The Legend of Sun Knight V5C9: “Giving Rise to Panic”

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

The Ninth Misdeed of an Undying Lich: “Giving Rise to Panic” – translated by Nagihiko

My pace was not particularly fast. After all, I was doing three things at once. I had to keep track of Scarlet’s location, prevent her from using her psychic magic as a counterattack, and command the Twelve Holy Knights, all at the same time. If I walk too fast, I’m afraid I might make the same mistake twice. Who knows what I’d walk into next time.

It seemed like Scarlet had discovered that the eastern gate had someone guarding it. However, I believed her sensing ability was probably not as good as mine. After finding the eastern gate guarded, she began running in the opposite direction, unaware that someone was also waiting where she was headed. Judging from her movements, it seemed like she had yet to notice that she was being surrounded.

She’s riding a unicorn at the moment at high speed. Pay close attention to roofs and dark alleys. If she advances in a straight line, she will pass by Leaf’s side…

As I said this, the surrounding landscape was suddenly covered in layer after layer of fine yarn. Gradually, I felt my vision become fuzzy, and I immediately reduced my sensing scope. After doing so, I was able to see again. I really was too careless. If I had reduced the sensing range just a little bit later, I would’ve probably once again become a blind person.

However, the encirclement had more or less already taken shape. I was filled with confidence in the abilities of the Twelve Holy Knights. Scarlet and Whitey were big targets. There was no way the knights would let them break through the encirclement.

Please listen to me…

I stopped in my tracks and with widened eyes, looked left and right. However, there was no one in sight. The voice had not come from my surroundings. Rather, it had sounded directly in my mind. …I really have been too careless. Since I can perform ‘telepathy,’ it’s only natural that Scarlet is able to do it as well.

Please listen to what I have to say. You have been fooled. You have been deceived by “them”.

“Get out of my head!” After growling that sentence, I used psychic magic to counterattack. Originally, I had not wanted to use this kind of attack. After all, Aldrizzt had said that psychic magic attacks could very possibly turn people into idiots, and I still had many things I wanted to ask her.

However, I absolutely would not allow her to continue spouting rubbish. I had not forgotten how she had taken advantage of me while I had lost my memory. Telling lie after lie, she had caused me to believe that Ice and Blaze harbored strong ill will toward me, to the point where I was tricked into injuring them.

After I growled, I seemed to hear a muffled groan. However, it merely seemed that way. I was not sure whether or not I had actually injured her. In any case, since I already knew how to defend, Scarlet would surely know how to as well. Thus, my attack may not necessarily have been effective. I really did not know whose psychic magic was stronger.

After my counterattack, Scarlet stopped talking. I was afraid of using my sensing abilities on a large scale and honestly did not know the current situation. All I could do was use the position where I had last sensed Scarlet to roughly estimate where she could have possibly moved to by this time and strive to run there as quickly as I could.

Just as the distant sound of fighting was heard, I changed from striving to catch up to dashing with all my might. I did not know how much willpower I spent before finally resisting the urge to sense… If I sensed danger, but as a result of excessive overuse of my sensing ability became blind and helpless, it would really be something I’d regret until my death.

Along the way, many people peeked out one after another from behind doors and windows, panic showing on their faces.

“Sun Knight…”

“May I ask exactly what has happened?”

“Please tell us!”

I could not stop and had no choice but to shout while moving forward, “It is nothing! I ask you not to go to the eastern gate. You do not need to worry about anything else, for the Twelve Holy Knights are here! You have us! Do not worry, it is nothing!” continuously the whole way.

“But… But…”

“Sun Knight…”

“Don’t go…”

I stopped in my steps and turned my head back, looking at the mass of people with worried expressions. I unexpectedly recalled the Twelve Holy Knights standing in front of my door with faces that showed worry. The feeling of being kept in the dark was truly awful… I could not resist revealing the situation to the people.

“There’s a lich within the city.”

The people stood shocked for a moment and then showed expressions of alarm, even though there were definitely no people here who had met a lich before, a kind of super-rare undead creature. However, legends and wandering bards have always been a part of the citizens’ lives.

“Well, now there’s nothing you need to worry about.” I showed a most splendid smile and said, “You will always have us Twelve Holy Knights.”

The people looked at me, not really alarmed but also not reassured. They seemed simply at their wits’ end.

At that moment, a horse galloped over and abruptly stopped by my side. The knight riding the horse proclaimed, “There are also us royal knights!”

