GOD V2C4: Thunderous Winter Anger, Part One

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Thunderous Winter Anger, Part One—translated by lucathia (proofread by EvlNabiki)

Alanmishusgrodiatila, often shortened to Alanmishus by his clansmen, meant “thundersnow” in the elven language.

Just like the nature of all elves, he was indifferent, but his clansmen claimed that Alanmishus was just like his name implied. Although he was as cold as the winter, once angered, his wrath was as alarming as thunder in winter.

Even if one was angry, it would not help the situation at all, so why get angry in the first place? This would most likely be the response of all elves in his current situation.

Alanmishus was a slave who was about to be auctioned off.

Although he had never met a slave before getting captured, he had heard tales from the older generation about what happened to elves after getting captured.

First was getting confined in a dark prison. He had already experienced that. Then came getting marveled at like a commodity by humans. This he had experienced yesterday. Last came getting bought by someone, forever losing his freedom.

He would not be able to return to the forest, and he would never be able to freely leap between the trees and breathe in the forest air.

The first two had already happened. Tomorrow, some human would bring a bunch of sparkling gold metal in exchange for taking him. Then, his freedom would be gone forever.

Alanmishus absentmindedly took the auction item that the human next to him passed over. Yesterday, it was a baffling cup. Today, it was a baffling scarf. Why do humans like such things?

Whatever. It had nothing to do with him. He stopped guessing at the minds of humans and merely walked expressionlessly onto the stage. The place was just like yesterday, still and silent, but it wouldn’t be so silent tomorrow. At the very least, voices would clamor with bids, the elf mocked inwardly.

Alanmishus calmly stood on the stage, but his attention had drifted away to who knew where. However, a sudden explosion drew his attention. He stared confusedly at the panicking crowd below. Yelling came from all directions, occasionally interspersed with the voices of guards calming the crowd to no avail.

Even faced with such a chaotic situation, the elf remained standing expressionlessly on the stage. But what happened next shocked even this indifferent elf.

A woman rushed onto the stage and slashed apart the shackles on the elf’s hands and feet. Then, before the elf could react, she grabbed him and began running.

But before they got anywhere, the auctioneer saw them and yelled for the guards. Several people rushed over in front of the elf and the woman, blocking off their path of escape, as well as the elf’s path to freedom…

The woman raised her sword and engaged in battle with the guards.

Alanmishus hadn’t regained his senses yet. He stood rooted to the spot, somewhat unused to the light feeling of his hands and feet. The heavy shackles there were now gone. He had worn them for a full half year. He had long forgotten this unfettered feeling. So my arms and feet can feel this free…

He was never going to wear shackles again!

His indifference faded, his heart that had been sealed by ice was released, and the elf struck like lightning toward his desire of freedom!

“Woman, out of the way!”

The woman in front of him glanced behind her when she heard the shout. She paled and immediately leaped away.

How could even the most indifferent elf, after experiencing capture, half a year of imprisonment, treatment as an auction item, and the despair of forever losing his future freedom, continue to remain indifferent?

It wasn’t that he wasn’t angry. He had just been bearing with it. His indifference had just been his way of resisting when he couldn’t resist in any other way.

Once there was a possibility of resistance, no matter if it were just a sliver of hope, he would use his life to fight for it!

Alanmishus’s head of soft, golden hair danced crazily. His hands that had regained freedom were raised in front of his chest, and a ball of white blue light rested upon his palms, so bright that no one could look directly at it. It rapidly grew from the size of a person’s fist to the size of an adult’s head, and electricity occasionally sputtered from it.

Finally, when this ball of lightning was so huge that it no longer fit on his palms, he raised it high above his head, as if thunderous clouds had rolled in, making the crowd at the scene scatter in screams.

Toward the guards, the elf growled, “Walilabaka!”

These were already the crudest words possible in the elven language. But in the human language, it was merely along the lines of “damn you,” though the inadequacy of the language didn’t matter at all. The gigantic ball of lightning above the elf’s head thoroughly expressed his anger.

With thunderous anger strumming through him, the elf viciously threw the ball of lightning out.


The woman… No, “Bai Saya,” who was disguised as a woman, stared in shock.

He had never imagined that the elf, who had shown indifference this entire time, would suddenly go crazy and would even release such a frightening power. He had actually destroyed the entire auction hall!

Although smoke billowed throughout the building, he could still see that the auction hall had been blown to smithereens. The guards who had been blocking their path were all twitching on the floor.

If they’re twitching, then they should still be alive, right? Bai Saya couldn’t help worrying. They just look half cooked.

At this time, Bai Saya heard uniform footsteps with his sharp ears. Other guards must be approaching, and they sound very experienced. We should hurry and flee.

He grabbed the elf’s thin wrist and pulled him along as he fled like the wind.

Throw the guards off your tail and bring Alan to this female toilet.

