No Hero V2C10: Flowers of Blood Bloom, the Unheroic Hero Grim Reaper

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No Hero Volume 2: The Hero Grim Reaper

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Legend of a Hero Chapter 10: Flowers of Blood Bloom, the Unheroic Hero Grim Reaper — translated by Doza

Gēge, in the past, I became a hero because I didn’t want to be a demon.

But now, I find that, I seem to have changed.

Right now I feel that…

Even if I must be a demon, I’d still want to continue being a hero.

“Endelis? Endelis?”

I slowly opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was X’s worried expression. This was truly rare. Other than rage and smiles, X has never liked to show other types of expressions in front of other people.

Sure enough, X’s expression immediately changed to rage as he growled, “Endelis, are you an idiot? Answer me, who am I?”

I looked at him and said seriously, “You are E.X., the vampire that almost caused me to get blown up by a missile.”

X raised his eyebrows and said, “It was only a missile, the explosion can’t kill a vampire.”

“You are the only vampire that cannot be killed by the explosion…”

I struggled to sit up, and felt that there was not a single area of my body that was not aching. However, this also made me remember that we were struck by a missile! I hurriedly looked around and instantly found First Wind unconscious nearby. Even though his complexion was pale, his breathing could be considered even. His life probably was not in any danger.

Apart from them, I did not see anyone else… Where is the young master?

My breath rushed out of me, and at my wits’ end, I could only roar madly at X, “What about Dark Sun? Where is the young master?”

“Over there.” X gestured ahead.

I turned around to look and saw Dark Sun first. I immediately heaved a sigh of relief. However, I then discovered that he was actually standing in the open and empty street, allowing bullets to fire at him from all directions. Yet he was only dodging or using his Death Scythe to deflect the bullets. No matter how skilled he was at dodging, it was inevitable that some would still slip through. There were already several armor-piercing bullets embedded in Dark Sun’s body.

“What is he standing there for?” I was stunned, grabbing X’s collar and growling, “X, hurry up and go save him!”

“Don’t worry, if a missile is about to blast him, I will rescue him.” X said lazily, “As for those bullets, the odds of them killing your young master are even lower than them killing me.”

“The young master is only calculating the trajectory.” Melody’s voice suddenly came from the front of my chest. I looked down and only then realized that my cell phone had been placed in my chest pocket.

“Calculating the trajectory?” I could not fully comprehend Melody’s words.

“Calculating the trajectory of the bullets, and then using that to locate the snipers.” Melody laughed sinisterly and said, “The young master ordered Bramble, Dell, May, and me to eliminate all the snipers! So we are in the middle of working right now!”

“I will go too!” I said, feeling vexed. This time, that Mr. Cornell really overdid it!

“No~ Can~ Do~!” Melody said with a gleeful tone at my misfortune, “The young master said, you are a butler! A butler isn’t responsible for fighting. By allowing you to use your blood ability to protect others, he already considers it a violation of his promise. He won’t let you attack again.”

Young Master… I felt warm, but at the same time frustrated. I did not think that the young master would actually abide by his promise to such an extent.

“No wonder you’re so devoted to him.” X said with a faint smile, “Looks like he really treats you as a butler, and completely doesn’t think of using your strength… From my perspective, he also has no need of your strength. How can your control over your blood ability be even worse than before?”

I skipped over X’s last sentence, and turned my attention instead to the situation outside. The gunshots were lessening and lessening, so presumably Melody, Bramble, and the others were nearly done eliminating the snipers.

“Is X there?” Melody suddenly spoke up from the cell phone. “We’ve already found the launch site of the missiles and can clean those missiles up at once, so you don’t have to stay there to protect the butler and First Wind any longer. Also, I have a piece of information to tell you.”

“Information?” X raised his eyebrow, apparently feeling that he would not be interested in that information.

“Cornell’s hiding location.” Melody’s words made X freeze. She sighed, and then said, “The young master is really generous. Even though you just fought with him, he still wants to unconditionally inform you of your foe’s whereabouts!”

