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No Hero Volume 2: The Hero Grim Reaper

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Character Introductions —translated by raylight

Leanna: The young master’s classmate.

Abner: The young master’s classmate.

Aren: The young master’s classmate.

Ingrid: The young master’s classmate.

Judy: The young master’s classmate.

Yue Gang: A policeman.

Ji Luo Chu: A photographer and Ji Luo Lun’s elder brother.

Ah Da: Ji Luo Chu’s co-partner, who opened a print advertisement studio together with him. He is in charge of the print design.

E.X. : A thousand-year-old vampire. His relationship with Charles is similar to that of a father and son or fellow brothers.


Phewwww. When I started writing the afterword, I really felt like heaving a sigh of relief.

In No Hero Volume 2, there is actually a lot of content. This means that there are more incidents. Not only does it include the young master’s part-time job, it also shows that heroes will fail and run into difficulties too, First Wind’s true identity, the incident with E.X and such… However, I still have to come out with the plot that comes after that. For example, the policeman Yue Gang. He is not going to disappear any time soon! On the contrary, the number of scenes he appears in will increase! There are also the young master’s classmates; they too will not disappear just like that.

To think that in the beginning, when I had just started to list out all the scenes that are going to be written in this volume, I truly just stared at the notebook blankly and spaced out. I was thinking, how are all these pieces of plot going to fit together to form a story?

But writing a story is just that miraculous. Without realizing it, the pieces of plot have found the spots where they ought to be, and then just like that, No Hero Volume 2: The Hero Grim Reaper became a completed puzzle.

The Grim Reaper Dark Sun was also born like this.

Though the inspiration for No Hero came from Batman, in the movies, Batman chose not to kill others. However, our young master has killed some people.

When I was writing this, I was a little hesitant, but I still did it in the end.

It wasn’t for any other reason but just because the young master in No Hero isn’t Batman’s Bruce Wayne. An Xiang Ye would kill others for the sake of protecting those he wishes to protect, that is all.

For characters, as to what they would or wouldn’t do, it is always very clear and well understood, and one can hardly compromise. This gives the author major headaches.

However, No Hero has quite a few younger readers, and because of that, I can’t help but feel a bit worried. Therefore, I’m going to mend the fold after a life is lost.1

[This story is purely fiction, and there are a lot of dangerous stunts. Please refrain from imitating them!]

Now that we are done with the serious stuff, let’s go onto the nonsense! Hehe!

Everyone should have noticed that within this volume, there are three bookmarks included, right? The characters on the bookmarks are the young master, Charles, and Ezart. Those are the top three in the character popularity poll that was held in the “Yu Wo discussion forums”!

The voting is not done for show! If you vote for them, you’ll get pictures! If you don’t vote, then you wouldn’t get blessed! Next time, don’t be lazy and not vote!

Looking at the poll results, it makes me, as an author, want to make a snappy comment to the main character of the book… Charles! Even though the book features your point of view as the main male character, your popularity still actually lost to the young master… Fine! As a butler, you can’t win against your master!

I will grudgingly forgive you. If you lose again, then you might as well strip naked in your picture as an apology! (What? If that is the case, then Charles definitely wouldn’t be allowed to win? How cruel…)

Lastly, following No Hero’s convention (Is there even such a thing?), I’ll give an advance notice to the third volume’s title to keep everyone hanging in suspense! If I don’t keep people hanging in suspense, then I wouldn’t be Yu Wo!

The title of the third volume is: Non-Human Killer.

In the next volume, we will start to reveal the past of the main character Charles, and we will also mention a lot more things regarding non-humans. At the same time, much of the plot will involve Melody. Finally, there’s also the development of the young master’s modeling career… If I say anything else and everyone knows the plot, then when you read the next book you wouldn’t find it fresh any more. Therefore, I will stop talking at this point!

When you keep someone hanging in suspense, you have to reap the benefits after all- (Is beaten up)

To conclude, I will also give an advance notice that the third volume will be released first during the winter vacation book exhibition in February 2009. There are also plans to make a purchase set limited to the location, and I hope everyone will like it.

I’m very happy that everyone is supporting the series No Hero. As the children’s mother, I will represent my children in their place and give thanks to everyone.

