Romance RPG V1C1: Part One

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part One – translated by Raylight

Character Introductions:

Lin Jian Yin (林劍尹):1 The male protagonist of this book. His profession is a singer, and he has a violent and hot-tempered personality. When he is angry, he doesn’t think before he speaks and is able say all kinds of unpleasant stuff.

Ye Meng Ling (葉夢凌): The main female lead of this book. She is the current manager of Lin Jian Yin. She dresses in an odd manner and has a timid personality.

Bai Xue Chen (白學辰): Lin Jian Yin’s best friend since they were young. He is also the one who recommended the antique shop to Lin Jian Yin and has had previous experience with the antique shop.

Yue Lan (月嵐): Said to be someone who walked out of a painting. She is Bai Xue Chen’s girlfriend.

Edward (艾德華): The prince of the game. He looks exactly the same as Lin Jian Yin, but is good-tempered and is very gentlemanly. He also has a gentle and considerate personality. He can be said to be the most perfect prince ever.

God Charity, Devil Chaos (神憐, 魔亂): The two mysterious owners of the antique shop.

Terrible, terrible, terrible! Lin Jian Yin has had terrible luck recently!

First of all, his girlfriend had been in a bad temper for some unknown reason. He had only stood her up a few times, but she actually slapped him on the spot. Lin Jian Yin would never raise his hand against a woman, so he only splashed her with a cup of water in retaliation.

No matter how he thought about it, being slapped is worse than being splashed with a cup of water, right? The red claw marks on his face had stayed there for three entire days before fading, causing his manager to look at him with teary eyes for many days, even cancelling all his jobs. In the end, that girlfriend actually ran off crying, never to be seen again. Just like that, his eighth girlfriend was declared missing.

Following that, he also didn’t know what the hell his manager was doing! Instead of accepting the passable advertisement job, she accepted a job for a movie. Didn’t she know that he was a singer, not a movie star? He had been condemned by movie critics saying that his acting was even worse than a three-year-old’s! And then the original advertisement job was given to a singer who just debuted, letting him easily reap the benefits. Heavens knew that so-called singer sang even worse than a three-year-old!

Lin Jian Yin’s handsome face was now tense and tight, his bad mood clearly visible on his face. However, Lin Jian Yin still tried to repress his emotions as much as he could. No matter what, the manager in front of him was the sixth one that the company had sent. If she were to run off again, even if it didn’t cause trouble for the company, he did not want to have to remember yet another manager’s name.

“What the hell are you doing, giving me another script?! Don’t you know that I can’t act?”

Lin Jian Yin felt that he had already done his best to suppress his anger and soften his words. It was just that the manager in front of him was still trembling non-stop. No matter how he looked at her, that look of being scared to death was an eyesore. The slow burning anger in his heart was quickly becoming a raging fire.

Faced with Lin Jian Yin’s reprimand, which was much ”gentler” than ever before, the manager dared to open her mouth to explain for the first time, except she couldn’t help the quiver in her voice. “A-Although the movie reviews weren’t very good, the tickets to the movie sold pretty well. There are still many directors hoping to cast you in their movies.”

His mouth tightened. Only after he took in a few deep breaths did he manage to say, “Hand me the script to look through.”

Once the manager heard this after waiting for several minutes without getting a reply, she nearly started to thank the heavens. She thought that Lin Jian Yin would have promptly snatched the script and ripped it to shreds, then thrown it in her face and told her to scram… Usually if things did not fall in line with his wishes, the result would end up as such.

This manager couldn’t help but feel that this big-shot in front of her was in a good mood today. She guessed around in her heart, but didn’t dare to neglect moving her hands. She presented a neat and tidy stack to him, the papers so smooth and flat that it was as though they had been ironed. The manager would never dare to forget about Lin Jian Yin’s mysophobia, for that was a lesson learned through countless episodes of blood and sweat.

