The Legend of Sun Knight V5Epilogue: Character Introductions

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The Legend of Sun Knight Volume 5: The Undying Lich, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions – translated by Raylight

Character Introductions

“Good, warm-hearted” faction

Grisia Sun:
The Sun Knight, the head of the Twelve Holy Knights and leader of the “good, warm-hearted” faction. Has a radiant smile, a flawless personality, and a benevolent heart that will always forgive others.
(It is rumored that he specializes in anything other than swordsmanship, horse riding, and surviving in the wilderness.)

Ceo Storm:
Has a carefree personality, is a footloose charmer, and always has the presence of a woman by his side.
(The starting speed of his feet is faster than the wind.)

Georgo Earth:
Has an honest and loyal personality and is the Sun Knight’s good friend.
(His thick skin is just as formidable as his shield.)

Elmairy Leaf:
His personality can be described with only three words: a nice person.
(An archer for whom it is more difficult to miss the target than to hit it.)

Demos Cloud:
A wanderer who is as graceful as a cloud. It is said that he can be found drinking alone or reading books on windowsills, rooftops, under banyan trees, etc.
(Specializes in masquerading as a spirit.)

Chikus Blaze:
Is hot-tempered and blunt. Idolizes the Sun Knight.
(Specializes in cleansing spirits and often throws his Flames of Purification on Cloud Knight’s head by accident.)

“Cruel, cold-hearted” faction

Lesus Judgment:
The leader of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Has a personality that is stern and cold, and he will never forgive criminals.
(His strongest skill – Subduing the Sun Knight.)

Ecilan Ice:
Has a personality as frigid as ice and is always expressionless.
(Likes summer, because only then do people want to eat his ice cream desserts.)

Vival Moon:
Has a narcissistic personality and is very arrogant. Disdains being on familiar terms with others and acts as though nobody is good enough to be in his sight.
(Has been looking for a girlfriend who is one hundred and eighty centimeters or taller for a long time.)

Laica Metal:
Has a poisonous, barbed tongue. Won’t be held responsible if you die of anger over his words. It is rumored that talking with him for ten minutes will make you so angry that it will reduce your life span by a year.
(Even if he has a poisonous tongue, he doesn’t dare open his mouth to ask for a signature from Knight-Captain Judgment.)

Aivis Stone:
He is so stubborn that he became famous for it. His stubbornness is as unyielding as rock. It is said that to break his skull is a simple matter, but if you want to change his mind, you might as well go overthrow the Church of the God of Light, since it’d be easier to do.
(All year round, he is extremely stubborn in saying that he is not stubborn at all.)

Roland Hell:
The only one who is in the ‘cruel, cold-hearted’ faction but does not obey the Judgment Knight’s orders. A holy knight who receives orders from the Sun Knight and specializes in doing secret missions unbeknownst to anyone. Some say that he is the specialized assassin of the Twelve Holy Knights. It has even been rumored that in the first generation of the Twelve Holy Knights, the Hell Knight was not a real person at all, but an alternate identity that the Sun Knight used for secret missions.
(All year round, he struggles with the fact that eating the desserts made by Knight-Captain Ice is a wasteful act, but if he doesn’t eat them, it would be an act that hurts someone’s feelings.)


In this volume, I inexplicably went over the word limit. So much so that I was a little worried about how many words I would have to write to be able to finish writing the planned scenarios. Thankfully, no matter whether you go over the word limit or not, you will always be able to finish writing a story.

For this volume, I had to write for a really long time. However, for every volume of The Legend of Sun Knight published, there is a long period of time in-between them. That is because, at the moment, it is the hardest series to write. The main problem is the humor. It’s not like I can think of humorous scenes just because I want them. I have to constantly accumulate a large variety of knowledge, common sense, and other random stuff non-stop, and then there will be something funny that comes out with a ‘Ping.’ The more punch lines a book requires, the longer the amount of time it takes to gather all of them.

Therefore, regarding the fact that The Legend of Sun Knight publishes slower, I’ll have to ask everyone to please forgive me.

In this volume, I filled in all of the holy knights’ names in the character introductions. If you haven’t seen the character introductions, please remember to go take a look at it as a supplement.

However, I wonder, will there be someone who can remember all of the Twelve Holy Knights’ names and titles? One day, I should really test everybody on this; however, I would have to make a cheat sheet for myself first to avoid the author herself forgetting them. (runs away~)

Other than that, the plan was to end The Legend of Sun Knight with eight volumes, and this has not been changed. I heard Internet rumors that came out of nowhere saying that The Legend of Sun Knight would end with five volumes, but that is false. I’m not sure whether it’s the second or third volume, but since then, I have said that The Legend of Sun Knight will end with eight volumes.

So there won’t be more or less, but rather exactly eight volumes!

