Sun spat out a mouthful of blood. However, following that, he immediately launched a counterattack. His elbow struck X’s face, knocking the latter back several steps. X shook his head desperately. He seemed almost on the verge of losing consciousness because of that strike.

Dark Sun immediately followed that up by running forward and kicking him, aiming at X’s abdomen. However, X leaped backwards to dodge the attack, simultaneously using his blood ability to completely protect himself.

X shook his head, and looked at Dark Sun. Full of suspicion, he asked, “Humans would not have such power. Your arm has been modified, hasn’t it?”

However, Dark Sun did not answer him. He extended his nails, and his nails even had a faint trace of a silvery-gray that was the distinctive color of steel. It was even more threatening than a vampire’s nails… Perhaps this was also a way of answering.

Seeing the situation, X’s expression turned to one of astonishment as the question escaped his lips, “You are also a vampire?”

X’s mind must be a little confused from the hit he just received? Even if he were a vampire, he would not have a set of steel nails.

Dark Sun finally opened his mouth to speak. “No, I am human.”

X was speechless. However, I could understand his feelings very well. Though he was human, his back instead had a pair of wings growing from it. Though he had already retracted them, I believed that X had already seen them very clearly. Afterwards, this winged human also showed a set of long nails belonging to that of a vampire… Dark Sun was even less like a human than a vampire was!

Seeing Dark Sun show his “weapon,” the blood on X also turned thicker. He warned, “The only person I wish to deal with is First Wind. If you back down, no others will be harmed.”

Dark Sun’s reply was to raise his steel nails, dash right at him, and launch his attack without holding back.

Naturally, X would not sit and wait for his death. He used his blood ability to surround Dark Sun. Not only would the blood ability block Dark Sun’s attack, it could even provide a counterattack. Moreover, humans would find it very hard to block a blood ability attack.

I lowered my head to look at First Wind’s severe injuries and hesitated. However, I still did not go out and stop the battle. I believed that X would still keep his word, and would not let Dark Sun receive heavy injures.

Suddenly, X gave a roar and abruptly retreated a large distance.

Seeing that, I simply did not understand what had just happened. X had evidently used his blood ability to surround Dark Sun, so why was it that it was X who had let out a roar of pain and even simultaneously retreated?

I looked toward Dark Sun in incomprehension, but discovered that the short, silver hair that he had originally kept only long enough to cover his head, had extended to approximately his waist in an instant. Moreover, it was even floating in the air and emitting a strong silver light… This was definitely not light reflected from the moon.

Dark Sun’s hair was truly glowing, just like—just like… Without realizing it, my eyes drifted to the energy whip that First Wind had dropped to the ground. By this time, the whip had already reverted back to its sword hilt state.

Looking at the energy whip on the ground, I could not help but recall that the young master had a mid-length hairstyle that covered his shoulders, while Dark Sun’s hair was so short that it only covered his head. Moreover, his hair could not be dyed, but could glow… Can it be that Dark Sun’s hair is actually a type of energy weapon?!

Then, has he just used an energy weapon to attack X?

I looked at Dark Sun’s hair. If it was a kind of energy weapon that was thin like hair fibers, and in such large amounts, it would probably not be such a difficult task to be able to break through a blood ability’s encirclement and attack a vampire’s main body.

Glancing toward X, I saw that he looked really battered at the moment. A large expanse of hair had been singed black at the ends, and the bruises on his face were clearly visible. Even a large portion of the clothing on his shoulder had been burned. It looked like the main attack of Dark Sun’s just now was focused on X’s shoulder.

He took in a few deep breaths, and coldly said, “Just now, you claimed to be human?”

Hearing that, I looked at Dark Sun. With a fairly odd smile, he pointed at his own hair and nails, saying, “Other than humans, what other race could make things with such a high level of technology?”

“That is true.”

X too smiled, but at the same time, his thick, black blood ability abruptly erupted. Like an explosion, it headed toward Dark Sun. Dark Sun was utterly caught off guard and was instantaneously sent flying. He fell off the roof, and continued to drop.

My expression changed radically, and I stood up.

“Young Master!”

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