GOD V2C4: Thunderous Winter Anger, Part Two

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GOD —The Beginning of the End— Volume 2: Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Thunderous Winter Anger, Part Two—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)


That’s right. The person in front of Bai Saya was none other than Philo, who had adventured with him for around two months and thought of him as a woman the whole time!

However, Philo was currently not dressed like an adventurer. He wore a dark blue knight’s outfit of high quality make, and a gorgeous knight’s sword hung by his waist. He looked just like an elegant noble, much more than Prince Bol.

Philo looked rather surprised. He asked in a hurry, “Saya, I thought you had left..? Eh? Did you just call my name?”

I thought I would never see you and Agid again either, Bai Saya answered in his heart.

“Is it Saya?”

Agid rushed over, squishing his entire body by the door, his eyes large and round. He shouted, “Saya, you’re so beautiful in a dress!”

“Is it Saya-jiějie? Let her come in right away!” came a surprised shout from a girl within.

“Brute, no matter how skinny Saya is, she can’t squeeze through a door that you’re blocking!” The rogue Pisce’s mocking words also sounded from within.

This really is the adventurer team I just left. Bai Saya thought it to be a little strange. Isn’t this Princess Anabelle’s private room?

Agid scratched his head and moved aside with a foolish smile so that Bai Saya could enter. Even though Bai Saya didn’t understand what was going on, the guards were piercing holes into his back, so he could only head inside first before anything else.

Philo told the guards, “Thank you for escorting her over.”

Given the situation, the suspicion in the guards’ eyes dissipated, and after giving a nod to Philo, they left to continue chasing that woman in a black formal dress.

“Saya, you can speak now?” Philo asked both happily and doubtfully.

“Saya, that Dan didn’t bully you, did he?” Agid shouted angrily.

“Saya-jiějie, where’s Shooting Star?”

Bai Saya felt his head spin from getting bombarded by three questions at the same time. Just as he was thinking of how to answer, he was stumped by an enigma—who was that person who asked the last question?

“Remember, since you can’t tell lies, you should just say nothing at all. Just be standoffish.”

Shooting Star instructed him once again.

By this time, he had already discarded the ball gown and returned to his original adventurer’s appearance. The “man” beside him also had the look of an adventurer. With black hair, brown eyes, and a tall, slender figure, at first glance, he did share some similarity with Bai Saya. This person was indeed currently disguised as Bai Saya’s little brother, Bai Lan.

These two were likely to be the most relaxed criminals who were “currently being pursued” in all history. Not only were they brashly trampling over the property of their pursuers, the way they held themselves was rather relaxed. From time to time, Shooting Star would stop to look at a painting and then even touch a set of armor.

Several teams of guards passed by them. Whenever any suspicious glances came their way, Shooting Star would use a dazzling smile and an impressed tone to say, “Mr. Guard, thank you for all your hard work.”

The guards would then smile in response and say, “No need for thanks. This falls within our duty.” Several of them would even say in concern, “Little girl, it’s dangerous out here. Hurry back to your private room.”

“Okay! I’ll return at once.” Shooting Star smiled sweetly, grabbed onto the elf’s arm, and brashly walked by several guards.

In the end, the two of them arrived at Princess Anabelle’s private room. Shooting Star knocked on the door with great strength. The person inside didn’t open the door carefully like last time. Instead, he directly pulled the door completely open.

“Hello! Philo-gēge.” Shooting Star greeted with a smile.

Philo smiled in return. “I see you aren’t surprised to see me at all.”

“Of course not!” Shooting Star didn’t care that no one had invited him in. He dragged the elf into the private room just like that and began looking all over for Belle.

“I overheard one of the maids at the inn gossip about how Princess Anabelle of the Kingdom of Pegasi has a super duper handsome bodyguard, called Philo or something.”

Hearing that, everyone had looks of realization on their faces. As for Philo himself, he felt awkward and even glanced at Bai Saya secretly, afraid that the maids might have given her a bad impression of him.

“There was Belle’s name and Philo-dàgē’s. If I didn’t figure out who you were from that, then I’d be a huge idiot! Speaking of that, how strange. Where’s Belle?”

Shooting Star frowned. Inside the room, Philo stood next to the door. The rogue Pisce was squatting in a corner like usual, with almost no presence. Agid was being attentive next to Bai Saya, while Elena was currently seated next to a stranger… A stranger!

Shooting Star’s attention landed on the stranger. Then, his golden eyes immediately began sparkling.

Oh, oh, oh, it’s a huge beauty!

Her cute, heart-shaped face was delicate, her dark brown hair fell in waves against her chest, her pair of eyes were as green as a lake—all of her features were similar to Belle’s, but they were not quite the same, yet she was much more beautiful than before. She was definitely a breathtaking beauty.

“Belle, you’re so beautiful!” At this time, Shooting Star understood that this should be Belle, who was the Kingdom of Pegasi’s Princess Anabelle. As for why her appearance was different, it had to be because she had been in disguise earlier. After all, she was the princess of a kingdom. She couldn’t just run around with her actual appearance.

The breathtaking beauty’s childish action was definitely incongruous with her elegant air. She grabbed Shooting Star’s chubby cheeks and said, moved, “Shooting Star, you too! You’re so cute when you don feminine clothing! Why don’t you come home with me? I’ll give you a pink lacy tutu dress to wear. You’ll definitely be super cute!”