Lin Jian Yin took the script and spent another five minutes holding in a belly full of rage before he was able to flip open the script.

Once the manager saw him start to frown, she felt her heart sink. Then, watching his face turn icier by the moment, and the corner of his mouth start to twitch non-stop as it did once he was angry, the manager knew that this time she was in for it. It was possibly even worse than ever before.

To think that at the start, she had rejoiced at her own good fortune. She had held incomparable hopes as she looked forward to seeing Lin Jian Yin, a singer said to possess a good voice that was rarely found, even in a hundred years. On top of being a skilled singer, he also had a handsome face and a lanky stature. He was a lady-killer, charming almost every female, from teenagers to those in their fifties. In the five years since he had debuted, his fame had risen accordingly, and now he was practically a household name.

She had rejoiced up until the first time they met, and then her dreams were shattered when Lin Jian Yin tore apart his job notice due to a stain on it and threw it into her face.

Lin Jian Yin never raised a hand against anyone, but he was extremely good at smashing things. He smashed anything and everything. For example, if the drink was too sweet, smash! If the microphone didn’t fit in his hand, smash! If he wasn’t satisfied with the costume, he tore it to pieces, then smash! It was extremely unfortunate that Lin Jian Yin not only had good fighting abilities, he was even a third level black belt in karate. If the springs in the sofa were sagging, he could lift the sofa up to smash it!

Smashing things wasn’t the worst part of it. At the very least, Lin Jian Yin still knew what could be smashed onto other people’s faces, and what was too hard and would hurt them, and hence could only be smashed onto the ground. To date, the manager had yet to get injured due to having something smashed against her. However, her heart had been injured quite a few times.

Lin Jian Yin’s poisonous tongue was not something that anyone would want to be on the receiving end of. No wonder when she had first started, the managing company had repeatedly told her to never ever accept talk shows and variety shows. In other words, other than conversations that had been pre-planned, never let Lin Jian Yin have any chance to express his views, or else the consequences would simply be unimaginable…

“Hmph, hmph!”

Lin Jian Yin gave two cold laughs, and then slowly tore the pages of the script one by one. What kind of a lousy drama is this? Although I’m inexperienced with acting, even I can tell how lousy this movie is. If you grab any random person off the street and ask them to spew some nonsense, they would still be able to compose a romance drama a hundred times better than this. This is basically yet another lousy director trying to leech off of my fame!

Once the manager heard that cold laughter, she was so frightened that tears rolled down her cheeks. Seeing the slow and terrifying motions of him ripping apart the script, her limbs involuntarily went weak. Her eyes darted to the half-closed door, just hoping for someone to come and save her. However, Lin Jian Yin’s rest area was a famous minefield. Other than the people who had no choice but to come and get caught in the explosions, it was generally deserted.

Lin Jian Yin tore the paper up slowly, the reason being that he wanted to completely vent his anger on this poor piece of paper. He thoroughly tore the script into a pile of paper scraps, each scrap no bigger than the size of a fingernail. Only through this arduous process was he able to quench the flames of fury that filled his stomach.

After taking a few deep breaths, he finally managed to calm down and let his rage subside. He was even a little pleased with himself, thinking that he was, as expected, a big-hearted person, to be able to calm down after such an infuriating situation.

He turned his head, intending to discuss the problem regarding the job with the manager… But there was absolutely no one inside the room, only a gust of cold wind blowing in from the half-opened door.

Where is she? His eyes flared wide. He couldn’t quite believe that his manager had actually… run off yet “again”?

Damn it! The rare good mood of his was now completely gone, his teeth clenched so hard that one could hear them grinding. Without thinking, he swept his hand across the table, knocking all the job notices piled up on the table onto the floor. Even after that, Lin Jian Yin still felt that he didn’t have any way to vent the anger welling up inside of him. If he had known earlier that she would still run away, then he would have simply scolded her mercilessly without restraint! Then he wouldn’t have made himself this frustrated!

