GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Alan the Elf, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

“The clothes are too small.” Bai Saya was happy.

“That’s because you’re not wearing a corset underneath it. See, it’s that sleeveless garment right over there.”

“Um… the corset is too small.” He was even happier!

“Idiot! It’s not like a corset is a waistband. You have to push out all the air in your chest, and then you have to tighten it with all your strength. Just don’t kill yourself!”

Bai Saya used all his strength to tighten the corset. When he lowered his head to look at the corset, there were still several centimeters to go before he could fasten it! It was practically an impossible mission.

Ugh, I can’t watch any more of this! Shooting Star jumped out of the tub, and with one foot on Bai Saya’s back, used both hands to pull on the rope of the corset. He shouted, “Xiao Bai, bear with it!”


A piercing cry resounded in the middle of the night across Shore City, scaring awake several drunks lying by the roadside. They looked around, scratched their heads blearily, and lay down once more.

“Sorry, did I tighten it too much?” Shooting Star studied it for a bit. His waist seems too narrow like this. The proportions of his body are a bit strange?

Bai Saya’s eyes were bugging out. He forced out his words with great difficulty, “I-If you don’t loosen it now, I, I’m gonna suffocate…”

Seeing Bai Saya’s purple complexion, Shooting Star hurriedly loosened the rope a bit. The former finally escaped from the sad situation of “getting strangled to death by a corset.”

“I spent a lot of time picking out the style of these two outfits until I found formal dresses that won’t hinder our movement too much.”

After Shooting Star put on his close fitting clothes, he grabbed the ball gown he had his eye on from among several lacy outfits and slipped it on.

As Bai Saya rubbed his waist, he immediately reminded him, “Wait, you forgot to put on a corset!”

“I don’t need one. I’m still a kid!” After Shooting Star finished speaking, he immediately saw Bai Saya’s displeasure, but he boldly said, “Besides, I have a lot on my plate, too. I searched for a long time before I found this kind of ball gown. This is the only kind of dress I can hide weapons underneath.”

Bai Saya glanced at the ball gown and said in doubt, “How can you move about in such a puffy dress?”

“Oh, there are steel wires in the shape of a hoop underneath the dress. All I have to do is cut the leather straps holding up the steel wires.”

Shooting Star lifted the dress very inelegantly, pointing out the structure of the dress to Bai Saya. The latter showed an impressed expression and sighed, “What a mysterious outfit!”

“I know! This ball gown is even heavier than a set of leather armor. On top on that, people usually wear a corset underneath it, too. The corset you’re wearing isn’t much different from leather armor.”

“Women are amazing,” Bai Saya praised.

“Exactly!” Shooting Star agreed. Disguising himself once or twice was fine, but if he had to wear this kind of outfit long term, he would rather go naked as a barbarian.

After the two of them held several seconds of silence for the suffering of women across the world, Shooting Star jumped up and urged, “Hurry, hurry! There’s still so much to prep. Come sit over here, Xiao Bai. I’ll do your makeup.”

Bai Saya obediently sat by Shooting Star, letting him do this and that to his face. Shooting Star chattered nonstop while he applied the makeup.

“I’m telling you, disguising yourself is an art. It’s not that I want to brag, but I’ve inherited techniques from the God of Thieves. I assure you that I’ll make you even more of a beautiful woman than a beautiful woman!”

I can be an ugly woman. That’s not a problem. Bai Saya answered silently in his heart.

“I promise you that Dan and Philo will be dazzled by you!”

Can’t you use other people as examples? Bai Saya was already troubled enough by those two people. He didn’t dare to imagine the frightful scenario that would result from those two being “dazzled” by him.

“Here, as a final touch, put on this wig. Then, we just need some magic to change the color of your eyes, and we’re done.”

Shooting Star took out a brown, curly wig and put it on Bai Saya’s head.

How did he buy so much stuff in the handful of minutes it took for the attendant to draw the bath and for me to begin bathing? Bai Saya was utterly confused.

“What color do you like?” Shooting Star asked rather democratically.

Bai Saya thought about it and honestly answered, “White.”

“White, my ass. Do you want to pretend to be blind?” Shooting Star snapped, “You’re picking an eye color!”

Bai Saya quickly switched colors. “Then, blue.”

After haphazardly finishing Bai Saya’s makeup, Shooting Star began to prep himself. It was much faster this time. It only took around ten minutes for him to finish applying his makeup and put on a long, blond wig.

Shooting Star turned his head and asked, “What do you think?”

Bai Saya stared at him in shock. If Shooting Star hadn’t just taken a bath in front of him, he would have definitely been unable to believe that this cute girl with large, brimming eyes and rosy cheeks was actually a boy!

“You’re completely a cute, delicate girl,” Bai Saya honestly answered.

