The Legend of Sun Knight V5C10: “Undead Creatures Should Not Intervene with the Living World”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Tenth Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Undead Creatures Should Never Interfere with the World” – translated by Akakuroi

After blasting all my holy element in every direction at once, I heard screams everywhere. Those hoarse yet piercing voices of undead creatures sounded neither male nor female.

I then felt a sudden vertigo and almost collapsed onto the floor. Luckily, Cloud was there for me in time.

Without overwhelming holy and dark elements obstructing me, my sensing ability gradually returned. However, the first person I saw clearly was actually…

“Teacher?” Even Aldrizzt is here.

“You idiot!” Furious, my teacher gave me a heavy blow to the head that left me kneeling on the floor. He then yelled beside my ear, “How dare you lie to your teacher! Are you so tired of living that you want to repent directly in front of the God of Light? Huh?”

Suffering from both a headache and tinnitus, I clutched my head in pain. This feels even worse than Scarlet’s psychic magic. Teacher is indeed much more powerful than a lich… Wait a minute! Speaking of Scarlet, where is she? That blast of holy light might be able to kill other undead creatures, but is it enough to destroy a lich’s body?

Sensing my surroundings, I immediately found Scarlet lying on the floor not far away from me. However, Whitey was nowhere to be seen, and I wondered if it had run away.

Her condition was almost disturbing to see. Lying flat on the ground, her back melted beyond recognition, one could barely tell the shape of her body, and only half of her face was still intact. Despite her terrible state, she still tried hard to look up at me. It was hard to tell if it was blood or tears on her face.

Seeing that, I felt a twinge of pity, but it only lasted for a moment. She had repeatedly harmed the people around me. Not only did she cut off Teacher’s arm, she even killed Judgment! I can’t forgive her no matter what!

At this time, everyone who had been in the neighbouring street returned. It seemed like that blast of holy light just now had finished off the undead creatures there too. The people who had returned were Judgment, Blaze, Hell, Moon, Metal… All of the Twelve Holy Knights were actually here! Leaf stood in front of me. The moment he saw Teacher, he was stunned. He then exclaimed, “Former Knight-Captain Sun?”

Teacher’s eyes swept the crowd. Even though he had been retired for four years, the name and power of history’s strongest Sun Knight was still present. As his gaze fell upon them, everyone subconsciously straightened.

“What happened to your arm?!” Leaf exclaimed. Everyone’s eyes focused on Teacher’s empty right sleeve. Uniformly, everyone’s expression changed drastically, and their eyes grew one-and-a-half times larger than normal.

“Anyone who wants to admire the God of Light in person may continue to stare at my arm.”

After Teacher coldly said that, everyone’s gaze moved away from him. There were people staring at the sky, at the ground, at me, and even at the lich; only Judgment dared to continue staring at my teacher.

Teacher didn’t care about him, though. He just ordered, “Everyone stand in a circle and surround the lich. All of you possess at least some holy element, and you wield weapons brimming with holy light, so the lich’s soul will not be able to get past you all.”

Then, Aldrizzt walked towards me and passed me a necklace, which was of course the Eternal Tranquility.

I took the gem from him and looked at it while Aldrizzt explained, “A lich can never be killed. However, with the sealing ability of this gem, you may seal her soul into it. In just a moment, Neo will take care of destroying her body while the rest of the Twelve Holy Knights trap her. At that moment, you must catch her soul, throw her into the gem, and I will take care of the rest of the sealing process.”

Scarlet suddenly started to panic. She tried desperately to get up, but her melted hands made this impossible.

She looked up at me with a pleading look on her face.

No, no! Please, I’m begging you, I have never harmed you before… She used psychic magic to convey these words. I guess she probably couldn’t speak anymore, for even her throat had melted.

You’ve hurt the ones around me. That’s an even greater crime!

I made my reply with psychic magic as well. Suddenly, Teacher asked sternly, “Grisia, are you conversing with her?”

Teacher’s voice was so stern it was as if he was reprimanding me. A little confused, I turned around to look at him. However, someone suddenly snatched the Divine Sun Sword from my hands. I was stunned and in the next second, there was a horrendous scream.

