½ Prince V5C6: The Bloody Overlord

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½ Prince Volume 5: A Prince No More

Original novel in Chinese by: 御我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 6: The Bloody Overlord – translated by Akakuroi

“Come on everyone, break down the city gate!” I shouted with all my might. Besides inspiring the warriors from Infinite City who were pushing the battering rams to break down the gates of Moon City, I also had to raise my shield in order to block all the arrows showering down from the city wall and swing my sword together with Nan Gong, Wicked, and others to keep away the waves of players coming to snatch the city away from us after we’d done the hard work of killing the NPC guards.

There were countless brave warriors of Infinite City here. Some were desperately ramming the gate, trying to bring it down faster in order to proceed with conquering the city and even more were on the ladders trying to scale the city’s walls, ignoring the showers of arrows as they climb. The blood of the warriors almost stained the whole wall red.

The mages at the back of the army only had two things to do: casting spells and gulping down mana potions. From this I could tell how successful Yu Lian and the others were at training the mages. If it wasn’t for the fear of having to pay a huge sum of money later for the reparation of Moon City, the mages alone could have blasted the whole city apart. However, in order to keep Moon City as intact as possible, they could only use medium and lower level spells to blast the NPC guards off the city wall. Continued

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