“By informing me of this matter, it is a condition in itself!” X said coldly. “However, this suits me fine. Tell your young master there is no need to worry about Cornell. After tonight, Cornell will no longer exist in this world!”

After Melody said a long address, she instructed, “Settle it cleanly. Don’t leave any trouble behind for my young master.”

Upon hearing this, X merely snorted in response, then turned and said to me, “Endelis, I will return some other day to properly teach you how you should be using your blood ability!”

I hesitated. Even though I was rather unwilling, I still nodded my head. After all, following beside a young master whose profession is that of a hero, even if I do not have to fight, I must at least have the basic capability to protect myself. At the bare minimum, I must reach a level where I can block a missile and not lose consciousness.

After he finished speaking, X promptly left, walking very briskly. It looked like he already could not wait to seek out Cornell.

After I watched X depart, I noticed that there were apparently no more gunshots outside. I turned around to look. Dark Sun was simply standing at his original position and was not carrying out any actions like evading or deflecting bullets.

At this moment, there suddenly came a rhythmic “click clack” sound, which completely shifted my attention away from Dark Sun. These rhythmic noises sounded really familiar, as if they were Melody’s high-heels…

Just when I thought about Melody, she appeared in crimson, skintight clothes. Indeed, that click clack sound came from her high-heels as she walked. What was unusual was that she wore a mask on her face. The mask was so gorgeous it seemed like one would only see it at carnivals. Adding on a whip that she transformed from her blood ability, and a man whom she had tied up with the whip and was towing straight toward us…

Even though it was extremely rude to say this, other than “SM Queen,” I really could not find any other more suitable description.

She walked to Dark Sun’s side but did not say anything, merely casting a coquettish glance at him. After Dark Sun nodded his head in response, he walked toward First Wind and me. Of course, Melody followed behind him and also came over.

He walked to our side, then bent his head down and asked concernedly, “Are you okay?”

“I am well, and First Wind’s life does not appear to be in any danger.”

After answering Dark Sun’s query, I looked at Melody confusedly and then took a second look at the man she had dragged over. He looked terrified, there were traces of bruises on his face, and he did not dare to make a single sound. Most importantly, his face was very unfamiliar. He was not someone I knew.

Why did Melody drag a stranger over here at this moment?

Dark Sun does not look surprised either. Could this be a command he gave?

“Are we departing soon?” I already saw some citizens sticking their heads out and looking around. In another moment, perhaps they would come out from the buildings. At that time, leaving would be rather difficult.

“You guys can leave first, but I still have something to do.” Although Dark Sun said this, I did not choose to leave.

The media always rushes ahead of everyone else. It had only been three minutes since the gunshots ended when photojournalists carrying cameras on their shoulders and announcers carrying microphones in their hands walked onto the street in twos and threes, approaching us step by step. Even though there was alarm and fear on their faces, there was also excitement.

“Ex-Excuse me, may I ask if we could interview you?” A female reporter inquired cautiously in a loud voice.

Dark Sun turned to look at her, and then nodded his head, saying, “Come over here!”

That female reporter’s eyes shone. Although she wore high-heels on her feet, she was as fast as an athlete in a hundred meter dash competition. There was also a large group of media following behind her, who likewise sprinted over without restraint, lest they be behind the others by a second.

When the media were more or less in position, Dark Sun beckoned to Melody. The latter walked forward a few steps, then paused and said, “Dark Sun, I can help you…”

However, Dark Sun raised his hand and forbade Melody from speaking. The latter could only shut her mouth, and then she actually dispelled her blood ability whip.

What is the young master thinking of doing? I was extremely puzzled.

The moment the blood ability whip vanished, the man, who had previously been tied up, was unrestrained and promptly broke into a run.

At this moment, Dark Sun slowly turned around, but merely watched the man. Only after about five seconds did he move. He raised his Death Scythe in a stance to swing it; however, he did not have any intention of giving chase.

That man had probably run one hundred meters already. At such a distance, it was utterly impossible for the Death Scythe to hit a target…

Dark Sun growled, “Death Scythe, detach!”