Teacher had taken the Divine Sun Sword and attacked Scarlet. The speed of his swing was so fast that I couldn’t even see the sword itself. Scarlet’s shriek was a little piercing to my ears.

Isn’t Teacher overreacting a little?

“Everyone start to gather holy light!” Aldrizzt shouted anxiously, “Don’t move away from your position.”

The Twelve Holy Knights… actually, eleven. Well, it’s not wrong to say twelve, either, since Elijah is here. Elijah hesitated, and even looked around, before releasing holy light, although he did not have much of it.

He looked kind of guilty, and I thought it was hilarious.

After swinging the blade countless times, Teacher raised the Divine Sun Sword high above his head. The aura emanating from him was scarier than a dragon’s… Frantic, I shouted, “Earth! Shield!”

“Who am I supposed to protect?”

After shouting uncertainly, Earth immediately came to a realization and set up a shield around Teacher. However, the shield was not meant to protect him. The person the shield was shielding against was none other than history’s strongest Sun Knight, Neo Sun.

Whether it was the battle aura or the impact of the powerful hit against the floor that stirred up the wind was a mystery, but anyway, I almost got blown away. Aldrizzt, who was much lighter, was literally knocked down by the wind. After the windstorm, everyone looked a little worse for wear, especially Earth; he looked even worse than Scarlet, who had been lying on the floor.

Teacher had actually created a huge crater in the ground, a crater big enough to bury all of us in it. Scarlet, who had been lying there a moment ago, was now gone, and not even a single distinguishable piece of flesh could be seen. All that was left were some tiny fragments… Teacher, did Scarlet murder your parents or something?

Then, a small cloud of dark element about the size of a clenched fist slowly gathered from the crater that Teacher had created. After that, it started to float up.

“Can you see it? The lich’s soul?” Aldrizzt asked, slightly nervously.

Surprised, I asked, “Can’t you all see it?”

Almost everyone shook their head, except for Leaf, who hesitated before saying, “Just a little.”

As I watched that cloud of dark element slowly rise, I shouted with all my psychic power. Stop!

That small cloud of dark element immediately stopped rising and became completely immobilized. It really worked. I quickly held up the Eternal Tranquility and enticed it with psychic magic.

Here! Come here…

The cloud of dark element initially drifted forward, but then drifted back a little again, as if it was struggling. I shouted to it more urgently. Come here, come here…

Aldrizzt said nervously, “If it’s been sealed in Eternal Tranquility, you have to tell me right away so that I can help you in time.”

I nodded, and slowly, slowly pulled it into the Eternal Tranquility. The instant it entered the gem, it started struggling like crazy. I had to use all my powers just to keep it in the gem; I couldn’t even keep my sensing ability up.

Immediately, I sank into total darkness and had to grit my teeth in order to hold back that cloud of dark element that was acting like a horse off its reins. I need to open my mouth quickly and tell Aldrizzt that… Then, I heard Leaf shout, “Now!”

A pair of hands covered the gem and I heard Aldrizzt’s gentle voice as he chanted a long spell, gathering a large quantity of water element. Ice walked forward and helped to gather the water element as well. As more and more water element gathered, the pressure on me was gradually relieved. Finally, I could even restore my sensing ability. However, I did not choose to regain it. Instead, I helped them gather the water element.

Aldrizzt’s spell was so long that it felt as if it was never going to end… Luckily, it was just one of those “as if” situations, as the spell did end after all. By then, a huge quantity of water element had been compressed into a thin coating, trapping that small cloud of dark element inside the Eternal Tranquility, from which it could never escape.

I heaved a sigh of relief. I was finally finished with that troublesome existence—Scarlet.

After recovering my sensing ability, I wanted to pass the necklace to Aldrizzt. However, he would not take it. He even tried to persuade me. “Wear this necklace, it can protect you from the intrusion of the dark element…”

Cutting him off, I asked agitatedly, “Why would the dark element attack me? That’s illogical. I am the Sun Knight; the Sun Knight who is full of light!”

Aldrizzt seemed to be taken aback by my reaction. Not knowing what to do, he looked at Teacher.

I followed his gaze and also looked at Teacher. Looking back at me, Teacher asked calmly, “You sure you want to talk about it here?” He glanced around—the Twelve Holy Knights, and even Elijah, were here.

