The Legend of Sun Knight V7C8: “The Demon King’s Conditions”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 7: Ending the Demon King, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Eighth Chapter to Ending the Demon King: The Demon King’s Conditions – translated by Akakuroi

Upon returning to the room, I first returned the babies in Ceo’s, Vival’s, and Laica‘s arms to their mom and the bed before announcing to everyone, “I have made a deal with Awaitsun. I’ve agreed to become the demon king.”

Ceo inhaled sharply. He didn’t release that breath for a long time, looking as if he was going to suffocate. Vival‘s jaw dropped, but he couldn’t utter a single word. Laica even half-fell half-sat onto the bed in shock. Luckily, I placed the babies far away enough. If I hadn’t, our future holy knight would have definitely been squashed into a meat patty. As for Tyler, he seemed just a little surprised and didn’t look that shocked. In fact, he seemed a little… hopeful?

Don’t change your expressions.

I lied to Awaitsun. This was the only way to get him to tell me how the ceremony would be conducted and for him to be willing to participate in it.

Okay, now start quarrelling with me, and don’t let him sense that something is fishy. We still need him for the ceremony to be carried out successfully.


The Legend of Sun Knight V5C10: “Undead Creatures Should Not Intervene with the Living World”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Tenth Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Undead Creatures Should Never Interfere with the World” – translated by Akakuroi

After blasting all my holy element in every direction at once, I heard screams everywhere. Those hoarse yet piercing voices of undead creatures sounded neither male nor female.

I then felt a sudden vertigo and almost collapsed onto the floor. Luckily, Cloud was there for me in time.

Without overwhelming holy and dark elements obstructing me, my sensing ability gradually returned. However, the first person I saw clearly was actually…

“Teacher?” Even Aldrizzt is here.

“You idiot!” Furious, my teacher gave me a heavy blow to the head that left me kneeling on the floor. He then yelled beside my ear, “How dare you lie to your teacher! Are you so tired of living that you want to repent directly in front of the God of Light? Huh?”


½ Prince V7C6: Truth

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½ Prince Volume 7: Life, Fading Away

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: Truth – translated by Akakuroi

“Prince, what are you standing there for? Go!” Lolidragon bellowed at me.

“Prince, you are not abandoning us.” Nan Gong Zui, who understood me the best, said wholeheartedly, “You are moving forward with all of our hopes.”

“Prince, go! Go accomplish your mission!” Wolf-dàgē shouted frantically at me. His healing white light did not land on those who were battling, but instead landed on me.

“I’m leaving.” Looking one last time at my friends who were helping me hold back all of the NPCs, I turned around and left. The Dictator was at the last door… I ran forward with all my might. This was the first time I’d ever left my friends behind, the first time I’d ever left them fighting behind me while I turned my back on them. Yet I couldn’t stop. If I stopped, everyone’s efforts would be futile.

“Get lost!” Facing the NPCs that had again respawned, I raised my dao and brought it down, killing everything I could. That door was so close, just a few steps away, yet I couldn’t get any closer to it. It was so near but yet so far, so very far.


½ Prince V6C7: The Day Before Setting Off

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½ Prince Volume 6: The Great NPC Revolt

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: The Day Before Setting Off – translated by Akakuroi

“You’ve really decided to set out tomorrow?” Nan Gong Zui asked me several times in disbelief.

“Yes!” I patiently answered him over and over again. I’m aware that setting out tomorrow might be a little too sudden, but I have a feeling that the sooner we reach the Northern Continent, the better. It’s not Celestial’s words that make me feel like this, but another strange feeling, as if… something in the Northern Continent is calling to me. To me, it feels like even setting out tomorrow will be too late.

“The deadline of twenty-one days is still a ways away. Why are you in such a rush? It wouldn’t hurt to wait until we have a better plan…” Lolidragon said hesitantly.

“I have to go. There’s something there, calling out to me,” I replied while staring toward the distant Northern Continent, although I had no idea what awaited me there. The Dictator of Life? That can’t be right; why would he be waiting for me? Waiting for me to chop him up?

“There’s something calling to you?” A weird expression appeared on everyone’s face. That’s understandable; this is not a fantasy novel, so how could there be something calling out to me? Even I suspected that the mounting stress had caused me to develop auditory hallucinations. Continued

The Legend of Sun Knight V3C1: “A Missing Princess”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 3: To the Rescue of a Princess

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

First Requirement of Rescuing a Princess: “A Missing Princess” – translated by Akakuroi

The sun shone brightly down from the sky, even spilling through the thick layers of the tree canopy, like little golden flowers blooming on the ground. Walking along the tiny path in the countryside, the fresh aroma of nature filled the air. My companions walked beside me, singing songs and looking as joyful as possible… Slap!

Damned, stupid mosquitoes!


Losing my composure, I gave a tiny scream as a blood imprint of a mosquito was left on my clean white glove. The mark was actually so clear that I could even count the number of legs it had; it was just like a red mosquito specimen.

I… I only brought along three pairs of white gloves! I can’t believe that I wasted one pair just by hitting a mosquito! Continued