I raised my head to look and blurted out, “Elijah!”

Elijah was on the horse. He bowed his head to me and extended his hand, “Come on, Sun Knight, I will take you over there, sir. After all, the Twelve Holy Knights must have twelve people, right?” he said in a joking manner.

I took a hold of his hand and laughed, “Perhaps thirteen wouldn’t be so bad. Six to my left and six to my right, how nice!”

After hearing that, Elijah was too stunned for words and, breaking into a smile, pulled me up onto the horse’s back.

At that moment, a little child suddenly hollered, “Brother Sun, good luck!”

I turned back and answered loudly, “No problem! The God of Light in the sky is shining upon us!”

That child was clearly very enthusiastic and kept on shouting, “Brother Sun!”, “Defeat the bad guys!”, and things along that line. The child’s enthusiasm rubbed off on the crowd, and their helplessness ebbed. One by one, they started smiling. Many young people followed the child and began cheering, while the older people revealed happy and amused expressions toward the children.

I assumed a knightly composure toward everyone, turned, and told Elijah, “Go.”

“Is this merriment really okay?” Elijah asked in a low voice, “The lich should be hard to deal with, right? I’ve heard that liches can’t die, so even if it’s defeated this time, won’t it just come back to exact its vengeance next time?”

“No matter how many times it comes back, the result will be the same!” I said fiercely, “Leaf Bud City is not a place where liches can just run amok!”

“Well said!” Elijah shouted. With a kick, the horse immediately sprang into action.

Not too long afterward, the sound of an explosion came from the distance. Moreover, it became a chain of explosions. At once, I urged, “Faster, go faster!”

Elijah shouted a big “hya!” and the horse’s gallop became even faster than before. Yet I still thought it was not fast enough and felt terrified inside.

Exactly what has happened?


Elijah abruptly turned around to push me down, and the two of us tumbled off the horse, falling to the ground.


The ground beside me and Elijah opened up into a big hole that had caved inward from the strike. At the center of the large hole was an arrow, and the arrow’s tail was still quivering. As we both looked at the arrow, our expressions turned particularly ugly. If that arrow had hit any of us, there would have long been a hole in our bodies.

Elijah got back up and spitefully said, “That lich! To think she’d use such underhanded methods!”

Noticing that the arrow’s tail end had an engraving that looked like a leaf, I felt a sense of familiarity. “Wait a second, this looks like…”

At that moment, a bellow came from the neighboring street. “What have you done to Sun? Why won’t he say anything at all? You, you must have injured him!”

If this isn’t Leaf’s voice and his arrow, I will swallow this arrow whole!

Another three consecutive explosions sounded, and three arrows actually penetrated a wall and flew towards us. Elijah promptly drew his sword to deflect them. But by the time he blocked the second arrow, his sword had already been knocked flying. I immediately cast a bolt of ice and hit the third arrow off course.

The three arrows were either fired at the wall or the ground. However, they were identical in the way all of them made an indentation that was bigger than a man’s head.

Elijah looked on, dumbfounded at the arrows’ ability to make such holes, and said, “Exactly what wonderful thing did the lich do to you to make Leaf Knight this mad?”

“Nothing was done at all.” I might have even struck back at her a little.

“How innocent…”

At that moment, after another succession of explosions sounded, arrows passed through the wall once again and came at us. Elijah and I began to run wildly all over the place, dodging Leaf’s terrifying arrows.

“Leaf Knight! Calm down!” I dodged while shouting tearfully, “I wasn’t hurt by the lich, but I’m about to be hurt by you… Wah!”

One arrow was headed for my chest, and I frantically cast an ice bolt, but this time the ice bolt was the one that was sent flying. My face blanched, but there was nothing I could do to turn the situation around in time…


The arrow was sent flying, and a dark figure stood in front of me. I nearly collapsed to the floor, as if my legs were jelly. Looking in front of me, it appeared that though the holy knight gave off a serious and imposing air, yet I could not help but relax. “Judg… Judgment…”

“Sun? Uhh!”

Leaf’s worried exclamation rang from the neighboring street. Yet a second later, it turned into a groan of pain… …Is he hurt?

“Judgment!” I hollered.

Judgment took a few steps on the wall and then just leaped over the roof. Soon after, Elijah followed and picked up his sword, also jumping over. I got up but did not jump over with them. Instead, I broadened and enlarged my perception range to the neighboring street. The street looked just like a cemetery with undead creatures running amok. Besides skeletons, spirits, and a ton of shadows, there were even two death knights. When did these undead creatures spawn?