“Right here!” I replied decisively.

Teacher was a little surprised. Passing me the Divine Sun Sword, he took the Eternal Tranquility from my hands. While hanging the necklace around my neck, he said, “Ten years ago, before you came to the Holy Temple and opted to be a Sun Knight candidate, you had already been adopted.”

“I know.” I nodded and touched the Eternal Tranquility that was around my neck. Then, I suddenly realized something… Did Teacher go to that cave and get this gem for my sake?

After a moment of silence, Teacher continued, “You were adopted by Scarlet and her underling, a demoness.”

I was stunned. Sister and the little girl… were a demoness and Scarlet? So the people who adopted me back then weren’t human, but undead creatures?

The Sun Knight who abhors undead creatures was raised by undead creatures…

“You went looking for your sister a few times but couldn’t find her anywhere, so I went to look for her with you. We ran into Scarlet, and she asked for me to return you to her. Well, of course I wouldn’t hand you over, as I had already discovered that she was a lich! So we fought, and it was then that I destroyed her body.”

“I don’t remember anything about that fight…” I replied blankly.

“You fainted at that time. When you woke up afterwards, you didn’t remember anything about that fight and never mentioned anything about looking for your sister again.” Impatient, Teacher continued, “The Pope mentioned something about post-traumatic stress disorder… Anyway, you’d forgotten about it, so I pretended that nothing had happened. Since it happened so long ago, I didn’t think there was a need to tell you.”

Being raised by undead creatures… the seriousness of this issue was debatable. I was at a loss as to how I should react. Looking at the Twelve Holy Knights, I saw that they were equally expressionless… I glanced at Teacher’s empty right sleeve and was overwhelmed by grief. Depressed, I said, “Because of me, you lost an arm.”

Teacher suddenly raged and bellowed, “She lost the fight and lost a body; I lost and I only lost an arm! It has nothing to do with you! If you dare to utter one more word about it I will never come to find you again!”

I immediately replied, “Fine, fine, I won’t say anything about it anymore!”

With a harrumph, Teacher said, “You’re almost perfect, but you just talk too much! Oh yeah, and your swordsmanship sucks.”

Someone laughed. It was Elijah. He was the only one who didn’t know my teacher well enough to actually dare to laugh when he was speaking…

Teacher glanced at him and asked coldly, “Who are you?”

Elijah immediately stopped laughing and stammered, “I, I’m a royal knight, Elijah.”

“A royal knight?” Displeased, Teacher said, “What are Archer’s people doing here? Undead creatures are the responsibility of the Holy Temple. Since when were the royal knights involved?”

Archer referred to the current king. In this world, probably only the former real pig of a king, the queen, and Teacher could directly call him by that name.

Elijah was stunned for a while when he heard the king’s name. Finally, he responded, “Then, I should report back to His Majesty that the situation has been resolved.”

With that, he saluted me and left awkwardly… He actually forgot to salute Teacher. Theoretically, Teacher was no longer the Sun Knight, and there was nothing wrong with not saluting him. However, that was just theoretically speaking, since a person who could chop a lich into fragments was much more worthy of a salute than someone with just a title.

After Elijah had left, the others seemed to want to leave, too.

I immediately shouted, “Wait, Judgment… and everyone else, don’t go yet!”

Everyone stopped in their tracks. Teacher turned and glanced at me, but then he left while dragging Aldrizzt along with him.

In the end, there were just twelve people left at the scene—the Twelve Holy Knights.

Everyone looked at me, while I looked at Judgment and said, “I know you’re hiding something from me. Let me guess, it’s not about how I was adopted by undead creatures, right?”

Judgment hesitated, and just when he was about to say something…

“Listen to me first!” I stopped him. After seeing him nod, I continued, “You once asked me if there was anything I could discuss with Silent Eagle that I couldn’t with the Twelve Holy Knights. I’ll give you the answer right now—no!

“I was once afraid, afraid that there really was some kind of unspeakable secret about me, afraid of your reactions if you all were to find out about it. That was why I secretly went to look for Silent Eagle. But I understand now, compared with some unspeakable dark secret, compared to protecting everyone… no matter what the reason is, the worst thing is none other than ‘hiding the fact’ itself!”

