The Legend of Sun Knight V5Extra: “Whether Retired or not, Once a Sun Knight, Always a Sun Knight; Respect Him from the Bottom of Your Heart… Or Hide from Him.”

The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Fifth Shared Rule of the Twelve Holy Knights: “Whether Retired or Not, Once a Sun Knight, Always a Sun Knight; Respect Him from the Bottom of Your Heart… Or Hide from Him.” – translated by ErodingPersona

Cloud quietly reclined in his own little heaven, which was behind the counter of the library. Although it wasn’t as secretive as a cupboard or even a book cabinet, he had peacefully accepted it. However, today was a little special…

“Knight-Captain Earth.”

The greetings of holy knights to their superiors sounded from outside again. Today had been very strange; quite a few of the Twelve Holy Knights, who rarely stepped foot into the library, had come in one after another. The first had been Storm. The moment he had entered, he had asked which one of the book cabinets was the most comfortable to hide in. When Cloud had pointed to it, he had actually carried in an entire stack of documents and hidden himself in the book cabinet.

“Cloud! Cloud!”

Cloud silently put down Avoiding Bad Luck by Divination and rose up again from behind the counter.

“Cloud, hu-hurry up and tell me; which, which book cabinet is the most comfortable to hide in?” Earth stammered.

Cloud eyed Knight-Captain Earth. He thought his stammering sounded especially realistic today. “The best one is already being occupied by Knight-Captain Storm.”

“Tch! So Storm has also run in here to hide. No wonder ‘he’ came and looked for me!” Earth’s face contorted in fury before he hurriedly said, “Then tell me the second-best one.”

“The second-best one is already being occupied by Knight-Captain Stone.”

“… Exactly how many people are hiding in here?”

He started counting carefully, “Storm, Stone, Metal, Leaf…”

Without waiting for him to finish, Earth roared, “So everyone has been hiding here! I was just asking myself why no one was around…”

At this, footsteps sounded from the corridor. Earth’s expression changed immediately. He frantically said, “Forget it, forget it, hurry up and show me a book cabinet where no one is hiding!”

Cloud thought for a moment and then gestured towards the cupboard in a corner that was used for cleaning supplies. Although Earth had a look of loathing, he still resigned himself to it as he rushed over and hid in the dust and cobweb-filled cupboard.

“What the hell is going on? Why isn’t anyone around?”

When this scolding was finished, the library was struck with silence. Even Cloud felt a little unnerved, but no one had called for him, so he had not felt the need to “rise” up.

“Neo!” Another voice rang out. Cloud recognized it; this was the soft voice of the dark elf. “Stop looking for them. Everyone’s hiding from you.”

“Hiding from me?” Neo snorted and said crossly, “Then they shouldn’t let me discover a single one of them! I only wanted them to choose between fighting and drinking with me. Is that so hard? I only have one hand!”

Even if you have no hands, you would still be so strong that it’s scary… The present holy knights all lowered their heads and pretended to be reading their books very seriously.

Neo looked around and asked, “Are there any Twelve Holy Knights here?”

The holy knights present all looked at Neo. Although everyone knew which book cabinet and which cupboard was hiding which person, they didn’t dare say a single word. Even though the awe and fear of the former Sun Knight still lingered, enraging any of the current Twelve Holy Knights wouldn’t make their days in the future any easier either.

“So no one’s going to answer?” Neo’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

At this, Cloud slowly rose up and answered, “Here is one.”

Neo hurriedly whirled around, looked him up and down, then frowned and said, “Cloud Knight? Forget it, forget it, you Cloud Knights simply have footwork that is too weird; even after searching for half a day, I’d still have no idea where to swing my sword. It’ll be too troublesome and wouldn’t be an exhilarating fight at all!”

“Then why don’t you go look for Judgment Knight?” Aldrizzt asked, seeming to be a little unable to make head or tail of it. “He is not hiding from you. Didn’t he just brush past us when we were walking down the corridor?”

“Definitely not! The former Judgment Knight— Chasel lives in Leaf Bud City. I’m afraid he might tattle to Chasel.”


“Grisia also ran away to who knows where; that child is so unfilial!” Neo said angrily, “I took care of him for ten years. Is asking him to drink with me such a life-threatening activity? Who asked him to have such horrible sword skills that he can’t even fight with me?!”

“He has already accompanied you drinking for three days.” Aldrizzt said helplessly.

“That’s right!” Neo suddenly and eagerly asked Cloud, “Lad, do you know how to drink?”

Cloud shook his head and answered honestly, “I have never had alcohol before.”