Come, I’m giving a flying kiss of gratitude, catch it well! (Don’t you dare dodge it!)

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions – translated by Lucathia

Dragon Peace

Modified Area: Entire body.

Most Hated Criminal: Those who harm animals.

Hero’s Motto: Don’t you dare bully it!

First Wind

Modified Area: Left arm.

Most Hated Criminal: Drug cartels.

Hero’s Motto: Those who would willingly hurt other people or even the entire world’s population for the sake of personal benefits are the most unforgivable!

Solitary Butterfly

Modified Area: Both legs.

Most Hated Criminal: Rapists.

Hero’s Motto: I’ll let you off if you put down your weapons. Rapist? Castrate him!


1 “Mend the fold after a life is lost”: Yu Wo is making a pun here! The original is a Chinese idiom “Mend the fold after a sheep is lost”( 亡羊補牢 wáng yáng bǔ láo) , which means to correct mistakes after making them and act belatedly. Instead, Yu Wo uses 亡隱補牢(wáng yǐn bǔ láo), which means to mend the fold and hide the death… (In this case, 亡 refers to “death” instead of “lost” from the original meaning)

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  1. Jennifer

    Even Yu Wo admits that she leaves us hanging!
    Aw, Ah Ye looks so handsome in his picture! I can picture a certain gege adding that picture to his extensive colllection.
    Speaking of that gege, does the Solaris Emperor appear too? I want to see more of the two brothers with brother complexes… Eclipse Hunter doesn’t update enough for me. Only Yu Wo could create such an adorable pair of siblings in such a dark story.
    That’s it… Forget the Church of the God of Light, all hail the Church of Yu Wo! May the benelovence of Yu Wo and her faithful translating knights, PR, forever guide your path.

  2. 15B

    *still has yet to finish watching the last movie in the Batman trilogy* But people were right. The Dark Knight (the second movie) was really, really good! Please go watch it as research for reading No Hero! /shot

    Out of curiosity, do the Ezart-Charles-Ah Ye bookmarks happen to be the profile pictures for them on the character page? (And will there be a separate entry for Dark Sun from Ah Ye?)

    *shakes head at 8k chapters* There really was quite a lot of content in V2! I can never figure how people plan stories with plotlines… There’s too much to keep track of.

    T^T No Hero convention… Sounds like a lot of fun… (Is that where all the Ah Ye/Charles cosplayer pictures on the Internet are from? I’ve spent hours happily looking at all the pictures of Ah Ye’s and Charles’ running around.)

    Oh! Oh! It’s all four heroes’ pictures already? (Dragon Peace looks friendly to me… Maybe I should stop thinking of him as Longan berry… Luo Chu-ge, your motto is so long… orz Solitary Butterfly, I’m sorry for ogling your legs after reading what exactly you had modified. But where do you keep your medical supplies?)

    • [PR]lucathia

      I don’t think bookmarks came with my version… /cries (Either that, or I’ve already misplaced them. XDDD I have no recollection of bookmarks)

      The profile pic of Ezart is from V7! Don’t know about the pics of Charles and Ah Ye.

      I forgot to include the colored pic of Charles in the V1 epilogue. I should add it in… It’s cool that there’s at least one colored insert per volume~~

    • Hans

      It’s a post from 2015 but I still want to reply to it. The bookmark should be the one used as the cover(?) picture of asmodea (the previous group translating a few chapters of NH) right?

  3. Rain

    Thanks for the chapter! “If I don’t keep people hanging in suspense, then I wouldn’t be Yu Wo!” …. so true XD

  4. night

    actually, Solitary Butterfly’s attitute to rapists is: castrate them!

    • Prince Revolution!

      Is that what she says? We’ll take another look and edit it!

  5. Oddmoonlight

    I went back to check out the first intro and noticed that there was no picture of Briar! Will we get to see one in the next intro? I’m curious of Dark Sun’s future bride :P

  6. Difer

    Thank you so much! for bringing No Hero I love it! I loved this book, I had fun reading it.
    Sorry, but my English is not very good. : P

  7. Kiki

    Hmm… doing english rn and I’m suddenly wondering- is No Hero First Person Protagonist or First Person Participant? Cause I mean, it feels like Ah Ye is the MC and the novel is centered around Ah Ye, but Charles is also like a protagonist…

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