With that, Judgment’s expression seemed to relax a little and the others even nodded in agreement with what I had just said.

“So, so…” Taking in a deep breath, I continued, “Regardless of why you’re keeping a secret from me, are you now willing to tell me what you’re hiding?”

Frowning, Judgment asked, “Is it a must for me to tell you?”

“You once promised me three demands.” Calmly, I said, “Do you still remember?”

Judgment’s expression changed, and he nodded solemnly.

“Very well, then. I’m going to make my first demand.”

Judgment’s expression became gloomier. He still looked as if he was unwilling to tell me. Why is that so? I was really curious and tempted to find out, but… I raised my voice, saying “And my demand is, you’re only allowed to hide three things from me in your entire life. Just three! Understood?”

He was stunned.

After saying that loudly, I then asked softly, “So, is this the first thing you’re going to hide from me?”

Staring intently at me, Judgment nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Okay! Then you’re only left with another two,” I agreed. I then coolly reminded him, “Don’t use them up too quickly. We will be together for the next sixteen years!”

He laughed and nodded. “That’s more than enough.”

“True, in twelve years you’ve only used one…”

“Ah, dammit!” Storm suddenly sighed loudly. “And I actually thought I would get to hear some gossip!”

“In the end it was just that Sun was once adopted by undead creatures… boring!” Earth commented, disappointed.

“…Somehow, I think that being raised by undead creatures is not as bad as being raised by history’s strongest Sun Knight, right?” someone whispered softly.

Oddly enough, no one dared admit to saying that sentence.

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  27. lushr

    (Apologies, but bringing in the synopses for further books is considered spoilerish, as the synopses cover more than we have translated. Your comment has been edited to make it less spoilerish)

    The fact that he became the Sun Knight is likely an artifact of selection bias, in that the Demon King is (probably) going to be pretty powerful, and makes him a better choice to become Sun. However, the screening process that the church uses probably needs a bit of a rethink.

    Personally, I don’t understand the reluctance by so many people to actually tell him about this if it’s true, though. It seems like it would be in the best interests of several characters (Scarlet (more directly than she actually tried to), Pink, and most notably, Awaitsun). It would also seem that church HUMINT was able to find this out from the CotSG, providing Judgement with the information about Sun.

    Where Judgement got his information is an interesting question, since we’ve never seen the churches intelligence gathering apparatus. To me, there would be two ways of finding out for certain: HUMINT or SIGINT. From the HUMINT side, the CotSG almost certainly knows (as evidenced by Awaitsun’s comments about “that person”), and it’s possible that the CotGoL has informants or spies within it that report to Judgement. SIGINT is a knottier problem, especially since we’ve never seen anyone else really explore with magic other than Sun.

    Judgement seems to be pretty certain about his information though, so I think that he has confirming HUMINT. However, there might be a Sherlockian inference (that is, a strong conclusion based on weak evidence) in there somewhere. Until the “big reveal,” we won’t know.

    • lushr

      To follow this up, I was re-reading the end of v4, where I think that Judgement’s information is most likely from. IMO, Judgement’s information is based on what Sun said to him, combined with information about the Demon King from an unknown source. I think that this falls thoroughly into the aforementioned Sherlockian category, which may be why he doesn’t want to tell Sun, instead waiting until it was confirmed by external sources.

    • Ayiana

      odd a bout the censorship on your comment, ) it don’t make sense at all to me, what HUMINT ,SIGNIT is ( better i don’t find out if it is not just u who shortened names of churches xD. CotSG = Church of the Shadow God and CotGoL= Church of the God Of Light) And i mean odd cause a comment of mine didn’t get through at all, and i thought i might just hit the nail on the head with hit so i didn’t repost it .

      Perhaps the reason they don’t tell him is of some importance, or they possibly don’t want him to Reject them cause of the info they poses so they prefer not telling it, or telling it little by little, like Scarlet seems to be doing. About Pink, she seems to have her own reasons for everything she does, helping Sun all time making him Sell himself in the process xD
      Actually Sun found out everything or Something really important, ( then got himself blown up, losing sword in process ) then he got amnesia and all we know from it is that he asked someone to tail Hell Knight at all times of day and night. Judgment got all info except the follow Hell part and seems to have found out same truth or something just as dangerous cause he Got himself Killed in the process of trying to Eliminate that problem all on his own.
      But whatever it is, seems to be something 1 overpowered Swordsman or Mage thought they can solve on their own powers. They Failed, but they thought they could solo it .

