GOD V2C3: Alan the Elf, Part One

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Alan the Elf, Part One—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

The door slowly opened. A head of gold instantly brightened the entire private room, drawing everyone’s gaze. Then, their eyes focused on a face that was gentle and delicate to the point of appearing androgynous. Even with such an indifferent expression, the elf’s absolute magnificence could not be obscured.

Bai Saya was amazed. Alan was even more beautiful than that time in the prison. It was probably because the prison had been dark, and Alan had worn simple clothing then, so his brilliance had not been brought out.

Dan followed right behind the elf, and behind him was an entire row of bodyguards, but Water Lily’s beautiful and graceful figure could not be seen. After Dan commanded his subordinates to stay outside, he walked inside the room and closed the door on his way in.

Bai Saya was carefully observing Alan. The latter’s hands and feet were shackled, his demeanor as cold as always, his face completely expressionless, as if he were the only one inside the room and there was no one next to him.

“A-Alan,” he hesitantly called out.

He had finally gotten the elf’s attention. Long, slender blue eyes stared at Bai Saya. He slowly opened his mouth and said, “You…”

Bai Saya lowered his head awkwardly, not daring to meet the elf’s gaze.

“Who are you?”

He jerked his head up, staring at the elf in disbelief. The other finally showed some expression—doubt— but looked to be in no hurry, as if it didn’t matter if an answer was given or not.

Seeing that Bai Saya had met his match, Shooting Star guffawed without any sympathy. “I forgot to tell you. It’s probably because elves live too long, so their memories and their ability to recognize people are usually all jumbled up.”

Alan glanced at Shooting Star.

“Wow! He actually glared at me? This is the first time an elf has glared at me!” Shooting Star’s eyes widened. He was beyond excited.

“Nonsense, he only glanced at you.” Bai Saya thought nothing of it. How could an elf glare at anyone?

“To an elf, that just now can be considered a glare.”

At this time, perhaps provoked by the “all jumbled up” remark, Alan finally scrutinized Bai Saya seriously. Once he saw that pair of amber eyes, the elf finally remembered.

“You’re that human who was once imprisoned with me.”

Bai Saya abruptly snapped his head back and blurted, “You recognize me?”

Alan nodded casually but did not speak further. He had just wanted to prove Shooting Star’s words wrong, so he had seriously thought about it. Yet after proving him wrong, Alan didn’t feel recognizing him had any meaning.

Seeing that, Bai Saya didn’t know how to continue from there at all. Shooting Star was even yawning widely next to him…

“Have you been doing okay lately?”

In order to get rid of the awkwardness, Bai Saya could only find something to talk about even though there was nothing to talk about. Frustrated, he also glared at Shooting Star. Shooting Star was the one who had requested to see Alan, yet he was now relaxing by the side, and wasn’t helping with finding a conversation topic.

Shooting Star didn’t pay any attention to his pet’s completely harmless glare. He was currently sneaking a glance at that head of golden hair. At first, he had thought it was bright gold, but a closer look revealed that it was a gentle, pale gold. Although not as eye-catching as bright gold, it was even more elegant and pleasing to the eye.

“Passable.” Alan nodded, giving a simple answer.

A dead silence fell upon them once again.

Finally, Bai Saya could stand it no longer. He could only turn his head and beg for Shooting Star’s help with his gaze.

Shooting Star’s eyes shone with a strange gleam, as if he were saying: You’re the one who asked me to help!

Bai Saya suddenly had an ominous feeling. Just as he wanted to turn down Shooting Star’s aid, it was already too late.

“Hey!” Shooting Star called out to Dan, who had been standing quietly in the corner. He gestured at the elf and said, “Can I touch him?”

Dan frowned. This request is too much.

“Just above the neck. Please!” Shooting Star’s eyes were shining. It was no big deal to him when he said, “We can exchange! You can also touch Xiao Bai above the neck.”

“What nonsense are you spouting?!” Bai Saya growled through clenched teeth. I should have known Shooting Star wouldn’t have any good ideas. Actually, his good ideas are only good for himself but extremely bad for others.

Dan looked at Bai Saya gravely, as if asking: Are you really not going to consider switching companions?

If their relationship really were that of companions, then Bai Saya would definitely have switched Shooting Star a hundred times over already! Unfortunately, their relationship was currently “pet and master.”

Bai Saya suddenly realized that perhaps his situation was even worse than Alan’s.

“Go ahead and touch,” Dan said, not minding it. Above the neck would make it at most the face, and that did not matter much.

Shooting Star gave a cry of joy and immediately ran over to the elf.

“Wait, Shooting Star, don’t be reckless!” Bai Saya scolded, afraid that Shooting Star really would touch him inappropriately—But it would be above the neck. There doesn’t seem to be anything inappropriate about that? Besides, Alan is a guy. Should I stop him or not?

The elf’s gaze, which had been aloof this entire time, began to focus, coldly staring at this person who had run to his side and even had on a lecherous expression. His coldness began to turn into chilliness, even though other people probably couldn’t tell the difference.