Scarlet was on Whitey’s back, protected by her surrounding walls of undead guards.

Fortunately, there were no longer any crowds on that street, and Leaf and Ice were there along with around ten holy knights. Leaf and Ice each faced a death knight while the rest of the holy knights fought against skeletons, ghosts, and other undead creatures of that sort.

After Judgment and Elijah joined the fray, the situation completely turned in our favor. The undead creatures were slaughtered left and right and were slowly retreating.

Leaf’s hand was drenched in blood, but it seemed to be just a flesh wound and not a major problem, so for the time being, I decided not to go over there. If I went over, I might be attacked by undead creatures, and then I would be unable to concentrate and use psychic magic.

Those undead creatures, including the death knights, were not a particularly big problem. The biggest problem was still Scarlet. If she gained an opportunity to use her psychic magic to attack, it would be the biggest crisis.

While I maintained my vigilance, Scarlet suddenly turned her head my way. Her line of sight seemed to be able to pierce through the wall, firmly fixed on me.

Please listen to me…

Okay, I’ll listen to you. I said this without batting an eye. There was no harm in listening to Scarlet’s nonsense, as long as it would distract her.

Have you forgotten about me? Ten years ago, it was I who requested for you to be brought out of the orphanage.

I stared blankly. Requested for me to be brought out of the orphanage?

I immediately had a flashback. Indeed, before I participated in the selection for the next Sun Knight, I had already been taken from the orphanage. The one who had adopted me was a very beautiful woman. At the time, the people at the orphanage were all congratulating me. They thought the woman was a noble. Although her clothes gave the impression that she was not from high luxury, her skin was astonishingly white. One look at her and you could tell she was not a working woman.

As an orphan, to be adopted by a noble was to have the good fortune of having the protection of the God of Light.

I began to remember that, at that time, beside the woman was a small girl. The woman said it was her little sister and let me join her little sister in calling her big sister.

Big sister… I can’t even remember her name. And that little girl too, what were their names?

“Sun!” Earth’s voice came through, temporarily cutting off my train of thought. I was also a little annoyed. How dare I get caught up in a flashback? Everyone else is still bravely fighting nearby!

I turned my head and saw him short of breath. It was evident that running here had exhausted him. I commanded him, “They’re over there. You should also go over and help. Don’t let your comrades get hurt. I’ll be here blocking the lich’s psychic magic.” He nodded toward me and then scaled the wall, jumping to the next street.

Ten years ago, you suddenly disappeared. I was very worried.”

I calmed myself and listened to Scarlet speak. As long as it was able to distract her from using psychic magic to attack, listening to her talk was harmless.

Of course, I had not disappeared back then. It was just that, at that time, big sister had taken the little girl out somewhere far. There was only one servant left at home, and during that period of time, I participated and won the selection for the next Sun Knight. That was all. Although I returned home to check several times, they never came back. Afterward… Afterward, what exactly happened?

I actually can’t remember. Don’t tell me I just stayed at the Holy Temple and never searched for them again?

Sun Knight stole you away! I demanded that he return you to me, but nevertheless, he refused!

She even dared to mention Teacher! She was the one that broke Teacher’s right hand! The right hand of the strongest Sun Knight in history!

“You’re the one who should return Teacher’s right hand!” I bellowed back.

Suddenly, someone covered my mouth from behind, while his other hand firmly grabbed me. …I was truly too careless! Perhaps Scarlet’s reason for conversing with me had been for the very same objective– to distract the other party.

I repeatedly elbowed him in the face many times, yet he had no reaction whatsoever. …That’s a death knight! I never expected there to be three death knights. Just exactly who is Scarlet? She’s actually able to command this many death knights!

However, this insignificant undead creature actually dares to mess with me? Even if you’re a death knight, as the spokesperson for the God of Light, as if I’d look you in the eye! At that moment, I produced a vast amount of holy light, but the death knight behind me didn’t even make a sound. This made me a little alarmed. Could it be that this is a death knight who’s not afraid of holy light?

However, in the next second, I quickly discovered that it had not been the holy light that had been ineffective. In fact, it had been so strong that the death knight’s body had even melted. Nevertheless, this death knight did not utter a single sound and merely kept a firm hold on me while covering my mouth, forcing me to use even stronger holy light to strike back.

