Update: August 2018

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August Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C9: Safe Room, Safety or Freedom
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C1: College Life Part 1—The Classmate with an Angel
  3. Dominion's End V3Extra: Frozen Heart
  4. GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part Two
  5. Dominion's End V3Epilogue: Afterword

We wrap up Dominion’s End v3 this month with a side chapter. Can you guess who the side story is about? We were told that the previous No Hero chapter was quite the roller coaster… Do you think we’ll be let off of this ride, or is it continuing into the next chapter? :3 You’ll see soon!

The Ultimate 1/2 Prince Test is here! Come test your knowledge of 1/2 Prince, and you might be able to earn some cool prizes! This time’s contest consists of 130 questions about 1/2 Prince. It’s a great time to reread the series, or read the series for the first time. The contest ends on September 26. We await your entry.

Are you interested in translating with us? Send in an application, if so~. We are particularly looking for people wishing to work on Dominion’s End and/or No Hero at the moment.

Last month, Thirteen won the poll of who you would choose to become one of the good guys from the start. I bet he’d be a super dependable comrade!

In celebration of our 1/2 Prince contest, we have a poll from Ryuuchama about what Kenshin is troubled by~

Do you have a poll idea? We are taking ideas over here.

See you later in the month~

  1. minty

    I feel there are only two people Frozen Heart can be about. Should I break out the tissues again?

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