For this volume, the title is “The Undying Lich (Part 1).” Therefore, it is to be expected that there will definitely be a (Part 2). Even if Scarlet has been captured and imprisoned, there is still going to be a (Part 2). (Part 2) is also still going to be talking about the liches; however… Hehehee! I am not at liberty to inform you.

Now that I’ve written up to this point, I really don’t know what to say in the epilogue anymore. I originally wanted to write about the knowledge gained in this volume, but I feel like I will accidentally reveal a secret if I speak casually. I guess I’ll have to resolve the situation with the liches in the next volume first before I’ll be able to write about my thoughts on what happened.

So right now I’ll fool around a bit.

Originally, I had resolved to travel out of the country every half a year, and after coming back I wanted to have written a whole pile of travel notes for everybody to read. In the end… It’s not that I didn’t manage to do so, but I managed to do so too successfully, ahhhhhh!

I had just gone to Japan in February and produced three travel logs that were nonsensically long to fulfill my duty. Later, when I was writing this volume, my cute younger female cousin called me, asking, “Cousin, do you want to go to Korea?”


“Near the end of April!”

Shoot! I just went to Japan in February! Give me a little time to think. When do I have to give you a reply?

“Tonight, because I’m going to book the plane tickets tomorrow.”

囧! Cousin, that’s abrupt!

“Come with me~~”

My cute cousin was trying to appeal to me. My mom was outside the door telling me, that I, this female geek who stays at home in her spare time, to hurry (and scram) outdoors and walk around. I, I… could only say yes!

So, near the end of April, which should be a few days after The Legend of Sun Knight volume five is published, I am going straight to Korea. However, I will be back after five days, and at that time, I’m going to write quite a few travel notes again, oh~!

And then after I come back from Korea, I will have to finish the manuscript for another book, “No Hero Volume 4: Ancient Castle of Vampires.” After I’m done writing about vampires, I want to start a new series. It’s a story about flowers – “Flower of Animosity.1” Let me make this solemnly clear, the story about flowers isn’t about planting flowers! If you wish to see what it is about, then come to my website for a trial read!

After writing Flower of Animosity, of course, it’ll be The Undying Lich, Part Two of The Legend of Sun Knight.

After completing my writing about liches, I’m switching to vampires. After sucking blood, I’m going to play with flowers. After I’m done with flowers, I’m going to make a manuscript for liches again. This really is a schedule that makes you feel that it’s an “inhuman” schedule when you see it.

Someday, I really should write a book with a title like “Human” to balance things out.

How does “The Legend of the Human” sound?

Urgh, it sounds really awful!

By Yu Wo, April 2009


1 “Flower of Animosity”: Also known as Gong Hua. Yu Wo indeed started this series later on. As of June 2013, there are three volumes of Gong Hua out so far.

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  1. lydia

    yay! first to comment!
    thanks! it ‘ll be easier to remember thell’s name^^ and poor him -eating desserts all year round.does he secretly vommit them?haha

  2. MneilG

    Earth Knight (His thick skin is just as formidable as his shield) <– This part had me laughing hard

    And Storm knight. If he really is that fast, why can't he just run away from sun when the latter dumps documents on him?

    I would really love to read Yu wo's travel log. and as for her plan of writing about humans, is she hinting on the Human Doll Contract that was her latest series so far?

    • [PR]raylight

      Her travel log is usually posted on her blog, especially when she travels to other countries for book fairs/conventions, etc. It’s usually within Asia, like to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

      I don’t think that was supposed to be a hint, she had been writing Human Doll Contract for some time already, it’s just that she didn’t manage to finish and publish it until recently. Also, the story is mostly about dolls and supernatural creatures- (Where are the normal humans-)

    • ReverseTales

      It’s his starting speed that is faster than the wind. Implying that he makes an astounding effort to escape, but is ultimately futile.

  3. monica

    At last.. we reached volume 6. Thanks PR!
    Hopefully there are many LSK chapters displayed in the next month update.

    I’ve already read some of Gong Hua chapters. I thanked Yu Wo for creating all the story she made. All of it are equally good. Although Gong Hua had quite tragic storyline.

    By the way, oddsquad scanlation need Chinese translator on their Eclipse Hunter project. They said that they will drop the project if they don’t get help.
    Noooooooo! T_T

  4. kayue

    “Lesus Judgement:
    The leader of the “cruel, cold-hearted” faction. Has a personality that is stern and cold, and he will never forgive criminals.
    (His strongest skill – Subduing the Sun Knight.)”

    Wouldn’t that be “tolerating the Sun Knight”. I’d think any other Judgment Knight would have “passed judgment” on his Sun Knight by now. ;)

    (Btw: I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but a group named Japtem, has started translating “Kill No More”)

    • [PR]lucathia

      Indeed, Japtem has started translating Kill No More. We are both happy and sad at the same time, happy that readers will already get to read KNM, and sad that another group has started translating it before we were able to get around to it. (It is my second most favorite series from Yu Wo!) Despite that it is being worked on by another group, it is still on our radar, but we will perhaps look into the manhua instead for now. If we manage to recruit some cleaners and typesetters, that is!