“You’ve never drunk before? Are you a man or not?!” Neo roared, “That’s it; I don’t care anymore! Everyone present, go and get one of the Twelve Holy Knights for me, or else you will all have to fight and drink with me in their place!”

All of the holy knights reacted simultaneously and pointed to several of the bookcases and cupboards. Someone even pointed in Cloud’s direction. Once done pointing, everyone immediately ran out of the library for fear of revenge from the current Twelve Holy Knights in the future.

“That guy who pointed at Cloud Knight,” Neo ordered Aldrizzt. “Help me remember his looks. Did he think that he could get off easily by pointing at Cloud Knight? Hmph!”

Neo coldly said aloud to the seemingly vacant library, “All of those within the cupboards and book cabinets, do you want to walk out by yourself or do you want to wait for me to come and drag you out?”

One by one the Twelve Holy Knights walked out of their hiding places helplessly and lined up like a group of good students in front of their teacher. Neo said coldly, “Come with me! Try and run again if you dare!”

Tearfully, everyone followed Neo out. Once they were gone, the library once again regained its peaceful demeanor. Cloud silently squatted down and returned to his perfect little heaven… No! Today this little heaven wasn’t that perfect.

“Eh? This reddish thing is actually quite delicious! Oh, it’s actually red-plum flavored mixed juice! There’s even the fragrance of roses— red plum and roses, no wonder it’s so red. In the past, I thought it was fresh blood or something…”

Sun Knight was sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding a fortune book titled Unlocking Your Love Luck in his hands. He sipped the juice, swiveled his head around and asked, smiling, “Can I have this?”

You already drank it. Cloud silently nodded his head.

Not in the cupboards, nor the book cabinets, but beside him there was a Sun Knight who was drinking his juice— today’s little heaven really wasn’t very perfect. However, because the other Twelve Holy Knights had an even sadder fate, today’s little heaven could already be considered quite perfect. Cloud thought about this contentedly.

“However…” Sun Knight said furiously while drinking, “Someone actually dared to reveal my hiding place just now! Cloud, you remember that guy’s face, don’t you?”

Cloud nodded his head.

“Very good.” Sun Knight laughed coldly.

Cloud quietly continued reading his book as he filtered out the cries and screams of “Former Sun Knight, please let me go! I can’t even defeat one of your fingers!” and “I really can’t drink anymore, my stomach will burst!” coming from outside of the library.

Staring at his book, Avoiding Bad Luck by Divination, Cloud pondered. Maybe he should lend this book to the person being targeted by both the current and former Sun Knight?

However, he gave up on that thought almost instantly.

For a person who had actually dared to sell out the current Sun Knight, a book would be useless. Only by swapping out his brain could he really stay away from bad luck.

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  1. 15B

    May the God of Light mercifully spare the lost lamb who is about to be thrashed by the current and former Sun Knights.

    The God of Light’s radiance truly shines in every corner of this blessed continent and to appreciate this radiance to its utmost fullest, most of the Twelve Holy Knight captains must have wished to commune with the God of Light. Ah! So many of them realizing this at once is quite similar to the beauty of the sun rising from the darkness of the night.

    O God of Light, please ensure the translators, proof-readers, PR staff and the Storm Knight all live in good health for their services!

    • kayue

      Since Grisia can’t beat the “poor lamb” in a fight, maybe he can talk the guy’s ear off instead?

    • nevermind

      oh the mighty god of light, may you mercifully overlook this “poor lamp” (number 2) outbrust, and make the sun knight simpley skip over this poor lamp comment, so he won’t die in horible, horrible, way, that you servent, the sun knight, can think of.

    • The Da

      wahahahahaha! XXXD You pictured them quite perfectly!

    • Karen

      LOL :D Similar to the beauty of the sun rising at night, indeed. Let’s just hope the Twelve Holy Knights don’t resent that forever.

  2. Citarra

    Awesome, new chapter much sooner than I’d hoped. Thank you!
    The shared rules of the twelve holy knights are the best rules ever.
    I wonder if that poor person being targeted by both the current and future sun knights is going to show up in a future chapter.

    • Amiric

      I don’t think so but would love to see one. I do wonder about his identity though, which would definitely be impossible to be the member of Sun Knight platoon, right?

    • Jennifer

      In the benelovence of The God of Light, His servent the Sun Knight spreads His mercy to his own subordinates. Such kind and forgiving acts bring forth great loyalty and comradery in The God of Light’s name. The Sun Knight’s subordiates can rejoice knowing that if they so happen to tred into darkness, the Sun Knight will do his utmost to spread to them The God of Light’s forgiveness and love.
      Translation: Ed wouldn’t dare sell out his Captain if he knew Sun was in the same room, he knows a punishment worse than death will follow. He only slips up when he doesn’t think Sun is listening.