At this point, some sounds came from the door. Lin Jian Yin’s mouth was faster than his eyes. Without even seeing who was at the door, he was already scolding, “You still dare to come back? Let’s not even talk about you randomly accepting job offers as a manager. You lack confidence. Even the mice in my house have more guts than you do. Even if I repeated something ten times, you still wouldn’t understand. Even reminding you several hundred times is like playing a lute to a cow.2 But even cows will still go ‘moo’ a few times! How about you? You can’t even utter a single sound.”

“Say! Am I really that terrible?”

The half-opened door was slowly pushed open, and a man with a lazy aura stood by the door. In his hands he was even carrying two drinks and a plastic bag from which a fragrant smell wafted.

When Lin Jian Yin saw who had arrived, he was stunned. Then, a little weakly, he replied, “Oh it’s you, Bai Xue Chen. I thought it was that manager of mine.”

Bai Xue Chen shrugged. As he walked over, he emphasized, “You mean ‘ex’ manager. Just now, when I brushed shoulders with her, she was crying while she declared she was quitting.”

Once Lin Jian Yin heard that, his face turned dark. It looked like he would have to make the company find him another manager again. Bai Xue Chen put down the late night snack as he shook his head, smiling. “What number is she? The seventh or the eighth?”

“The sixth,” Lin Jian Yin emphasized, simultaneously opening the plastic bag to forage for food.

“I’m talking about your girlfriend.” Bai Xue Chen’s smile became even wider.

Hearing this, Lin Jian Yin lowered his head, pretending to concentrate on eating. Feeling a little uneasy, he questioned stiffly, “How did you know that I broke up with her?”

“I just happened to see her on the road, with her arms wrapped around someone else.” Bai Xue Chen replied indifferently. He too sat down and casually took his own portion of food. As he picked up food to eat at random, he couldn’t help but sigh at his good friend’s bad temper.

“You should really change this bad temper of yours. Otherwise, even if you have another hundred girlfriends, a hundred of them will be sent off in anger.”

As Lin Jian Yin engrossed himself in eating, he gave a snort from his nose. Just how is my temper bad? He had even managed to forcefully suppress it just now.

“You just have a sharp tongue, but you’re a softie at heart. Still, before people even see your soft heart, they are all scared away by your sharp tongue.” Bai Xue Chen shook his head helplessly. No matter how he advised him, Lin Jian Yin refused to change. Or perhaps one should say, he was unable to change.

Lin Jian Yin still had his head lowered, not speaking a word. He couldn’t help but feel a little tormented. A record of scaring off eight girlfriends and six managers was probably not something that anyone would like. However, he really couldn’t control that mouth of his. It was almost as though his mouth was controlled by the medulla part of his brain, just like his heart, instead of being governed by his cerebrum.

“Take this.”

Bai Xue Chen casually took out a business card. Lin Jian Yin looked at the business card that had a black base, white clouds lining the sides, and embossed gold characters. He took it, still a little doubtful. He frowned as he looked at the business card that only had three words.

“God ‘n Devil?”

“An antique store.” Bai Xue Chen spread out both his hands in a simple manner, implying that that was all there was to it.

“An antique store?”

Lin Jian Yin’s voice went up at the last syllable. What does my problem have to do with an antique store? What’s more… Lin Jian Yin turned the business card over, but other than the three words “God ‘n Devil,” he didn’t find anything else on it.

“You don’t think that…” Lin Jian Yin tried to give a reminder to the fellow who had given him the business card.

“Hey, anyway, if you don’t try, how will you know?” Bai Xue Chen hurriedly started advising him.


“You’re already twenty-eight. Even if you’re not in a hurry to get married, your mother and father have always wanted grandchildren.” Bai Xue Chen didn’t even give Lin Jian Yin the chance to object, looking as though he was giving him earnest and well-meant advice.