    • YukiSnow

      Aww :( I prefer PR’s translation over Japtem because somehow I find their translation a ‘rough’ work. I get what they’re trying to say but they’re not saying it very smoothly :( PR’s translation is like a 50 ct diamond among 1ct diamonds :) Could you make your own translation of KNM like you’re going to do for No Hero? Please… *insert puppy eyes*

    • Dlaeth

      Well, they are doing 8 chapters a month. Most of what they do is also in a language none of them really know. The one in the language they have native speakers/readers of happens to be Kill No More, but they have less time for it. I’m a little surprised none of them has died from the energy drinks I’m certain they’re chugging.

      (4 chapters of KNM this month)

    • bites

      Well, I been reading from PR site so I just glad PR staff is starting from the begining of each series. There are no competition of who translate fastest and im sure PR is like whatever. So I wouldn’t have known about any new series if it weren’t for PR. Yea I follow PR site not Yu woo new post sadly I’m such a loyal fan. lol. Anyways i will continue to read from here awaiting new series until the day pr site shut down ;D

  5. Lin

    aww Gong Hua.. it’s a very good read you’ll get attached to. thinking abut it makes me sad though. *sob, sob*
    thank you PR for translating!
    and uh, i know this may sound rude and I’m really sorry, but yeah, i’ll say it anyway, about No Hero, i think you may already know that it’s been translated by Asmodea up to the 6th chapter, so couldn’t you continue from then on instead? :)

    • [PR]lucathia

      While it is true that Asmodea has translated the start of No Hero, we will be doing our own project, which means starting from the very, very beginning. We will not be jump starting from other people’s translations.

  6. Jasae Bushae

    Its interesting to read about her scedule and understand how she writes these things. ^^
    For the record for anyone curious, Gong Hua is a SUPER TRAGEDY! That I believe is the sadest series Yu Wo has ever written. It is about an elf/plant elemental/godlike force of nature/guardian spirit whose left purposeless and alone.

  7. bites

    I wish her stories come to north America a so I can buy them in English! I want a hard copy because PR website make me write comments xD it’s addicting.

  8. Shyde

    Wheeee! Thanks PR! I’m amazed that the only true “reveal” of a character’s first name was moon’s! Man, he needs more screen time. Him and metal and stone!

  9. fuyuki

    three pages long??? wow… in the end… it isn’t that i also didn’t laugh while reading this, but i also managed to laugh succesfully while readind this.. *0*

  10. the da

    The Legend of The Human? bwahahahahaha! No way!!! That really sounded awful.
    Even when Yu Wo wrote the epilogue, it’s still filled with a lot of humor! XD

    I really laughed when I read about metal. Oh mu gosh! Asking a signature to Judgement? It’s like, he’s a supermodel! wahahahaha.

    Can’t wait for LSk volume 6!
    Thank you very much!

    • [PR]raylight

      @the da
      It sounds even worse in chinese, actually, since the original chinese titles translates vaguely to “I am a Knight” olden-style. So if you replace it, it becomes…. “I am a Human” XD

    • bites

      I would read it because it sounds so unique and original. It makes you wonder when you read the title “legend of the human” because it got the word legend in it so it got to be something awesome maybe? anyway the point is, the title stands out above the rest because of its awful sounding title.

  11. Anonymous

    *curiously starts reading Kill No More* Hmm. The dynamic strongly reminds me of Eclipse Hunter.

    I feel sympathy for the author’s time spent coming up with punchlines; for both Half Prince and Sun Knight, the excellent humour (especially in Sun Knight) was the selling point for me.

  12. crosszeria

    it’s quite tragic when cold faction sure is different from what they supposed to be (for example ecilan likes to making dessert to everyone despite he has to be cold in appearance)
    and Chikus Blaze:
    Is hot-tempered and blunt. Idolizes the Sun Knight.
    (Specializes in cleansing spirits and often throws his Flames of Purification on Cloud Knight’s head by accident.)
    poor cloud got mistaken as a spirit, no wonder cloud can’t stand in light,, maybe he got traumatized by some light from chikus’s flames XD

  13. PhoenixPlume

    Ah! I love this novel/manga so much! I’ve re-read them over and over and… But I can’t finish it! Why isn’t Volume 6 translated? Or, if it is translated, why isn’t the chapters available here!? *Sob!* Please… Someone translate it! And please post it here!!! Btw, why does this seem like a shounen-ai borderline yaoi? I’d like to see it but I don’t think that would happen…

    • PhoenixPlume

      Oh, that makes sense! Thanks, I assumed at first the translated chapters were already out because I’ve seen the covers for the novels of 7 & 8 on this site. Thank you for clearing that up.

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