In the end, the death knight’s body was destroyed completely. Despite that, there remained a large mass of human-shaped dark element. There was a big lump of dark element entangled around my back, and I could not shrug it off. I’ve never encountered this sort of situation before. Exactly what is going on?

I wanted to draw out the Divine Sun Sword hanging by my waist and use it to cut the element, but the dark element was practically the same as glue. Even the sword’s scabbard was entangled in a big glob. No need to mention drawing my sword, the whole sword is already stuck on me!

Exactly what does Scarlet want to accomplish? I had just thought this, when the dark element on my back started seeping into my body. Furthermore, it even started pushing out the holy element in my body. The worst thing was how this process did not hurt at all. On the contrary, it was like… like a bound person having the ropes around them slowly untied… The feeling was just like the last time I became black-haired.

Stop! Stop!

I relentlessly gathered holy light with all my might, hoping to push out all of the dark element within me. This initially worked out very well, but Whitey suddenly appeared behind my back. Not only did he already possess an astonishing amount of dark element, he even attracted dark element, which started to gather around the area. This made it even harder for me to attract the holy element. Unbeknownst to me, most of the dark element on my back had already made its way into me!

Judgment, Leaf, Ice, Earth… Save me!

I kept on using psychic magic to shout, but no one jumped back over to save me. Just what has happened? The dark element was so concentrated that I could not even sense what was happening in the neighboring street. Could they have encountered some kind of danger? What has Scarlet done to them?

After struggling for a while, I began to panic a little. Perhaps I should just let the dark element corrupt my body. Then I’d have enough strength to save them…


I was distracted for a moment. This voice is, is Cloud?

“Quickly, everyone come help!” Cloud was using his bare hands to try and pull away the dark element on my back, while also yelling loudly.

However, his effort was to no avail. The dark element was simply not something that could be pried off with one’s bare hands. With difficulty, I turned my head to face him, trying to communicate my thoughts to him.

Drive the horse away!

Cloud halted his movements and looked at me. I barely recognized this action but couldn’t distinguish his expression because the surrounding dark element was too strong. I could only barely see his silhouette.

Yet he did not chase Whitey away and evidently could not hear my psychic magic. Both my mouth and hands were glued by big globs of dark element. I could neither open my mouth nor gesture.

“My god!”

“What’s going on?”

“How did it become like this? What dense dark element…”

Many voices sounded aloud. There was Leaf’s alarmed cry, Earth’s brazen yell, and even Storm’s voice. It seemed everyone else was hurrying here, one after the other. If it’s like this, there shouldn’t be any major danger over there, then.

I relaxed a bit and put even more effort into driving out the dark element within me.

“Sun, Sun, are you alright?” Leaf was beside my ear, worriedly shouting again and again.

Drive the horse away!

“Drive the horse away!” Leaf shouted, “Drive that dark horse away!”

Great! Thank goodness Leaf heard me clearly. It’s probably because he possesses a slight sensing ability, so he’s able to receive messages better than the rest.

Many sounds followed. There was Whitey’s whinnying, the sound of clashing weapons, a roar, and many other loud, rambunctious noises. However, I could not see any of it. All I could see was Cloud and Leaf.

Cloud kept his sword raised beside me, but he did not even have a chance to attack because Leaf stood behind my back, holding his bow and arrow. Whenever an undead creature came near it was shot dead by a flurry of arrows. Nevertheless, Cloud did not leave his place beside me.

Not long after that, in the middle of my struggle with the dark element, I gradually gained the upper hand. As long as I had a little more time, I could definitely drive all of the dark element out … Suddenly, someone brutally pulled out the Divine Sun Sword at my waist and forcefully slammed the sword hilt into my palm. Instantly, intense holy element ceaselessly flowed into me, giving me a massive amount of assistance. The speed at which the dark element was being driven away abruptly and immensely increased.

“He belongs to me!” A shrill shriek sounded out. The sound was sharp, as if it could pierce through one’s skull.

At this time, I saw Cloud and Leaf holding their heads, their bodies teetering and about to collapse … It’s psychic magic!

She dared to use psychic magic against the Twelve Holy Knights!

I suddenly burst into rage. Even the dark element on my back could not stop me from twisting my body around. I gripped the Divine Sun Sword, dispelling the dark element on me in one clean sweep. However, I could not see my surroundings, because the holy element was too intense.

Then once again, in a single moment, I took all of the holy element within me and unleashed it all in one breath…

“You’re not allowed to raise a hand against my holy knights!”

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