“Enough! Even if you don’t believe anyone, you should at least believe me, your best friend whom you have known since elementary school!” Bai Xue Chen had an expression that implied ‘If you dare, try and say that you don’t believe me!’.

“Bai. Xue. Chen.!” Lin Jian Yin ground out through clenched teeth.


1 “Lin Jian Yin”: (pinyin: lín jiàn yǐn Chinese: 林劍尹) His surname “Lin” (林) means forest while “Jian” (劍) means sword.

2 ”Playing the lute to a cow”: It is a Chinese idiom, meaning to offer a treat to an unappreciative audience. (Like “cast pearls before swine”, “preach to deaf ears”, etc) There’s a story behind this. Basically, in ancient times there was a musician named Gong Mingyi, who played a piece of music for a cow. The cow didn’t appreciate his performance because it didn’t understand his music.

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  1. Jasae Bushae

    Woo hoo~! Its begun! We will now have the pleasure of experiencing Yu Wo’s foray into romance! And wow, that an ill tempered fellow. He really stands apart from any of her other protagonists.

  2. Nala

    A spoiled brat at the age of twenty-eight. That’s all i can think of =))
    i wonder if Prince,Cold Fox,Lesus Judgement,Roland,Ah Xiang Ye and this brat are all put together one fighting tournament….who will win then? ;)

    • 15B

      *laughing* Oh my. No wonder they only did two rounds of the character tournament, now that they’ve added so many new stories and characters. Plus, if you try to take into account personal relationships between opponents, the 1/2 Prince Randomness-of-Anything-Can-Happen Factor (Watch out for the return of the giant French bread!), characters’ personalities, how much knowledge they have of the opponent, and cunning characters who can make situations change on the turn of a dime, it’s impossible to say with any certainty who might win.

      As much as it pains me to say it, unrestrained Grisia Sun probably still has the best chances, though. He has insta-cast attacks, massive AoE attacks, blocks, flight, and healing moves. Massive AoE’s would be difficult for the speedy characters to dodge out of, even if they saw it coming. He can almost instantly conjure Shields of Earth or Dark Shrouds to defend himself. Although his healing ability ranges from twice as powerful as the Pope to highly skilled normal cleric levels, it’s still good enough to heal off several hits. On top of that DemonKing!Grisia seems to be much more powerful, even if he’s mostly limited to using one element. He seems to be more careless, though, so he might actually be easier to beat than normal Grisia.

      Most of the 1/2 Prince and No Hero/Eclipse Hunter characters don’t have the range to compete with Grisia. Melee characters would be at a severe disadvantage because Grisia has the ability to fly with the wind element. High agility-type (or extremely high resilience) characters with some type of projectile weapon/ability probably have the best chance against Grisia. Roland Hell, Cold Fox, Charles Endelis, Ceo Storm, Ecilan Ice, and Elmairy Leaf seem to have the best chances against him with canonically described abilities. (Um… I’ll admit that it’s been a while since I’ve read 1/2 Prince, though.)
      Quite a few characters have resilience/agility that could work, but not the range to deal damage. (Ex: Lesus Judgment and other Twelve Holy Knights not mentioned, Dark Sun, Melody, most of the 1/2 Prince cast) Another group has range but they’re squishy or take too long to cast skills. (Ex: Ming Huang, Yu Lian, Solitary Butterfly)

      To nerf Grisia into a playable character, you would need to take away his AoE skills and ability to fly. (Or it would be like the time Grisia disposed of the incoming skeleton army on the way to the Cathedral. He’s up in the air so none of the skeletons could hit him and he just sweeps them all with one huge dark blade. Can’t really beat him unless you somehow shoot him down before he strikes and before he sends small insta-cast attacks your way.)

      Debate begin!

