Romance RPG V1C2: Part Two

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Two – translated by Raylight

Hearing Lin Jian Yin use his full name, Bai Xue Chen immediately shut his mouth. He knew that when Lin Jian Yin used someone’s full name, that always indicated he was about to fly into a rage. It was just that he had done it out of goodwill, so Bai Xue Chen could not help but reveal an expression of one who had been wronged. However, Lin Jian Yin did not fall for it. He shoved the black business card in front of Bai Xue Chen’s eyes and then pointed at the three words on it.

“You tell me, what does it say?” Lin Jian Yin’s voice was full of anger.

Bai Xue Chen scratched his head and then doubtfully asked, “God ‘n Devil?”

Lin Jian Yin’s eyes narrowed. “What else?”

“What else?”


Romance RPG V1C1: Part One

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part One – translated by Raylight

Character Introductions:

Lin Jian Yin (林劍尹):1 The male protagonist of this book. His profession is a singer, and he has a violent and hot-tempered personality. When he is angry, he doesn’t think before he speaks and is able say all kinds of unpleasant stuff.

Ye Meng Ling (葉夢凌): The main female lead of this book. She is the current manager of Lin Jian Yin. She dresses in an odd manner and has a timid personality.

Bai Xue Chen (白學辰): Lin Jian Yin’s best friend since they were young. He is also the one who recommended the antique shop to Lin Jian Yin and has had previous experience with the antique shop.

Yue Lan (月嵐): Said to be someone who walked out of a painting. She is Bai Xue Chen’s girlfriend.

Edward (艾德華): The prince of the game. He looks exactly the same as Lin Jian Yin, but is good-tempered and is very gentlemanly. He also has a gentle and considerate personality. He can be said to be the most perfect prince ever.

God Charity, Devil Chaos (神憐, 魔亂): The two mysterious owners of the antique shop.