Dark Sun swung his Death Scythe forcefully, and the blade of the scythe actually detached from its shaft, spinning as it flew out. It flew unerringly toward that man’s vest, and with a single “tuff” sound, stabbed into his body. In that moment, the man fell to the ground, his entire body nailed to it. His four limbs twitched for a while, and then he was finally silent…

The present scene was as silent as the man who had fallen down. Even the media, who were initially eager to try opening their mouths to bombard Dark Sun with questions, were all as quiet and well-behaved as white rabbits.

Dark Sun resumed his calm and upright position. He tilted his head toward Melody and said, “You may leave now.”

Only at this moment did Melody return to her senses. Nodding, she said, “Yes!” Then, she went ahead and left.

Dark Sun surveyed the media at the scene in a circle from left to right, and then he opened his mouth to explain, “That man was one of the snipers who had fired just now. He was also the scoundrel who pressed the detonator in the past murder case of the mother-daughter pair.”

Oh I see. At that moment, I suddenly understood.

“You shouldn’t have done that!”

I jumped, and then turned my head to look. Only then did I notice that First Wind had already regained consciousness. He roared in disbelief, “Even if he is a criminal, you still can’t kill him! By doing this, you will allow other heroes to follow your example and all of them will also personally execute criminals! Heroes must never kill people! Y-Your current actions are absolutely not what a hero should do!”

Dark Sun turned around, and then said coldly and ruthlessly, “Then don’t call me a hero. I have never said that I am a hero. Call me whatever makes you happy. Even if you call me a demon, it doesn’t matter!”

… To others, I would just be a demon. A demon that could go on a rampage at any time… But if I use this strength to help others, then I would be a hero!

Does it truly not matter? Young Master, but you previously said that you… do not truly not care.

First Wind stared at him, dumbstruck. Apparently, he was somewhat unable to react. He opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. I could see what he wanted to say, his lips were asking, “Ah Ye?”

People who have only met the “young master” probably will not believe that the innocent and guiltless Young Master An Xiang Ye could have such a cold-blooded side, right?

Dark Sun did not pay First Wind any more attention. He turned back to face the large crowd of media, and said, with every word resounding, “I am Dark Sun. I am not a hero, only a demon! I hereby swear, as long as anyone dares to use innocent lives to threaten the heroes and me, I will utterly disregard the hostages’ lives. However, I will avenge them. I will personally send the criminals to hell to accompany them, and my methods will not be merciful!”

After he completed his vow to the media, Dark Sun roared in a low voice, “Go!”

At that moment, DSII rushed to my side. I immediately understood and carried First Wind as I sat astride the motorbike, and then we turned and left abruptly.

When I turned my head back to look around, I saw Dark Sun soaring up into the sky, flying behind us.

It was time to go home.

When we returned home, the young master immediately took off his visor, totally ignoring that First Wind was still there.

He instructed me in an indifferent tone, “Charles, call An Te Qi-bàba and let him come and help treat First Wind. I’m going to take a shower and then sleep. Don’t disturb me before I wake.”

“As you wish.”

After the young master walked off to his bedroom, I made the phone call. Subsequently, Mr. An Te Qi instructed me to help clean First Wind’s wounds up a little beforehand.

I fetched scissors and clean water, but when I wanted to cut apart the filthy clothes on First Wind’s body, First Wind unhappily brushed my hand aside. However, when I continued to insist on helping him treat his wounds, he did not continue refusing. He simply turned his head away, his expression extremely stiff.

As I cut, I said, “It is indeed not a good thing to sentence criminals in private. However, if Dark Sun had not done so, other felons would probably have followed suit and seized innocent citizens to threaten the heroes. To allow those innocent people to lose their lives would be even worse!”

First Wind’s stiff expression softened. He appeared to be somewhat hesitant.

After cutting up his clothes, I picked up a clean cotton cloth and started to wipe the bloodstains around his wounds. I gently said, “If one cannot think of a better plan, but criticizes the person who strove to come up with a way to reduce casualties to a minimum, this also does not seem to be good behavior.”