Shooting Star gave a “hehe,” and as if he were coaxing a child, said, “Don’t move about, okay? I’ll be super careful. I promise you I won’t hurt you.”

Hearing this, Dan began to waver over whether he should stop him…

Hearing this, Bai Saya began to waver over whether he should have Dan stop Shooting Star…

After saying this, Shooting Star didn’t waver at all. He immediately pounced on the elf—

“Shooting Star!” Bai Saya cried out, wanting to rush over and drag Shooting Star away.

Dan’s complexion changed.

The elf’s chilliness began to turn into fury.


“Really so beautiful!

“This is the first time I’ve seen hair this beautiful!”

Shooting Star was moved as he hugged the elf’s golden hair to his heart’s content. The golden hair reflected in his golden eyes, which were, of course, sparkling.

What’s going on right now? Bai Saya was frozen in the posture of “being about to rush over and hold Shooting Star back.”

Dan was frozen to the spot.

The elf’s fury had solidified, and there were also signs of his brain short-circuiting.

Seeing Shooting Star hug the elf’s hair to death and completely ignoring that beautiful face, Bai Saya couldn’t help the strange expression that came over him. Could it be that what Shooting Star meant by above the neck is… his hair?

Dan also relaxed. As long as the elf’s hair wasn’t cut off, he could touch it however he liked.

Bai Saya also thought the same. It was just hair, and the elf was a guy, so it should be okay… No, it was super not okay. The elf’s face was already beginning to contort.

“Let go!” The elf suddenly growled.

Shooting Star paid him no attention. If it weren’t because the hair looked better when it was on the elf, he could even go to the extent of cutting it off and fleeing. It was just hair, so he believed Dan would be able to take care of it.

The elf was so angry that he was trembling. If his hands and feet weren’t shackled, he probably would have struck out already. However, at the moment, he could only struggle to keep away from Shooting Star, but with his hair captive, he couldn’t really leave.

Bai Saya wanted to put a stop to his companion’s misdeed, but he also felt that he should let Shooting Star hug it longer… Of course, he meant the hair. Maybe this way Shooting Star will want to rescue Alan?

Dan really couldn’t keep watching any longer. He called for his subordinates to enter, and they took the elf along with them.

Shooting Star looked on helplessly as that golden hair was taken away. He narrowed his eyes dangerously, but in the end, just pouted and didn’t say a single word.

Seeing that, Bai Saya found it difficult to hide his disappointment. This was probably the last time he could see Alan up close. Right then, sorrow overwhelmed him. His entire person curled into the chair, his straight posture disappearing without a trace, his body so limp it was like his backbone had been taken out.

When Dan came back and saw that Bai Saya had returned to his depressed self, he was also overtaken by gloom from not being able to help.

For their own reasons, the three people in the private room all had little interest in the rest of the auction. Shooting Star could not forget that head of golden hair, while Bai Saya could not put his righteousness to use, and Dan was full of guilt from not being able to help, so he did not ask Bai Saya to stay longer.

Soon after, the two of them said their farewells and left.

After leaving the auction site, Shooting Star and Bai Saya silently walked along the streets of Shore City. Even though it was already very late, it was like the people in this city didn’t need to sleep. The streets were still rambunctious, highlighting the strange silence among these two people who were walking along the streets without a word.

“Shooting Star…”

“Xiao Bai…”

The two of them simultaneously spoke and simultaneously fell back into silence. After glancing at each other, Bai Saya sighed and said, “You’ve noticed it, too?”

“Yeah!” Shooting Star chuckled painfully. He was rather vexed. He hadn’t thought that that elf’s hair would be so beautiful!

At first, when he had seen the elf on the stage, the blinding, bright gold wasn’t all that much to his tastes, but once closer, it was much more pleasing to the eye—I want it so much! I want that beautiful elf to be my pet!

“What should we do?” Bai Saya frowned.

“I’m agonizing over it! This is really super hard!”

Shooting Star’s face was all scrunched up. The Goldenstyle Merchant Guild was not to be trifled with. An item that was worth over twenty thousand gold ducats was not easy to steal. One misstep, and the pet would not be his, plus the owner and the other pet would both be goners.

Bai Saya suggested, “Should we go back and ask Dan?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Shooting Star shot him right down. “Even though that Dan fellow likes you, he still treats his job with higher regard. This matter doesn’t even have anything to do with your safety. He would never defy the Guild for your sake.”

“But…” Bai Saya suddenly felt something was off.

“There’s no but!” Shooting Star showed a serious expression and concluded, “We can only think of a different solution!”

Stunned, Bai Saya said, “Oh.”

The two of them walked on silently for a while. Shooting Star, who had been thinking the entire time, asked, “Xiao Bai, how much money do we have left?”

Bai Saya counted inside his head and said, “Probably around twenty-five gold ducats.”

“That should be enough. Okay, I’ve decided!” Shooting Star gave a shout.

“What?” Bai Saya jumped in surprise.