      (What the heck? This comment actually ended up being completely unrelated to Romance RPG! Ah… If only a sharp tongue actually counted as a weapon…)

    • Jasae Bushae

      Its not a project being translated by Prince Revolution, but I think Liola of Kill No More has a fairly decent chance of being able to stand up to Grisla. As a Dragon Knight, Liola has battle aura on insane levels that allow him to withstand the assault of thousands of dragons for hours just being defensive. His skills rely primarily on stealth and sneak attacks as he was trained in assassination, and his greatest skill is to move at mach 5 on foot. If Liola had the element of surprise and could move through Grisla’s sensing range fast enough, he would have a fair chance of knocking the despicable bleep unconcious before Grisla could even panic.

    • Panda

      @Jasae Bushae
      Ah Liola vs Grisia! Yeah I think Liola would definitely come out tops. His battle aura can also be used as offensive right? Even if he doesn’t know how to now, he can always go learn from the other knights. And even though Liola’s “healing ability” can only create a warm feeling, and can’t actually do any healing, his inner ki is pretty powerful by itself.
      Liola also has the heart of consciousness – lol it basically works the same way as Grisia’s sensing ability. So Grisia wouldn’t be able to surprise him…? Hmmm but instant teleportation… well, I still think Liola’s reflexes are wayyyyy too good. Even if Grisia teleports near him, Liola would still be able to dodge it, and he has that ultra strong battle aura too.

      Well. In my opinion, I definitely think Liola comes out tops for this battle.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Ah yes, I forgot about his inner ki. Yeah, with that added to things he is actually able to recover from internal injuries and incurable poisons while fighting through will power alone.

      The only reason why I am hesitant to say such a match up is definite is because if it was a battle Grisla saw coming, I hesitate to say that he couldn’t come up with a dastardly plan to defeat Liola. Since given enough time to plot and be evil, its hard to say what he is capable of. But if it was an instant fight on the spot sort of thing with no chance to prepare, I see Liola having the better odds.

    • Panda

      @Jasae Bushae
      (No more reply button on your message so I’ll reply here)

      Grisia’s evil plans are definitely something to watch out for. You’re right. I think Liola would be too dense to figure out a trap that Grisia sets. And as long as Grisia puts in enough magic into it – Liola’s supposedly weak against magic cause he doesn’t understand it right? – he could stand a chance to defeat Li. After all, Li can’t even stand against the dragon emperor’s evil plans, so what’s more Grisia’s. Haha XD

    • Jasae Bushae

      Yeah, ultimatly it all comes down to Grisla getting the time to plan VS Liola’s odds of just jumping in and striking before Grisla knows what is even going on.
      Though that isn’t even factoring in other ridiculously powerful characters Yu Wo has come up with. Like devil Gle whose strong enough that Liola is certain he would lose in a fight against. Or Gong Hua from…Gong Hua, whose grief is fearsome enough to destroy whole cities and is on par with the most powerful beings in the world. And Neo, who makes Grisla quake in his boots. Or the Dictator of Life who can more or less bend reality to his needs and wants.

    • Sunny

      …Just think, before the fight….
      Grisia: “The God of Light blah blah blah.” (Hey, wanna eat?)
      Liola: “Huh? Okay.”
      -During their fight of apopcalyptic proportions-
      Liola: x_x “Oof.”
      Grisisa: (\(^.^)/) “Victory!”

      (Although, if Liola falls for food poisoning, he can’t be called an assassin.)

    • Jasae Bushae

      The only flaw with that is that we have seen Liola detect poison as he is eating it and use his chi to expel the poison from his body while he is walking around

    • Lucras

      I did not read everything, but I strongly believe this male protagonist would defeat everyone, just by opening his mouth XD everyone would feel hurt.

  3. AkaiiRia

    Yay! First chapter of Romance RPG is already out! :P
    Thtis serie sound so interesting :D Why does this main character remind me of Metal, Neo and Sun in LSK ?