  3. Haha! What a great ending! I seriously pity that one holy knight. XP

    Does this mean Neo is sticking around for a while?

    • ~RenTheWith~

      Omg yes plz! I LOVE Neo!! he is totally the best teacher ever <3 and makes me laugh my heart out

  4. Amiric

    Never would have thought Cloud would be saved from Neo. And for Judgement to be sparred, is it out of respect or simply because he’s afraid Chasel will make him pay in one way or another? It’s a wonder. Well anyway thanks a lot PR.

  5. kayue

    I wonder what Neo thinks of the current Hell Knight? And what the Holy Knights think of Al the Dark Elf?

    And won’t all the Holy Knights be grateful when Neo starts traveling again?
    Thx PR.

    • Single Men Commander


      dude everyone in the temple (though no one will admit it for fear of retribution from THE SUN KNIGHT)

      knows the HELL KNIGHT is a freaking DARK LORD, what’s one measly dark elf to that?

  6. ~RenTheWitch~

    BEST-CHAPTER-EVER!!!! I’m laughing like crazy here!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA XDDDD

  7. Anonymous

    Extreme amusement upon reading the third-from-the-end paragraph and realising that it was the same person being referred to.

    To check, should ‘behind the counter’ be ‘under the counter’? If ‘behind the counter’ then you would be seen by someone in front of the counter (in downward peripheral vision), but if ‘under the counter’ where legs would normally go you wouldn’t be seen unless someone in front of the counter circled around to behind the counter (or unless you ‘rose up’, moving outward and standing up to seem as though having risen from nowhere).

  8. angelmicx

    I don’t quite get one thing, did HELL KNIGHT also hide in a cabinet/bookcase or does NEO also not to fight with him. I mean HELL is as strong or even stronger than JUDGEMENT, he is unkillable/immortal so long as you dont use any HOLY property skills, he doesn’t require rest so you can fight him continuously for as long as forever AND he loves to spar/duel so much..

    So why isn’t HELL i the picture? Could he be on a mission or something?

    • MNeilG

      I think its because it IS Neo you’re fighting with. If he can destroy a lich singlehandedly (literally AND figuratively) what more can a mere death lord?

    • angelmicx

      Uhhhmmmm…. Well that could also be the reason… But I think there are several differences to Roland & Scarlet:
      (1) Neo meant to destroy Scarlet so he used killing techniques, I won’t think he’d kill Roland, coz although Neo won’t admit it openly, he is kinda afraid of Gricia (judging from the statement He made at Unbeatable when he said it was good that Gricia was not around when Aldrizzt was using magic).
      (2) Roland has sword/s (Divine Hell & Wicked Heirloom) on which to block Neo’s attacks which won’t useless since Roland has initially higher chance (betting ratio) to be the Sun than Lesus is in being the Judgement.
      (3) Honestly, I don’t think it was ever in Roland’s personality to be afraid like that (since he even criticized the Fat Pig of a King which lead to his demise)

      I’m not trying to put up a debate or something, this is just because I am a Roland fan & have tried to study his personality based on the facts that were given… ^_^

  9. me

    oh poor guy! I knew sun was in there somewhere! haha thanks so myuch for posting.

  10. Katrina

    Aww they’re all so adorable! Haha this could also be: once a judge knight, always a judge knight. Although, I think Roland wouldn’t mind practicing with Neo xD Thank you PR!

  11. mneilg

    like a ray of sunshine amidst the storm! this is the best chapter so far! Thank you very much PR!

  12. mneilg

    That fellow who pointed at the current sun knight’s whereabouts must have a deathwish

  13. KuranNita

    Ugh, I read this to give me a short funny moment…
    Not a stomach ache and 2 times choked because of laughing!
    But.. Poor holy knights.. The former and current Sun Knights might be different as heaven to hell, but they bear grudge quite the same… But I think the one targeted by Grisia will have a living hell crueler than the other target…

    • 15B

      … I have a sudden suspicion that the unfortunate holy knight is Ed… Seems like something he’d do without thinking.

    • KuranNita

      Are? Well, you’re one of the staff so denying it would be stupid but I thought.. Neo was targeting the one pointing at Cloud when Grisia was angry at the one that pointed at his hiding place, right??

    • KuranNita

      Ooh, understand now.. I thought it’s a different holy knights since at that time Cloud has risen up.. So, it’s either Neo or Grisia misunderstanding things?