Shooting Star said, word by word, “I want that elf to be my second pet!”

“Huh?” Bai Saya was stunned.

After deciding, his heart grew light. Shooting Star’s footsteps were so joyous that it was like the elf was already his pet. However, when the two of them suddenly came to a fork in the road, he blinked and asked in some confusion, “Come to think of it, where are we going now?”

Bai Saya was speechless for a moment before he said, “I’ve been trying to tell you all along that we’ve already left Philo and the others, so we don’t have an inn to stay at anymore. I wanted to ask you if you wanted to return and ask Dan to help us find somewhere to stay, but you said no, and you even said that he definitely wouldn’t help us.”

The two of them fell into a dead silence again.

“… Let’s go back and find Dan.”

“This is too amazing!”

Shooting Star’s face was full of emotion as he lay on a huge bed and rolled all over it. He kept on shouting, “It’s such a huge, soft bed! I knew that Xiao Bai is the most useful. As long as you’re here, Dan would even give us the best luxury hotel room!”

Bai Saya rolled his eyes, not wanting to spend any more time on this topic, or else Shooting Star might even directly rent him out to Dan or something.

He changed the topic and said, “We better hurry and discuss proper business. What should we do now to rescue Alan?”

With proper business being the topic, Shooting Star immediately showed an extremely serious expression—even though he looked even more like a boy who was being a brat, and said, “Xiao Bai, we are now about to execute a very dangerous mission!”

“I understand.” Bai Saya nodded solemnly.

“So we have to be extra careful.”

“As we should.”

“In order not to become fugitives after we steal the elf, I just went and bought a lot of items for our disguise.”

“We should put on a disguise, but…” Bai Saya asked in confusion, “what does that have to do with bathing?”

Bai Saya, the moment he entered the room, had been shoved by Shooting Star into a wooden tub filled with hot water, forced to scrub his skin clean before he would be allowed to come out.

Then, seeing the pile of extravagant clothes and accessories by the side, he had already begun to wonder if Shooting Star liked the elf’s hair too much, so he had decided to exchange one pet for another?

“Idiot! Don’t you know that jobs such as protecting the goods usually always have beastmen as the security guards? Beastmen have the best sense of smell among all the races. As long as you leave behind your scent, we would never be able to escape even to the ends of the earth!”

Only after Shooting Star explained and saw that Bai Saya had understood and was scrubbing himself with great strength did Shooting Star lay back on the huge pillow in satisfaction. He even extended his hand to grab the late night snacks by the bed to eat. No matter how you looked at him, he looked more like a pampered young master than a criminal on the eve of a robbery.

Bai Saya relaxed as he washed. It was all fine as long as he wasn’t being used to exchange for the elf.

“Hurry up and bathe. It’ll be my turn after you. I haven’t taken a bath in so long. I’m going to die from the smell.”

“I’m done.” He felt like he had scrubbed an entire layer of skin off.

Bai Saya grabbed a towel from the side and draped it on him. Then, he got out of the tub. Shooting Star immediately gave a cry of joy and jumped into the large tub to scrub and clean. The water in the tub began to grow murky as well.

Bai Saya picked through the clothes on the bed, trying to choose one that didn’t have as much lace trimming. When he unfurled the outfit, he was stunned and blurted, “Shooting Star! You bought the wrong clothes. Isn’t this a woman’s outfit?”

I think it’s even a formal dress…

“That is a woman’s outfit, but I haven’t bought the wrong clothes.”

Bai Saya stoically placed the outfit down. Then, he walked to the chair to the side and picked up his own, already worn clothing. Even though it hadn’t been washed yet, it was still better than female clothing.

Shooting Star said indifferently, “If you don’t want to rescue Alan, or if you want to be hunted after rescuing him, then you can wear your usual outfit.”

Bai Saya gave him a look of incomprehension.

“We’re gonna go steal stuff. If we don’t put on a disguise, we’re gonna become wanted, you know?”

Bai Saya couldn’t help saying, “Then, we should cover up our faces, right?”

Shooting Star mocked him, saying, “Yeah, yeah, let’s just cover our faces. It’s just that someone has an eye color that is so unique that you won’t find anyone else with that eye color in the entire city, and it’s like he was afraid other people won’t recognize him, so he even went out of his way to put his sword on the table today to get it appraised.”

Hearing that, Bai Saya could not help the sorry looking expression that came over him, but when he glanced at that female outfit full of lace again, he decided to put up a fight for a bit longer. “But that doesn’t mean I have to wear it now, right? The auction isn’t until tomorrow night.”

Shooting Star rolled his eyes and said, “Don’t you need to try the make-up on first? Do you think you can just randomly put it on and look like a woman? Though that reminds me, you didn’t even pretend before this and you were already treated as a woman.”

Now it was Bai Saya’s turn to start rolling his eyes. He could only repeat inside his heart with all his might: This is for the sake of rescuing a person… rescuing an elf.

For the sake of justice, small sacrifices were necessary. He took in several deep breaths, finally resigning to his battle with the outfit.

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