1/2 Prince Test Reminder

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Hello everyone!

This message concerns all the people participating in the current contest.

I must remind you that it is imperative that you have a forum account on PR!’s public forums to be allowed to participate in the Ultimate 1/2 Prince Test.

I’ve already received a few submissions, and some participants actually don’t have a forum account. You have until before the contest comes to an end to create yourself a forum account, otherwise I will unfortunately have to disqualify you. So make sure the username you’re sending with your submission matches your username on the forums.

Thank you all for participating. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how high the results are in the contest. Maybe we should have made it harder… hahaha XD

*Nooooo!!! Don’t throw rotten tomatoes at me!!*

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  1. Vieruodis

    Hello. I put my username and nickname on the submission. Is that allowed? Or should i redo my submission?

    • [PR]AkaiiRia

      Hello, as long as I can identify your forum account, it should be alright. I can confirm that I’ve already received your submission, and I had no trouble finding you on the forums.

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