    • lushr

      Quite honestly, it’s proper that they censored my comment, as I was using information (on this website, even) that confirms the identity of the Demon King, and they removed this reference, as it isn’t technically canon yet (thanks to some odd interactions with translation). See if you can find it with this information :)
      I apologize for my overuse of acronyms and trade terminology, I should really just spell out the names. You got the two churches right, but HUMINT and SIGINT are not acronyms (technically), rather generally-used abbreviations of longer terms. HUMINT is short for HUMan INTelligence, and is the general term used for cloak and dagger human infiltrator/spy/agent type things. In this context, I’m talking about a potential leaker/agent planted by the Church of the God of Light in the Church of the Shadow God.
      I’m actually more interested academically in the idea of SIGINT in a magical environment. SIGINT is short for SIGnals INTelligence. In real life, this means looking at the radio transmissions of the enemy, and figuring out what those transmissions mean. SIGINT is distinct from COMINT (COMmunications INTelligence, reading adversaries messages), as it doesn’t necessarily derive meaning from the signals transmitted, other than the signals existed in the first place.
      SIGINT is interesting in this case as it would not be that far of a stretch for the Demon King to have a unique (or at least substantially abnormal) magical signature. It may be possible to use remote sensing to preform a wide area survey, followed by successive narrowing or the searched field. This would allow a pinpointing of the potential Demon King. The biggest problem with this SIGINT approach is that it would be difficult to identify the signature of the Demon King without additional information, which the Church of the God of Light may not have.
      The Church of the Shadow God probably knows either 1) how to search out the Demon King in detail, or 2) what to look for magically, as they are aware of the identity of the Demon King (or at least his location, as referenced in a chapter that I can’t cite off the top of my head). However, their cooperation in the SIGINT search by the Church of the God of Light is unlikely, thanks to their political posture and the sensitivity of the information derived from the search.
      I don’t have enough of a handle on the interpersonal structure here, and don’t have a good enough memory to keep it all together, to be honest, so I can’t really comment on the speculation (and I also have the aforementioned “secret” information, which makes me unsuitable to discuss it in any case).
      I will say that I really hope that the Church of the God of Light (and more specifically, Judgement), is basing their information on a reasonably solid base of evidence, as I dislike Sherlockian inferences. However, it isn’t unimaginable that Judgement
      has HUMINT assets in the Church of the Shadow God, as it seems that Church of the Shadow God counterintelligence isn’t very likely good (in any way, as evidenced by how Awaitsun being in Leaf Bud is being handled by the Church of the Shadow God’s intelligence organs). As it’s highly probable that the Church of the Shadow God knows the exact identity of the Demon King, it’s possible that this information was leaked to Judgement.
      Another interesting point to make is that we’ve never seen the intelligence aspects of the Church of the God of Light. The most we’ve seen of this is Elijah’s actions as the infiltrator, and this is considered a special case. In real life, medieval intelligence was heavily based on HUMINT, and there were generally rather a lot of agents about. We don’t see much evidence of this in the story, and for good reason, as to a competent spymaster, Sun isn’t someone who you want to be privy to sensitive information, especially not the identity of the agents in question.

  28. Chicaalterego

    I loved it! It is so great to read this chapter at last! I have to say, you guys are incredibly awesome for all your great work ^_^

  29. florzz

    thanks for the translation~
    I always wondering if scarlet and pink are both the lich that responsible for the birth of demon king..
    then why scarlet gave sun the necromancer book that more complicated than pink’s?

  30. Emmy

    really random, but does anyone know whether Sun’s hair would turn back to white while he’s unconscious? since he’s not awake to cover it with element?

  31. Noomico

    @emmy I think when he’s sleeping his hair return white maybe that’s why leaf was crying on sun bed when gresia fainted after saving judgment !! Coz usually sun sleep all these days ^~^ I think so !!and while he was tryting too seal scarlet I think his hear returned white too ^~^ not sure too

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