“Heh!” Shooting Star laughed and snickered, “You haven’t seen yourself yet, right? Go look at the mirror by the wall.”

Bai Saya nodded a bit hesitantly. He really didn’t want to look in the mirror. He wasn’t like Shooting Star who had a baby face as a guy. If he saw himself looking neither like a man nor a woman, he might even regurgitate his dinner. Even worse was if he saw that he wasn’t like a woman at all. That would depress him even more!

Dragging heavy feet, Bai Saya took several seconds to traverse a distance that only needed a second to cover. In the end, he still reached the mirror, but he took several minutes to prepare himself. Finally, he braced himself and lifted his head…

“Oh my god!”

The second day of the auction arrived, and the crowd was just as huge as the day before, filling the outer boundaries of the auction site. Several people who had become experts at lining up were currently chatting in twos and threes to pass the time.

“I heard that the Kingdom of Rising Sun’s Prince Bol used ten thousand gold ducats to buy a sword yesterday.”

“So rich! But it’s not like having money will make his swordsmanship any better.”

“Haha! Your words are sure poisonous.”

“As if. I’m just telling the truth. I wonder what he’s going to buy today?”

“Who knows… Hey, Prince Bol is here. You can go ask him yourself.”

“Nonsense. If I’m daring enough to ask him, do I still need to line up here? Hey, hey, why aren’t you answering me?”

Yet, that person continued to remain silent and only used a finger to point toward Prince Bol’s extravagant carriage. The chubby and round prince had already gotten off the carriage, but he didn’t continue toward the building. Instead, he turned with a smile and extended a hand to someone in the carriage.

A prince was actually helping someone else out of the carriage. Just what kind of person was in the carriage?

At that moment, only the end of a black dress could be seen as that person was stepping off the carriage. The dress extended and flared out from a slim waist, swishing about elegantly with each movement.

The woman seemed rather conservative. Her outfit was fastened all the way to her neck. Even though it was sleeveless, a thin, silk shawl covered her shoulders, concealing two arms that were most probably fair.

Just her elegant figure alone gave rise to wild imaginations, making it difficult to hold back from glancing up at her face. What reflected first in everyone’s sight was that pair of blue eyes, gentle and beautiful, prompting feelings of tenderness. It was just a pity that a veil covered her face below her eyes, causing restlessness in all around her.

Suddenly, that beautiful woman tripped as she got out of the carriage.

“Countess Meyl, please be careful.” Prince Bol was exaggeratedly concerned, hurriedly stepping closer to steady her. He didn’t forget to caress her arm as he was at it.

Instantly, that elegant woman seemed to roll her eyes, but she instantly returned to normal as well. It made everyone feel that it must have been a trick of the eye. Such an elegant woman would never do something as rude as rolling her eyes.

At this time, the surrounding crowd exploded into noise, and questions poured in one after another.

“Countess Meyl? What kingdom is this noble from?”

“I haven’t heard of them before! I’ve no clue!”

A younger, tenderly cute girl jumped out of the carriage behind the first. A cute bow was tied on top of her wavy golden hair. On her fair, goose-egg shaped face was a pair of large, bright, glistening, eyes that were looking around curiously.

The moment she saw Countess Meyl before her, she lifted the edge of her gown and nimbly trotted over to the countess’s side. Then, she intimately grabbed the countess’s arm.

A glimpse told that all others were looking at this pair of adult and child beauty with appreciation. Prince Bol, who had escorted these two here, was immediately flattered, and he was even more eager to be attentive toward these two women.

“Countess Meyl, Lady Meyl, let us enter.”

Countess Meyl nodded and followed the pretentious prince inside the auction site.

After entering his designated, large private room, Prince Bol gestured for his subordinates to place two more chairs on the balcony. Then, they were to quickly serve the best food and wine so that he could entertain these two beauties.

Prince Bol could not help but marvel at his amazing hearing. Just now on his way here, he had heard a clear voice, and he had immediately felt that it had to belong to a great beauty. He had his subordinates stop the carriage, and he listened for a good while, discovering that a coachman had wanted to extort these two beauties just because their carriage had broken down. Right then and there, he had his subordinates rescue them from their plight.

Right after Countess Meyl finished thanking him, she said that she wanted to return to the inn they were staying at, but Lady Meyl stubbornly wanted to go to the auction to see the excitement. Prince Bol couldn’t let this chance escape and immediately suggested escorting them to the auction.

Hehe, to think that I would encounter beauties even while attending an auction. Prince Bol was pleased.

At this time, Countess Meyl softly said, “Your highness, please allow me to step out for a moment.”

“Please, go ahead.” As someone from the royal court, Prince Bol of course knew that this was something ladies said when they wanted to use the toilet.