Thinking back on Shooting Star’s directions, Bai Saya had originally been worried that he would not be able to throw the guards off their tail with Alan in tow. He had not thought that the elf’s anger would directly solve this big problem. He of course ran like his life depended on it, dragging Alan to the female toilet!

“Who are you? Why did you rescue me?”

In a single utterance, the elf had used the elven language, the language of the Yisite Continent, and the language of the Weisite Continent.

Bai Saya glanced behind them to see if there were any pursuers. Afraid to stop, he had to run and divide his attention to answer the elf’s question at the same time. “I am Bai Saya. I was confined with you before. Alan, I will definitely rescue you. Please believe me!”

The elf frowned and did not respond, but he didn’t shake off Bai Saya’s hand either.

They ran all the way to the female toilet. Bai Saya flitted inside with the elf. Shooting Star was already in position inside. He was currently holding an entity that resembled an elf, but a closer examination would reveal that it was just a bunch of ragged cloth bundled together.

Perhaps their long association had resulted in a tacit understanding between them, or perhaps the current situation was so pressing that Bai Saya’s mind worked faster than ever, but he didn’t need Shooting Star’s orders before he immediately ran to take that bundle of cloth. The two of them exchanged a glance, and Bai Saya ran out of the female toilet with the elf’s replacement.

“Where is he going?” Alanmishus finally asked. Compared with this unfamiliar redheaded boy, he trusted Bai Saya a little bit more.

“To draw away the pursuers,” Shooting Star explained. Then, he took out an outfit from underneath his ball gown. “Change into this. Hurry!”

Alanmishus took the clothes and only hesitated for a moment before changing into the clothes. The elf understood that the lightning magic just now was only enough to defeat the common guard. There definitely would be stronger people pursuing him. If he didn’t want to end up as a slave again, he could only follow the orders of these two humans before him.

At least, they had gotten rid of his shackles. The elf would remember this point.

“Done.” The elf could tell that this was just ordinary human clothing, but he had his misgivings about the need of changing. No matter what he wore, an elf would not look like a human.

From below his gown, Shooting Star then took out leather armor that would cover half the body. With no reservations, he continued to direct, “Put this on.”

The elf followed his orders once more.

“And this too.”

He pulled out a black wig from below his gown.

The elf began staring at the gown with a somewhat odd expression.

Shooting Star bent down, his entire body buried underneath his gown as he dug for something. Finally, he pulled out a shiny, long sword. By this time, the elf’s reaction toward the gown had already completely turned into regarding it as a garment that contained a pocket dimension.

Shooting Star handed a sword over to Alanmishus and detailed, “Take this. Remember! If someone asks you who you are, you have to use the language of the Eastern Continent and say that you’re called Bai Lan. You’re Bai Saya’s little brother.”

“I’m an elf.”

Alanmishus frowned as he interrupted Shooting Star. This was also what he had been doubting all along. No matter what he wore, he still looked like an elf. No one would think he was human, let alone Bai Saya’s little brother.

Shooting Star gave a “hehe” and removed a bracelet from his wrist. He handed it over to Alanmishus. The latter was an expert at magic. He felt the magic flowing through the bracelet, all at once feeling that putting this thing on would be dangerous. Maybe this was fundamentally another shackle…

Alan hesitated a bit, but when he thought of the youth with gentle amber eyes, he decided to trust these two people this time. He resolutely put the bracelet on.

A surge of magic flowed through his entire body, and pain especially prickled his ears. The elf could not help lifting his hands to touch his ears. To his surprise, he did not feel those familiar, pointy ears. Rather, he felt the round ears of a human. Shocked, he glanced toward the mirror on the wall.

He had actually turned into a human!

His pointy ears had turned into round ones. Also, as a moon elf, Alanmishus’s skin should have a faint silver gleam to it, yet now his skin had also turned into a normal human’s, just that it was paler than most men’s. His facial features hadn’t changed much, just that it had lost the delicate, androgynous beauty of an elf and had turned slightly coarser, more like a man.

Shooting Star gleefully said, “With some makeup, I promise you that no one can tell you’re an elf!”

Alanmishus now believed that this red-haired boy really could successfully rescue him. Therefore, he said nothing, letting Shooting Star put makeup on his face.

“Remember!” As he applied the makeup, Shooting Star rambled about things to pay attention to. “You’re called Bai Lan. You’re Bai Saya’s little brother… Ah! You know magic, right? Use your magic to change your eye color to resemble Bai Saya’s amber ones.”

Alanmishus nodded, using magic to disguise his sky blue eyes.

“Xiao Bai’s eyes are still prettier. But getting it down to this degree of similarity is not bad!” Shooting Star mumbled and then continued to say, “Ah! I almost forgot. You have to remember, okay? Bai Saya is a woman. I’m also a girl!”

Even an elf would not be able to help showing an odd expression at those words. He frowned and said, “You are male. Bai Saya is also male.”