    • Pink

      I don’t think its a misunderstnding. I think that Holy Knight did reveal present Sun Knights whereabouts. Former Sun Knight that the holy knight is bs-ing him while present Sun Knight resents him for trying to out him

    • Pink

      Its supposed to be a reply for @KuranNita, but it seems that I can’t reply to him so instead I replied to yours, sorry for the trouble >_<

    • bites

      Cloud rise up “here is one” meaning cloud is one. (Perhaps sacrificing himself than dealing with grisa whinning later ). Neo said no cuz cloud is troublesome to fight. The normal knight pointed in cloud’s direction (not at cloud himself). Neo “thought” he pointed AT cloud. Grisa “knows” the normal knight pointed at Grisia Sun. (And that is when we get confused so I hope to sum this up easy enough thank you very much) :)!!!

    • KuranNita

      Maybe I should’ve change the line to “Hell level 1 to hell level 7”? *Grin*
      Maa, though, if I can share my opinion, I think I would just choose to anger Neo than Grisia… :P

    • Crosszeria


      personally.. I’d think I prefer to make Neo mad, cuz he’ll make you in pain pyshically… but in terms of grisia..not only physically, but mental disorganized too lol…even the lich and dragon already made in pulp, a single person must be piece a cake…XD

  14. Jasae Bushae

    Im a tad dissapointed XD I was rather curious if the combined force of the twelve knights plus Adair would be able to beat Neo in a fight. XD
    Ah well, at least Cloud is spared because fighting cloud knights is to troublesome

    • [PR]raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      The problem lies not just in fighting him, cause you can’t defeat him either cause he’ll be unhappy about that… (not giving the elder face – *cough cough*)

  15. Siti

    Gah that was an amazing chapter, loved it! I was literally shouting out loud in despair for the poor guy being targeted by both Grisia and Neo hahaha. Poor soul!!

    And yeah, where’s Roland? Or is he actually also hiding from his former teacher? hahaha

  16. mine

    Except one person, no one pointed at Grisia. That shows that all the knights fear him more than any of the other Twelve Holy Knights (except maybe Judgement). Also, didn’t Cloud too give away Sun’s location by saying “Here is one”?

  17. Jhay

    Oh man, funniest extra out of all by far!!(^∇^)
    I absolutely love the disruption Neo is causing at the temple. Poor guys, they have no chance. It’s just great that Judge and Cloud weren’t even bothered, and I’m surprised Neo actually expected to find Sun-he’s had years of practice avoiding him after all.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful chapter!

  18. Siluna

    LOL! They should have asked Cloud for the most comfortable cabinet outside of the library so their subordinates couldn’t rat them out so easily. Although if I had to hide from Neo, I’d follow Grisia’s example and hide beside Cloud!

  19. Chicaalterego

    Ouch, the poor knight. He shouldn’t have rated Sun… he is not one to let things go. Thankfully the current Sun Knight was clever enough to hide beside Cloud instead of some cabinet XD

  20. KuwaNeko

    oh, dear lord
    this had me laughing for about an entire minute, and snickering for another five…
    Neo, you’re just far too terrifying…

  21. flo

    thanks for the translation.
    This chapter really funny :)
    hm.. I still wonder how Sun know the juice color is red since he is blind?

  22. Sakura-Hyuga

    I’m pretty confused. Would Knight-Captain Ice be hiding in a cabinet too? O.O I just can’t imagine that. XDDDDD

    • @Sakura-Hyuga
      Well, Knight-Captain Stone seems like a pretty serious, diplomatic guy, but he was the second one to go into hiding. I think Neo brings out the traumatized child in all of them. ^^;

    • ~RentheWith


      since earth wouldn’t let Cloud finish counting the Twelve Holy Nights, i presume everyone but Jugde were hiding lol

    • bites

      If ice every need to hide, he just needs to make himself into an ice sculpture! Im sure thats easy enough for him to do like baking a cake.

  23. Maria Lucy

    yeah, im confused too, who was the one who had pointed to the current sun Knight.

  24. bites

    I bet the real horror was not the tale of the future demon king or the undying lich or dark elf boy or the white pony err black pony now, but having Neo in town! What can make the 12holy knights tremble without lifting a finger? Neo.

  25. bmwerks

    DEADING! i always find Legend of the sun knight hilarious im sure the people in my house think im going mad. Thanks for chapter!

  26. Saz

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  27. Zwart Wit

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    • @Zwart Wit
      I think Grisia’s revenge would double if the holy knight dared to rat him out a second time haha! Neo’s wrath would be harsh, but once it’s over, Neo would probably forget about it. Grisia, on the other hand, could make your life a living hell for years to come…

    • ZwartWit

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  28. crosszeria

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  29. -Viral-

    Looks like Sun will have some more work for Adair soon. I guess that knight who attacked Sun back in volume 1 will finally get a break.

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