  4. mir

    By including Ah Ye this mc automatically loses. >He insults Ah Ye, who crys, and his brother has him assassinated

    So this manager quit, meaning we haven’t met Ye Meng Ling yet. ‘Dresses oddly’ I wonder how

    Looking forward to more of all these new stories!

  5. KT

    What an interesting main character. I feel like this is about to turn into a romance parody not a romance, but I will have to wait and see.

  6. Erenu

    Lin Jian Yin kinda reminds me of Prince when he talked- “gore” at the Tournament x´DDDDDDD

    I´m looking so foward to this new serie!

    Thanks for all the work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys!

  7. MPToki

    Thank you PR = D
    Well this is interesting. A short tempered guy as the main.
    I wonder how he even buys the game

  8. momiji

    Thank you for continuing translating Yu Wo’s novels!I really really enjoy reading Yu Wo’ s stories ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・’°☆This series sounds pretty interesting~
    As Lin Jian Yin engrossed himself in eating, he gave a snort from his nose. Just how is my temper bad? He had even managed to forcefully suppress it just now.

    I was just thinking、 instead of just “how is my temper bad?” be “how bad is my temper?”

  9. Li

    Everyone’s talking about combat tournaments (and I do agree it’s interesting), but why hasn’t anyone considered other forms of competition yet? What about, say, a debating tournament? If one of those was held, what would every character’s chances be?

    I’m also considering the scenarios: a chess competition (are there any unexpected masters that could give Grisia a run for his salary?), a race (with everyone restricted to the ground without teleportation, of course), a team-based tournament (which characters make the best team?) and survival (who would die immediately? who would survive?).

    • 15B

      XD I guess we’re all just too enthusiastic for action-filled scenes.
      But for the other competitions… This would be my guess!

      Debate: Lesus Judgment or Meatbun (Interrogator/Judge and the Meatbun who solved AnRui’s life crisis)

      Chess (Without the chessboard being blasted to pieces and forcing a draw): Gui and Ah Ye (Grisia might be too unfamiliar with the rules to immediately pick it up. He also hates thinking theory stuff, and I think this gets a little too close to that. So it’s down to the 200 IQ professor versus the supercomputer microchip. It’s a little worrisome because Kasparov lost to Deep Blue last time.)

      Speed Race: Depends on the length! For short sprints, there are so many characters that have insane speeds that it’d be pretty hard to narrow it down. For endurance… Neo, Leaf, Ah Ye, and the Sun Knight Platoon. Possibly Storm, but we’ve never seen him outside much…

      Team: Oddsquad, Twelve Holy Knights (38th gen)

      Survival: …? What exactly are they surviving against? Combat survival? Or outdoors survival? (Grisia may be the invincible cockroach, but he’d quit once he got a mosquito bite.)
      Well, if it was outdoors survival, I would go with: Ann, Mike, Aldrizzt, Infinite Band, Church of the God of Light’s expedition against undead creatures

      Poisonous tongue!: Lin Jian Yin (He even has “sword” in his name! His tongue can’t get much sharper.), Yue Baylian, Shain Baylian, Laica Metal (if he’s not trying), Georgo Earth (if he’s allowed to!)

  10. E

    I like how it’s set up so that he’ll have the 7th manager and 9th girlfriend.
    Thanks for the update! :D

  11. Miau Miau Yeen

    Omg, omg! After seeing the prologue posted, I went to read the raw. The whole novel is so sweet n cute~~~ <3

  12. 00Misty

    This was soo good. I don’t understand why people are saying he’s so bad. He’s spoil sure, but I think its a mental condition maore than anything. As for scolding the manager, I totally agreed. He’s a singer, why is he only getting acting jobs? and acting for trashy soaps too. From a business point of view, acting in those things could diminish his standings and lower the standard that is associated with him. He was alos smart enough to notice that the producer only wanted his reputation even though critically acclaimed to be a horrible actor. As for his “insults”….. Grisie can atest to that being moderate. Honestly, that was barely an insult.

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