I just got rid of a puffy dress. Shooting Star rubbed his cheeks. It wasn’t that he cared about wearing feminine clothing, but he did care about whether or not he’d get exposed. Teasing a princess was no small crime. At first, he had thought Philo to be the noble, yet Belle was the true princess. He hadn’t considered that at all.

“That reminds me! Why did you run off? I was so looking forward to bathing with you. I got the bath ready, but you were gone.” Anabelle pouted and asked in displeasure.

“Because of him!” Shooting Star grabbed the elf. Hehe! I already have an excuse prepared!

“Him? Who is he?” At this time, Anabelle finally noticed the person beside Shooting Star.

Shooting Star chuckled and said, “He’s Saya-jiějie’s little brother. He’s called Bai Lan.”

Little brother? Bai Saya stared at that “so-called” little brother of his. He looks a bit familiar…

That finally sparked Anabelle’s interest. She giggled and said, “Wow! Saya-jiějie’s little brother is so handsome!”

Alanmishus just gave Anabelle an indifferent glance and didn’t say anything.

“Don’t mind him!” Shooting Star propped his hands on his waist and said, “He’s just like that. He’s cold on the outside, but Bai Lan is actually a really good guy! This time, Saya-jiějie accidentally consumed poisonous herbs and turned mute. He took it upon himself to travel afar to find the antidote.

“That reminds me, I left last time because Bai Lan found the antidote. The two of us went to search for Saya-jiějie. I thought that after we finished giving Saya-jiějie the antidote, we could come back to find you all, so I didn’t say goodbye. I let you all worry. I’m so sorry!”

In a few words, Shooting Star explained away Bai Saya’s ability to speak now, the elf’s cold attitude, and even the reason he had left without a word that night. As for why searching for Bai Saya had taken a whole day and night, he just skipped over explaining that.

“So that’s what happened.” Anabelle nodded to show her understanding. But even though she understood, she still pouted and said, “I don’t care. I waited so long for you. You’re going to bathe with me today!”

Why do you want to bathe together so much?! Shooting Star cried to himself.

“But it’s too bad that we don’t know if the auction will continue. I wanted to buy the elf. Then, we could bathe together with the elf.”

When Anabelle suddenly said that, Shooting Star was surprised and tried his hardest not to laugh out loud. Belle definitely doesn’t know that the elf is male.

“Besides, our team is just missing an archer!” Belle glanced at Philo and the others, while they smiled wryly one after another. She continued to say, “I hear that elves are all natural archers. Then, we would be the perfect adventurer team and could go adventure in even more exciting places.”

Elena frowned and said, “Princess, you have been away for so long. The king, queen, and the prince will worry.”

Philo also tried to persuade her, “Indeed, Belle, it’s about time to return.”

“But adventuring is so fun.” Belle was obviously a bit disheartened, but after glancing at Shooting Star, she was immediately all smiles again and said, “Oh well, at least I got to know Shooting Star and Saya-jiějie this time. Shooting Star, have you visited our kingdom before?”

“The Kingdom of Pegasi? Nope.” Shooting Star shook his head.

“That’s great then! You can come back with us. I can take you to lots of fun places!”

Anabelle was so happy that she had clapped her hands together.

“To Pegasi, huh?”

Shooting Star hesitated for a moment. If he followed a beautiful princess home…

-Fantasy VCR-

Shooting Star was lying on a large, soft bed, happily being lazy, unwilling to get up from bed. At this time, a delicious aroma drifted over from the doorway…

“Shooting Star, Shooting Star, do you want to eat roasted pig or roasted chicken today?”

Anabelle held a roasted pig in her left hand and a platter with a roasted chicken in her right. She walked over to the bed from the doorway.

“I want both!” Shooting Star shouted. He looked left and right… and suffered a great shock.

“Where’s my Xiao Bai and the elf I just captured?”

Anabelle sliced off a delicious chicken wing and stuffed it into Shooting Star’s mouth with a smile. She explained, “They’re capturing the most beautiful angel for you. Hurry and eat. After you finish eating, it’s naptime. Once you wake up, you’ll be able to see a beautiful angel!”

Angel! Shooting Star’s eyes shone. Mouth stuffed full of delicious food, he mumbled, “So tharsh ow it ish…”

Hehehehe, there can be no days better spent than this! Shooting Star squatted down and laughed his head off.

“Hehe, Shooting Star is laughing so much that she’s rolling on the ground again. So cute!” Anabelle squatted down along with him, giggling as she poked at Shooting Star.

The rest of them looked at this scene without a word.

Philo turned his head and said with a smile, “Saya, since the Princess has extended her invitation so wholeheartedly, why not come and visit our kingdom?”

Seeing Shooting Star’s lecherous and greedy look, Bai Saya was rather speechless. He forced out a reply and said, “If Shooting Star wishes to go, then we will.”

After all, he wasn’t the one who decided on their destinations. Even though he didn’t want to travel with Philo and Agid, if Shooting Star wished to go, Bai Saya could not stop him.

“Awesome!” Anabelle raised her hands in a cheer.

Shooting Star was really excited too. This is really too good to be true! A super big and soft bed! Roasted pig! Roasted chicken! Angel!

“Let me tell you, Shooting Star, I have a beautiful, huge bathing chamber!”

Oh! And there’s even a beautiful, huge bathing chamber—Wait. Bathing chamber?! Don’t tell me…

Anabelle happily said, “Then, we can bathe together!”

Oh my god!

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