Countess Meyl lifted her dress and left the private room with Lady Meyl. They walked to the most remote toilet, and Lady Meyl even stuck her head inside suspiciously. After making sure there was no one inside, the two of them immediately dashed in. Not only did they shut the door, they even used a broom by the side to block the door to prevent anyone from opening it.

A playful smile came across Lady Meyl’s face, and she turned to say, “Xiao Bai, you’re really such a natural countess! All we had to do was cram in one morning of etiquette, and no one discovered that you have nothing to do with any countesses.”

“We shouldn’t trick people like this, right?”

When Bai Saya spoke, the voice that came out was still a delicate woman’s. Even he felt weirded out by it. He hurriedly took off the necklace around his neck. When he spoke again, his voice had returned to his original, male voice.

“On top of that, we have the admission credentials Dan gave us. There was no need to disguise as women to trick that prince, making him bring us in.”

Just thinking of how that prince would caress his arm from time to time made Bai Saya shiver. Several times, he had to force himself not to jump and beat that Bol up.

“Idiot! Do you think we’re here to sightsee? Dan already knows you want to save Alan. If we use those admission credentials, then the entire world would know that we stole that elf! Besides, if we didn’t approach that prince, I wouldn’t have been able to steal this.”

Shooting Star suddenly laughed deviously. Then, he took out a long sword from beneath his dress.

At first, Bai Saya thought it was his own Sword of Sacred White, but once he took a closer look, he saw that it wasn’t. A thought hit him, and he blurted, “This was the sword that was sold for ten thousand gold ducats yesterday?”

“Exactly!” Shooting Star said gleefully, “Think about it. Alan has been shackled so tightly. If we don’t use old man Glen’s sword, there’s no way we could open that lock.”

“Can’t we just use my Sword of Sacred White?” Bai Saya was in a bit of disbelief. He was more willing to believe that Shooting Star coveted the ten thousand gold ducats, so he had taken this chance to steal the sword from Prince Bol.

“Calling you an idiot is giving you too much credit!” Shooting Star was so angry that flames were almost bursting from his eyes. He growled, “You’ve just told Dan and Water Lily yesterday that you have a sword of Glen’s. If we use that sword today to bust that lock, even an idiot could guess that you’re the thief! The only way to free you from getting suspected is to use another sword to commit the crime. Do you understand me?!”

Bai Saya’s face reddened and he hurriedly said, “I get it. You’re right… Um, but stealing is wrong.” His voice grew smaller and smaller. In the end, he was still the one who had put them in this situation.

“Using this sword can even shift the blame onto Prince Bol. Plus, he was the one who brought the two of us here. Hehe! That guy will definitely be in a world of trouble!”

Glee appeared on Shooting Star’s face. Only a genius like himself, Shooting Star, could come up with this kind of method that could kill two birds with one stone!

Bai Saya frowned. Even though he didn’t like Bol, it wasn’t like Bol had done anything to them. Framing him was overdoing it.

When Shooting Star saw Bai Saya’s expression, he knew that Bai Saya was worrying for Bol. He patiently explained, “Relax, Chubby Bol is the King of Rising Sun’s only little bro. The Goldenstyle Merchant Guild wouldn’t dare to do anything to him!”

Hearing that, Bai Saya finally relaxed a bit.

“Besides, it’s that damn fatty’s fault for being so lecherous!” Shooting Star gave a snort and said disdainfully, “All we did was find a coachman to put on a show with us. He took the bait just like that!”

“We were the ones who tricked him in the first place, saying that I’m a widowed countess, and that you’re my husband’s little sister.”

Bai Saya sighed. He really couldn’t be like Shooting Star, treating trickery of others as if it were nothing, even if it was for the sake of rescuing someone.

“Hmph!” Shooting Star boldly said, “He’s just too stupid. I already ‘honestly’ declared that you’re Countess ‘Male!’ He’s the one who wanted to hear it as Countess Meyl. That has nothing to do with me anymore. I was super honest!”

…If you’re honest, then there are no liars in the world! Bai Saya shook his head, thinking to himself that he had to educate Shooting Star on morality in the future. The brink of a robbery was not a good time to educate him on morality.

At this time, Shooting Star curled his finger to beckon Bai Saya and explained in detail, “Listen up. We’ll split up. Find a place to hide in the great hall below, somewhere close to the stage. Once Alan appears on the stage, I will cause a commotion and draw everyone’s attention away. You will immediately go on stage and cut his shackles apart. Then…”

Bai Saya listened very attentively. He knew that they were about to execute something extremely dangerous. If they were to fail, it wouldn’t just be him, even Shooting Star would be blamed, so he couldn’t take this lightly.

“You got all that?”

Bai Saya nodded and said, “Got it.”

“All right!” Shooting Star shouted, “Then Mission Capture… I mean, Mission Rescue the Elf has begun!”

Bai Saya smiled wryly. I am saving Alan and not pushing him deeper into the fire, right?

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