First Wind turned his head to look at me. He looked as if he wanted to explain, yet did not know what he should say.

“The young master, he… only made the choice that you were all unwilling to make, that is all.”

I carried the basin that had already turned into a basin of watery blood, and left the living room.

At long last, the incident came to a close.

After First Wind’s injuries were treated, he was no longer in danger and even departed on foot. Before he left, he even left a note for the young master. There were only a few words written on the paper: “Sorry” and “From First Wind.”

The young master slept for another three full days, just like before, when after being blasted by six missiles, he had also entered an identical deep sleep. It appeared that sleeping was one of the ways for the young master to regain his strength.

On the fourth morning, just as he normally did, he went out at five o’clock to run, only instructing me to cook “lots and lots” for breakfast. Then, he returned punctually at seven o’clock to take a bath. It seemed that eating was also a way for the young master to replenish his strength.

As usual, Mr. Bramble and the others were in the living room at six-fifty, waiting for the meal to be served.

At seven-twenty, everyone promptly sat at the dining table, and the meal was served.

I waited upon the young master as he ate, and watched him polish off twelve people’s share of breakfast. Then, I could not help but open my mouth to ask a question that had been buried for three days.

“Young Master, may I ask you a question?”

As the young master drank his milk, he nodded his head.

“Young Master, you seem to abide by your promises. No matter what the promise is, will you abide by them all?”

The young master said as though it was a matter of fact, “Of course, promises are to be kept!”

I fell silent for a while. “Young Master, then may I ask you another question?”

The young master set down the empty glass of milk, and turned his head to look at me, saying, “Of course! You can ask as many questions as you want.”

I glanced hesitantly at Mr. Bramble, but still could not help but open my mouth to ask, “You previously promised Briar to marry her after she grew up. Were you serious about it?”

Everyone suddenly stopped all motions of eating breakfast and turned to look at the young master and me. In particular, Mr. Bramble was staring so much his eyeballs were about to drop out.

The young master looked at me and answered seriously, “Of course I’m serious. When Briar grows up, I will take her as my wife. We’ve already agreed.”

Silence filled the room…

Mr. Bramble was the first to break the silence. He jumped up and roared, “I won’t allow it! I won’t allow it! Briar is only twelve years old right now! Marry who! My Briaaaaar!”

I hurriedly consoled him, “Mr. Bramble, there is no need to be agitated. The young master also does not intend to marry Briar immediately. You are correct, Briar is only twelve years old, there is still at least another ten years before marriage. Would you not say so? Young Master?”

The young master blinked, and then feeling puzzled, asked, “Still another ten years? I thought sixteen years old was old enough get married.”

“…” I was speechless. Even though sixteen years of age is the legal age for marriage, but Young Master, are you truly intending to wed a sixteen year old girl?

“Sixteen years old, only four years later… I won’t allow it!” Mr. Bramble burst out, with “won’t allow it” in an even louder voice.

“The Hikaru Genji Plan!1” Dell showed an envious expression as he said, “Oh~~ I also want a bride who is ten years younger than I am!”

“With your appearance?” May said coldly, “It would already be pretty good not to get treated as a ‘weird uncle.'”

“Maiden, you’re already so old. When are you intending to get married?”

“After I kill you!”

In the midst of the clamor, the sound of a news announcement came from the television.

No matter what happens, the curtain will eventually drop on the commotion. The four heroes have also returned, and will continue to tirelessly strive to protect the city and its citizens. They are the Noblewoman, Solitary Butterfly, the Aristocrat, First Wind, the Beast, Dragon Peace, and the Steel… Pardon me, please wait a moment!

It seems that the title of our Dark Sun has apparently changed. Everyone generally seems to feel that a different title is more suitable for him. That would be, the one bringing death to criminals…

The Grim Reaper, Dark Sun.


1 “The Hikaru Genji Plan”: The Hikaru Genji Plan is named after the main character in The Tale of Genji, who kidnapped a young girl from a life of poverty for the purpose of marrying her once she grew up. (Taken from:

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