“I know that I’m male!” Shooting Star huffed, “In any case, if you want to escape, just follow what I say!”

“Elves do not lie.” After a moment of silence, Alanmishus slowly stated this rule that governed the “heart of elves.”

“Dammit!” Shooting Star really wanted to slap himself. He clearly knew that elves had this particular trait, yet he had momentarily forgotten about it. “Then why didn’t you stop me from saying it?!”

The elf “slowly” looked at him and said in a serious voice, “I have.”

He had also forgotten—elves lived too long. Not only were their memories a mess, their reaction also lagged by several beats! Shooting Star held his forehead, his head hurting like crazy.

Bai Saya carried that “simple and crude Alan,” deliberately making a lot of noise to let the guards chasing him clearly know where he was and prevent them from doing a sweeping search. Otherwise, Shooting Star and Alan, who were hiding in the women’s toilet, would be in deep trouble.

Let them chase you for ten minutes. After that, immediately shake the guards off your trail, get rid of that disguise, and knock on the door to the private room of the Kingdom of Pegasi’s Princess Anabelle. It’s just two doors down from Prince Bol’s room.

At this time, Bai Saya was deeply grateful toward Alan. Thanks to that shocking, earth-shattering lightning ball, a small blaze had started. Although it had already been extinguished, fumes billowed throughout the surrounding corridors, making things difficult to see. Thus, not only did Bai Saya easily make the guards chase after him, he also didn’t have to spend much effort to shake them off in the end.

He flitted into the blind corner of a corridor and hastily tore off the formal dress on him. The outfit underneath was yet another woman’s garment, only that he had changed from a gorgeous formal dress to a simple white knee-length skirt.

He took off his brown wig, letting his long, black hair cascade down. Finally, he followed Shooting Star’s orders and rubbed away the heavy eye shadow on him. Then, he tossed away the ten thousand gold ducat sword in his hand and walked out.

I have to make it look casual. Bai Saya recalled Shooting Star’s orders. He did his best to relax, making himself appear like an ordinary person. But before he could even calm his nerves from getting chased, someone was already calling him to a halt.

“That lady over there, please hold up.”

Bai Saya froze. The guard was already behind him. Seeing that she wasn’t willing to turn around, he forcefully grabbed her shoulder and turned her around.

Bai Saya knew that his current expression must look very frantic, not at all casual. Now what?

“What do you want?” The moment he opened his mouth, he felt that his voice was too sharp and not natural at all. He was frustrated beyond imagination, but there was no way he could take it back.

Luckily, the guard looked at her face and instead appeared apologetic. He said, “I am very sorry. Miss, have you seen a woman wearing a black formal dress run past here?”

Originally, Bai Saya had even wanted to give them the wrong directions, but he discovered that he was so nervous that he couldn’t even speak. He could only shake his head hard.

Seeing that, the guard softened his voice as he said, “Please do not panic, Miss. The fire has already been contained. It is just that the culprit has yet to be captured. Please return to your private room.”

Bai Saya’s heart trembled, and he hurriedly said, “I-I can’t find my private room.”

“May I ask which private room is yours?” Suspicion flashed through the guard’s eyes.

I said the wrong thing again. I should have just nodded and gone directly to the private room. Bai Saya felt frustrated once more, but he couldn’t take this back either. He could only answer, “I-It’s Princess Anabelle’s private room.”

Several guards exchanged suspicious glances with each other. After that, they politely said while leaving no room for refusal, “Please allow us to escort you there.”

Oh no! Bai Saya wailed inwardly. I don’t know that Princess Anabelle!

There was no getting out of it now. He could only follow the guards over, desperately wishing that Princess Anabelle’s private room was on another continent and that they would never reach it in an entire lifetime.

Unfortunately, Princess Anabelle’s private room wasn’t on a different continent, and it was even very close to where they were. All they did was turn two corners, and Bai Saya discovered that he had already returned to the corridor where Prince Bol’s private room was located.

There were several rows of guards standing outside of Prince Bol’s private room, and he could be heard loudly shouting that he had nothing to do with that woman.

“That woman,” who was actually Bai Saya, expressionlessly walked past Prince Bol’s door and arrived at Princess Anabelle’s private room. He had already started to regret why he had thrown away the sword. Now, he didn’t even have a weapon on him.

As it was the most expensive private room at the auction site, the guards very politely gave the door a few knocks. Soon after, the door opened by a crack, and a person inside cautiously glanced out, apprehension not dissipating even upon seeing that it was a guard outside.

“May I ask if something is the matter?” the person behind the door asked politely.

“This lady says that she’s from this private room.” The guard angled his body, letting the person inside clearly see Bai Saya.

Oh no! Bai Saya’s mind went blank. He didn’t know what to do. Shooting Star hadn’t told him what to do!


Who knew, however, that the person inside would give a surprised shout and immediately pull open the door the entire way.

Bai Saya stared in shock. He couldn’t be any more familiar with this person.

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